West Virginia sees over $600,000 is first weekend sports bets

Nah, I'm just fucking with you. I don't know the whole details but my friend told me he angled the bettors by multiaccounting the SNGs. World Gaming article Russia discovers underground casino at North Korean embassy: The thing that seperates the pros from amatuers is that when the cards go hot they don't get too overly confident with their play. USA -- Whenever there is a significant change in the U. Give casino developer chance to make case Our Opinion:

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Sports Gaming in West Virginia

Hollywood Casino, located about an hour to the west of Washington D. The state is counting on gaming for gambling tax revenues. West Virginia also anticipates more jobs for its citizens, as the state has the highest unemployment rate of its region. In addition, the casinos and racetracks are hoping to get back some of its market share, especially within the Washington D. The state lost gaming revenue from the Washington D. Maryland tried to pass legislation to legalize sports gaming in their state, but after much debate, the bill failed to pass.

The Legislature could pass a bill to have a voter referendum when it reconvenes in January of This means that West Virginia has a two-year head-start in becoming the gambling hub of the Washington D.

An executive for Hollywood Casino at Charles Casinos Gambling World Gaming. Is Casino Surveillance Sexist? James Sensenbrenner opened his remarks at a Congressional hearing on sports betting by Gaming Casinos Sports Betting.

The online gaming operator released its Despite a slow start, the online Gaming World Gaming Sports Betting. View the Rest of This Day's News. What to know Washington D.

Gaming Event Sports Betting Congress. Gaming Sports Betting Sports Leagues. Chop, you better take your time and say goodbye to that Benjamin bill. Nah, I'm just fucking with you. Best of luck because you're going to need it.

I cant wait to see the reaction when I pull this off. You people really think im BSing. This is going to be a blast. This is going to be the most informative and eye opening thread in the history of the forum. Actually I hope it comes down to the last SNG and you're fighting for your life on the bubble.

Originally Posted by fightclub Originally Posted by Fishhead. I do think you have some value at actually. Well, not sure you have value I guess, I think I would however.

In a side note Chop, keep in mind, play the game your way to make money. Playing tighter to try and cash being shortstacked at the cutoff will be tough to play profitable poker as you will have little chance to win any tourneys.

I am sure you know that, just giving you some friendly advice. The money you are actually playing for over the course of of these will outweigh the bet with WVU. Originally Posted by royalfan. Chop, I am rooting for you man. However, I don't even think a professional poker player would make the claim you are making in here. I have played poker for 4 years and am a strong player, and would never make that claim.

However, there is a reason you are getting odds, and I think even that is too low.

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