Your brand, your employees and their social media

If brands want to engage with us, they have to accept that our attention span is tiny and our ability to go somewhere else almost infinite. Rubin oversees the construction process, marketing and leasing phase, and asset management during operations. Here you will be able to tap on the games link underneath the apps category, similar to the desktop version. So the situation is getting better, but not quickly enough in my opinion. Even personal posts can quickly go viral.

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What is social media roulette?

There are free options available. Keep an eye out for any special bonuses which may appear throughout the games, too. While we still prefer playing at an Internet gaming venue, there are some good Facebook roulette games to keep players entertained. Although the elevator music can be annoying, this version allows you to understand the difference between American and European roulette. With 38 pockets in American roulette your odds are higher and therefore you have a better chance of winning in European roulette, which has 37 pockets.

This game allows you to invite friends in exchange for chips, which is a great alternative to purchasing them. When you choose either American or European roulette you will be instantly taken to a full-screen interface which can be minimised back into the Facebook screen by clicking on the icon with four small arrows pointing inwards.

This bonus is available every hour so if you run out. This game allows up to eight people at a time to play the free roulette game, and even includes a chat function. This game adds a social atmosphere with players all around the world logging in and accessing the multiple tables. You get 25 seconds to make your bets. There is also audio of a man indicating when to make the bets, when time is up, and the results.

Some games can be accessed only via your smartphone or tablet which means you can still play roulette via Facebook, but a separate download is required to seamlessly access it on Apple and Android devices.

Here you will be able to tap on the games link underneath the apps category, similar to the desktop version. Once you have found your preferred roulette title you will be taken to your app store where you can download the app to your home screen.

If you are looking to make new friends when playing online Roulette this app found via the Facebook app centre might be for you. You can even take your new-found friends to the virtual cocktail bar for a drink; just request it in the chat. One more thing to note, the audio is horrible so we recommend muting it if you are going to have a play. It also goes at the pace of a land-based venue roulette game, with a certain time to place your bets and the wheel spinning in real time.

Additionally, a multiple number of players are in on the game so you and your friends can play together and bet against one another. You can make it to their leader board which shows your Facebook picture and how many chips you have won, though this seems a little creepy to us in that strangers can then click on your Facebook, add you as a friend, and have a browse.

The audio is more authentic with a casino style ambience created, though when the time to place your bets is counting down there is an irritating clicking noise which we had to mute. Additionally, you can unlock levels which does make this game more interactive and a little bit worthwhile if you are going to buy chips, but once again if you are after entertainment and a real time feeling when playing roulette online you can opt for live dealer roulette titles at online casinos where you can actually win something.

While we have mentioned two Facebook games, there are plenty more which are quite similar in that they either allow you to play for free, prompt you to invite friends for chips, or even encourage you to purchase chips using your own money which in turn cannot be withdrawn once processed. We have come up with a few points as to why roulette at Internet casinos is much better than playing roulette on Facebook.

If you like it you can easily sign up and make a deposit to play in real money mode. Online casino roulette is more social — While playing on Facebook seems like you are creating a social ambience due to the fact you can invite friends, you could actually be doing the opposite. Many of your Facebook friends may not be interested in the same games as you are and the invitations may just annoy them.

When playing at an online casino you are in an environment where everyone wants to play the games you want to play as it is a site specifically catered for casino games. Found out about an employee rant? Take a breath before you terminate. The other side of the social media coin involves the National Labor Relations Board.

The NLRB has sided with employees when complaining or commenting working conditions or wages online, even if that employee uses coarse language to discuss it.

If an employee is ranting to his colleagues about conditions, and they participate in any way, the activity is protected speech. Companies like Glassdoor allow employees to vent anonymously — about their boss and company. The impact on employers could be severe. A social media policy that requests not requires employees come to the appropriate in-house personnel to air, and hopefully resolve, grievances could avert the rants that impact your ability to hire top talent.

But in this day and age, employers also need to respect external forms of feedback that employees will use. Google, for example, made news when their "Yes, at Google" employee-run email list documenting bad behavior was discovered. Deep Dive Your brand, your employees and their social media. Author By Riia O'Donnell. Published June 27, Share it post share tweet. Get HR news like this in your inbox daily. Subscribe to HR Dive: HR Dive Topics covered: Daily view sample Select Newsletter: Learning Weekly view sample Select Newsletter: Recruiting Weekly view sample Sign up A valid email address is required.

Why play online roulette on Facebook?

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