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You are commenting using your WordPress. The school district rants. Let us do the pavilions. The Food Ser- ing the awards competition. It offers reduced rates for from the ferry dock.

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Arriving on base without your operation. This course is an important prereq- is obtained, during normal working hours, reg- POV is easy and is highly encouraged. The Navy uisite to becoming a licensed motorcycle rider. More information motorcycle on any naval installation. The insurance coverage must meet Monday through Friday. The ators must also have in their possession a valid Gate after hours, weekends and holidays. It also covers specific attitudes and inspections while on federal installations.

Items POVs may be registered at the Pass and ID behaviors required to ride a sport bike respon- prohibited on all federal installations include Office in Building near the Trident Gate sibly and safely.

This course is required Navy- explosives including pistols, rifles, etc. Monday through wide in order to operate a sport bike on any naval nition, weapons such as switchblades, controlled Friday. A one-day temporary pass can be issued installation. Parking on Naval Base Kitsap is strictly holidays. Additionally, vehicle GMV as their primary duty; they operate and peak traffic periods. Proper Personal Protective devices while running, jogging, walking, bicy- violation while operating a private motor vehicle Equipment, to minimally include head protec- cling, skating or skateboarding in roadways and PMV or have been determined to be at fault in tion, shall be worn by all personnel.

Use of these devices while not received their initial four-hour traffic safety file, obeying traffic rules while properly wear- performing the noted activities on Navy instal- training. The Mentorship Committee times. All active-duty military personnel shall Navy installation roadways.

It sets up fun installation. The Focus Committee discusses and includes working brakes and reflectors. The prohibition against using hand- resolves problems and safety issues and works to tionally, bicycles ridden between sunset and held cellular phones includes hands-free cellular make the MRSC the best motorcycle program sunrise will have a white light on the front with phone devices that require the use of portable in the Navy.

Do not utilize hand-held wireless phones while operating DoD government-owned or -leased vehicles either on or off base. Washington State Resident Driving Privileges All resident drivers of Washington who drive a motor vehicle on public roadways in Washington state must have either a valid Washington state driver's license or instruction permit in their possession. Nonresident Driving Privileges A resident of another state who is at least 16 years old must be in possession of a current driver's license from their home state.

Residents of other states who are at least 15 years old and in possession of a valid instruction permit issued by their home state are also eligible. The instruction permit is valid only when a licensed driver with at least five years driving experience is seated beside the permit holder. A residence is where you: A second conviction carries a minimum sentence of up to a week in jail, plus a fine and the loss of your driver's license for one year.

In addition, you will be required to attend a mandatory drug and alcohol course and mandatory evaluation course. Washington laws also prescribe ignition inter- lock and electronic home monitoring as addi- tional sanctions for DUI drivers. The offender is required to pay the cost of the ignition inter- lock rental and electronic home monitoring. DUI convictions are kept on record for 15 years, adversely affecting the offender's insurance rates.

The state and local police and the Navy urge the use of a designated driver. Local naval commands offer a "safe ride home" program which is for all active-duty members. Its hours are 4 p. Monday through Thursday and all day Friday through Sunday.

For a safe ride home, call Bicycle Regulations A person riding a bicycle on Washington high- ways or roadways is granted all of the rights and is subject to all of the duties applicable to the driver of a vehicle.

You must be equipped with a lamp on the front, rider course, you may bring your completion should carry your active-duty card as evidence which will emit a white light visible from a dis- card to any Licensing Service Office within that the license is valid if you have a driver's tance of at least feet to the front and with a 90 days, take the knowledge test and the skill test license with a military expiration or a regular red reflector on the rear.

In addition, motorcycle operators license that remains in effect during the period For more information on Washington bicycle must have a Navy-recognized Motorcycle Safety of service even though the expiration date on the laws, please visit www. Certificate prior to registering their motorcycle face of the license has passed. Washington or your home- at www. You have 60 days after you arrive Drinking and Driving Bremerton and has a branch office at Naval to get Washington state plates or register your Base Kitsap-Bangor in Building NLSO vehicle in your home state, if your vehicle carries Washington state's impaired driving laws are Northwest provides legal assistance by appoint- plates from a foreign country or a state other than some of the toughest enforced anywhere in the ment to active-duty and retired military per- Washington or your home-of-record state.

The blood-alcohol limit in Wash- sonnel and their eligible family members in the state patrol must verify the vehicle identification ington is 0. Washington laws give police more areas of family law, landlord-tenant law, creditor number before you can buy plates if your vehicle power when arresting people charged with DUI.

