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The only change to the current summer schedule is Gatwick to Antigua, which sees its five-weekly flights restored to daily for this winter until end-March , after which the schedule returns to five times a week. It operates out of Gatwick to Newark. Jonathan — Good question. The big winners will be Bonaire which will get twice-daily nonstop flights using the MD Boeing my put off the decision to build a new plane for the foreseeable future for few reasons: They can now accumulate miles forever.


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I think, Southwest is playing it safe by selecting Austin. AMR Corporation, the parent of American Airlines today agreed to its unsecured creditors to explore all possible options including consolidation. But it is suffice to say that it is finally relenting to exploring the possibility of merger with US Airways.

And this includes whether American will choose to pursue any combination down the road. This is the charge of the board of directors and the leadership team to be done in close collaboration with the creditors committee.

To be clear, American has committed to work in collaboration with the Committee to develop only potential consolidation scenarios and this agreement does not in any way suggest that a transaction of any kind or with any particular party will be pursued.

As always we will continue to watch this developing story and report to our readers with detailed analysis. It is not often you see a post about space in this blog. But, today is a special day! Shuttle discovery made its final touchdown at Washington Dulles International airport. Hats off to NASA and the crew for a fantastic ride.

The timing is not announced yet. It is just about time for Lufthansa to replace the legacy s. Lufthansa has 20 Is in order book. The new service to be operated using Boeing ER will start on September 12, , just in time for the busy travel season.

The flight will feature eight private suites in First Class, 42 lie-flat beds in Business Class and seats in Coach class, according to the press release from Emirates. So, it is not a surprise to see the three major Gulf Carriers Emirates, Qatar Airways and Etihad try to get a piece of the market share. Qatar has been flying this route for more than five years. The announcement of flights to Washington from Emirates was expected for a while. United UA already flies the Washington-Dubai route.

This would make Washington Dulles the only North American airport to have flights to Dubai operated by two airlines. It would be interesting to see how United would respond to this announcement. I think, there is enough market share for both players to maintain their services. Each would play to its respective strengths. Emirates will focus on passengers ending travel in Washington as it has minimal onward connections from Dulles through JetBlue, Virgin America and American.

United, with its hub in Washington Dulles, can connect passengers from throughout North America to Dubai. So, United will have better onward connections from Washington to throughout North America.

I think they are under the impression that US Airways is utilizing the long distance slot to start service to Jackson. This is not correct. US Airways has not yet announced its plan for the usage of one slot pair permitted by DOT under the FAA Reauthorization Bill to start service to a destination exempted by the perimeter rule. The Jackson flight will be operated using the slots it gained by the slot-swap deal with Delta.

Under the FAA Reauthorization Bill, the four network careers United, Delta, American and US got exemptions to operate one round trip service to a destination beyond the statute miles limited by the perimeter rule. The careers did not get new slot pairs, but have to use one of their existing slot pairs to start this service.

United, American and Delta already announced their routes for these exemptions. Considering the fact that US Airways is the dominant career at Reagan National, it would take time to carefully evaluate its route options for the long distance slot.

It would be very interesting to see how it would use the slot. The cutover occurred on Saturday early morning. Barring some minor incidents, the transition seems to be smooth. This is a massive transition because the combined career has about 90 million frequent flyer members.

American and Delta announced new flights to the airport. The flights will be operated by a configured in two classes with 22 seats in First and seats in Main Cabin. The route is already served by another daily non-stop from Alaska Airlines.

American operates up to three daily flights between LAX and Dulles. Delta already operates services from its Salt Lake City hub to all three airports in the Washington Baltimore Metro area: United operates a single daily frequency between Dulles and Salt Lake City. With the addition of the second flight to SLC from Reagan National, Delta will reinforce its share between these sectors. The slots to the close-in, capacity constrained airport are strictly controlled by FAA and command a premium.

The airport has set a passenger record for and this year will be another breakout year for many reasons: The service will start from March 31, using Airbus A, subject to regulatory approval. Washington metropolitan region which also includes Baltimore metro has strong political, military and institutional ties with the Middle East and hence the demand for first and business class cabins should be high.

The region also has large populations from Indian subcontinent and Middle Eastern countries, which should take care of filling the economy class. In recent years, United Airlines and its Star Alliance partners have steadily added services to Middle Eastern and African destinations from Washington Dulles, making the airport a primary transit point to these regions.

Qatar Airways has been flying the Doha-Washington route since It is a very popular route with travelers to Middle Eastern countries and the Indian subcontinent.

