Maker of precious violins Maker of rifles and revol Maker of Robusto! Mail carriers' assignment Mail carriers' paths: Scandalizing high society with her errant behaviour, she left her husband and became the first woman ever to hold a professional racehorse trainer's licence. The former rail branch is now a hiking and biking trail over the old rail bed, the West Essex Trail. Was it really only six weeks ago? Make changes in Make changes in plug fitting Make changes to Make changes to text Make cheerful Make chicken Make chubbier Make circular motion with part of foot Make clean

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Made a facing, e. Made a faux pas Made a fool of Made a fuss after coat wrinkled Made a gaffe Made a getaway Made a great point Made a hash of, with "up" Made a haunted house soun Made a high ball? Made a home in a tree Made a killing, say Made a lap Made a long story short? Made a lot of noise Made a lot of noise and could remain homeless, unfortunately Made a low vibrant sound Made a mimeo of Made a mistake Made a mistake - came clean after changing gender Made a monarch Made a movie Made a muff Made a new hole Made a painful connection Made a pig of oneself?

Made a quick change Made a record of Made a red-faced exit Made a request Made a resounding comeback Made a right turn Made a scene? Made a show of old man, er Abb Made a touchdown Made a two-in-one move, i Made a web Made a witty reply Made a yoke Made accountable for one's misdeeds Made airtight Made allusions to Made amends Made amends for Made an additional recipi Made an aqueduct, maybe Made an effort Made an enemy of Made an impression casting runes for carer Made an impression on Made an impression on?

Made box containing Europe's last old penny Made broader Made callous by experience Made carousel music Made cat calls Made cents Made certain Made clearly known Made common cause with Made concessions for deal without repeat order included Made current Made dirty Made do Made docile Made ends meet somehow Made even Made excessive demands on Made extremely sad Made eyes at Made fancy Made farm sounds Made fit Made flatter Made for a mortise Made fractions Made fractions Made gaudy, with "up" Made go, in a way Made good Made good on, as a loan Made good or brilliant move in grass Made grain-sized Made happen Made happy Made harsh grating noise Made haste Made heavier Made heroic Made hot?

Made impossible Made in advance Made in France? Made lustrous Made man disobey restraining order Made merry Made mistakes Made money holding rally Made more attractive Made more attractive? Made more money Made more precipitous Made neat, because tangled Made new alterations Made noises at night Made of certain twigs Made of clay Made of fired clay Made of large particles Made of light material Made of paste Made of whole-wheat flour Made off with Made off with Made on a loom Made one Made or sold illegally Made out Made out in expert world of scholars Made out to be famous Made over Made pathetic complaints Made Persian or Siamese s Made possible Made public Made purely academic Made quickly, as a meal Made ready for market, as Made reference to - edict Made reparations Made retrospectively valid Made right Made sacred, in a way Made safe Made slacker put out records Made slow progress Made smaller Made smooth Made smooth, in a way Made some lace Made some new connections Made some waves?

Made sport of Made square Made stronger Made stuff up Made suds Made sure lunatic is restrained Made sweet music in the middle, then argued terribly Made tame Made tea, we hear, for children Made the newspaper Made the roads slick Made the scene Made thin Made thinner Made tidy, in a way Made tight, as muscles Made time Made to feel at home Made to last Made to look gorgeous Made to look great! Made to measure Made to order, as a suit Made tracks Made tranquil and quiet Made unbearable?

Made, as a case Made, as a new trench Made, as a wager Made, as a web Made, as cotton candy Made, as money Made-up Made-up new trainees without any enthusiasm initially - these perhaps? Made-up story Madeira Mrs. Y Madison and Monroe Madison Ave. Madison's mate Madison, for one Madison, for one: Madison, in Manhattan Madly Madly bothered about time, being engaged Madly in love Madly in love with Romeo, knight is one unwilling to make the first move?

Madman Madman claims Pluto is barely seen Madman from northern state Madman let loose in a cult Madman, ultimately berserk in scene of massacre Madness Madness holding church function in the country Madness may be touring this year Madonna musical Madonna or Britney Spears Madonna portrayal Madonna role Madonna role, Madrid money Madrid month Madrid mousers Madrid Mrs.

Magazine feature Magazine features Magazine featuring Dow Magazine fig. Magazine figure, for shor Magazine for aficionados? K Magazine founder Eric Magazine genre Magazine highlight? Magazine photo, for short Magazine proof Magazine published by Boe Magazine published by the Magazine publisher Cond Magazine publishing info Magazine revenue source Magazine sales Magazine since Magazine since Magazine staffer Magazine stands?

Maggie's dog in "Bringing Maggie's mate, in the com Maggot - food Maggot gets round gnarled tree and round vegetable Maggot or grub Maggot, e. Magic 8 Balls, e. Magic 8-Ball answer Magic act Magic acts? Magic amulets Magic and Wizards org. Magic center, once Magic charm Magic cure-all Magic effect Magic grp.

Magic practiced by native Magic practicer Magic show reactions Magic stick Magic target: Magnetite, for one Magneto's adversaries, in Magnetron parts Magnificence Magnificence of porn led us astray Magnificent Magnificent bribe - manufacturing plant Magnificent display Magnificent Medici traditions unknown in number Magnificent pals ate it all, except the last scraps Magnificent quality of plunder, so fantastic!

Magnificent vehicle returning with fruit Magnified Magnifier Magnifier, of sorts Magnifies Magnify Magnifying glass carrier, Magniloquent Magniloquize Magnitogorsk's river Magnitude Magnitude - scope Magnitudes Magnolia or pecan Magnum and others, for sh Magnum and others: Mahler's unfinished symph Mahler: Maid's master Maid's supply Maiden Maiden featured in special birthday poem Maiden given ring, so mating, possibly?

Maiden loved by Hercules Maiden lover "in a kingdo Maiden meeting cast with inappropriate character? Maiden name here, all may conclude Maiden name indicator Maiden name preceder Maiden taken in deceived and abandoned Maiden takes a long time to cope Maiden threatened, note, circled by a camel leaving tracks Maiden very interested in giant Maiden voyage preceder Maiden's wee mouse Maiden, well-favoured, wanting kiss — seductive lady Maiden, with tact, ordered entree Maiden-named Maidenform product Maidenform products Maidenhair tree Maidens Maidens periodically need bluesy tunes Maids Maids a-milking in a Chri Maigret creator Mail Mail a payment Mail abbr.

