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In this case I would suggest caution writing this BS everywhere because it turns out that you either have a problem with multiple-accounts not only here, or simply you have a big Gambling Problem and I suggest you discontinue playing and put yourself in self-barring either from betting and casino, take a break. Tolles Willkommensangebot mit guten Umsatzbedingungen Schnelle und problemlose Ein-, und Auszahlungen. I can simply match your case to a player who gets no deposit bonus with fake-details and registering many accounts, then after winning trying to cash-out, I am sorry pal but this not how we work, maybe you can speak with players who managed to play fair and withdraw with us, to see how fast we pay. It turns out that player registered multiple accounts, breaching the rule of no multi-acc, that closes the case for me. Perhaps i can redeem my-self yet!

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I used my old log in information and it worked. We only have one casino left to find the ND Spin code for. I have googled every search possibility I can think of with no success! I am not giving up. If I get enough guts, I am going to ask chat and tell them our forum has the other four casino bonus spin codes and let them know they will be mentioned at the finest forum on the WEB.

I am going to search some more first! I received a letter from myGCcasino, 15 free spins on cool bananas- no deposit required, but you have to contact customer support. Bonus 2 deposit bonus: We went to support for Golden Casino "myGCcasino" and they gave us code: Use this function to inform the moderators and administrator of an abusive or wrongly posted message. Last post made Started by DianeFl Hero Member last active 2 days ago.

Back to list Forum No Deposit Casinos. Please login or register to post or comment. Started by DianeFl at May 11, , Thanks for this post from: Report Thank Quote Reply.

Replied by barbiedoll at May 11, , Member last active 1 hour ago. I also got a letter in the mail but mine included My CS Casino. You have to ask support for the 15 free spins on Cool Bananas. Wasn't any problem for me. ZY is the code they gave me. Replied by yogi at May 11, , Member 70 last active 12 hrs ago. Replied by paul at May 11, , Replied by Schnick at May 12, , Member last active 7 hrs ago. Replied by morganthegirl at May 12, , Newbie 21 last active 28 days ago.

Got the three but would love if anyone knows the code to GV? Replied by DianeFl at May 12, , Replied by shirlsplay at May 12, , According to Dana from live chat the bonus is tracked to a partner site and only available through this. But she gave me 10 free credits without asking for it.

Hey how are ya Niki: Ok, I guess Jacob Blackwood: I was wondering if that code was still good? Yes, that code is good, however, US players can not use the real money mode. You are more than welcome to play in the Fun mode if you like Jacob Blackwood: So I wouldnt be able to deposit or withdraw either? Sorry, no Jacob Blackwood: So that would be pointless then right?

But you have play credits if you want to just play Niki: Well, depends on what you want. You can play for the fun of it is you like Jacob Blackwood: I play casinos to gamble, not ful.

Otherwise I am sorry, but these are the laws Niki: I understand Jacob Blackwood: Sorry for your time Jacob Blackwood: Yes, US law Niki: Good bye Jacob Blackwood: Its no law Jacob Blackwood: Everyone sadly mistaken Niki: Ok than Jacob Blackwood: But ok, bye Niki: I'm not sure how new you are to online gambling Jacob but there are Laws. Certain countries are restricted to play at certain casinos, especially here in this "so called" free country of ours the good ole USA.

I hate it just as much as the next guy but we have to abide by the casinos rules Tony. Tony, not degrading your knowledge, but its actually not against the "law" in the US to gamble online.

Although some states do have restrictions, its actually against the law for some banks to transfer money to individual, or businesses where gambling is prohibited due to a bill signed October 13, bye Bush. But then again I can see why they say its against the law if the only way to transfer funds is through one of the banks, or companies are under this law.

Use this function to inform the moderators and administrator of an abusive or wrongly posted message.

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