Recently United Airlines announced extension of its Dubai service to Doha. Ethiopian Airlines has been serving the Washington-Addis Ababa route for a while. Turkish Airlines is flying to Istanbul.

And South African Airways is flying to Johannesburg. One reason could be to avoid competition with United Airlines which already operates in that route. But it is only a question of time before Emirates announces the Washington service. Going head-to-head with other online travel sites, the tool provides customers an additional choice for booking flight tickets online.

The tool provides quick listing of flights with options to narrow down the list based on number of stops, price, time of departure, airline and connecting airport. Two cool features include a fare calendar with lowest possible fare and a slider chart that enables the customer to filter out expensive and longer flights.

I guess, Google will get a cut for bringing in the customer. Currently, only flights within the United States are listed. Listing of international flights is not supported yet. I noticed that flights from Southwest, AirTran and Virgin America, though listed, could not be booked. Google still has some catching up to do with other travel sites especially Kayak. But, if history is of any guide, Google can quickly ramp up its efforts think what happened to Mapquest and challenge the online travel booking sites soon.

That is the very reason Expedia , Travelocity and the like opposed the ITA deal fearing anti competitive moves from Google. But the Justice Department approved the deal with some conditions: Southwest is slowly building momentum in Atlanta. Las Vegas and Phoenix. AirTran already flies to these cities. When Southwest announced its initial schedule for Atlanta, the omission of Las Vegas and Phoenix was a bit of a surprise. But, everyone expected that these cities will be included in the next round of expansion.

Phoenix is number three in term of destinations and four in terms of departures BWI being number three. So, it is not really a surprise from the route selection perspective. The new services start on March 10, Southwest has announced its initial schedule of fifteen daily departures from Atlanta.

The services start from February 12, This is the first round of flights announced by Southwest for its entry into Atlanta. AirTran already flies from Atlanta to all these airports except Austin. So, expect some good competition at Atlanta once Southwest and AirTran fully combine their routes. It is good news for customers flying to Atlanta, the airport dominated by Delta.

It will be interesting to see what would be the next round of expansion cities from Atlanta. One condition is to divest the slots in a blind sale to airlines that currently have little or no service at these airports. Note the term blind sale.

The proposal from the airlines did not mention blind sale, so it is not clear whether this is an additional condition. Originally Delta and US Airways preferred the slots to be divested to airlines of their choice, but Southwest objected it by requesting DOT to divest these slots in an open auction.

The other condition for Delta and US Airways is to wait for 90 days before starting their new operations using this slot pairs so that the new services by other airlines can establish in these airports. This too, should not be a problem. Dulles Main Terminal - Courtesy: Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority.

The opposition was so blunt that Loudoun County even threatened to walk away from the project. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood intervened and urged all the parties to come to a compromise, indicating that he would prefer an aboveground station to reduce the costs.

Even though everyone would prefer the more convenient underground location, the cost for that would be exorbitant. The Authority made the right call by agreeing to the aboveground station. This puts the project back on track. Last year Airbus announced its plans to revamp its best selling A family of planes by fitting with new engine option neo. Boeing dismissed the neo by calling it a mere catch-up play by its European rival with is newer versions of Is it too late?

Did Boeing blow the chance to win new orders by delaying its plans? First shock came during the Paris Air Show, where Airbus raked up orders not options for A neo planes against just 68 orders for the B Since the announcement of the launch of A neo last year, Airbus secured more than orders for this family.

The success of the neo caught Boeing by surprise. The final blow came when reports suggested that American Airlines is seriously considering an all-Airbus order of A neo.

All is not lost for Boeing. Even though Airbus has a leg up in the competition now, the market for narrowbody planes seats capacity is huge, with forecasts suggesting a need for planes in two decades.

Boeing would definitely win enough orders to keep its production lines busy. In the near future, large aircraft orders are expected from the fast growing Asian carriers. The US carriers are also forced to upgrade their aging fleet. My prediction is that Boeing would win enough orders to keep pace with its European rival. But what would happen to the idea of developing an entirely new plane for replacing the B family?

Boeing my put off the decision to build a new plane for the foreseeable future for few reasons: American Airlines today announced an order for aircraft. Claimed as the largest aircraft order ever by any airline, American said the order would include Airbus A family planes and Boeing NG family planes.