Abbr Mail carrier's grp. Mail carriers have them: Mail carriers' assignment Mail carriers' paths: Abb Mail coach instrument Mail convenience: Mail deliverer Mail deliverer informal Mail deliverer's woe, may Mail delivery paths: Abbr Mail delivery, to Brits Mail for a knight Mail friend 2 wds.

Mail is distributed by society for principle of equal distribution Mail letters Mail letters, in the past Mail may be sent in this Mail no. Mail or fax Mail order abbr. Mail order company employ Mail order option Mail order option, for sh Mail org.

Mail penned by jerk is depressing Mail place: Mail-order option Mail-order specification Mail-related Mail-sorting ctr.

Mail; wooden stake Mailbox item Mailbox opening Mailbox openings Mailed Mailer securing stamp finally, one using money Mailer's request Mailing a letter or picki Mailing courtesy, briefly Mailing ctr.

Mailing HQ Mailing label abbr. Main food-supplying regio Main idea Main idea of un libro Main impact Main impact of an attack Main ingredient in a Mont Main ingredient in tarama Main ingredient in tekka Main ingredient of polenta Main ingredients in hasen Main international airpor Main island of French Polynesia Main item about parts of cricket match?

Right Main line Main line from the heart Main lines Main longitudinal beam of a vessel's the hull Main mail ctr. Abbr Main male Main man Main meal of the day Main morphine derivative in the hippocampus Main nerve centre hidden Main order Main order in a restauran Main ore of iron Main Oscar choices whittled down Main packed group in a cycle race Main part Main part of a knife Main part of a word Main part of an order Main point Main port of Yemen Main rat in "Ratatouille" Main road Main road mistakes - start off without using these!

One ignored in main Main thoroughfare invaded by visitor from space? Main, maybe Main, one fed to cook Main, where hearty rounds Horn in the end Maine campus town Maine college Maine college town Maine Democrat states she'd be at home in the 18!

Maintain code not requiring recompilation or debugging? Maintain H is at front of 'historic' Maintain meagerly Maintain one's composure as warder, say, after row during meal left one a little peeved Maintain part of castle in revolt Maintain public order Maintain right to divide valuable item Maintain the pace Maintain United pub from former days Maintain, as attention Maintain, defend Maintained Maintained an agent to guard stable Maintainer of a fire in ancient Rome Maintaining cross, return title with bitterness, seeing book's inscription Maintaining one's composu Maintaining quiet air as river rises, take advantage of lift Maintaining wife, supported by special grants Maintains Maintains careful control Maintains course Maintains, as a garden Maintains, as a schedule Maintenance Maintenance costs Maintenance mate Maintenance that gets the set going?

Mainz mister Mainz Mr. Houlihan portrayer i Maj. Majestic poem Majestic shade trees Majestic summer time? Majestic swimmer Majesty lead-in Major Major 20's supplier? Major Adams of "Wagon Tra Major addition?

Major Chinese seaport Major chipmaker Major civic bldgs. Major club Major coca producer Major coll. Major copper exporter Major crossroads Major Czech export Major defense contractor Major defense corp.

Major fiction Major figure's beat including computer work Major finale? Major fish exporter Major gold exporter of Af Major gold-mining area, w Major golf venue in well-respected area Major handgun manufacture Major headaches Major health problem producing short protest amid fear Major Hindu deity Major Hoople's holler Major Hoople's outburst, Major in a law degree, not the usual Major in astronomy?

Major in golf Major Indonesian export Major industrial region of north-west Germany Major industry of Madeira Major injustice Major international contest Major introduction? Major klutzes Major League brothers' na Major League league: Major oven maker Major paperback publisher Major part of sumo wrestl Major party Major Peruvian export Major pest in the South Major player in the movie Major port and commercial and industrial centre on Honshu Major port city in Vietnam Major portion Major prank Major processing center Major producers of oil Major publicity Major publisher of romanc Major recessions affect t Major record co.

Major record label Major reduction plan Major roads going north, crossing motorway Major role in "Troy" Major rtes. Major Scottish river Major shipbuilding city Major show Major sight in the sky?

Major silver exporter Major source of the narco Major sports contest Major start? Spanish-langua Major upset Major upset after record congestion Major upset, say Major util.

Major Victor's a lady Major work Major work in grad sch. Majorcan seaport Majorette's motion Majorette's need Majorettes twirl them Majorettes, e. Majority leader Dick Majority Muslim in Iran Majority of a crowd at a Majority of big animals in nature reserve - check numbers here Majority that's associated with a bit of pride?

Majors in acting Majors in acting? Make a bad entrance? Make a baron, say Make a baseball boo-boo Make a baseball player si Make a big scene? Make a call Make a case Make a case against? Make a change for the ver Make a change in the deco Make a chess move Make a choice Make a choice and compete regularly Make a clanger Make a collar Make a comeback Make a commitment Make a commotion Make a complaint about Make a connection Make a connection with Make a copy of Make a copy of revolutionary floating platform Make a crowd Make a deal with the feds Make a decision Make a delivery Make a denial Make a dent in Make a difference to Make a disclosure Make a discordant ringing noise Make a disturbance to give a lift to the underworld Make a doily Make a face Make a father Make a father of Make a film Make a forceful protest Make a formal address Make a formal speech Make a formal withdrawal Make a fuss at a public m Make a futile attempt to sell Shergar?

Make a general appraisal Make a goner Make a good impression? Make a goof Make a grab: Make a grand speech Make a harsh rasping sound Make a harsh squeaking sound Make a hole in fabric Make a home Make a homie's turf unfit Make a huge effort Make a huge profit Make a journey Make a killing Make a knight Make a knight, e. Make a knot Make a legislative speech Make a little "night musi Make a little mistake Make a long story even sh Make a long story short Make a long story short?

Make a lot with new design of damp courses Make a low noise Make a mathematical cut Make a measure Make a member Make a member of little b Make a mess in the kitche Make a mess of Make a mess of things Make a miscue Make a misstep Make a mistake Make a mistake in bumper race Make a mistake preparing Make a mistake; journey Make a monster smart?

