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Main St Danville, IL Mountaineer Casino, Racetrack and Resort. In , the Memphis Zoo was ranked " 1 Zoo in the U. Swinomish Northern Lights Casino. Gold Country Casino and Hotel.

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Drake Jones started playing serious softball with the Mau Maus when he was eighteen years old and met Stanley Brown while working at the Post Office. During one of those tournaments, they played against the legendary Flamingos. Unfortunately, they lost that game but after the game, Percy Coleman asked him to join the Flamingos. Coleman promised him that they would play the best teams in the best parks and would be the best-dressed team in any tournament.

Locally they played in the top parks in Chicago and the suburbs. The tournament featured over forty teams, was witnessed by 5, fans, and was reported by the Chicago Defender newspaper. Other memories include beating the hometown favorite in Marshalltown, Iowa and winning in South Dakota by hitting five back-to-back homeruns in the seventh inning to clinch the victory in front of hundreds of screaming fans.

During this period, Drake was working, raising a family and playing basketball, but softball was becoming his passion. The Flamingos won so many local league championships that they were barred from the popular South Side Cocktail League.

Drake played outfield, fist base, and catcher. Drake consistently hit over. He was selected to ten major league all-star teams, received eight Golden Hands awards for his defense, and was named an MVP on ten teams. He was recognized as the greatest Flamingo outfielder with no other player coming close to his talents. He often ate ice cream and drank pop while chasing balls down. Sometimes he even caught some behind his back. For over fifteen years, Drake had a front row seat to sixteen-inch softball history.

He witnessed super teams playing with great players and being managed by super managers. They have seven children: John Stock played softball for twenty- five years with some of the top teams of his time.

He started playing neighborhood softball when he was fifteen in the schoolyard at Chopin Grammar School. He later played in the league at Smith Park. In , the Playboys were an exceptional team. The highlight of that year was winning the Andy Frain Tournament. Displays inside the exhibit explain what makes bees special and the role they play in agriculture.

The indoor bee exhibit leads to an outdoor aviary that features approximately budgies , commonly known as parakeets.

In addition to viewing these colorful birds, visitors can feed them using millet seed-heads attached to sticks that are available for a small fee. This exhibit was opened in [20] and features naturalistic, outdoor exhibit areas for western lowland gorillas , Sumatran orangutans and siamang gibbons. Other animals in the area are lion-tailed macaques , black-and-white ruffed lemurs , Mona monkeys , Sulawesi macaques , red ruffed lemurs , lesser spot-nosed monkeys , eastern black-and-white colobus , [20] and savanna baboons.

This African exhibit opened in Its location is adjacent to the Primate Pavilion and south entrance to the African Veldt. It is home to hippos , Nile crocodiles , okapi , yellow-backed duikers , Cape vultures , taveta weavers , nyalas , mandrills , blue-bellied rollers , patas monkeys , and flamingos. This exhibit reverses the daily cycle of nocturnal animals , [20] giving visitors the chance to see night-dwellers at their most active.

The exhibit is developed around a central bat flyway which enables visitors to get a close-up view of the bats in flight or feeding. Also exhibited are a wide range of other species—from aardvark to wombat. This exhibit was specifically built for the Komodo dragon , the largest lizard in the world.

The zoo's three dragons share a special exhibit with outdoor and indoor areas allowing them to stay warm during the cool winter months. Currently, a visiting Komodo dragon from the St. Louis Zoo is visiting for breeding purposes A variety of colorful birds in outdoor enclosures can be seen by visitors at the entrance to the zoo's Tropical Bird House.

The exhibit features a walk-through aviary which allows visitors close contact to a number of birds, especially during feeding time. The Aquarium is one of the oldest exhibits at the Memphis Zoo and houses aquatic life from both fresh and salt water environments. Over 30 African penguins live across from the zoo's rides area at Penguin Rock. This exhibit was built to resemble an early s farm. In a seasonal exhibit, a simulated shallow pond provides favorable breeding habitat for the highly endangered Mississippi gopher frog ; this exhibit also features a slide presentation describing the zoo's participation in the frog's recovery program.

The Round Barn is home to gerenuks , [22] which are known by their extremely long necks. Keepers encourage their foraging behavior by placing tall bamboo stems in their exhibit.

This exhibit also houses Abyssinian ground-hornbills , warthogs , red river hogs , nyalas , yellow-backed duikers , dik diks , klipspringers , and dama gazelles. Landscaping plays a key role in each of the zoo's three zones, both within exhibits and along the interconnecting trails.

Other key elements of the landscaping are a diverse mix of trees, shrubs, and seasonal herbaceous plants. Most of the larger trees are native species, which include sweetgum , sycamore , tulip poplar and a host of different oaks and hickories. Some exhibits feature plants that support the exhibit's theme, such as the Chinese fringetrees and Chinese snowball viburnums in the China Exhibit and several species of western conifers , maples , and birches in the Northwest Passage and Teton Trek Exhibits.

Several gardens are maintained within the zoo, where the plants are the featured items. The Memphis Zoo has one major project in their future plans with funding efforts currently underway. Exzoobrance is a bimonthly magazine published by the Memphis Zoological Society to keep patrons informed about zoo-related activities and information. Each edition includes a calendar of events, a description of special events, news about educational and conservation programs, information about the animals and their exhibits, and a kid's activity page.

Copies are archived online beginning in On January 8, , a stray dog entered the Memphis Zoo through a service door and leapt into the tiger exhibit before officials could apprehend it. Zoo staff distracted the tigers, and the dog, although with various wounds, was able to walk out of the exhibit and survived.

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