Deliveries of both Airbus and Boeing planes would start from The deal also includes options to buy additional planes through The aviation media was abuzz with reports of American finalizing the plane order for sometime now. Boeing was forced to react to market realities by agreeing to supply Bs fitted with more fuel efficient engine rather than developing a brand new replacement for the best selling plane in the aviation history.

The order is a major coup for Airbus. My prediction is that US airlines would announce new plane orders structured like the one by American Airlines, giving almost equal share of planes to Boeing and Airbus. American Airlines is talking to Airbus and Boeing for a huge order of new aircraft, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. American, one of the two major all-Boeing operators in the US Southwest being the other , first got a tentative deal hashed out with Airbus and took that to Boeing for counter offer, the report says.

Boeing managed to have a virtual lock on American fleet by offering it a special status in terms of discounts and delivery. Here are some interesting thoughts: This puts more pressure on Boeing to spice up its , either by upgrading it or completely redesigning it.

Boeing already announced that it would detail the plans for by end of this year. With American now talking to Airbus, it puts additional pressure on Boeing to show something that it can tout as an alternative to the A family. In its first year of operation, the airport served , passengers. Today, the airport serves more than 18 million passengers in a year. Reagan National has a bright future. It nicely complements the other two airports in the area: It is the closest airport to downtown Washington, which means, a higher proportion of its passengers are business travelers.

The airport is directly served by the Metro making it convenient for travelers. Even though the air field has virtually no space for expansion as it sits right on the banks of Potomac River , the terminal facilities are good especially with the renovation of historic terminal A. There are some challenges as well. The airport still has the Perimeter Rule with most flights restricted to destinations within statute miles.

Only a handful of long distance flights are offered to cities West of Rocky Mountains. Security is another major concern because of its close proximity to the White House and Pentagon remember when the airport was closed for many days after the September 11 terrorist attacks? Watching planes taking off and landing just few feet over our heads is an amazing experience!

Delta claimed the top spot with almost a billion dollars in baggage fees. The four major network carriers Delta, United, American, US Airways each earned more than half a billion dollars in baggage fees.

These fees have become a lucrative revenue stream for the airlines in times when the cost of fuel has soared. These fees are here to stay, no matter what happens to the fuel prices. The baggage fees are exempted from the 7. So most airlines charge baggage fees as a separate line item to take all the profit generated from this ancillary revenue. Spirit, not a top airline in the US ranks at number eight in baggage fees.

As you know Spirit charges for carry-on bags as well only the carry-on bags stored in overhead bins, not the ones stowed under the seat!

Most airlines do not charge fee for the first carry-on baggage. While all other airlines collect baggage fees, Southwest does not. Southwest needs to be commended for this.

Despite being squeezed by the increasing fuel costs, the airline maintains that it has no plans to impose a baggage fee. The Department of Transportation in April announced a new set of rules related to the baggage fees. The airlines must refund the baggage fee in addition to the compensation if the baggage is lost or not delivered in a timely manner.

As of now, if the baggage is lost or delayed, most airlines do not pay back the baggage fee. Some offer credit for future travel. People take better care of things they own. We treat employees with respect, which encourages them to treat each other and every customer with respect.

We want our customers to experience legendary service that makes a lasting impression. Providing exceptional value to customers requires hard work and concentration. Hard work is most effective when processes are simple.

Simplicity reduces costs and speeds processes. We do not cut corners. We believe in doing things right the first time. We take pride in our efforts as well as the rewards. Throughout this endeavor, safety will be the overriding force behind any decision.

During the start-up phase, the operations side of the business will be outsourced to TravelAir reducing management needs and ensuring a timely launch. Our aim is to achieve a good balance between senior airline professionals and creative young managers.

In , after 27 years at CWS, Mr. He brought in Investcorp as a shareholder and restructured the company. In October , Mr. Friedman is a shareholder in Avcon, a Swiss-based company that manages a fleet of private jets. Scott has been actively involved in the airline industry since he joined Chase Manhattan Bank's Aerospace Group in Scott worked for Southern Winds, a regional airline in Argentina founded in He worked closely with the CEO in raising equity and on strategic issues.

Scott holds a B. Economics from the London School of Economics and an M. As Assistant General Manager he was actively involved in many aspects of Pegasus business and has wide aviation experience. Under his stewardship Pegasus has made profits in each of the last six years and has grown its fleet from two to sixteen aircraft. Prior to joining Pegasus, Mr. Rodmann worked for Price Waterhouse in Dublin from to Rodmann is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland.