Make a move Make a muffler, maybe Make a mummy Make a mummy of Make a name for oneself? Make a new arrangement Make a new connection wit Make a new directory, say Make a new finding Make a new hole Make a note of Make a note of eating in informal establishment Make a nuisance of onesel Make a pass at Make a permanent impressi Make a person crazy Make a person feel good Make a pick Make a pig of oneself Make a pile in a casino?

Make a pitch Make a plea for sympathy, Make a point of Make a point, in a way Make a point, perhaps Make a priest or old monk take one in Make a prisoner of war Make a protracted speech Make a queen, e. Make a quick left, say Make a record of Make a recording with leads from audio input port Make a reservation Make a rhythmic hum Make a rustling sound Make a sacrifice, perhaps Make a scene?

Make a seam Make a selection Make a shambles of Make a sharp turn Make a ship stop by facin Make a show of influence Make a shrine to, say Make a silk purse out of Make a slip Make a small adjustment Make a small move Make a snack of Make a snarling sound Make a spectacle of onese Make a speech about British - some of the French hard to persuade Make a splash Make a start on horse, astride it with child behind Make a start on one idiot I took in Make a stink? Make a striking interruption Make a stud payment Make a subtle transformat Make a surprise visit Make a sweater Make a sweater, say Make a temporary stitch Make a touching gesture as evidence of a person's entitlement Make a video Make a video about lowlif Make a wake Make a wrong move Make a zig-zag movement to capture king for rook Make absolutely sure Make active again Make Ada rice when mixing sponge Make advances?

Make after expenses Make airtight Make airtight, in a way Make allowances for beast like Rupert Murdoch finally being the butt of humour Make allusions to Make alteration to bustline, but not with second-grade kitchen knife?

Make altogether Make amends Make amends for Make amends for Make amends for Windows version 8 in speech Make an abrupt change Make an afghan Make an allocution Make an antimacassar Make an aquatint Make an artistic impressi Make an attempt Make an attempt at something Make an effort Make an effort initially to include ultraviolet and purple Make an emergency landing Make an error Make an exact copy of Make an example of Make an exception? Make an illegal crossing Make an impression Make an impression on?

Make an impression, and so on, with husband Make an impression? Make an impressive delive Make an inauguration affi Make an inventory Make an offer Make an officer Make an officer, maybe Make an opening offer?

Make an outstanding desig Make an unannounced call Make an unpowered flight Make an X-rated movie, pe Make angry Make angry scene in Barking Make another offer Make another pie cooked with claret Make another sheepshank Make anxious Make aquatints Make arable, perhaps Make arrangement in lieu, unfortunately having a serious illness Make arrangements Make art on glass Make artificially better, Make as a claim Make ashamed Make assessment of camp regularly — commendation follows Make attractive Make attractive object - a listening device Make attractive requests?

Make beer; drink of tea Make beholden Make believe Make beloved Make better Make better - smoke Make better after loud shock Make biased Make biased or distorted Make big, as hair Make bigger Make bigger general changes Make black hole ultimately after red giant's collapse Make blank Make blood boil Make boiling mad Make bootees, say Make box to accommodate drug Make box to store recreational drug Make boxes in mine rattle Make breakfast, illegally Make bright by rubbing Make Broad an extra batsman at the end Make broader Make bubbly Make bubbly, in a way Make business connections Make business contacts socially Make by interlacing Make calls Make calm Make campaign stops Make catty remarks Make certain Make certain snipe, for a start, is in season Make change?

Make changes in Make changes in plug fitting Make changes to Make changes to text Make cheerful Make chicken Make chubbier Make circular motion with part of foot Make clean Risky after fine is extracted Make ecstatic Make eights, maybe Make embarrassed Make ends meet? Make enemies of Make equal, as the score Make even Make even brighter, say Make even deeper Make even lower Make even smoother Make every effort Make excellent at packing grain Make excessive demands on second rail service Make excessively emotional movie star read broadcast Make excuses, maybe Make extracts from by boi Make eyes at Make eyes, maybe Make faces, say Make fast Make fast run after low start Make fast turnaround, which might be advised for over-amorous couples Make fat Make faulty Make fewer pronouncements, being displaced Make final Make final preparations?

Make final, as a deal Make financial amends to Make fine adjustments Make firm Make fit Make fizzy Make flat, picking up lift from basement? Make fool shake, not too roughly at first Make forcefully, as a poi Make fractions Make friends again with cleric one upset Make frizzy Make fruit cake Make fun of Make fun of a learner?

Daughter's mean Make fun of band Make fun of cheerful dummy Make fun of crude effigy Make funny faces Make furious Make furrows in Make further changes in study, suitable Make further corrections Make further modification Make garment perhaps new in outfit Make gender-neutral Make gentle Make gentler Make giddy with delight Make glad Make gloomy Make gloomy record on the period we live in Make go "vroom" Make good a loss Make good lunch when?

Make good mate after Rome vacation Make good on Make good on firm promises initially after university Make good progress Make good soldiers triumph Make granny form a union? Make great efforts Make greater strides than Make green tea that's going to pot Make hackneyed Make half-hearted attempt to swim in sewer?

Make heads or tails of so Make heads roll? Make heavy demands on current vehicle Make heroic Make holes in baked dish with pricker evenly Make holes in new pendant?

Make itinerary changes Make jerky Make jerky? Make legally effective Make lemons into melons, Make less chilly Make less clear Make less complicated Make less dangerous Make less dingy Make less distinct Make less extreme Make less flamboyant Make less hard Make less heavy Make less intellectual Make less light Make less likely to crash Make less offensive by removing objectionable features Make less sharp, maybe Make less stale Make less tight Make level Make light of Make light of foreign articles on ceremonial dignity Make light of Penny leaving to get floor covering Make like Make like new Make like new, as a batht Make like Pac-Man Make listener put on number Make little of Make lively Make lots of money Make louder Make lovable Make love to Dicky in bed?

That's a bloomer Make mad Make manhattans and such Make mark on Brunning's first collection Make meek, in a way Make mentally unbalanced Make mention of Make merry Make merry, taking girl in both directions Make merry?