They can suspend driver's licenses, impound vehicles and pursue drivers across state lines. Powers of attorney and notarizations Mandatory Insurance Many of the laws were designed to make sen- can normally be done on a walk-in basis. Drivers of repeat DUI offenders. Bremerton legal assistance hours are 8 a. Monday through Thursday and 7: To schedule appointments, call Bangor legal assistance hours are 7: Bremerton defense hours are 7: Monday through Thursday and 9 to 10 a.

Bremerton Quarterdeck phone number is Military Justice provides prosecuto- rial services for courts-martial to area commands. In addition to servicing these com- mands, PSD serves the local retiree population. For general questions or to be transferred to one of our departments, please call Some of our services include: At Bremerton, the ground floor of the Fleet Support Services Building is available for services 7: Monday through Friday and 8 a. NBK's five and service organizations that support various programs such as fam- main installations are in Kitsap County and include Bangor, Bremerton, ily readiness groups, child care, housing for married and single service Keyport, Manchester and Jackson Park.

NBK and its tenant commands members, and fitness facilities. In addition to the programs mentioned, feature a plethora of missions, diversity found only in the West Sound's Naval Base Kitsap's commissaries, exchanges, and Morale, Welfare and installations.

NBK is home to more than 60 tenant commands staffed by Recreation MWR facilities are among the best in the fleet, providing civilians, contractors, Sailors, Marines, Coast Guardsmen and Soldiers, all support to more than , active-duty and retired service members dedicated to executing our primary mission: Stennis CVN 74 , responses averaging two responses in the local community each day.

The eight ballistic missile submarines, three attack submarines, including the base is an active member of 16 community organizations that foster stra- uniquely designed USS Jimmy Carter, and two multi-mission, guided missile tegic alliances for business and local government development, as well as and special operations submarines.

NBK is the only base to host all three volunteerism. Excellence is the standard for Naval Base Kitsap. Partnering and cooper- On the shore side, our base supports some of the best maintenance and pro- ating are the way of life, enabling us to provide the highest quality of service duction organizations in the fleet, including Strategic Weapons Facility Pacific to fleet, fighter and family.

Suite can be reached at Stennis CVN 74 S. All services are centrally located at the visits, 2, prescriptions filled, 80 Urgent Care Clinic visits, eight surgi- main hospital with the exception of our health clinics and our drive-through cal cases, and two babies delivered.

There are two ICU beds, four operating rooms including a dedicated NHB will focus on offering timely outpatient services with increased C-Section and a multi-use endoscopy suite, and six Medical Home Ports inpatient and ambulatory surgery to support the enrolled population. NHB and the clinic staff consist of more than 1, dedicated military, Primary care services have transitioned these past several years from the civilian, contractor and American Red Cross volunteer personnel.

For more information, By standardizing primary care services and NHB strongly encourages all patients to enroll please go to www. This effort aligns with civilian models scriptions, ask non-urgent questions and receive beneficiaries does just that. Medical Home Port Teams work together to RelayHealth provides connectivity that enables assure every patient's care is provided in a coor- all participants in the delivery of health care to The NAL is a team of registered nurses who dinated, comprehensive manner.

This is "team- communicate with each other more efficiently, are available to answer a variety of urgent based" health care: A patient will have an entire effectively and securely. They can help you decide team responsible for their health care.

In addi- RelayHealth benefits also include access to lab whether self-care is the best option or if it is bet- tion to a Primary Care Manager PCM , there and other diagnostic test results, consultations ter to see a healthcare provider.

For pediatric issues, ing absences. This team will partner with every which feature consultations with your pro- the NAL will route the beneficiary to a pediatric patient to fulfill administrative requests and pro- vider, prescription renewal appointment sched- nurse. If follow up is necessary or requested, the vide additional medical services.

How can a patient schedule an appointment with their Medical Home Port Team? Patients do not need to do anything dif- ferent than they have in the past. Additional ways to reach your PCM and team If any patient has a question that doesn't require an appointment, they may contact the Na clinic directly to speak with their Medical Home valH Port Team. Affected beneficiaries may have their prescrip- tions filled at their local Military Treatment Facility pharmacy or may call the TRICARE pharmacy contractor, Express Scripts, at to switch to home delivery or ask questions about obtaining their medications.