Orr has gained over 7 years of sales experience within the airline industry. Prior to this, Mr. Orr was Area Sales Manager covering the city of London. Though the smallest geographical territory within this team, it was the highest revenue generating area and had the highest proportion of clients contracted to Virgin.

Orr left Virgin Atlantic earlier in and was appointed head of Airline Supply at lastminute. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Studies with travel modules. Schweitz brings over 10 years of marketing and branding experience to SkyTrails. Schweitz has been the Marketing Director with Paramount Television responsible for marketing and airtime sales revenue for the Digital, Cable, and Satellite broadcaster and a marketing department of eight. Loman has accumulated over 20 years of experience in the industry.

On leaving the Royal Air Force in , Mr. Loman worked on a short-term contract involved in the re-launch of Qatar Airways until late Since this time Mr. Loman has been working on a consultancy basis for a number of aviation related entities. MacDonald is an active entrepreneur and general manager with skills in the identification and analysis of business opportunities, and their subsequent implementation and management.

John MacDonald has a proven track record in founding, developing, and selling airline companies. CityFlyer Express was sold to British Airways in MacDonald holds a B. He also received degrees in Business Administration from Manchester Dip. He has undertaken both educational and consulting activities for major corporations in the United States and overseas.

Professor Roland is widely published. His articles have appeared in numerous journals and reviews. Professor Roland has also published five books. In order to remain competitive, corporations have become more cost conscious and have taken steps to tighten their travel and entertainment budgets, often by requiring their employees to travel on a specific airline or in economy class.

SkyTrails believes there is a fantastic opportunity to create a single class long-haul airline that will bridge the growing gap between business and economy class travel. We believe that targeting the London-New York route makes sense because it is the busiest transatlantic route with 3. Travel and entertainment budgets of large and small companies represent on average 7 percent of operating costs and are the third largest category of controllable corporate expense behind salaries and data processing.

These costs are coming under increasing scrutiny as companies try to maintain their profitability levels. As a result of this trend, more and more companies are implementing strict travel policies and are forcing employees to travel economy class. While this is still predominantly a phenomenon occurring for short-haul flights, some companies have already implemented these rules on long-haul flights as well.

Only large companies with enough bargaining power obtain discounts from airlines for business class travel. These discounts range from 15 percent to 50 percent, depending on the size of the company travel budget.

Large corporations therefore continue to allow their passengers to fly business class on long-haul travel because they benefit from these discounts.

For smaller companies, the choice is more difficult: Many companies do not have any other choice but to force employees to travel economy as business class is too expensive. The opportunity has been created by a widening gap in long-haul travel between economy class and business class, both in terms of price and service offered.

Prompted by the introduction in the early s of Virgin's Upper-Class, a business-first product, competitors have had to either improve the quality of their business class British Airways or follow suit by eliminating first class services and offering a business-first product Continental Airlines.

As a result of these changes, business class on long-haul flights has improved significantly but prices have also increased accordingly. Conversely economy class has seen very little improvement and overall economy class prices have decreased as a result of over capacity. There is a segment of the business travel market that cannot or will not continue to pay business class fares for long-haul travel.

These business travellers are getting the worst deal since they are paying full-fare economy as they need the flexibility to change their ticket but are getting the same service as a leisure traveller paying a deeply discounted economy fare.

While the overall transatlantic market is very competitive and many airlines have recently complained of over capacity in the market, fares have only been reduced in the economy class cabin where we tend to see a larger portion of deeply discounted fares.

SkyTrails believes that it is the best strategy to start competing on the busiest transatlantic route where we only need a small share of the market to achieve profitability.

In , over 3. SkyTrails' initial share of the market will be approximately 2 percent. It will be difficult for established airlines to react in such a dense market. With higher fixed costs and larger market shares, established players will be reluctant to do so. The cost of competing on price would by far outweigh the cost of accepting a small erosion in their market share. Stansted is London's third international gateway and one of the fastest growing airports in Europe.

Growing at over 30 percent per annum, it served 9. Stansted has a catchment area of Currently, no airline is offering a service to New York from Stansted Airport which means that SkyTrails will have no direct competition within the Stansted catchment area. These passengers will naturally prefer flights from Stansted. The low cost airlines operating out of Stansted—Ryanair, Go Fly, and Buzz—are all recording an increase in business travellers.

These cost conscious business travellers are natural customers for SkyTrails. Excluding Central London, total population of Stansted's catchment area is The most interesting region of Stansted's catchment area is Cambridge.