Make messy Make milk Make milky coffee, initially tasteless Make minor improvements Make minor improvements to Make mischief Make mistake with mission Make mistakes Make moist Make money Make money by conning Make more acceptable Make more acute Make more animated Make more attractive Make more cheerful Make more complete Make more concise Make more courageous Make more efficient Make more exciting, in sl Make more important Make more intense Make more interesting Make more lengthy Make more modern Make more potent Make more powerful, with Make more precipitous Make more presentable, as Make more profound Make more refined Make more resilient Make more sanitary, in a Make more secure Make more sugary Make more taut Make more tempting, as a Make muddy Make muffs Make music on a comb Make music, in a way Make narrower Make neat Make neat by cutting Make necklace baubles?

That's progress Make neither profit nor loss Make new A-line lines Make no bones about Make no progress Make nonsensical notes? Make note of work escaping rope and more rope Make note of, with "down" Make null and void Make of car Make of product Make of sewing machine Make of sportscar Make OFAH situation extremely funny - one's captivated Make off with Make off with what belongs to others Make off without being seen Make one Make one higher education tenure vacant Make one think again Make one to one, perhaps Make one's hair stand on Make one's own Make one's permanent mark Make one's way to the old Theatreland Make oneself heard Make or break Make out Make out an envelope for Make out contract Make out on the way back?

Make out sylvan area Make out with date Make out, in York Make out, to Harry Potter Make over Make parallel Make Parisian perhaps strangely iffy about separation, abandoning women Make part of the manuscri Make partial changes to Make peace Make pedantic distinctions Make perfect again Make permanent Make permanent, as cartoo Make physical contact kicking back of foot.

Make secret Make secret garden almost admitting officer Make secret, in a way Make secure Make seedier? Make sense Make sense in total Make sense of Make sense, with "up" Make sentence sense Make several calls for jewellery - its shape?

Make several levels of street sign Make shorter, in a way Make shorter, say Make silly Make slight corrections to Make slippery Make small adjustments in Make small improvements to a motorway before completion Make smaller Make smaller or fewer Make smile Make smocking, e.

Make smooth Make smooth, in a way Make snaps, say Make soaking wet Make social connections Make socks Make solemn affirmation for trial Make some after-the-whist Make some connections Make some designs Make some fast food Make some new connections Make some noise as cricket result tad surprising, India's opener caught Make something distasteful seem more palatable? Make something last by frugal use Make something of adversity, perhaps Make something yourself, Make sore by rubbing Make sound Make sounds Make sparkling Make special efforts, following prescribed procedures Make specific plans Make speech naked for one-to-one?

Make spiffy Make sport of Make spotless Make sputtering mad Make squiggles Make stand on end, as hai Make start on enclosure for deer Make stew? Make still or quiet Make stitches? Make stockings, say Make stout Make straight Make stronger source of protein more pricey? Make stuff up Make submissive burglars do this Make suit, as a suit Make suitable again Make superficially attrac Make sure Make sure noisette has no trace of nuts before distributing Make sure of showing sectarian trouble Make swollen Make tea Make teenager upset Make tempura, e.

Make textiles with needles and wool Make the acquaintance of Make the beds, dust, etc. Make the best of Make the call Make the calls Make the cut? Make the first moves, in Make the grade? Make the rounds in a poli Make the rounds with jutting jaw Make the rounds? Make the utmost effort Make thin Make thin, say Make things difficult for others Make thoroughly wet Make three a different number Make tidy Make time for aerobics cl Make tired Make too much of Make too much of estimate on account of earlier Make tracks Make tracks?

Make trite remarks Make trouble, as Adam and Eve were destined to do Make troubled Make troubled French filmmaker reflective in time Make unclear Make unclear, novel advert cut short Make understandable Make undrinkable tea, ruined in brewing? Not I Make unfathomable Make ungainly progress, turning two lengths in lido Make unhappy Make uniform from flag and oddly discarded tissue Make unintelligible Make universal award - hand back at end of ceremony Make unreadable, for secu Make unusable Make unwelcome appearance hurriedly, as gatecrashing Make up Make up for Make up a story Make up for Make up for going on TV Make up for not shooting?

Make up for, as sins Make up galleys for print Make up one's mind Make up? Make use of Make use of English politician and — behold — recovery at last Make use of, as experienc Make used to Make vapid Make verbal attack greeting racecourse spy Make very angry Make very small Make visible Make void Make war Make war with dog, setter, in crossword puzzle, say?

Make waterproof Make watertight Make waves Make waves after senator's first stint Make waves, for short? Make wavy Make way Make way? Make-up friends rejected also a hit Make-up from EU country reportedly reaching father in time Make-up item, one worn by teenager after vacation Make-up of marine tailless duck breed Make-up person?

Makeover Makeovers Maker Maker of "the plow that b Maker of a brand name? Maker of a commemorative item Maker of a historic touch Maker of a wake on a lake Maker of alcoholic spirits Maker of an instrument gripping end of cricket bat Maker of arrows Maker of big bucks Maker of Bug-B-Gon Maker of calls Maker of Caplio cameras Maker of car components? Maker of precious violins Maker of rifles and revol Maker of Robusto! Abb Maker of Zocor and Fosama Maker or breaker lead-in Maker's product title Makers of calls Makers of spots Makes Makes Makes "it" Makes out Makes a bad call Makes a big hit Makes a big stink Makes a boo-boo Makes a bow Makes a bundle Makes a cardigan, say Makes a cartoon of Makes a cat's-paw of Makes a choice Makes a choice for Makes a choice [and one m Makes a collar Makes a commitment to Makes a cross for, maybe Makes a dazzling entrance Makes a deduction Makes a doily Makes a dress Makes a fraidy-cat out o Makes a fuss Makes a hole Makes a hole-in-one Makes a killing after one's invested in three pairs of buttocks!

Makes a knot Makes a lasting impressio Makes a lot of progress Makes a member Makes a mess of Makes a mistake Makes a muffler, e. Makes a partial vacuum with the mouth Makes a party to Makes a quick profit on Makes a racket Makes a raucous noise Makes a record of Makes a row in a garden, Makes a scene Makes a scene?

Makes a small profit Makes a special invitatio Makes a stink? Makes a string flat, mayb Makes a strong entrance? Makes amends Makes amends for Makes an assertion Makes an effort Makes an important propos Makes an impression Makes an impression?