TRICARE Pharmacy home delivery is safe, con- venient and easy to use, offering beneficiaries up to a day supply of their brand name medica- child's status a few hours later. Beneficiaries with may contact Express Scripts to request a waiver. Beneficiaries can save on cost by asking their doctor to write them a prescription for a generic version of their medication.

Military Pharmacy Get up to a day supply of most prescrip- tion drugs. Non-Network Pharmacy A beneficiary will pay more to get their pre- scription filled at a non-network pharmacy including host nation pharmacies , and they may need to pay up front and then file a claim for reimbursement.

For the most recent informa- tion about the pilot or to sign up for e-alerts with the latest updates, go to www. Information Briefers are Available Naval Hospital Bremerton has staff avail- able to speak to your command or family Industrial and occupational health services are Corps activities and other federal activities in group about Health Promotion activities, the N provided for all employees at Puget Sound Naval the region.

Please call for more physical therapy department spaces. Please call for Public health, preventive medicine and radia- available for all sea service units in the Pacific more information. The best way to do that is to offer timely pro- grams. Possibly the best example of this is the popular "Back-to-School and Sports Physicals" program.

Several hundred middle and high school students get physically prepared for the upcoming school year and sport seasons by attending this program, which will be held again during several separate weeks in August. The program, which includes an immunization update, eye exam and height and weight check, is held one-on-one with a staff member.

Each spacious room is designed to allow the family to remain in one room from admission to dis- charge. Services are are readily available. Consultation and care for This convenient service is provided by the also provided by family physicians and residents women and infants experiencing complications Puget Sound Military Health System and offers in NHB's Family Care Center and Branch Health is primarily provided by maternal fetal medicine patients with a specialty care referral an option Clinic Bangor and by five pediatricians and and neonatology specialists at Madigan Army for transportation between the two military nurses who specialize in maternal-newborn care.

In addition to inpatient medical care, childbirth south of Tacoma. Departure times from NHB are at 7 and 10 a. The shuttle runs Monday thru Fri- day except holidays. Al shuttle rides are approxi- mately one-hour long. However, shuttles may run late due to traffic and other external factors. The shuttle is not wheelchair accessible. Washington state law says that children less than 8 years of age must be secured in some form erton of child safety system unless the child is 4 feet rem 9 inches or taller.

All children under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent. Information can be obtained at period. However, emergency medical services as Occupational Health Care to both military http: BHC Bangor also vider should be consulted for recommendation provides emergency ambulance service 24 hours Naval Dental Center Northwest on any type of travel.

Monday complex geographical dental command consist- by appointment through Family Care by calling through Friday, with sick call hours from 7 to ing of four branch dental clinics throughout the the TRICARE Regional Appointment Center at 9 a. To schedule an appointment, please call Puget Sound region.

Located at Naval Base Kit- from 8 a. The mission provides Occupational Health Care for both mil- needed to relieve pain, control infection or of the center is dental health and readiness for itary and civil service personnel who work at the repair trauma for any patient and is avail- active-duty personnel.

There are also specialty Family members and survivors of al active-duty assigned at Naval Base Kitsap-Bremerton and the care providers available for prosthodontic, personnel, Selected Reserve and Individual Ready shipyard, and medical support to fleet medical endodontic and periodontal needs.

Sick call hours are by appointment. Information active-duty personnel are conducted on weekdays Ready Reserve personnel are eligible for the http: CIA access is required. Information can be obtained at www.

What to Do Upon Transfer Upon transfer, please check with your local military treatment facility or medical depart- ment representative to ensure you are properly enrolled.

This is especially important even when you are transferring from one command to another in the same local area. Sailors assigned to ships or submarines that are transferring to shore commands and vice versa will need to have their enrollment changed and information updated. Make sure your records are up-to-date to ensure that there are no administrative delays when accessing care. Active-duty and retired service members are alB automatically registered in DEERS, but they rem must take action to register their family mem- er bers and ensure they're correctly entered into the ton database.

The Red Cross is equipped The Ameri- help prevent, prepare for and cope with emer- sary insight, info and assistance can Red Cross provides many services that gencies. It's a fact of military life -- families to process a Sailor's orders that will not be focus on health, safety and community services are frequently separated due to deployments released until the Overseas Screening process for military families.

The following are classes and relocation. No matter how strong the has been satisfactorily completed. All pating overseas or remote orders , which will dard first aid review, standard first aid with Red Cross social services are provided free of then give military treatment facilities MTFs infant and child CPR, adult CPR, infant and charge. NHB averages about 50 to Emergency Communication damentals of instructor training and pet first 60 screenings a month.

