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Unfortunately the dream came to an end in 20th place. He's also had close ties to poker and poker players on his shows in the past. Not to mention all the GCP readers who came out to support this first time effort. It's a business he explored getting into himself recently and he used to host the U. GPI Player of the Year Sep 27 - Oct 8, at Horseshoe Southern Indiana.

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Dentale is most well known for trying to fold a big blind when his friend was all in for less. Cate Hall received an award for the best female poker player last year.

Just guessing here, but we believe more people will be watching hoping to see an outburst or two than to really watch some poker. It's not often you root for bad beats and craziness but the only entertainment from this event will be the two malcontents acting up. If you are looking to bet Hall is a 1. Go here for more. We counted 52 trips to the cashiers cage almost once a week!

Steve Bierman finished day 1 of the Venetian Main 13th in chips. Day 2 he finished third in chips out of 34 left with 1. Already in the money the 34 players came back from a starting field of Unfortunately the dream came to an end in 20th place. Bierman won over 7k for his effort. It's almost smack dab in the middle of the major poker population centers. Early on at least four satellites with seats added to the k Reentry event and the k Main Event.

Not to mention four separate flights for each. There is a hole in the schedule this year with one of the big boys on the coast taking a year off from one of their mainstays, so it's time to head north He came to the final table with the shortest stack and two eliminations later had the big stack.

Then he ran his pocket Aces into 88s all in preflop and the 8s got there. But he battled back again. He outlasted the universe's greatest player link Doug Lee but finally got eliminated when his AQ didn't improve v.

Jeff won 27k for his effort. This marked her first five figure score and poker series Main Event win. Deardorff won the event when her pocket 8s binked a set against Greg Jennings AK all in preflop.

There is a new mainstay to your Spring calendar. It's back and better. Still two k Guarantees.. But now, satellites to almost every event and most with seats added to the prize pool. Satties to the Main have already started. Paul Dutsch and his crew have put together a great schedule and variety of events through the Classic. If you are planning on winning their Main Event you better get here for this because that last two players to win the Main Event at Pearl River also won the reentry.

Also, why just watch the Masters when you can play golf at a course like Dancing Rabbit? Rooms are available now call In the Boomtown Main Event, we had a number of friends deep in the tournament and at the final table. One player we've shared time on the felt with, and heard good things about Seth Foster, prevailed for a well deserved title.

He bested Allen "the Chainsaw" Kessler in heads up action when his pocket nines faded Kessler's speed-checking pocket fives. Foster earned almost 60k for the win. Hiep Doan tussled with big Phil to close out the night before the final table in a huge pot and ended up 10th. He and Ben Thomas of Baton Rouge each won 5k. Even though he probably wouldn't want us to share it, we will, Gene battled through illness on day two just to play.

His first stop was to Urgent Care that morning. He put together a great performance even if he were fully healthy. Also, want to say a big thanks to Boomtown Casino, the HPT, the staff and dealers for putting on a first class event. Not to mention all the GCP readers who came out to support this first time effort. Looking forward to it Boomtown! Day 1A had its share of brutal bustouts as 60ish players pared down to 9.

The most notable elimination had to be former Main Event champion Greg Raymer bluffing off a 70bb stack to Hiep Doan just before the end of the night. The two chipleaders clashed for a gigantic pot.

Raymer missed and got it all in on the river applying max pressure. It enabled Doan to bag chip skyscrapers at a total of k. Jure Slavic sits in second with k not good at math but looks like under a third of Hiep's total. Stephen Hastings bagged the short stack with Colossus champion Ben Keeline bagged k. Two more flights to be played.

Still time to jump in one of the satellites being played to get in on the cheap. They have a couple Friday and one in the am Saturday. Anticipating to players in this for a juicy prize pool. Both players got a bit over 22k for their efforts. Michael Dunn of Katy, TX earned 11k for third. Also making the final table good buds Ashly Butler and James Arruebarrena.

Butler got the bragging rights with a 4th place finish for just under 8k and Arruebarrena won 3. Jovan Williams of Gretna LA won 3. Stephen OFlarity of Slidell, just missed the final table winning over 2k for 10th.

