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Dietrich Fast open-jammed for ,, and it folded to Negreanu who moved all in over the top for , Plus i don't give a fuck about what he or anyone else thinks about my opinion of him being a sucky streamer. Machon open-pushed his last chips on the next hand, and Kurganov had an easy call to make. Use your social profile to sign in faster. Daniel Negreanu opened for , from middle position and got two callers in Ivan Luca button and Dietrich Fast big blind. Aldemir opened the pot with a raise to , from the button.

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Igor Kurganov immediately bounced back from losing the big pot to Bartlomiej Machon by earning a chunk back from Koray Aldemir. This ended up being a good spot for Kurganov as he might easily have been mistaken for a man on tilt.

But he had the goods. Aldemir opened the pot with a raise to , from the button. Kurganov called in the big blind. Aldemir bet , and Kurganov check-raised to 1. After seven relatively small hands -- four won by Bartlomiej Machon, two by Koray Aldemir, and one by Igor Kurganov -- Machon just won a handsome pot off of Kurganov without a showdown, and now suddenly all three players are relatively close in the counts. The hand started with a Kurganov raise to , from the button, called by Machon from the big blind.

Kurganov bet ,, and Machon check-raised to , That gave Kurganov pause, but eventually he put in the call. Liv Boeree had joined the rail and was looking on from not too far away. Kurganov contemplates, Boeree observes. Kurganov still leads, but the gap has narrowed considerably.

Koray Aldemir seems more than happy to sit back and let Igor Kurganov and Bartlomiej Machon battle each other. Then Machon opened to , from his small blind and Kurganov defended. Finally, Kurganov opened the button to , and Machon defended. The last two hands of Level 22 were both three-way pots, with leader Igor Kurganov losing a few chips to each of his opponents. In the first Bartlomiej Machon raised to , from the button with both Kurganov small blind and Koray Aldemir big blind calling.

The next hand started with a Kurganov button raise to , that was called by both blinds. Kurganov again tanked a bit, but on this occasion let his hand go. Kurganov is still tops with about 10 million, Aldemir has about 6 million, and Machon has moved up over 5 million.

A bit of confusion on the felt just led to an interesting situation, although it was resolved quickly and calmly. Igor Kurganov had the button, and with the chip lead he opened to , Koray Aldemir gave up his hand and his small blind, and when it was on Bartlomiej Machon he slowly moved his hand towards the dealer with an expression suggesting he would have liked to play it.

Kurganov then tossed his cards into muck pile, just as the dealer asked Machon if his move was a fold. He said no, and that made Kurganov jolt out of his seat as he went to try and retrieve his hand.

Had this not played out as it did, perhaps we could have seen a decent pot, as Machon's reluctance to give up his hand and Kurganov's eagerness to retrieve his from the muck suggested they both had good hands.

It was effectively the offer of an olive branch after Kurganov had made Fast his latest victim on what seems to be an unstoppable march to this title. Kurganov opened to , as he has been doing on numerous occasions. Fast then moved all-in from the small blind for around 1. The sight of the bigger pocket pair prompted Fast to stand up and gather his things.

Then when the flop brought a jack, it was even more unlikely that Fast was sticking around. He was drawing dead on the turn. Kurganov then offered his hand and valedictory message. Fast falls in fourth. After opening for , from the cutoff seat, Kurganov watched Bartlomiej Machon call him from the big blind.

Kurganov bet , again, and Machon called. Kurganov still has more than half the chips in play with The sole remaining Team PokerStars Pro has tightened his grip on this final table with this last pot. Bartlomiej Machon limped the small blind, and then called when Kurganov bumped up the price of a flop to , Machon opted to lead out for ,, but Kurganov sensed something.

He popped it up to 1. Four players remain, but there's a feeling growing that this tournament is entering its final stages. I wouldn't be surprised if the next elimination brings out the tournament director's laptop and a peek at the numbers. As it is, the players are beginning to speed up things a bit. Igor Kurganov just asked if they could take a quick two-minute toilet break despite there being a scheduled tournament interval in less than half an hour.