In the event of an actual emergency, criti- aid for dogs and cats. The LOI adds approximately 90 days to the cal accident, illness or death in a service mem- Naval Hospital Bremerton's partnership with process, which ultimately assists the Sailor, ber's immediate family, the Red Cross should the American Red Cross represents its commit- ment to providing the community with vital ser- vices and the NHB American Red Cross office is open 8 a.

There are approximately 55 ARC volunteers who donate their time and effort as part of the NHB team on a regular basis. For those interested in volunteer work and for more information, please call The crane, or "Big Blue" as it is commonly referred to, is a in peace and war.

Net depot on Indian Island and used the organization for the storage of Reaching into the sky from the island's ammunition pier, it serves as a proud Navy munitions and assembly of mines and submarine nets.

The island was reminder of the superior ordnance-handling capabilities of Naval Magazine placed in a reduced operating status in and then reactivated in Indian Island. It is capable of lifting 89, pounds. At corner of Washington State's Olympic Peninsula.

Residents live on nearby the same time, a significant part of NAVMAG's and the Navy's mission and Marrowstone Island to the east and in Port Townsend, north-northwest of vision has been to incorporate and develop the best practices of environ- the site, the largest population center near the island. Island is approximately 7 square miles and contains a wealth of cultural and natural resources. There is a small exchange located in Building Only Beach 8 is authorized for recreational shellfish harvest.

Beach 8 has adequate unpaved access roads. Personnel who do not meet these identification requirements should contact their nIsla base sponsor for assistance. Personnel who India arrive at the installation without the required identification or without pre-approval to visit the installation will be turned away. Access requests agazine for NAVMAG must be submitted to the secu- lM rity department at least two business days before Nava the visit; however certain access requests may take up to two-weeks for processing Foreign citizens, criminal history, etc.

All personnel and vehicles are subject to inspection prior to being granted base access; please contact your base sponsor to determine what types of items are prohibited on the installation. Photogra- phy is prohibited on the installation without a any holes dug in the beach must be refilled after NAVMAG-issued camera pass. Ground floor of Building , the Area Code Gymnasium. Modern fitness center with aero- Administration There are not any MWR facilities on the Security To access to report any emergency.

Religious services, rec- Formerly Visitor's Quarters reational opportunities, lodging and financial support have all been taken Nestled among the trees of Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor, Evergreen Lodge into consideration to help Sailors focus while at work and relax on liberty.

Our five-star accredited accommodations mailto: Our rooms feature free Wi-Fi access, complimentary snack box and water, Naval Base Kitsap offers five-star accommodations to permanent party microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker with coffee and condiments, a hair personnel. A wide variety of services are offered to our single military per- dryer and basic cable with a premium channel.

Bachelor Housing facilities are within walking distance to the commissary, http: Navy Exchange, clubs and recreational facilities. Check-in is conducted at http: Give us a look; we at Bangor. For more information on available housing options, please contact us at or visit us online at www.

Bangor Chapel 10 a. Sunday Ohio St. Monday or duty RP at Monday through to help military members and their families ervices rooms will make you feel right at home. Each Friday room has a fully stocked kitchenette, cable TV, develop personal, relational and spiritual resil- ndS DVD players, queen-sized beds and a private Jackson Park Community Center iency resources for living.

Contact Navy Office hours: Chapel attendees are encouraged to vention programs. Call or email tual direction, religious studies and worship are Every Wednesday and First Friday of emailto: Additionally, advocacy may be provided with 9 a.

Further information and assistance are avail- tions, serves as a partner with the Navy to Postal Service, is in Building The Bremerton office can be reached provided to the many customers and residents Bremerton Postal Kiosk at and is in Building , just inside of the bases. A postal kiosk was installed at the Recreation the Naval Avenue Gate. Office hours are 9 a. The support functions provided include Center, Building and includes a scale for to 4 p. The Bangor maintenance of facilities, ground structures packages.

Mail is collected every regular mail office can be reached at and is at and housing units, operation and maintenance day. You can also buy stamps or mail items inter- Tautog Circle co-located with Navy Legal Ser- of base utilities, pest control, waste disposal, nationally.

The postal kiosk doesn't have the vice Office. Office hours are 8 a. It may be contacted at record of success, recognized quality and social if port post office, operated by the U. Postal e responsibility in environmental, health and P and is available after 4 p. A full-service window is open 9 a. Contact the Trouble Desk at gr to The lobby is open 24 hours ends and federal holidays. Shuttle service is locations in Kitsap County: NBK Bangor, tional goals.