Over the past three years, Cambridge has transformed itself into the home of fast-growing high technology companies. Over 1, companies employing over 35, people are based in the Cambridge area. Also, 12 major global corporations have established research centres in the area including Microsoft, Nokia, and Xerox. Travelling time is 41 minutes. Passengers working in London will be able to leave their offices 70 minutes before takeoff time, a convenience no other airline can offer.

Stansted is located just 30 miles from the North East of London and only 15 miles away from London's orbital motorway M Stansted is adjacent to Junction 8 on the M11 which makes access easy for people working in Canary Wharf. London Stansted Airport also offers easy onward travel facilities to Cambridge, Ipswich, and Norwich either by road, train, bus, or coach.

More and more business travellers use Stansted as an alternative to Heathrow and Gatwick, both of which have become very hectic. In , 32 percent of passengers travelling through Stansted were business travellers.

A survey conducted by the Financial Times in November on business travellers working in the city of London revealed that business travellers rated Stansted higher than both Heathrow and Gatwick. Slots are available at Stansted and new airlines have the priority when applying for these. Slots are distributed for each season and airlines need to apply approximately three months in advance June deadline for winter schedule.

SkyTrails has already secured slots at Stansted for its desired schedule. Stansted falls under the regional airports category which enjoy open skies with the USA. This means that airlines will automatically be granted traffic rights for flights from Stansted to the USA. Charges at Stansted are at least 20 percent below those of Heathrow and Gatwick. In addition, SkyTrails has negotiated attractive deals with suppliers who are eager to see transatlantic services from Stansted.

JFK is the largest and best known airport in the New York area. JFK has a slot restriction from 2 P. SkyTrails will introduce a single class concept to long-haul air travel. The newly designed class will provide a "high tech," spacious, and comfortable environment.

In many ways, SkyTrails aims to create a "boutique" airline which replicates the concept of boutique hotels and targets the same type of customers.

In order to achieve this goal, SkyTrails will hire and partner with well known designers and suppliers for various aspects of the business. The seats and aircraft cabin will be designed by Ric Sloan, one of the most fashionable industrial designers of the moment. He was featured in Forbes magazine 12 May as "one designer to watch. SkyTrails' primary target will be young executives that are lifestyle driven. In addition to a standard airline four abreast seating configuration, SkyTrails will also offer a unique meeting room environment enabling passengers to conduct business in an office setting while travelling.

Seats will have a inch pitch and will recline at least degrees, very similar to the current business class of traditional carriers. SkyTrails will make a special effort to offer good lighting for passengers, something which is lacking in today's airlines.

Given the number of proposed seats, each passenger will enjoy considerable improvement in air quality over the established operators, an issue that is attracting increasing attention in the media.

SkyTrails will ensure that the aircraft is equipped with the amenities business travellers need in order to continue working while travelling. Again, SkyTrails will aim to provide these services at a fair price in order to stimulate their use rather than high prices which are prohibitive. SkyTrails aims to create a business centre in the aircraft where passengers will be able to use telephone, fax, and printer. Each seat will be equipped with a laptop power supply. SkyTrails will also provide e-mail access and use of a personal mobile phone for each passenger.

Passengers will have the choice of booking a seat through the Internet, a call centre, or a travel agency. Tickets will be percent electronic and the passenger will only need their passport and confirmation number in order to access the aircraft. They will be able to print a copy of their itinerary from the website or will get confirmation numbers from the call centre. A free shared limousine service will be offered between JFK and Manhattan on arrival and departure.

SkyTrails will offer a complimentary valet parking service at Stansted which will save time for passengers wishing to drive to the airport.

The increased space on board will also accommodate larger carry-on luggage which is a sensitive issue for business travellers who do not wish to check in their luggage.

Allowing larger carry-on luggage enables us to abolish the concept of check-in and simply close the gate 15 minutes prior to takeoff. For those passengers with lots of luggage, SkyTrails will offer a door-to-door service for an extra fee.

By abolishing check-in, SkyTrails will not only avoid many delays but it will also save money that other airlines spend on lost and damaged luggage. Reduced overall transfer time: Passengers working in the city of London and Canary Wharf will save at least 1 hour from the moment they leave their office to the time of takeoff. On arriving in New York, they will save at least 30 minutes as they will not have to wait for their luggage and for a taxi.

Boarding and disembarking the aircraft will be much faster due to the smaller number of passengers on each flight. Passengers travelling in the opposite direction can expect similar advantages over the competition. SkyTrails will have individual DVD players for passengers to view the movie of their choice. On the catering side, SkyTrails intends to offer a choice of cuisine by partnering with well known brands.