Makes an offer Makes an unwanted pass at Makes angry Makes applesauce, e. Makes aquatints Makes art like Rembrandt Makes ashamed Makes attractive, with "u Makes audacious gesture in front of vehicle, being insane Makes available Makes aware Makes bales for the barn Makes bales of alfalfa Makes bales on the farm Makes bales, say Makes believe Makes beloved Makes better Makes bigger Makes binding Makes bubbly Makes calls Makes calls on the court Makes cereal more flavorf Makes certain Makes choices Makes circuits, possibly Makes clean clothes for the theatre Makes clear Makes concrete?

Makes connections Makes contact with Makes contacts Makes cry, in a way Makes dim British listeners embrace the overture to Lohengrin Makes dirty, soils Makes do Makes doilies Makes drugs easier to swa Makes eggs, in a way Makes electrical improvem Makes ends meet? Makes even Makes even smoother Makes evolutionary change Makes excessively large Makes eyes at Makes fast Makes final preparations? Makes fine cuts Makes fit Makes flush Makes fun of Makes fun of laceworkers?

Makes fun of way to cross American flags Makes fun of, in a way Makes fuzzy Makes grand adjustments? Makes mountain dew Makes negotiating difficu Makes nervous, with "out" Makes no attempt to save Makes obsolete Makes off with illegally Makes official Makes one Makes one out of two Makes one's jaw drop Makes others wait Makes out Makes out in a lawsuit Makes over Makes people offers they Makes potable, in a way Makes privy to Makes progress Makes public Makes ready for use again in harder, heartless round Makes right Makes roads slippery, say Makes roar Makes sacred, in a way Makes sacrifices on behal Makes scarce Makes secret, in a way Makes see red Makes sense Makes sense for tots Makes shakes, maybe Makes shine Makes sick jokes Makes simpler Makes small potatoes of?

Makes smaller Makes smooth Makes smooth pieces for pianist drawn from plain inspirations Makes some lines disappea Makes some music, like th Makes something better in Makes sound Makes soused Makes spoony Makes sport of Makes steamy Makes stricter rule - is poultry farmer coming round? Makes stuff up Makes suds Makes sure one is heard, Makes sure something's do Makes teary Makes terrible faux pas in cycling shelters Makes the calls Makes the cut?

Makes the first bid Makes the first row of st Makes the hair stand on e Makes the house bigger Makes the rounds, in a wa Makes the transition Makes things slippery Makes tighter, in a way Makes tough Makes tracks, in a way Makes tracks?

Makes translucent Makes true Makes unreadable, in a wa Makes unwanted overtures? Makes use of Makes veal, maybe Makes venerable promise in church, then lies about first of sins Makes verboten Makes very happy Makes very, very happy Makes violently angry Makes war Makes warmer, maybe, as b Makes waves Makes waves, e.

Makes well Makes well-liked Makes work Makes worse Makes yawn Makes, as money Makes, as tea Makes, as we hear, containers with taps for serving drinks Makeshift Makeshift ballot holder, Makeshift bookmark Makeshift cookie cutters Makeshift cradle Makeshift dagger Makeshift digs Makeshift draught excluders? Makeshift fan Makeshift fortification Makeshift Frisbee Makeshift hatrack Makeshift mask Makeshift mask, maybe Makeshift money Makeshift pencil holder Makeshift procedure Makeshift punishment devi Makeshift punishment tool Makeshift river conveyanc Makeshift rodeo seating Makeshift screwdriver Makeshift seat at a rodeo Makeshift stepladder Makeshift swing Makeshift tools of punish Makeshift vote receptacle Makeup Makeup applicator Makeup applier's boo-boo Makeup artist's problem Makeup artist's supply it Makeup artist?

Makeup boo-boo Makeup brand Makeup carrier Makeup carrier? Makeup item Makeup items Makeup kit item Makeup lessons? Makeup maker Makeup maker Lauder Makeup mishap Makeup of , , a Makeup of a Spanish doubl Makeup of an estate Makeup of some blocks Makeup of some burgers Makeup of some jokes Makeup of some little bal Makeup of some strands Makeup of some team sched Makeup person?

Making out Making a big hit Making a big profit, with Making a bust, maybe Making a comeback Making a comeback? Making a curling motion w Making a fuss Making a gain, I quit casino rolling Making a genetically identical copy Making a hobby of Making a hole in one Making a mess in the army Making a team Making all stops Making amends Making an appearance is embarrassing Making an erotic compilation Making binding Making bread, cakes etc Making by interlacing Making catcalls Making changes in device isn't encouraged Making clothes for dog and seal Making cuts and relieving of duty Making daguerreotypes, an Making derogatory comment: Making even Making fun of knitwear design Making fun of mercilessly Making fun of one and staring is rude Making good literature, by the sound of it Making great demands Making holy doctors snort cocaine Making inquiries Making lace by hand Making less pure Making light of Making light of computers and artificial intelligence in book from the east Making lots of circles in Making mention of Making merry a bit insane while away!

Making money from tobacco plug's a bad thing Making necessary Making no progress Making no sound Making no value judgments Making noises Making O. That's unusual Making sound adjustment to very old decoration Making sounds Making sure ancient master gets treatment Making tea for British oilman Making textiles Making the cut?

Making the dean's list, e Making the most of Making the most of favourable moments Making the mouth burn Making the mouth pucker, Making the rounds Making trouble Making United advance upset other half of Manchester Making up a character intended to be heartless Making waves? Making whole Making, as money Makings of a hero, perhap Makings of a hero? Male attendant Male avoids diet, climbing mountain Male badger stuffed amongst weird collection of animals Male badger, escaping over ploughed land, digs Male ballroom dancer, tra Male bee Male beheld tool Male bird Male bird identifying poisonous plant Male birds Male bodybuilder ostensibly starts to become a he-man Male bovine Male bovine animal Male brought in injured party for treatment Male buried in powerful drift Male caroler, maybe Male cat Male cats Male character in French Male chicken Male child Male children Male cleric Male companion with unknown inamorata Male companions for Barbi Male cop now prepared to enrol one female colleague?