A scheduled shuttle bus runs daily between the core area and lower base. Detailed shuttle bus schedules are available from the Transportation Branch in Building at At NBK Bremerton a full range of on-base shuttle service is provided both inside and out of the controlled industrial area. NMCRS provides emer- gency assistance through both financial and nonmonetary assistance. Financial assistance is provided through interest-free loans and grants.

Transfer tion of Schools and Colleges. Southern Illinois University on-base reach office Building , Mon- west Commission on Colleges and Universities.

Brandman University offers bachelor's base to base. This program features a weekend degrees at Bangor and Bremerton in organi- format, which allows full-time enrollment with ervices Vincennes University on-base zational leadership, social science, criminal a potential completion of the degree in one year. Vincennes University's Military Education justice, computer science and computer infor- Full-time faculty who hold doctorates teach all ndS Program offers associate degrees in general mation systems.

Brandman also offers master's sa courses. Vincennes is a organizational leadership. Students may start coursework in Janu- union. Branches are conveniently situated at Distance Learning Partner. With locations ary, March, May, August and October.

Unlike for-profit financial institutions, instructor-led on-base classes as well as open out the U. Brandman University is or work in Washington, you qualify for easy, tion testing is available at the Bremerton and Bangor locations. Vincennes offers competi- tively low tuition and a textbook loan program to help reduce students' out-of-pocket costs.

Bremerton, , or Bangor, Olympic College off-base Olympic College offers associate degrees and certificates at Bremerton, Poulsbo and Shelton campuses. Programs are customized to fit military train- ing requirements and may be offered days, eve- nings, weekends or online. Students may start in July, September, January or March. Active-duty military personnel and their dependents stationed in Washington qualify for resident tuition.

Contact the credit union at www. In addition to being tax-free and less expensive than most civilian retail stores, shopping at your NEX sup- Q ports quality-of-life programs in your local area. Monday through Sunday dSer Optical Shop Monday through Friday es 10 a. Tuesday through Friday 9 a. Monday through Friday convenience store without those high conve- Bremerton Laundromat Coin-operated 9 a.

Saturday nience store prices. Open 24 hours Monday through Sunday 10 a. Monday through Saturday Bangor Commissary Noon to 5 p. Monday through Saturday , ext. Sunday Car Care Center Monday through Saturday Bremerton Barber Shop Tuesday through Sunday 10 a. Monday through Friday Open 30 minutes early 8: Saturday Gas pumps open 24 hours with credit card for handicapped and early-bird shoppers.

Sunday Mechanic's Corner Hobby Shop Saturday and Sunday 9 a. Monday through Friday Adjacent to the Autoport in Building , 9 a. Wednesday through Monday Bangor. Call for more information. Monday through Friday 8 a. Monday through Saturday of their favorite home-style meals in a casual, Conveniently situated just off Trigger Avenue, 10 a. Sunday family-friendly atmosphere for lunch or dinner.

The menu features gourmet burgers, handmade pizzas, sandwiches, salads and more. As a complement to any meal, try one of the outstanding micro and handcrafted beers, including the exceptional Sam Adams seasonal special.

Call ahead and your carry-out order will be ready when you arrive. With two pool tables and eight large-screen HDTVs, Sam Adams is the perfect spot for a command function or group get-together. It is a smoke-free environ- ment.

For more information, call It is a perfect site with a breathtaking rogram view for conferences, wedding receptions, din- ifeP ners and command functions. This exceptional fL state-of-the-art facility offers seating for up to and burgers for lunch and steak, seafood and the Naval Undersea Museum at Keyport.

Office persons, with breakout room capabilities. Qualityo pasta entrees for dinner. Appointments outside regular office sional services and knowledgeable event coor- big-screen televisions for sporting events and hours are also available. For more information, dinators. Call Naval Base Kitsap Catering at special events. For information, call The ballroom can also be divided into that is open with a rustic feeling. Other amenities offered include a dance floor, a full complement of audio-visual equipment, podiums and more.

If we don't have what you're looking for, we will help you find it. For more information on catering or conferences, call Catering The Naval Base Kitsap Catering and Event Planning program offers complete catering menus and services for any event or occasion. With many facilities available and as a full- service catering operation, NBK Catering can provide the perfect place for a special event and assist with any and all catering needs at an affordable price.