On the night flight from New York, passengers will have the option to order their breakfast on the train into Liverpool Street station, therefore giving them more time to sleep on the aircraft.

SkyTrails will accommodate passengers in departure and arrival lounge. The arrival lounge in Stansted will have shower facilities to accommodate business travellers going straight to work.

Finally, SkyTrails will offer enhanced shopping on-board through extensive product offerings. SkyTrails will sell exclusive products not widely available in traditional stores. SkyTrails will take special care in hiring and training the cabin crew as the level of on-board service is highly dependent on the quality of these people. Major airlines have been successful at retaining customers by giving them frequent flyer miles each time they travel. As customers get more miles, they gain privileges which include access to airport lounges, upgrades, free flights, and other benefits.

In addition, major airlines, through global partnerships are able to offer these programs on many different airlines. SkyTrails will introduce a frequent flyer program of its own which will be very simple and easy to understand.

Most airlines have very complicated programs which often make it difficult for customers to redeem their miles. SkyTrails will partner with selected ecommerce sites in order to provide this service. SkyTrails believes that its value proposition combined with good service and a simple and innovative frequent flyer program will be sufficient to retain customers. SkyTrails' primary objective is to establish itself as a niche player in the long-haul market of business travel by providing a high level of service and comfort at an attractive price.

The use of a simplified organizational structure, a common aircraft type, and a policy of system wide commonality will significantly reduce operating costs over the more traditional airlines. This, coupled with our focus on premium long-haul passengers, will enable us to achieve much higher margins than our competitors.

Spirit would would be the first carrier to provide scheduled service between Fort Lauderdale and Cancun. An aircraft will be added to the fleet to implement this new service. No other airline flies this route. The incumbent is Northwes t with a daily service. The incumbent is Northwest with a daily service. Flights operate with a two-class Tuesday, 5th June, The airline agreed re-instate the Tobago service which was stopped in March and re-launch the Barbados service following a Catering for the return flight will be done at Tobago.

This comes on top of the termination of flights to Antigua after 24APR The proposed services are as follows. This service is subject to receipt of government operating authority. The service will use the seat Airbus As configured with 12 seats in First and seats in Economy. The southbound flight will depart Denver on Saturdays at and arrive in Cancun at The return flight will depart Saturday afternoon from Cancun at and arrive at Denver at The new service will use Airbus As or similar aircraft with seats, configured with 12 seats in United First Class and seats in United Economy Class.

The return flight will also depart on Saturdays from Grand Cayman at and arrive in Chicago at This move expands United's current service to the Caribbean, which includes flights to the regional leisure destinations of Aruba; St. Flights will be operated with the Airbus A configured with 12 seats in United First and seats in United Economy. The airline will introduce new service to:. Flights will be operated with the seat Airbus A configured with 16 First and Economy seats. Additionally, on 07NOV04, the airline will add three weekly Boston-Aruba flights using the seat Airbus A, making it four in totalice, adding nonstop roundtrip flights each Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, using Airbus A aicraft.

All new flights will be operated with the seat Airbus A configured with 16 First class seats and Economy class seats. The flights to Aruba will depart , arriving The return flights will depart , arriving The flights to St Thomas will depart , arriving The flights to San Juan will depart , arriving Flights will depart Charlotte at and will arrive in La Romana at Return flights will depart La Romana at and will arrive in Charlotte at The new service will operate each Saturday using seat Airbus A aircraft.

Flights will depart Dulles at and will arrive in San Juan at Return flights will depart San Juan at and will arrive at Dulles at Philadelphia-San Juan service operates three times each day, with four frequencies on Saturday.

Boston-San Juan flights will operate daily beginning in November Charlotte-Antigua service will begin on 14FEB All these new service will operate on Saturdays only using seat Airbus As, and is subject to foreign government approval. Flights are operated with the seat Airbus A The airline also announced today that Dividend Miles members can now earn and redeem miles on flights operated by Caribbean Star Airlines , a member of the GoCaribbean network, effective immediately.

Caribbean Star serves thirteen destinations in the Caribbean. From 14FEB04, service will begin on these new routes from Boston, subject to foreign government approval:. Pittsburgh-Montego Bay and Boston-Cancun. Flights will depart Pittsburgh at and will arrive in Montego Bay at From Montego Bay, the flights will depart at and will arrive in Pittsburgh at Flights will depart Boston at and will arrive in Cancun at Return flights will depart Cancun at , and will arrive in Boston at The flights will depart Charlotte at and will arrive in Punta Cana at Return flights will depart Punta Cana at and will arrive in Charlotte at This new route, Charlotte's 13th to the Caribbean, increases US Airways' overall Caribbean network to 20 jet destinations.

