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All we ask is if you make a little, throw a donation …. Must provide own tent and tables. Last year over tables sold. I'm having a Jamaican Fun Day on August 4th and would love to have the streets paved with vendors and customers …. City of Corpus Christi. The city is also near King Ranch , one of the world's largest ranches, upon which the movie Giant was based.

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An ideal sound reinforcement design covers an audience with amplified sound in a manner that provides uniform loudness, good speech intelligibility, musical clarity, natural tonal quality and proper localization to the natural acoustic sources. The basic function of an AV presentation system is to display images, reproduce the associated audio and provide user-friendly media control.

However, the capabilities of modern AV systems go far beyond this description. System designers must keep abreast of rapidly changing technologies in networked AV, digital audio signal processing platforms, flat-panel displays, new projection engines and optics, control system advancements and much more.

Our team has extensive experience designing AV presentation systems for corporate boardrooms, conference rooms and training facilities, hotel meeting spaces, courtrooms, government centers and university academic buildings. Our firm has designed digital signage, scoreboards, video boards, video replay and scoreboard control for both professional and collegiate sports facilities.

Over the years, we have provided broadcast-related consulting for commercial and public access radio and television studios, business television and medical training facilities, performing arts venues, convention centers, city and county government facilities, courthouses and sports facilities.

Networked audio and video is now common, even necessary for large systems that have equipment racks distributed throughout a building or an entire campus. AV is becoming significantly more dependent on network resources and more integrated with the IT environment.

This leads to shared equipment spaces and cabling pathways. What is defined as a low voltage system by the National Electric Code in the U. These include structured cabling systems serving voice and data networks as well as security systems providing video surveillance, building access control and intrusion detection. Jerrold Stevens, Senior Consultant. He worked on the manufacturing side, first as an independent sales representative and later as Director of Support and Education for a premier pro-audio loudspeaker manufacturer.

Jerrold has significantly contributed to industry education starting with sound system design seminars at NSCA Expo and continuing at InfoComm Expos. These include the creation of pleasing sound environments and noise control solutions for applications ranging from concert halls and theaters, schools and universities, hospitals and healthcare, houses of worship, commercial offices, recording and broadcast studios, restaurants, banquet and entertainment facilities, hotels, resorts and residences, to factories and power plants.

Project interests include architecture, community noise, soundscapes and music production. As an internationally recognized authority on acoustics, Mr. Brooks is active in standards development organizations and frequently publishes and presents his findings in a variety of forums, including peer reviewed journals.

Bryan Simpson Director of Business Development. The actress Kate Beckinsale doesn't like to travel without her Kerrygold grass-fed butter. But it's not without risks. None of the toilets on the flight over the Pacific were working. After three flights were quarantined in one week for illnesses onboard, an expert weighs in on what you need to know.

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