Male crustacean with head hidden in hood Male deadlier when swinging the hammer here Male deer Male deer or rabbit Male delivery Male delivery? Male entering Iran, flying to a country Male escort Male failing to finish cuppa Male feline Male form of address Male gets gold to propel ship into the future Male gland Male gobbler Male goose Male gopher Male has no more time to translate Spark's work Male has to fight to keep love in film Male hawk Male heir Male heirs Male holding very large pipe starts to hum October Song etc Male honeybee Male hormone Male horse Male horse kept for breeding Male human Male humans Male I leave, around 29 - what does it matter?

Male in difficulty with a foreign dance Male in favour of lying in bed for ease Male in mobile toilet providing theme Male intended Male into karate's mad to start fighting Male is held up, secured by an academic in strong grip Male leaving a horrible drink for Roman general Male leaving a horrible drink for Roman statesman Male lobster seen in lift Male lover's dressed with type of bikini top Male member of a mendicant religious order Male member of Apostles Male meower Male meteorologist Male mog Male musician's first appearance on radio Male name from the Hebrew Male object of infatuation Male offspring Male opening fresh sherry we might like to wine and dine?

Male or female Male or female? Nonsense Male who's on the up as a speculator Male witch Male with a female parent Male with a zip cut old wooden bowl Male with beer, one on the 22 Male with extremely erogenous legs Male with moisture around cut Male with whiskers Male's attempt to get behind partner's specious reasoning Male, when working, is one who dresses stone Male-only Malefactor Malefactors Males Males after booze, say, as joke ends? Males in court case Malevolence Malevolent Malevolent look Malevolent spirit Malevolent type pinching European tapestry Malfoy's look, in the Har Malfoy, to Harry Potter Malfunction Malfunction, with "up" Malfunctioning toilets contain animal's body part Mali dancewear?

Malia's sister in the Whi Malian desert town Malibu menaces Malice Malice aforethought Malicious Malicious act involving end of cigar resulting in wound Malicious attack Malicious bachelor causing irritation Malicious code Malicious gossip Malicious look Malicious looks Malicious ones Malicious or terribly up itself Malicious programs such as Bond might use? Malicious sort Malicious talk Malicious team going around noon Maliciously criticise why I need dentist Maliciously done Maliciously make a bad situation worse Maliciously mocking Maliciously restrained by self-styled inspector from the south Maliciousness Malign Malign - rude act Malign notice interrupts attempt to stop war Malign relative around at home Malign story about British lecturer Malign the labor movement Malign, in slang Maligned Malignity Mall aid Mall attraction Mall binge Mall chain, with "The" Mall component Mall conveniences Mall event Mall forerunner Mall locale Mall mainstay Mall rats, typically Mall retailer, with "The" Mall stand Mall station Mall tenant Mall unit Mall units Mallard cousins Mallard's cousin Mallard-sized goose Mallards' homes Malleable Malleable president finally in charge Malleable ring twisted around cube Mallets are used in it Mallomars maker Mallorca Mrs.

Mallorca or Menorca, e. Mallorca or Menorca, por Mallorca y Tenerife Mallorca, e. Mallorca, say, I malign without hesitation Mallow family members Mallow family plant Malodorous Malodorous animal Malodorous critter Malodorous: Mammal that's a reward fo Mammal that's a severe cr Mammal that's trained by Mammal with a pouch Mammal, usually Mammal; close securely Mammal; laziness Mammals hiding seedy stuff in underground chambers Mammals like camels Mammals that are merciful Mammals that are Mets fan Mammals that fly?

Man behaving badly Man behind the wheel Man being one in passageway losing head Man bit arm Man by bishop, we're told, driver, maybe, in party venue Man cast out of paradise Man City's manager for season? Man collects old books having naughty pictures? Man coming in behind Democrat tried again Man describing lewd acts to the audience Man doing light work?: Ab Man dropped to ground with cry of pain Man endlessly out rocking with 4 Across stars Man engaged in playing clarinet no longer considered a criminal Man expressing Cockney view of beer and wine Man famous for doing a do Man famous for his dogs Man finally entering competition after back problem Man follower Man Friday Man Friday that usually has the 24 on 5 or 10 Man Friday, e.

Man from island wearing sweater inside out Man from London area after leaving pub Man from Oman, e. Man from our sphere transformed?

Man in an order Man in black? Man in central parts of Spain missing Cornish pasty Man in charge around court is frantically active Man in dreary assembly of old foreign forces Man in Eden Man in fleece I pass for a retriever?

Man in Spain loses hard game Man in the 'hood Man in the dark, reportedly Man in the hood? Man in the orchestra playing Beethoven's Choral Symphony Man in the street Man in trouble, with no love lost Man in vehicle, one learning to drive Man in very smart clothing giving order Man inhales oxygen that's less dry Man is going to love what's said at meeting? Man is hot, occupying branch office 20 Man keeping bar, one from Tirana, perhaps Man keeping fit sure to swim in watersport Man left on river?

More than one concerned Man like Esau in Spooner's prayer Man listening to salacious stuff Man living off an older woman Man making delivery drove a bit close to corner Man maybe following a walkway Man mixed up with a nag uncertain about leaving home Man o' War Man obtaining image used by the police has an advantage Man of ancient Rome Man of Cannes Man of choice Man of courage, to Kiplin Man of Enterprise in Scottish place of worship Man of god Man of God in Ireland, eg reformed chief executive Man of high rank Man of La Mancha Man of many marches Man of many words Man of many words?

Man of means, in Manchest Man of morals Man of mystery Man of one's dreams? Man of parts Man of Principle Man of Principle? Man of strength holds information for painter Man of the casa Man of the cloth, slangil Man of the hour Man of the House? Man on board gets wife into god Man on board hasn't left station Man on board that is a beginner Man on board to speak against serving area Man on board, fellow going to be more confident Man on board, occupant of crow's-nest?

Man on foot, tinker, bridging river Man on the box beginning to needle 1D Man on the make? Man on the radio when most of us are asleep Man on un trono Man once employed as a harem guard Man one spotted being sat on by journalist Man or boy Man or Dogs?

Man or mandrill Man or Wight Man penning volume, a work of fiction Man perhaps taken for a ride after losing case Man possessed by right idea Man possibly removing article from passage Man Ray's genre Man Ray's movement Man refuses to supply pho Man replacing firm in Caledonia's island group Man retains work in aspiration Man returned to island unattached Man rises above this environment Man roadies thrashed Man ruined by queen's uncle Man runs into sea that's polluted densely wooded area Man said brief word of farewell at end of day Man sent tweet off?