San Juan is already served by the airline from its three hubs at Philadelphia, Charlotte, and Pittsburgh. The new route will complement existing daily nonstop flights serving Nassau from Philadelphia, Charlotte hubs and LaGuardia.

Furthermore, a second daily flight will be added from Charlotte from 03NOV Flights will be operated with the seat Airbus A This will be the airline's 19th Caribbean destination to be served by jet aircraft. The new service will operate from the new international terminal facility at Philadelphia airport, currently under construction. The two new routes will increase service between Charlotte and the Caribbean to 12 destinations.

This will be the only flight from the US to St Kitts. This destination will be the Airline's 16th in the Caribbean. Furthermore, a weekly Charlotte-Cozumel flight will commence using the seat Boeing , although it had been planned to fly twice-weekly using the seat Subject to government approval, US Airways would operate once-weekly roundtrip service to each destination on a year-round basis using seat Airbus A aircraft.

These two countries will be the airline's thirteenth and fourteenth Caribbean destinations from Philadelphia. Barbados and St Lucia will be the airline's first venture into the Eastern Caribbean.

Nearly 50 communities on the US Airways system will have convenient connecting service at Charlotte to and from Aruba. Newark to Santo Domingo is still planned. The services will operate twice weekly to Nassau from 4 July and to Havana from 7 July using seat Boeing s. The launch of these new routes will form part of a 27 per cent increase in capacity to the Caribbean for Virgin Atlantic this year.

The airline will also launch a year-round service from Manchester to Barbados on 13 November, also operated by s. These will be Sunday flights and will complement the Gatwick flights to Barbados which operate every day except Sundays. Virgin Atlantic first began to operate to the Caribbean in with services to Antigua, Barbados and St Lucia and introduced flights between London and Grenada and Tobago in May Since the airline has flown over two million passengers between London and the Caribbean.

The return will be the reverse routing. These flights will complement the existing Monday flights. This will bring the airline's Caribbean destinations to seven and the total number of destinations to 25 by summer An additional service to Grenada and Tobago will double the airline's services to two per week to the islands following the launch of services May The services will form part of a 20 per cent increase in capacity to the Caribbean routes and will be operated by a Boeing Since Virgin Atlantic entered the Caribbean market in October , it has carried approximately 1.

This represents a big increase from the six weekly flights to Barbados, St Lucia and Antigua which the airline launcheded in October The aircraft will be Boeing s operated by Air Atlanta Europe. The airline said that this year it will bring 14, people on holiday to Tobago and that they will stay between a week and 10 days. On top of that, the airline employs people to look after its customers. The majority of passengers are provided by tour operator Virgin Holidays.

The operator offers packages to its customers that are fully inclusive and said that there is a great demand from its customers for vacations in Tobago. Virgin Holidays has a 47 per cent return rate for its customers every single year and they want to visit a new destination since they have been to Antigua, Barbados and St Lucia several times. The Tobago House of Assembly regards this as money well spent. From 11NOV03, the Tuesday service to Barbados which currently continues onto St Lucia will revert to a stopping service at Barbados, and a new, non-stop flight on that day will be added to St Lucia.

This will make it three non-stops a week to St Lucia. Flight VS will depart Manchester at , arriving Barbados at The return flight VS will depart , arriving Manchester next day.

It may be useful to summarise the airline's plans. At the moment, there are from Gatwick five weekly flights to Barbados, with the Friday flight continuing onto Antigua and the Tuesday flight continuing onto St Lucia. There is also a weekly flight to both Antigua and St Lucia, making it a daily flight to the Caribbean.

The extra flights which are known are:. This makes it 13 weekly flights to the Caribbean, leaving one weekly flight still to be announced. No seats will be on sale between the two islands. Up to half the seats will be allocated for Grenada. Flights will be operated by Air Atlanta Europe using a seat Boeing retrieved from storage by Virgin and leased to Air Atlanta. Currently, there is from Gatwick a year-round daily service and an additional weekly Barbados flight planned from 04DEC The flights to Tobago and then onto Grenada will depart on Monday mornings and will be operated by a Boeing It is currently awkward for Virgin Atlantic passengers to get to these islands as the airline will first fly them to Barbados for connecting flights on Caribbean Star and LIAT respectively.