Services include catered events and carry-out service. Catering services are available to all active- duty and their family members, retired mili- tary and their family members, reservists, DoD employees, community support groups, contrac- tors and other approved agencies.

You may also choose to use their in-house party menu for your event. With a big-screen TV, pool table, shuffleboard and reclining chairs, it's a place for leaders to gather for luncheons, retirements or after-working-hours occasions.

Menu items from Sam Adams are available for purchase or you can opt to use their in-house party menu for Q your event. Call fLi for more information. The Food Ser- ing the awards competition. Top of the Dock Snack Bar is on the second train our military's finest leaders.

TTF has a full floor of Building on the Delta Pier that Torpedo Alley Galley barista espresso bar, daily specials and a deli bar, houses Bangor's military and civilian members The cafeteria Torpedo Alley Galley, in the as well as several grab and go items. Monday through Thurs- mediate Maintenance Facility members. Top of open 6 a. It is closed on the Dock Snack Bar has a full barista espresso Vending machines can be found in lobbies and weekends and holidays.

Place orders in advance bar, deli bar and serves comfort foods and in food service areas in buildings throughout the by calling The Food Service Supervi- daily specials. Pizzas can be ordered for pickup base. Food services are coordinated by a dedi- sor can be reached at Monday through unteers comprising the Food Services Board to Friday. They are closed on weekends and all ensure quality food services for all employees at The ESB Snack Bar is on the first floor of the holidays. Place orders in advance by calling Keyport.

The board coordinates and administers Engineering Service Building that houses ESB reached at Hours are from 6 a. The Food Service supervisor can be This department consists of the Fleet and Deerhaven Snack Bar is on the second floor reached at Informa- Deerhaven has a deli bar and espresso, serves a Building that houses Bangor's military and tion about all these programs can be found at large variety of comfort foods and features daily civilian members of the Intermediate Mainte- http: Hours of operation are 6 a.

Refit Snack Bar has a full barista Monday through Friday. It is closed on weekends espresso bar, deli bar and serves comfort foods Bangor Fitness and Aquatic Center and all holidays.

You can place orders in advance and daily specials. The Food Service Supervi- 1 p. It is closed on gymnasium, state-of-the-art weight rooms, car- sor can be reached at For infor- selection of free weights, cardiovascular exercise mation, call Exercise classes and equipment ori- NEX gas station and Autoport off Trigger Ave- entations are available, and schedules are posted.

PEO is the Towels and sporting equipment may be outdoor gear rental and retail facility with equip- checked out at the front desk. The facility has ment for fishing, camping, hiking, kayaking and locker rooms with showers and dry saunas.

Res- other outdoor adventures. Boat and recreational ervations for the use of the outdoor ball fields vehicle storage is also available. For more infor- and racquetball courts may be made at the Fit- mation, call The Olympic Lanes Bowling Center Inside the Fitness Complex, the Concourse exercise classes, several adult sports programs, The Olympic Lanes Bowling Center, in Build- West Pool offers a well-rounded aquatics pro- ervices a family fitness room, fitness equipment orienta- gram of swimming lessons, exercise classes and ing , is a modern, lane bowling center tion, locker rooms with showers and steam and ndS American Red Cross Water Safety classes, as well featuring automated scoring, Fireball Bowl- sa dry saunas, an outdoor running track, tennis as recreational swimming and lap swim.

Adja- ing, organized leagues and special events plus a courts, skateboard park and ball fields. Pro shop special and sporting equipment may be checked out at rogram after a good workout. To contact the pool, call orders are available. The bowling center is the the front desk. Reservations for outdoor ball Next to the gym in Building is a ifeP perfect spot for command events, private par- fL fields and racquetball courts can be made at the family-friendly fitness center designed to allow ties and birthday parties.

For more information, front desk. Inside the Fitness Complex, the Bangor Pool children. Qualityo features a large pool, dive pool and spa. Offered Mechanic's Corner Fitness Professionals is a well-rounded aquatics program of swim- On Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor next to the Trained and certified fitness specialists provide ming lessons, lap and recreational swim, exercise NEX Autoport, the Mechanic's Corner is oper- educational health and fitness programming for classes and American Red Cross certification ated by the NEX and available to the car owner all eligible patrons using the facility.