Writings from much earlier Man set trap that's crushed more than one flat Man shortened lease on holiday accommodation Man stashes weapon inside item of clothing Man staying at home with us: They will make changes Man used badly by Norse explorer Man wanting no time near fellow Man who found his calling Man who was never born Man who's all thumbs?

Man who's annually in the Man who's learned caution: Man whos wife is cheating on him? Man whose wife has been adulterous Man whose wife has died Man with a band Man with a code Man with a fable Man with a law Man with a mansion Man with a mission Man with a monkey, stereo Man with a nice laugh Man with a ring Man with a spare rib?

Man with a top hat and ca Man with all the answers Man with all the answers? Man with an ark Man with an estate Man with cups and pieces Man with horns Man with leg over the Queen, European escort? Man with morals Man with morals, principally - or the opposite? Man with no time but lots of money?

Man's getting sunshine maybe Man's group of seven including knight? Man's jewelry item Man's junior partner Man's man Man's man possibly overlooking current actionable comment Man's man, one smoother around first of ladies Man's name Man's name meaning "morta Man's name meaning "One w Man's name meaning "young Man's name that spells an Man's name that's an alph Man's name that's an anag Man's name; fool Man's name; judo grade Man's nickname that is Ge Man's nickname that's an Man's replacing one in newspaper plant Man's rival?

Man's run over - fine Man's seldom indisposed, eating fine prepared fish Man's snored dreadfully - feature of irregular noise Man's tie feature Man's title Man, after a kiss, accepted proposition Man, but not Woman Man, e.

Man, failure heading for extinction Man, fellow Man, for example, one quietly tucked into bunk? Man, one flighty but not at heart trivial, to get more faithful Man, perhaps, pursuing boy somewhere in Cumbria Man, say, needs money to go round Scottish town Man, to hold battle: Managed Democrat money Managed detective division that's going bad Managed kitchen in nude - daft as clear soup!

Managed to fire rifle Managed to get back six grand to Norwegian port Managed to get doctor to turn out for accident Managed to get raise with share account Managed to meet months after party by chance Managed to obtain Managed to squeeze down inside tree Managed to stop writer reversing Greek letter on regular basis?

Managed to win Clive's heart to yield original Sinclair Spectrums Managed upset, cold, old relative in stupor Managed with cashier's loot Managed with what was available when appointed by Rob Managed, for example, to return kitchen appliance Managed, with "out" Managed-care option, for Management concerns Management course subject Management group for a pr Management of domestic affairs Management speech about ill-gotten gains Manager Manager Anderson Manager back in harness, so busy Manager dropping by for new type of shade Manager is one to contain rogue Manager mainly recruiting Dutch and German woodworkers Manager of authors Manager of five straight Manager of Palace?

Manager's boss Manager's catchphrase Manager's racing car problem: Tesla's been stolen Manager-of-the-Month, e. Manages to get through Manages to grab some bull Manages to provide clothing for priests Manages, with "out" Managing Managing Director embracing change had reflected deeply Managing Director has recruited top class female Managing perfectly Managing, with "out" Managua miss Manama is its capital Manassas fighters Manatee cousins Manche capital Manche department capital Manche department's capit Manche's capital Manchego cheese source Manchester moms Manchester orchestra Manchester United are crap Manchester United rival Manchester's country abbr.

Mandarin or Cantonese Mandarin, e. Mandated safety sign Mandates Mandatory coll. Elsewhere" Mandela of South Africa Mandela org. Mandela portrayer in a 19 Mandela's land: Mandela's native tongue Mandela's onetime org. Manhattan area Manhattan area next to Ch Manhattan area with lots Manhattan ave.

Manhattan's place Manhattan, e. Manhattan, for one Manhattan, to suburbanite Mania Mania source Mania source of the ' Mania subject?

Maniac Maniacal Maniacal leader Maniacal leader? Maniacs Manias Manic Manic bee spoiled atmosphere Manic cabbie's sign? Manic desire to make swea Manicotti ingredient Manicure target Manicure tool Manicurist's aid Manicurist's board Manicurist's bottle Manicurist's concern Manicurist's file Manicurist's item Manicurist's ship?

Mannheim mister Mannheim Mr. Manufactured feeling was clearly explained Manufacturer Manufacturer of bar code Manufacturer of boxy cars Manufacturer of cars, many with posh interior Manufacturer's offer Manufacturer's payback Manufacturer's sign on po Manufacturers Manufacturing center? Manufacturing plant Manure is brown with a little bit of green Manuscript annotation Manuscript changes Manuscript covering evil factories Manuscript encl.

Many Many "Star Wars" fighters Many 2 wds. De Mille Many a celebrity Many a character on "The Many a circular Many a climactic movie sc Many a college teaching a Many a commissioned artwo Many a commuter's base Many a commuter's home, f Many a computer icon Many a computer user Many a conventiongoer Many a corner office hold Many a corp.

Many a dance club tune Many a day laborer Many a defender: Many a drive-thru feature Many a driver's ed studen Many a family car Many a fed.

Many a Monopoly sq. Many a person whose name Many a pint Many a pirate's appendage Many a plaid wearer Many a Playbill paragraph Many a police officer mus Many a pollee Many a position in a rock Many a prof Many a prom coif Many a Punjabi Many a quarter back?

Many a Rembrandt Many a resort Many a retired gov. Many a retiree Many a retirement gift Many a revolutionary Many a roast Many a Roman numeral Many a rosary carrier Many a sailor's downfall Many a Scarlatti work Many a scholarship provid Many a school fund-raiser Many a sculpture Many a Seattle weather fo Many a servant wants to hold you back Many a shampoo Many a shipment to Detroi Many a sitcom rating Many a skit actor Many a snake Many a software company e Many a software download Many a stadium concession Many a stadium cover Many a stained glass wind Many a Standardbred Many a state name in D.

Many cited terrible untruthfulness Many coll. Many sand castle molds Many Scorpios wear them Many see around back of older pub Many Semites Many servers Many signatures Many ski chalets Many skit actors Many solvers do it here Many Sri Lankans Many stand-up lines Many stars party and kiss everybody at the end Many students on "Gilmore Many studying in large open space Many subway trains Many surgical procedures Many teamsters Many things that are sold at auction Many things to juggle Many thoroughfares Many urban dwellers Many urban homes: Many users follow its dir Many visitors to Legoland Many viviparous births Many want-ad offerings: Many, many years Many-armed Hindu goddess Many-armed org.?

