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Playing Card Suit Cutouts. Show 80 Show 40 Show 80 Show Start with casino party supplies accented with images of slot machine jackpots, red and black dice sets, and spinning roulette tables. Casino Night Party Theme says: Card Night 9" Plates. Download casino invitation templates here.

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Stack them upon each other at the entrance or place them randomly around the party area. Ask your guests to come in proper Casino attire. You could make it a Black Tie or a White Tie event. Black suits with red lapel flowers and red evening gowns or cocktail attire with cute mini hats would turn your party into a real casino. Learning casino games at a party can be for many people a fun way to get without them having to be ashamed of in a casino.

Once you have chosen your casino party theme, it is time to choose which casino games you want are on the same evening. And more importantly, where do you put them down. Some of the easiest games to play at home, the card games like poker or blackjack. These games come in several varieties and you do not need any special equipment except for chips and playing cards. You can even have a simple table with black flannel cloth, and then draw with a white marker the playing field.

If you only want to offer card games, consider many variations. If you plan to have dealers behind the tables, make sure that they know the game very well, and can explain the rules.

If you do not have dealers, put a signs on each table describing the rules of the game being played at that table. For games such as Roulette, Craps, Slots etc. Other than casino games, you could have a photo booth with casino themed props and a show for card tricks. A dance floor is always welcome at any party. Red and Black, Bond favorites and everything else that looks stylish and is easy to eat while moving around can be served at a Casino party. Check out some of these ideas.

If you are celebrating a birthday or a wedding, poker themed cakes and cupcakes are a must. The poker theme lends itself really well to many other food items. Poker themed flag picks can be used to decorate any other food stuffs like chips, cheese and appetizers.

If you must play, decide upon three things at the start: Casino nights are a favorite of corporate functions, and now you can host a DIY night at home by following my tips and tricks. To get things rolling pun intended! When guests arrive give a brief run down on how the night will unroll, then let the games begin.

Blackjack, poker, craps, slots, and roulette are the most popular casino games. Choose one or two to play at your party. With blackjack and poker only requiring a deck of cards to play, these are the simplest choices.

Friendly betting adds a layer of interest to the night. Play for bragging rights, or organize prizes or a trophy. In keeping with the Vegas theme, an all-you-can-eat buffet would fit in well, and is easily achieved if everyone brings a plate.

As a savvy diy hostess I know food prep is part of the fun, and a quick search on Pinterest brings up lots of cute finger food in a casino theme. Think red and black These jellybean roulette cups and brownie dice will satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth.

Choose a themed night, like Monte Carlo, Vegas, or Casino Royale, or simply anything black, white, red, or glitzy are good choices. Dice and card props are easy to come across. Oriental Trading Company has tableware, favors, and decorations in a casino theme.


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