Joey Wideman, another local rounder won 2k for 11th. In a very young seniors field we saw a chop at the final table with 10 players getting 2k each. Nick Prejeant of Mandeville won after the chop. The second seniors event got chopped a little different than the first. Steve Bierman won almost 3k for first. Then seven players each won a little under 1k. Ambrose Brown of Destrehan, LA won for 9th. Heartland Poker Tour event.

Hard not to get excited with the effort Boomtown is putting into this event. Read the full interview here. Jeter Brock, one of the good guys in poker, always there with a wry and witty remark, no matter the beat he's just taken, finally got the ring he's long deserved.

He quipped to WSOP. The humble grinder just as humble in victory as defeat. Big congrats from GCP to Jeter! Very happy for you.

John Holley, another good guy, won his sixth ring. The Destin pro prevailed in Event 7 to win just north of 15k.

David Knuckles of Merfeesboro, TN going for his second ring of the series went down in 5th. In the end only the competitive family man from Destin was left with chips. Marco Palacios was one of many Texans to cash. The Austin native finished 54th joining Bob Talbot at the cashier's cage. Starts on the 26th with the first flight of a k guarantee.

Want some more good news, they are giving away a seat into a satellite. Want to win your way in for free? Go here for the HPT giveaway. Hearing very good buzz about this event. We will see you there! Considering the career resumes of the three players it's not a slight to Tara to say the underdog won.

Dollinger went down first winning 50k for third, and then the mighty Cartwright fell next winning just under 79k. The night previous, local legend and motel mogul Moe Moeini was the last to fall winning 36k. Steve Bierman and Will "Monkey" Souther both busted just shy of the money. Nussrallah a balla again. Steve Nussrallah of Alpharetta, GA won 5.

Robert Gunter of Salem, AL finished 3rd. Nick Prejean of Mandeville, LA won the event and 5. Andrew Rust of Scott, LA finished in second for 2. Knower earned over 20k. Henry Bord of Gadsden, AL went out 6th and then the fireworks happened. Paul played one of the stranger hands in recent memory. Having recnetly borrowed somebody's headphones Paul got to the river in a multiway pot with a flush. He bet a second player called and a third player shuffled his chips for some time and finally announced he was all in.

After a lengthy "tank" the clock was called on Hebert. Weber counted out some chips. He then raised to 30, and his opponent snap-shoved all in immediately after Weber's chips hit the felt.

The amount was counted down and the total was 55, more. Weber went into the tank with still over , chips in his stack. The media gathered around the table, photographers snapped photos, and players from adjacent tables left their seats. Finally, Weber flung the chips into the pot and made the call. Weber's opponent quickly turned over. Weber turned up for trip eights and the best hand.

The dealer burned and dealt the on the river. Weber's hand held up after he took the lead on the turn and he is now sitting with a massive chip stack of over , chips!

Vanessa Rousso experienced a slide during the last part of the day, as her stack dwindled down below the 10, mark. On the last hand of the day, she lost a few more chips.

Three players, including Rousso, limped to see a flop, and all three checked. The turn was the. Rousso checked, one opponent bet , and only Rousso called. The river was the. Rousso checked, her opponent bet 1,, and she let it go. Rousso ends the day with 6, Well, that's almost it for our Day Ones -- spectators have been ejected, the clock has been stopped and our Day 1d-ers will be playing just three more hands. It's going to be a massive job with the bagging -- this is the largest number of players they've ever finished a WSOP day with.

Hope they got some extra bags in! The story is that Matthew Marafioti was awarded a penalty for using the F-Bomb and after coming to the conclusion that he was not in the best state he decided to go home.

Dwan may be feeling bad, but Marafioti will be returning on Wednesday with over 56, in chips. Prahlad Friedman opened with a raise to 1, from middle position before Scott Freeman moved all in over the top for 11, in total. The table folded back to Friedman who made the call. The board ran out and Friedman takes it with two pair to end the tongue-twister and send Freeman to the rail. If you have been following our coverage for the past few days, you may remember a piece about a group of six guys from Valdosta, GA.

They are here playing in memory of Pruitt Rainey, a U. Well these guys are showing a lot of heart and with just a few minutes remaining in play today, it looks like all six guys will make day two. Robert Smith, who is playing today, is currently at 38, and is in good shape to survive.

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