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Most tournaments have guaranteed prize pools. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Thread starter detroitdad Start date Aug 11, I fold - 3's are dead, diamonds are dominated, queens are dead Let me know where to ship the moniez. Our dealers are friendly, and our tables are open around the clock to accommodate players at any time.

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We want to help make the information about these events available to our members. On this page you will find information about the events taking place in your local area, as well as any larger open events in the state. If your business is hosting an event, or if you know of an event you would like to see posted here, you can email us at v.

These may be weekly, quarterly or yearly events, and may or may not be at the same location each time. Please check the schedule below for upcoming events throughout the state. The locations listed below have weekly re-occuring tournaments that are open to all players. These tournaments are non-handicapped, but the rules may vary from location to location.

Please check all house rules before playing in any of these tournaments. Tournaments are listed by the day of the week. Tournament begins at 7: Each round is a race to 3, alternating break format. Buy in reflects total of prize pool contribution and house fee. Tournaments are subject to change without notice.

There are nine contests each day. Each contest will begin and end on the even numbered hours. Tracking periods will begin at 10 a. Individual contests end at Noon, 2 p. Fridays and Saturdays will have added contests from 8 p. Royal flush hands must meet all the qualifications as listed below. When there is no qualifying hand at 4 a. Only hands that are identified before the end of the hour are eligible.

High hands that are announced after time expires belong to the next high hand contest unless it was the final contest for the day. Visit the Poker Room for more details. Resources Learn about how to play Texas Hold'em in our guide. Great Moments in Poker History: Upsets, Bluffs, and Comebacks Read about some of the most famous hands in the history of poker.


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