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Originally Posted by oldgoat. Can't be to lag. Send a private message to Nixie Bobtie. I don't think you are playing too tight, there's good money to be made playing straight forward poker at the lower levels. Add lildave to Rail Reply Quote 3. Add Schlik20 to Rail Reply Quote 8. Return to Poker Advice.

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Brb booking a flight. Nice work partypoker https: Ready to one more millions title! Gl with that guys! Log in P5s Support Login Help. Reply to Thread Page 1 of 1 1 Jump to page: I've entered over 61, hands into the database, and currently it sits at 2. Add teeJdee to Rail Reply Quote 1. Sort by raises Sort by date. Add dirtychum to Rail Reply Quote 2. Add lildave to Rail Reply Quote 3. I have no experience with tabling, but 2. I would think you could definitely increase that number And I'm a much better player than I was then.

Maybe you're playing too many tables? Maybe you have some flaws in your game that you need to work on instead of playing 12 tables at once.

You're making decent money but you could definitely imrpove Add dandickau to Rail Reply Quote 4. I think he has to be playing full tables.

I'm playing 9-max tables, and I was reading the wrong number. I dont know my actual ROI because the site I play on does not track results so all I have is HM2 and the tournament reports is completely broken Although I am winning at a decent rate, my mediocre results have been bothering me psychologically.

I don't know if I am running bad or not playing as well as I think I am. Appreciate the help and I can provide other statistics if needed. ROI is not what important because you can't control it. Those are good stats it's perfectly possible to be beating the games but losing money ROI is very much dependent on how we run in high equity situations later in tournaments The only thing you could do is to break down the stats by stack size - check whether you are still winning for smaller stack sizes - An overall win rate can be skewed if you are winning massively at big stacksizes early in tournaments when the fish are still in and people overplay massively, but winning much less or losing in the BB region.

Originally Posted by oldgoat. Especially if you are regging early for everything your results are going to be skewed as you play much deeper early vs many recs. Really appreciate the responses. Here are the stats with different stack sizes. I'm sorry to intrude but I think was what meant is to filter by the size of the big blind, because in later stages the tournament has more tough opponents and there's also more to play for which might influence your game: I was looking at the same thing today in my own stats, and for BB above 50k which is huge, even on Stars i'm slightly losing but sample size is a problem.

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