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Individuals who can do workout routines. It seemed to reward about 4 of every booster. You have to give a try to Chakra Activation System. Maybe you have even lost your time and also power undertaking abdominal crunches and also sit ups and also but your abdomen by no means appeared to be slimmer like just what you possess possibly wished for. Yes No Someone said: The time spent doesn't guarantee you'll win the Jackpot Randle One year ago. Hit candy crush jackpot but nothing happened.

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Justice Department under Barack Obama interprets that to mean online sportsbooks are illegal, but online casinos and poker sites are legal. Mobile casinos fall under the same interpretation of the law. That means federal authorities do not ban online casinos at the present, but the state and local governments might ban iGaming. Look at state laws to see if playing for real cash is legal. New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware have legalized, regulated, and licensed casinos.

California and Pennsylvania lawmakers are both seeking to legalize online gambling, but both states might allow online poker only. A handful of other states has discussed legalization since federal policies changed in Most states ban online gambling.

In the United States, no gambler has ever been prosecuted for online casino betting. Know what the local laws in your region are, to avoid such inconveniences. The same can be said in other countries. For instance, the national government in Canada allows online gambling , but the provinces and territories have their own laws.

The City of Markham in Ontario has a law against online gambling. In Australia and Germany, federal and state laws overlap, creating a complicated legal system similar to the United States though less complicated. Besides legality, many people wonder whether online casino gambling is safe.

If you play at an offshore site which is illegal in your jurisdiction, this is a special concern. Because sites might be legal elsewhere in the world, many of those casinos are still legitimate businesses that can be verified. Gaming commissions license certain sites as a safe and secure. A number of gaming commissions worldwide specialize in such verification: When one of these agencies has licensed a site, it confers a certain legitimacy on it.

Players should research further, though. Researching who handles third party testing is important. All three companies are based in Australia and all three provide third-party testing of sites. They audit the site to make certain their software is secure and their games are fair.

Sites with a seal of approval from one of those companies should be deemed safer. People might be wondering if online casinos for real money are fair. A legit site has no reason to cheat if it is licensed and legal. Online casino operators license software from trusted companies, or design software themselves.

This software uses true random number generators RNGs to determine the outcome of events. Probability all-but-assures a profit, but the outcomes are determined by random chance. The house can be beaten in the short term. The risk of cheating is losing that license and perhaps going to prison. A legitimate company would be a bit mad to cheat under those circumstances. That being said, greed does win out over good sense at times. Check player forums and review sites like this one to learn whether a site is slow to send out winnings, or uses nebulous policies to close down profitable accounts.

Learning about the gaming commission and third party verification process is important, once again. The eCOGRA network tests member real money online casinos each month to see whether they are secure and fair. Also, sites publish information about their software providers and verification technology in their Frequently Asked Questions. Read the FAQ to see whether a site uses bit verification or not. Look over their site to see which software providers they use.

In each case, do a bit of research away from the casino site to learn whether their technical support is sufficient and up-to-date. Below are some frequently asked questions that new gamblers have had in the past regarding real money online casinos. These are particularly targeted towards real money gamblers. Most online blackjack software has an automatic reshuffle on each hand. In those circumstances, card counting has no value.

The only way card counting might work on the Internet is through live dealer games of blackjack. They cannot be as certain about people withdrawing money. The first time an online casino sends winnings to a player, it takes longer. A reverse withdrawal is simply rescinding your decision to withdraw money. Many websites offer a hour or hour reverse withdrawal process. They want you to keep money in your account, knowing you might change your mind.

The longer you keep money in the account, the more chance you face the house edge and lose your winnings. A reverse withdrawal is, therefore, a handy way to convince gamblers to test their luck one more time. Yes, to a certain degree. A certain delay is warranted, but long delays should be looked at with suspicion.

No doubt, a certain amount of delay in processing cashout payments is the hope you change your mind. If so, the site gets a bad reputation and fewer gamblers sign up. Research to know whether your operator has a bad reputation. There is a danger in the reverse withdrawal process for the casino, by the way.

In the past, scam artists have found ways to beat the casino out of their money using the process. From to , the policy of the Justice Department made it illegal to wager at online casinos and card rooms, too. Since then, Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware have made it legal to gamble online. Nevada allows for online poker while New Jersey and Delaware allows online casinos and poker. Those laws could change. Morgan Stanley believes 15 US states will legalize online casinos and poker sites by that time.