Antigua will get an extra Saturday flight from 03MAY03 using the Boeing , making it two non-stops and a one-stop via Barbados per week. Barbados will retain its Wednesday flight, originally planned to by a wnter service terminating on 26MAR By the end of the airline says that it will have flown over one million passengers on the Caribbean routes. Virgin does not have fifth freedom rights, so cannot carry revenue traffic solely between Barbados and Antigua.

As a result the airline will operate daily except Sundays during that period. Flights will be operated with Boeing s, in common with all its Caribbean flights. It is not possible to make bookings on these flights between Barbados and St Lucia. This follows the successful launch in May of a weekly service from Gatwick and Manchester which was shared with Porlamar.

It is expected that the dedicated Aruba flights will result in 30 percent more traffic to the island. Barbados has probably missed the Halifax flights which used to be operated by Canada , which failed in November The aircraft type is not know, but is likely to be the Airbus A The aircraft is an Airbus A Today's flight will have 80 dignitaries and travel agents who are currently marketing the country in Portugal.

Air Luxor Tours already carries touristst to Cuba and Dominican Republic, but is looking for destinations that Portuguese tourists have not usually visited. The airline is looking to add a second weekly flight to Aruba in November and a third in December.

Further planned expansion is a weekly flight to Paramaribo in November. Flights will be non-stop on Mondays and Thursdays, whilst the Friday flights will be routed via St Maarten. After an extensive market study, the airline came up with three classes per aircraft. In the Budget class people pay only guilders for a return trip, have a 15kg bagage allowance, do not get any service on board although they can still purchase food, drink and the right to bring more luggage.

The Coach class costs 1, guilders, entitles passenges to a 35kb baggage allowance and includes complete service which is "more than the competition" claims the airline. The First class cabin costs 2, guilders and gives passengers 45kg of baggage allowance. There are seats in the economy classes and 26 in First.

All flights operated with Boeing ERs. The airline had pulled out of Barbados in owing to a downturn in the Caribbean market at that time, but since then there had been an increase in demand and the present dollar rate was also favourable to British holiday-makers.

The St Lucia flights will use George F L Charles in the north of the island - much closer to the three Sandals resorts than Hewanorra International, which is the more usual airport for intercontinental flights but is located in the south of the island. Delta will operate the flights under the travel agency's license, as permitted by the U.

Marazul will buy all the seats each week, and Delta is not allowed to sell or market the service. The Havana charters will be operated on a Delta Shuttle Boeing , available as a result of canceled Shuttle service on Saturdays when there is lower demand. Flights will be operated with a Boeing making a technical stopover in Halifax NS. These will be year-round flights and will complement the Grenada, Tobago and St Kitts flights which are already served year-round.

The aircraft will have three cabins: Excel One 24 seats , Premium 28 and Economy To coincide with the launch of these new routes, the airline will remove 15 seats from the current economy cabins, thus providing a minimum seat pitch of inches. This seat pitch is slightly better than that of scheduled carriers British Airways and Virgin Atlantic Airways. Local inbound operator Cubatur will provide all receptive services on the island, especially through specialised tourism, congress, conventions and incentive travel packages.

There will be a three class configuration: Excel One, Excel Premium Economy and economy. Excel One will feature a dedicated cabin of 24 club-style seats with a seat pitch of 45". It will be a proper firsr class operation with a baggage allowance of 40 kilos. The Excel Premium Economy service will offer a dedicated cabin with 28 seats providing a 34" seat pitch, 40 kilo baggage allowance, complimentary head sets, drinks, hot meals with a choice of entree and hot and cold towel service are among the benefits.

The destinations are currently served by Monarch until the end of October. Golden Caribbean reckons that the is more suitable than the Airbus A of Monarch which has seats difficult to fill in the summer and just two cabins. The target markets are ex-patriate and upmarket tour operators. A weekly flight to Havana is planned from New York City. The aircraft is leased for 90 days from alliance partner Continental Airlines. Only people with permission from the US government can take the charter flights, including American journalists, humanitarian workers, academic researchers and some Cuban-Americans.

There will be two Hooters Girls in addition to three cabin crew on every flight. Japan Airlines plans to operate two charter flights from Osaka Kansai to Havana in August due to strong demand from Japanese tour operators and travel agencies.

In August , JL operated the first direct flights from Japan to Cuba, flying four back-to-back charters carrying a total of 1, passengers.

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