All of Kurganov's opponents agreed that it was fine--and they went even further. They're abandoning tournament breaks entirely, instead just deciding to take the odd five minutes here and there as necessary. You know that tournament reporting trick when the blogger brings you "an orbit with" this or that famous poker person?

Well, they're four-handed now, so an "orbit" doesn't take too long. Kurganov continued, and the others folded. In hand 2, Aldemir raised the button, Machon called from the big blind, then Machon check-folded on a king-high flop.

Hand 3 saw Machon complete from the small blind, Kurganov raise to , from the big, and Machon call. Hey, this is something. Kurganov thought about it, then folded. Finally came Hand 4, which required a second take after a rare misdeal.

Kurganov still leads with 9. The chips and cards go 'round and 'round. Bartlomiej Machon opened to , and Koray Aldemir made the call from the blinds. It's the age-old secret to successful tournament poker: In back to back hands, Dietrich Fast proved the point: The first had began with an open to , from under the gun and a call from Fast in the big blind.

Aldemir opened this one with a raise to , on the button. Fast moved all-in from the small blind, for 1. Aldemir called and this was a race: Igor Kurganov was certain that Fast would hit a queen, but he actually did it the hard way. Fast remains the short one with around 1. Kurganov still leads with 8. Koray Aldemir opened for , from the button, and Bartlomiej Machon defended his big blind with a call. Machon has about 4.

Ivan Luca is the latest to fall. First he lost a pot to Igor Kurganov, which started when action folded to the Team Pro on the small blind. Two hands later and Luca open-jammed for 1. It was a fairly straightforward final hand for Christopher Kruk: Kruk's push was for 1. But Kurganov wasn't referring to his own hand.

He was actually psychically predicting what he was up against. And he was right. Bartlomiej Machon opened from under the gun and Christopher Kruk defended his big blind with a call. Dietrich Fast has added a few chips to his stack after playing just two hands in two orbits, both of which were from the big blind. In both cases, Igor Kurganov had raised from middle position before Fast three-bet shoved. Kurganov said he'd gotten closer to calling the second time, but resisted again.

This short flurry of hand reports should give you an idea of how things are progressing at this stage:. Igor Kurganov opened to , from the cutoff and picked up two callers: Koray Aldemir in the small blind and Dietrich Fast in the big. Igor Kurganov opened to , from the hijack and when it got round to Dietrich Fast in the small blind, he moved all-in for 1.

Koray Aldemir opened to , from the cutoff and Bartlomiej Machon three-bet to , from the big blind. Bartlomiej Machon came in for a , min-open in the cutoff and Igor Kurganov was on the button. Kurganov led out for ,, and that got a fold.

Kenney is now on the rai, perishing at the hands of Christopher Kruk. Kenney had , in his stack, including the 40, small blind and the 10, ante, when action folded to him. He shipped it in with only Kruk still sitting with cards. Kruk took a peek, then called from a stack of about 2. Christopher Kruk accounts for Kenney. The Team Pro opened to , under the gun and got a call from Koray Aldemir, before it folded to Choi in the big blind.

He jammed for 1. Aldemir let his hand go. Kurganov is up to 6 million now. No joy for Choi. The flop and turn brought nothing but blanks and the river ace only added insult to injury.

Down to just two players, Kurganov and his opponent Bartlomiej Machon took a look at the numbers. They agreed on restructuring the payouts a bit, with them dividing the difference between 1st and 2nd in half and adding that to 2nd place. The other half would be divided according to chip counts.

With the deal done, it didn't take long for the tournament to end. Machon first lost a sizable pot and then handed over the rest soon after as he got it in with queen-jack suited to Kurganov's queens. Machon had a gutshot on the turn to double but missed on the river and Kurganov lifted his 12th trophy.

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