The number is down from previous estimates but shows the financiers still believe American gambling is headed in an upward direction. To that end, he has lobbied the U. Jason Chaffetz of Utah sponsored the bill in the U. Despite the outward show of support, Beltway insiders believe the RAWA legislation has little chance of being passed. Though Graham, Chaffetz, and Rubio are Republicans, the legislation does not have a whole lot of support among rank-and-file Republican congressmen. Rand Paul and former Rep.

Grover Norquist, arguably the most powerful lobbyist on Capitol Hill, is also against the legislation. Legitimate online casinos for real money have no reason to cheat. The house edge provides for a hefty profit for casino operators who can drive traffic to their websites. They do that by gaining a reputation for fun games and fair play. No casino has to cheat to win, because of the house edge. No-deposit bonuses carry no obligation.

Two when you include the daily calander one. I have been playing for three years. I got up to level 2, or something before finding the games too hard and not fun. And so I decided to go back to the beginning and restart. Now I'm at level I don't know why they have it. If I ever did land on it I'd take it as a sign of god. I played ayear ago on my , Never won the jackpot. I have asked the same question..

I am on level The odds of winning the jackpot? With those odds I better not go to Vegas!!! The odd thing though.. I win all the time on the real slot machines.. Welcome to King Care King Care is the home of our worldwide community of players.

You can get help by asking the community, or pay it forward by answering questions yourself. Explore the community Connect with fellow King fans to talk about your favourite games and more! Check out our new site! Sumerbrooke90 Asked three years ago Edited three years ago by moderator. This question has duplicates: Does anyone ever win the Jackpot?

How can I get the jackpot easily in lucky draw? Has anyone ever gotten a jackpot on the spinning prize wheel or is it rigged? Daily bonus Daily Spin Is the daily wheel fixed? Thank you for the daily Bonus but I can't be this unlucky! Has anyone ever won the jackpot in the daily spin? About the "daily spin" I am on level , have I'm sure I've spun daily, since you started the spin has anyone ever won the jackpot? I am on level , been playing for yrs.. Daily free booster wheel question!!

Daily spinning wheel That Daily Booster Wheel Passed level and never hit the jackpot on the wheel. Bonus wheel Mission impossible jackpot spin is a fairy tail I have played for years and never hit it nor has any one I know Why does King continue to cheat on the candy crush booster wheel? Jackpot Daily drop why can't I win jackpot?

I never got awarded when I landed on jackpot. I even took a snapshot No rewards after hitting Jackpot on the wheel Any plans to make the bonus wheel actually fair? Jackpot Spinner I'm on level 1, How is it possible that I have to win a jackpot?

I won the candy crush saga jackpot and got no rewards after claiming the prize! Why did this happen? The daily bonus spin really seems rigged. Jenkka Three years ago. Type your answer here. Three years ago 17 Comments.

Something not quite right with your answer you say "My friends wouldn't believe me so I took a screenshot for them" how did you manage to do that? Kevin Jenkins Two years ago. It wouldn't be something I'd instantly click away myself. I've gotten the Jackpot twice. The reward is three each of 3 boosters, I think. I'm on Level , spin pretty much every day.

Never spent a cent on this game, so it isn't related to how much money you've given them. It is just very rare I'm guessing 1: Shoshana Zakar Two years ago. I won the jackpot today but didn't receive anything Catie Jackson Two years ago.

Jenkka sounds like a King employee. JB Two years ago. Karen White Two years ago. Strange how this player has disappeared after my previous comment. Makes me think it was a fake player, possibly made up by King to make believe the Jackpot is possible. It speeds up or slowly goes to the next slot. I'm waiting for the update after clearing level , last year i hit the jackpot twice in two weeks.

I don't think that is really good going after all these years and levels: David Lewis One year ago. I'm on level and just hit it for the 1st time. It's for sure rigged, the entire game is. Game is fun, but rigged nutmustardx One year ago. Cezdiamond One year ago. Thanks again for the feedback, we value the thoughts of all of our loyal players! One year ago 8 Comments. While I appreciate your comment, and you are absolutely right that it's basically free boosters a year, it's also very frustrating to have you say that it's "like any other game that includes a spinning wheel.

Given that this particular wheel is just based on code behind the app and there is clearly less than I think that would make everyone feel less cheated.

Just don't brush it off with an answer like, "it's just like any other wheel" when maybe what you mean is "it's just like any other wheel that has unequal odds on different triangles, even though we make it look like they all have the same odds.