The pool is home to a local swim team. The facility include body composition testing, aerobic and The facility is also available for private parties. Adjacent to the pool, you will find a spa to relax welding equipment, grease gun, computer diag- One-on-one fitness assessments and equipment in after a good workout. To contact the pool, call nostic equipment, tire changing and balancing, orientation are available by appointment; priority It is open Wednesday through Sunday; is given to active duty.

Call at Bremer- closed Monday, Tuesday and holidays. For more Base Theaters ton, or at Bangor. Call the Montgomery and Glennon avenues, across from all-hands, one-stop-shop facility which offers hour movie line at for movie times the Charleston Gate parking garage, has washing and listings.

Retail items and prescribed medications are thesizer and keyboard. For appoint- The center is open seven days a week including ments and information, call Contact the Recreation Cen- ter at Fleet Deployed Support Program This program is designed to support afloat units with fitness and recreation needs for their crew while in port and deployed.

The Deployed Support manager will work individually with commands' recreation committees and spouse groups to design special programs for active duty and families while the ship is deployed. The program office and equipment ware- house is at Bremerton.

For information, call Qua Activities include, but san are not limited to, attending professional sport- dS ing events, ski trips, whitewater rafting, movies, erv instructional classes, concerts, etc. Call ices for program information. The facility features Starbucks specialty ational library that includes music, magazines, The facility is open to all authorized MWR coffee and other beverages and breakfast bur- newspapers, reference and best-seller books, patrons.

Patrons ages 15 and under must be ritos and pastries, along with computers with and a multipurpose room that is available to accompanied by an adult age 18 years or older; high-speed Internet and video game capabilities, rent for private parties or meetings.

Outdoor patrons ages 17 and under are permitted to uti- Wi-Fi, a movie lounge with a big-screen televi- recreation gear can be rented from the cus- lize all areas except those designated for 18 years sion, foosball, ATM and no-fee laundry facili- tomer service counter.

Items available include and older. The facility is open seven days a week ties. The facility also features a large outdoor tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, coolers, winter clothing, fishing poles and mountain bikes.

It tables and covered pavilions, and fishing. The waterfront park has a covered charcoal Trips and Tours a playground, a sand volleyball and basketball barbecue pit with picnic tables near a children's Experience the best of the Northwest using court, picnic table and grills, and several covered playground, a walking path and basketball, vol- the Trips and Tours program.

Let us do the pavilions. To make group or event reservations, leyball and tennis courts. To reserve a pic- see" spots in the Northwest. Register for these features ball fields, playground equipment, grills, nic area, call Additionally, Naval Base leisure trips by calling or going online Kitsap patrons may make use of Navy Region at www.

For information and http: A great way to sell your car, behind the barracks below Olympic Lodge. The truck or motorcycle is to park it in our consign- park at Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor is behind the ment lot. For rates, please call PEO at The FFSC staff is eager to serve customers whether deploying, separating, raising children, job hunting, staying behind, looking for answers or just trying to make ends meet.

Confidential individual, couple and family counseling, as well as Sexual Assault Prevention Qu and Response SAPR and victim counseling, ality is provided by licensed counselors at Buildings ofL and on Bangor. Call the appointment ife line at Pr The FFSC staff is customer service-oriented ogra and offers complete community and military ms information and referral services.

It also pro- an vides multiple arrival services, including hos- dS pitality loaner kits and local, state and county ervi recreational and social activity brochures. Life skills enrichment programs include top- ics such as stress management, deployment, anger management, financial management, There are two Naval Base Kitsap Fleet and job search skills, parenting and interpersonal Family Support Centers in the Kitsap area. Monday Admiral Boorda Youth Center Services are in Buildings and are provided at no cost to eligible participants on Bangor.

Call toll-free for Jackson Park Jackson Park Youth Center Care at our centers is primarily geared toward those needing full-time child care. Our centers are based on the developmental program model that focuses on play and its importance in a child's learning process.

FREE ferry terminal in downtown Bremerton. Explore life on board the aircraft car- Hours: Dis- ervices cover what happens behind the walls, fences and gates at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard interactives. View hundreds of artifacts that ndS represent over years of undersea history sa and Intermediate Maintenance Facility and and technology, including the best collection of The Child Development Home CDH pro- other naval installations in the region.

The Puget Sound Navy Museum also offers the torpedoes in the country, submarine equipment, rogram gram has 30 homes throughout the area certi- Family Discovery Room, a space that allows rare diving gear, and ROVs. And don't miss ifeP fied by the Navy Child Development Programs young visitors to engage the museum's ideas the museum's biggest attractions literally -- fL to provide child care to youth up to 12 years old.

