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The race begins and ends at LifeCenter Plus, with much of the course on the bike and hike trail. Additional Charge Wind Surf: Single-row maximum capacity, filling notch, Type M Designed for heavy or predominantly radial loads. Just returned, this resort is a great value. No more spraying wasp spray up around my flood lights trying to get the wasp nests in the summer!!! Everyone is invited to Summer Blast.

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Momma is happy and so is my dog! Upon buying my first home and moving in, I found that the recessed can lighting in the showers were very dim and hot. In taking down the enclosure to see what kind of bulb was in there, the plastic the torsion springs were attached to broke, so time to get a new light! This lighting kit is extremely well made, having seen and held a couple at home improvement stores, this one was by far the nicest and most sturdy in its construction.

While not immediately visible in the product pictures the torsion springs are attached to metal so there's very little chance of the unit breaking on installation or removal. The plastic shell around the light has a very high quality feel, and when installed in my shower ceiling looked substantially better than the fully enclosed lighting can it replaced.

Lighting quality is fantastic, Very bright and crisp if that's what you're looking for. We were looking for alternatives to the k options at home depot which were kind of yellow but this was a jump to far. More importantly and the reason we returned is that the seemed to shine right into our eyes unlike others we have tried.

Maybe something to do with the beam spread? We do have low ceilings and I think for 10ft plus they would be fine. Note - they did work for us on a basic old fashion dimmer switch. So that's a plus. Also easy packaging and very install. Im an electrician and these cans are great to install.

The clips are not held in by sticker like another post mentions. The sticker is a gasket to prevent air leak into plenum.

Will order again when I replace old flourecent fixtures in my kitchen. I will also recommend these to my clients. My contractor installed similar LED lights in a room addition. When my kitchen lights kept going out, I thought it might be time to spend a bit and replace them all. I went with the series. They are about as light as my 6 previous 65 watt bulbs, but they are much whiter, which we like in an area like the kitchen.

They dim well, too. Installation was a bit tricky, as they didn't want to go up evenly, but hook one of the three tabs, and then another side would drop. It took just a bit of finesse, but all in all, it only took minutes to replace all of them. It was nice, as I had devoted most of the day to installing them, and since it was so fast, I had more time in the day to attend to other frustrations. Easy to install, dimming works very well.

Way exceeded my expectations. Here's a comparison to the incandescent bulb it replaced. I bought this for my bathroom because the existing can is in a lousy position and shone straight down, making it neither useful nor flattering. Rather than move the location of the entire fixture I thought I'd try this first, and it's perfect! The gimbal feature of this bulb allows me to redirect the light towards the mirror so I can actually see! It arrived in perfect condition, was easy to install, and looks beautiful- much cleaner and more modern looking than the old trim and exposed bulb.

It's "instant-on", in fact even faster than the adjacent led flood bulb, and no hum or flicker. The k provides great color accuracy for doing makeup- crisp, neutral white light, without being too blue or harsh; and the lumens is plenty bright for detail oriented tasks. Anything these days that will throw more light on the subject and cost less in the long run, are just perfect in todays homes.

These are exact fits for 4" ceiling cans and the 11 watts of power and brightness from these lights is refreshing. If you use them in areas like a dining room , be sure to have either a dimmer switch to turn them on and off. Otherwise keep sunglasses nearby. Perfect fit for ceiling recessed lighting and almost invisible once installed on a freshly white painted ceiling. These will fit shallow ceiling cans as well as deep ceiling cans. There are gripper spring like brackets on the sides to keep them tight up against the ceiling for a custom appearance.

The only negative , is the cost of the light but I assume as time moves on and technology moves forward the price will drop but They are so easy to replace. The spring-loaded wire connectors provided may or may not work for your specific existing can light housing but there is a simple way to fix this. I used 3M Velcro tabs, cut them in half and placed them at the 4 corners of the trim cover plate. The backside of the Velcro has tape so one piece gets taped to the fixture and the other piece is placed on it so the Velcro tabs are stuck together.

Then remove the tape covers and press the light firmly against the ceiling. If the fixture is not perfectly square or centered, all you have to do is pull the fixture off the ceiling, separating the Velcro tabs, and then repress it into the correct position. Well kept, but the rooms are not updated. The bathrooms primarily are in horrible condition. We were suppose to be placed in an updated room.

If our room was an updated room, I feel sorry for the rooms that are not updated. The resort does not offer a lot of activities if you are planning on staying there during the day and not venturing out.

The pools close way too early and there is no resturant that is opened late at night to get things to eat. The pools need to stay opened to adults longer than they do. It's too hot for them to be closing so early with no other activities on the site. You truly need to go to the other resorts to experience a little night life. Update is seriously needed! For the money you pay, you need to experience beautiful comfortable rooms as well and more night life! Very disappointed Sonja V, Sun Sep 23 Sinks don't drain, drawers don't close.

Cracked and broken ceramics. Front door frame rusted through. Run down and not what I expected from a luxury time share property that I was promised. We went for two weeks during low season where many rooms were still available and this is what we got.

Always feels like coming home. Its a short walk to the beach, the sister resorts and the casino or you can use the shuttle service.

The food is excellent at all of the restaurants, in 19 visits we have never had a bad meal. My only issue on this visit was with one casino shuttle driver who was just rude. Never have experienced that before. I would recommend this or the Divi All Inclusive to anyone wanting to have a great vacation. The comments and opinions on this Ratings and Reviews section of our website are the views and opinions of TripAdvisor members and AppleVacations.

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Yes No Hotel Only Go! To book multiple rooms or to travel with a lap child, please contact your travel agent or call for assistance. Note for when booking with a lap child: Sign up for email deals. Louis Tampa Washington D.

Mexico Recommend Magazine: Packages flying into Cancun but staying in Cozumel require supplemental ferry transfers at an additional cost. Thomas Santo Domingo St. Croix Barbados Antigua St. Additional Charge Steam Room: Living and dining area, kitchen, and in-suite washer and dryer. Includes meals and snacks at 13 dining options and 11 bars. Free golf after 3 pm. WiFi, access to 7 freshwater pools, exchange privileges, and more.

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