Amber One year ago. At least be honest about it; your answer above is clearly untrue. Yes, the opportunity to win items is definitely an appreciated feature.

However, the falseness of your statement above is frustrating. Anyone who knows anything about statistics can tell without a doubt it's not "just luck. But don't imply it's a 1: Fractions and odds based on chance are taught in 4th grade so it's almost insulting that you'd tell us it's just luck when there is no way at all it's a 1: I like Frieda's suggestion above.

Lwil One year ago Edited one year ago. Cezdiamond, what are the exact odds for landing on the Jackpot space on the Daily Booster Wheel? King needs to be a little more honest about what is happening here, but in case you aren't sure what I am talking about, here is an idea. However, the more moderately one spends money on the game, the more likely they are of hitting the Jackpot space, because who doesn't deserve a reward for paying a couple of hundred to a few thousand dollars a year in boosters "whales" I believe the term is.

So someone correct me if I am wrong, but does your chance of landing on the Jackpot space increase with spending, or is King just not wanting to tell us the odds to keep it all in the houses favour, to use gaming terminology. SyntaxNation One year ago Edited one year ago. I won the jackpot twice, god for me.

And since discussion what's not fair, I truely believe that pressing the stop button make no sense at all. The code has decided where to stop the wheel as soon as you open it. That's why it does those impossible jump at the end, it's just the graphics catching up. I am soooooo upset. Eve Hilton Seven months ago. I'm on level That is BS that it is like any other game wheel, it is definitely rigged! Karen Holden Seven weeks ago. I won it once. Two years ago 2 Comments.

C'mon guys, will the company founder if you un-rigged the program? Most times I get the dam fish??? You can see the wheel flicker so it's definitely rigged to give you the worst prize most times Murray Gangell One year ago. Two years ago No comments yet. Be the first to comment! Stay away from the flies of the market place brother. Evs Three years ago. Three years ago 1 Comment. I've been almost there, and then the wheel seems to jerk backwards and keep going past it.

That's happened a couple of times. Something is weird about that. Robin Dolan One year ago. McSassy One year ago. One year ago 2 Comments. I believe you are right. All of the post that say they won I feel are fake, from Candy Crush. I believe they are extremely dishonest. I've never won the Jackpot either but that does not give me the right to accuse others who have as being fake for the only reason that I have a "feeling". Something to think about, it may look like a wheel, but it's just a mechanic that's been programmed look and behave like one for aesthetic reasons.

In reality, as soon as you hit that stop button the outcome is decided and not when the wheel actually stops. That's how spinning a wheel in real life works, not so in the land of programming and computers. StuckInATree One year ago. One year ago No comments yet. Three years ago No comments yet. Andrea Ciccone Three years ago. I'm on level , I play spin wheel every morning: Aggy McKenzie Two years ago.

I think wheel is rigged I gave spun over times I'm sure no win on jackpot. Bobby Finstock Two years ago. Jackpot is complete bullshit. You find me some screenshot winners I'll find you some liars.

Michelle Pate One year ago. Juniper Two years ago. BTW- I've won it once. Moongodess Two years ago. That's my point earlier I never hit it. I win more on the bonus games it seems nutmustardx Two years ago. The thrill of winning it might be cool, but from what I hear you can indeed win more on the challenges or bonus games.

Azpunkydoodles Two years ago. Two years ago 1 Comment. You should do the lottery as you are one in a million! I've been playing this game for about years and never won it - same as most people. Ell One year ago. What did u win? I hit it but got nothing. What did I miss?

I think you can ask people here https: Starshine Two years ago. MeredithA Two years ago. I'm on level and have never won. But I often land on the slot before it and after it. Cullers Two years ago. Kathleen Two years ago. I was on level before I won the jackpot. The very next day the game crashed and I went back to 0 losing everything.

Me One year ago. Chad Hunke Two years ago. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. Is the bonus wheel on candy crush random? In candy crush you have this daily booster wheel which spins around and you click stop to get your prize: It depends on how much you've spent on the game.

No it doesn't, Talos. Huangism 2 It is completely random. There is nothing you can do to influence it. It seems to be random and there is no way you can influence it. In game development these kinds of statistics mean exactly nothing. If it were true, every 8th spin would be quite a nice jackpot, and people would stack up on good items.

Or in the new CS: Find a random CS;GO case opening and you will see the ods visualized quite well. And it depends on the game developer what the number is.

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