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Originally Posted by pirateglenn No offence taken. United States Navy forces blockading Texas fought a small land and sea engagement with Confederate forces in and around Corpus Christi Bay and bombarded the city. Corpus Christi averaged 1. Notes on CC Players Hi All, i have included this thread in strategy as i have been faced with a similar situations 4 times in past 7 days whilst playing league, freeroll and party poker freerolls. Untuk dapat meningkatkan kemampuan Dikau di bermain poker on line, sangatlah tepat kalau Dikau berlatih langsung dari para pemimpin. Home News Poker and the Law. Others, such as those in Plano and Dallas cited by several news outlets, have been shut down.

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I have so far, 68 notes on CC players, its proving really beneficial as i am now at a stage where i am predicting what bet size or move a particular player will normally do - given a set situation. It worked well for me last week as i was able to put the knowledge i had made from notes to good effect, it helped me win the CC freeroll league last Friday and also to cash regularly in the past few weeks.

I have 3 CC players at present who are of interest to me so i will be watching with interest this week as i look to gather more information. Game Ranks ito Variance 2 May 24th, August 22nd, , 4: It's very helpful without doubt. If I am not mistaken I have a note also for you Those notes help me a lot because you play with the same opponents over and over again. Whenever I spot something out of line I note it. I don't rely so much on the HUD for but believe me sometimes is gold to know your opponents tendencies.

I am also a lurker , I follow the final tables on Pokerstars because they run almost in daily basis FRC and I also note the final table players So since you have ''tangible'' proof that that tactic works for you you must keep it up. Well, notes are a huge part of online gaming, especially for those who do not have a software to keep track of things. I would add that you shouldn't always trust notes, I was surprised a few times when someone did something out of the ordinary.

Don't get too comfortable, there are many of us who like to change our game a lot and not playing strictly and linearly. Best of luck out there pirate! I play on my smartphone, and I can not make notes, if I could play on my computer I would make notes of all players, this serves as a good tool. September 23rd, , Originally Posted by pirateglenn. September 24th, , I also have notes of several players here, little by little it is learned from them in each game, that helps me improve a little.

September 24th, , 1: Glad it amused ya. Can't beat the luck of the draw. Originally Posted by Poker Orifice. September 24th, , 2: September 24th, , 8: Ar Ar Ar Ar. I also use notes, especially I pay attention to situations in which players go to All-In - with which cards and how many blinds in its stack.

September 24th, , 5: At the moment I am not labelling persons I found at my tables. Because I play tournaments with a lot players. I never had the feeling I see players more than once. But now I am at the freeroll club this might be a good idea to do. Especially now I read how useful it is for you. September 25th, , 3: Post all your Notes, and I can tell you if you got them right or not. September 25th, , Are all your notes written in Jackspeak?

So none of us landlubbers could understand. Predictability is a poker players greatest enemy as well as impatience, its great that my post has attracted attention and for some of you - humour. If i am not at a table with you - there is a good chance that i am watching and that helps me develop ideas of play and also confirm in some cases betting patterns and hand ranges.

Obviously taking notes and labelling players is really helpfull when we play against the same players again and again but still they should keep playing the same so it will be profiteable and we can exploit them according to what we have learnt or knew about them, however,sometimes notes could lead us to make some wrong decisions as players mindsets could change from day to day also players on the Freerolls are improving an getting tougher day after day.

Agree that notes are very important , if any player played strange line, or when your decision in the situation will be different. September 25th, , 2: I rarely take notes on the FRC games, but on the League games, it can be the difference between win and loosing early.

I have a few notes I think the vilain has on me, took from comments or mistakes I've done against that villain.. And guess what, they play against me exactly as I think they have the image of me hehe..

Notes on players are important, as you say you, at certain times help you to read the hands of the villain. I can take notes whenever players, but sometimes I'm playing several tables and do not have time. Ok, and now it comes the real question. How many of you do you change your strategy so you wont become predictable? I really think that none of you changes their strategy! One has reopened but is no longer accepting door fees, which were the lifeblood of the business, while the other remains closed.

A state congressman admitted it's a legal "gray area" but that's little consolation to the business owners and the players who wish to frequent these clubs and avoid the risk of underground games.

Such games have in the past been targeted by burglars and law enforcement stings. The situation in many ways mirrors that of Portland, which had a similar club scene that has come under legal scrutiny, much to the dismay of players and proprietors. Meanwhile, some Texas clubs continue to operate completely out in the open, advertising cash games and tournaments on social media.

Others, such as those in Plano and Dallas cited by several news outlets, have been shut down. Essentially, the issue appears to come down to how local politicians and law enforcement view the clubs. Obvious problems with this abound, not the least of which is that one individual or lawmaking body can give approval while another subsequently takes issue, as the Kingsville owners learned all too well. Furthermore, the individuals in these decision-making positions can move on to new jobs or retire, and someone with an entirely different view could take their place.

It seems the only clear solution would be in the form of a state decision on the matter. The last time a bill got a push, in , it died a fairly quiet death. Then-governor Rick Perry promised to veto any gambling expansion.

Greg Abbott now holds that office. A fellow Republican in the famously ultra-conservative state, he doesn't appear a likely savior for poker players. In , he said he "wholeheartedly" supported the existing law structure on gambling and instructed legislators to stop poking down that path.

Acosta reported any poker-friendly clarification of law isn't even possible until at the earliest, based on the Texas Legislature's schedule. Until then and likely beyond that, poker appears destined to remain mired in a confusing mess in its modern American birthplace. Finding a trustworthy room to play online poker can be a monumental burden. That's all the more true if you're just looking for a place to play poker for free.

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