Visit on Friday in the summer Mystic, Trieste II DSV-1 , Deep Quest, and a found in our on-base centers, but are often able and experience fun, free family art and science Qualityo submarine rescue chamber. With 20, square to offer a little more flexibility in services.

In activities in Fountain Park. Please call ahead or feet of exhibits, there's something for everyone! Child care providers The Naval Undersea Museum is the only Located outside the main gate of NUWC offer developmental programs and receive train- official Navy museum that interprets all of the Keyport, the museum is open 10 a.

Try your hand at 4 p. We offer full-time, part-time, drop-in, driving a submarine in the real control room ber to April. We also now offer hourly child care for all eligible military personnel. The hourly child care program is designed for children age 6 weeks to 12 years. School-Age Care SAC programs are a place where children will be able to meet new friends, learn new skills and participate in many activi- ties.

Registration is taken directly at each facility. Teen Centers are open to ages 12 to 18 in grades seven through After becoming a member of our open recreation program, teens can participate in activities such as video games, air hockey, board games, team sports or have online computer access.

Commander, Navy Region Northwest is responsible for coordinating More information on the command can be found at www. The command's mission is to oversee the operational and pre- regional emergency management and quality of life. Shipyard in Bremerton and is responsible for certifying those crews for operations as the ships are returned to service. The barracks products and worldwide movement of personal grew steadily with the shipyard.

The geographic area mands, capable of self-administration, organized of responsibility covers eleven states -- Alaska, to support and accomplish their own particular Idaho, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Montana, mission. Since its reorganization in , NAVFAC NW's diversified programs support the battalion has been awarded a Navy Unit planning, design, contracting and construction Commendation, three Meritorious Unit Com- including the acquisition and disposal of real mendations and a Commandant of the Marine estate for the Navy and assist supported com- Corps Certificate of Commendation.

Similarly, all of the Navy's housing assets in these states are also supported. By , the Bremerton Naval Reserve n numbered eight units and more than Sail- tC ors and was officially designated an indepen- omm dent Naval Reserve Center.

Navy's inventory of, and expertise n Support Center Kitsap also serves as the Navy d readiness support for submarines, torpedoes, with, torpedoes was struggling to keep pace with s Mobilization Processing Site for Navy Region land attack systems and Fleet training systems.

But because the effective- NUWC Keyport provides advanced technical In December , the Navy Operation Sup- ness of even rudimentary torpedoes is based on capabilities for in-service engineering, test and port Center moved from its Bangor location to complex mechanisms for assuring proper guid- evaluation, logistics support, custom engineered Building in Bremerton. Navy's only and operating sites in California, Guam, Hawaii, depot for testing and repairing torpedoes.

British Columbia, Nevada and Pennsylvania. To remedy this situation, in a group of NUWC Keyport also sends personnel to service naval officers was sent to search from San Diego the fleet around the world. The current global to British Columbia for a location to house a new workforce consists of about 1, civilians and U.

The ideal location, 28 Sailors. America The isolated peninsula of Keyport, Washing- now had colonies and territories in that vast ton, was chosen as that perfect place.

It had a tiny but expanding submarine By November, , the Navy had purchased fleet. And its leaders watched with interest and land from local families and commissioned the alarm as the emergent technology of the self- Pacific Coast Torpedo Station. Navy divers for torpedo recovery work, and By the end of its first 50 years, Keyport had a small civilian workforce learning the emerging proven its value to victory in the largest war in art and science of testing and maintaining torpe- history, and was growing well beyond an orga- does.

In , the base was renamed the United nization defined by geography and a single type States Naval Torpedo Station, but then as now of weapon. During the Cold War, the U. Navy's role in Even before the U. S entered World War II, the undersea domain was providing deterrence many American leaders saw the devastation by maintaining a technological advantage over caused by German U-Boats and realized that the Soviet Navy. The Naval Torpedo Station was the first conflict in which superiority in the at Keyport had become such an instrumental undersea domain would be instrumental to vic- part of this strategy that by they were test- tory.

But port quickly increased its workforce, reaching maintaining and increasing America's techno- nearly 3, people by , more than 40 per- logical advantage undersea meant that Keyport cent of those women. As many as torpedoes had to do more than just torpedoes, and that it were tested in a single day during the most active had to operate outside of the Pacific Northwest. In the s, Keyport helped with naval By the time Japan surrendered, the majority of undersea tests in the Arctic Ocean and added U.

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