Mao's successor Mao's successor as Chines Mao, e. Mao, for one Maoist periodically spies revolutionary work of art Maori ceremonial war dance Maoris hang around New Zealand writer Map Map abbr. Map enlargement Map entries: Map includes church with a Middle English geographical identification Map info Map line Map line of constant temperature Map line: Map lines Map lines: Map markings Map meas.

Map miniatures Map no. Map of the Aleutians, usu Map out Map out again Map out church mural? Map overlay Map part Map parts Map parts: Map point Map rtes. Map site Map within a map Map word Map's dot could show where important conference was held Map-reader who runs east, always Maple fluid Maple genus Maple Leafs team photo? MapQuest offerings MapQuest quests?: March March through March 14, to mathematicia March 15, e. March 17 honoree, briefly March 17 honoree, for sho March 17 marcher March 17 slogan word March 21 March 21 occurrence March 25 March 25, in the Christia March alternatives March and rally heading off wrongly, prompting tears March around camp, e.

March plaything March preceder, periodica March round island — a perfect location March sign March sisters' creator March site mentioned in " March sound March subject March syllable March time March time? March tourney sponsor March trailer March V. Mardi Gras wear Mardi Gras, e.

Mardi Gras, in the U. Marie-France Pisier role, Marienbad, for one Marigolds, e. I Marine catch Marine Corps candidates, Marine creature with a tr Marine creature with five arms Marine creatures with unn Marine crustacean Marine crustaceans Marine dangers Marine deposits Marine detector Marine eagle Marine eagles Marine echinoderm Marine fish Marine fish catcher Marine fishes Marine flier Marine fliers Marine food fish Marine formation Marine gastropod with polished brightly marked shells Marine greeting Marine hangers-on Marine hazards Marine invertebrate crab craftily hid around different pool mostly Marine killer Marine leader?

Marine mammal Marine mammal having power, initially, or composure Marine mammal, the male having a spiral ivory tusk Marine mammal, without female, left home for snail Marine menace Marine mollusc Marine molluscs Marine muncher on mangrov Marine off.

Maritime hazard in W. Maritime letters Maritime threat of the ea Maritime: Mark and Martin Mark Antony's countrymen? Mark at bottom of letter: Mark left by a wound Mark left by injury in steep rocky outcrop Mark left by wound Mark left by Zorro? Mark left from an injury Mark McGwire stat: Mark meaning "no change" Mark needs to complete on time Mark of a hothead Mark of a rifle's laser s Mark of a ruler Mark of conformity? Mark of disgrace Mark of dishonor Mark of excellence Mark of family fare Mark of mediocrity Mark of official approval Mark of perfection Mark of prestige Mark of punishment Mark of quality Mark of rank taken by King Harry Mark of reconsideration Mark of trainee: As of the school year, the district's four schools had an enrollment of 1, students and Washington Academy is an approved private school for special education.

Founded in , the Academy provides specialized academic and behavioral services to students whose disabilities disrupt their academic and behavioral growth and progress. It serves students ages 3—21 pre-K - 12th Grade. The school is located in the former Leonard R. Parks Elementary School on Route Route 23 bisects Cedar Grove, making the township conveniently located to major highways including Interstate 80 , Interstate , U.

Route 46 , Route 3 , and the Garden State Parkway. Cedar Grove is served by NJ Transit bus service. The 11 bus line provide service to Newark. Commuter train stations are located in the neighboring communities of Little Falls and Montclair. The Erie Railroad 's Caldwell Branch ran between Little Falls and West Caldwell, but trains were sparsely scheduled and the line was destroyed in the s.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Township in New Jersey, United States. People from Cedar Grove, New Jersey. Accessed May 21, Accessed September 4, Accessed October 2, Accessed March 15, Accessed March 21, Accessed March 5, Essex County , Asbury Park Press. Accessed July 6, Accessed July 26, Accessed January 6, Accessed June 16, Accessed November 4, Accessed October 8, Population for the Counties and Municipalities in New Jersey: Accessed February 24, Index-analysis of the Statutes of New Jersey, Accessed October 18, Accessed August 28, Accessed August 29, Accessed December 22, Accessed May 7, Population for is for Verona Township as listed in footnote Accessed June 28, Profile of General Demographic Characteristics: Accessed July 1, Accessed July 4, Accessed July 5, Accessed September 21, Accessed June 26, According to unofficial results from the Cedar Grove municipal clerk's office, Harry Kumburis edged out Michael Maffucci by nine votes on election day, Tuesday, May Accessed May 30, Accessed May 22, Accessed January 5, Accessed January 26, Accessed January 22, Accessed January 16, Accessed June 10, The Board of Chosen Freeholders consists of nine members, five of whom are elected from districts and four of whom are elected at-large.

They are elected for three-year concurrent terms and may be re-elected to successive terms at the annual election in November. Fontura , Essex County Sheriff's Office. Accessed November 5, New Jersey Department of Elections. Retrieved December 24, Accessed December 29, Accessed July 20, Accessed July 18, Accessed August 5, The former rail branch is now a hiking and biking trail over the old rail bed, the West Essex Trail.

Accessed April 13, It's Getting Ugly Out There: Take him down to Newark and drop him off for a day or two in the projects. I'll tell you what. Put it in a U-Haul. I live in Cedar Grove. Drop it by the house, I'll get rid of it for you, no change. But the next step for the college football-coachingextraordinaire is Miami Gardens, Fla. Accessed April 29, Accessed October 1, The glorious highs and little-known dark side of a hit-filled career" , The Star-Ledger , September 5, He moved to New York in '66, and New Jersey in He has been in Cedar Grove for about 10 years, having previously lived in Clifton.

Accessed October 15, The boy who grew up to be a Vargas pinup girl may be all manufactured artifice on the outside - huge blond hair, huge red lips, huge gravity-defying boobs. This editor's set on keeping the literary culture alive with this one site" , Mediabistro website , October 26, Oral History , Computerworld Honors Program.

Accessed April 28, O'Toole , New Jersey Legislature. Volume X , J. White Company, p.

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