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Last edited by thebigdog09; at Send a private message to Rungebaaaut. Find More Posts by TreadLightly. Us grinders deep in the back of our minds are all aware we have finite time in this game and i just been treading water for way too long. It's almost like trading gold. People v v rarely cap their range and smash it in on rivers not capped on river as he can have aj but turn for sure and in general when regs check a street they just dont bluff enough.

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Does counting cards still work? Belona , Aug 1, Had pretty insane Wcoop getting my 2 biggest scores of my career in space of a week. Ended up living in Malta for abit, did the whole Barcelona Prague live grind and had a right laugh but still was not happy with where i was and wanted so much more for poker. Not sure if anyones even still reading at this point but il keep going for the troopers out there.

Lived in Playa for 4 or so months shoutout Little Kraut guy should have a statue built of him in Playa and shout out American Pat if you know you know! Its without doubt one of most beautiful places ive ever been and my misses isent bad too but Its definetly huge culture shock as theres not 1 gringo for like miles but its interesting and think opening eyes to different ways of life having to adapt and change is important for anyone that sits in front of a screen 60 hours or so a week.

All huge punts going to be included, all blow up rants not going to hold anything back in this blog. Us grinders deep in the back of our minds are all aware we have finite time in this game and i just been treading water for way too long. And with games getting tougher, stars willingness to make life as hard as possible for regs its harder then ever.

Would be awesome to be able to look at this in a years time and be able to see how much Ive progressed and to look back and be proud of my work. By setting a goal that will change my life gives me much more motivation, the process is what i care about and if i hit the goals to help me get to the k.

Second might aswell have been 5th. Also for my parents who were pretty against poker actually have some ranking systems and being high in that would be pretty nice to show them and have some justification for what i do. Also had enough of the rankings and seeing 10 Swedish flags and want to see some British flags in there again. If i have one table that is bb or the b22 my focus is just not the same at the moment and its main area i am aiming to fix this year.

My A game is good but not able to play it enough or for long periods hours self study a week aswell as group coachings from the fine gentleman at bitb on top of that hard with misses and kid and finding balance but surely 2 hours a day 5 days a week is achievable. I am by no means a relationship expert il tell you that for free but anyone having problems hit me up! We going to war boys LFG vamos arriba andale andale.

Last edited by thebigdog09; at Funny how so much has changed since we've last talked. Good to see you're still on the rise and have everything going for you. Subbed Best of luck in ! Whatsup with that Brooksie? Cheers for the love boys L after firing myself up, making this post up and really being pumped, in an unrivalled show of professionalism took the next 3 days off wednesday night had christmas do with the boys, obviously with living in monterrey and working the graveyard shifts actually keeping in touch with non poker friends gets tougher and tougher.

But its nice i still got the same group of mates from school that im still in touch with go on holiday every year etc. Went for a little housewarming for a v good friend of mine in poker whos recently brought a 4 bed gaff in Reigate. What was meant to be few drinks and bit of food got completely out of hand the sesh was still going v strong at 9 in the morning when IKEA came with some stuff for the place and the look on the guys face when he sees 2 20 something poker players passed out on the floor with about 4 empty litre russian standard bottles I am absolutely steaming at this point want to just get this guy out but obviously hes friendliest courier in the world so end up chatting for longest 20 minutes of my life prob done with alcohol til at least got like 2 hours sleep in the end and went up north london to watch arsenal liverpool at the emirates stadium.

What a place it is the size of it you just dnt get an idea on tv but absolutely packed its seriously impressive. Second half when liverpool went two up was getting so pumped for Arsenal Fan TV anyone that dont watch this get on it right now but somehow arsenal woke up and pulled it back.

Watching ozil live and Coutinho aswell is just unreal, movement first touch they just class above everyone else.

Sanchez looks like he left 4 weeks ago. Games so amazingly soft but you gota find that balance sometimes, probably dont need 14 hour drinking sessions but you live and learn boys. Prob skipping sunday but will see if i can swing it with my family. Just finished the first day back grind overall pretty disappointing grind.

Dropped around like 2k but overall focus was pretty good and think i played solid B game most of the day. Cannot think of almost any complete butchers so thats fairly good.

Then hit the showers after losing 3 smallish flips had another lovely 12th in bigbrawl 2 like 10 minutes ago, losing 40bb flip or w. One ridic hand from this btn opens 2. He puts it in my eye in 3 seconds ahhhhhhh obv theory wise its snap and shrug called in game but think its actually way closer then it looks. People v v rarely cap their range and smash it in on rivers not capped on river as he can have aj but turn for sure and in general when regs check a street they just dont bluff enough.

Last edited by Whipps; at Called a lottery people do it and it can be sketchy. Its not against ToS at all. It's almost like trading gold. Do you get banned for giving someone k gold?

Do you get banned for giving someone 5kk gold? So long as it doesn't involve IRL money going in game for these bets or what ever, I'd imagine it's fine as it's purely in-game gold. Shath'mag vwyq shu et'agthu, Shath'mag sshk ye! Krz'ek fhn'z agash zz maqdahl or'kaaxth'ma amqa! The Black Empire once ruled this pitiful world, and it will do so again!

Your pitiful kind will know only despair and sorrow for a hundred thousand millennia to come! Well they are not doing dice roll calls over Trade Chat or Gen Chat.. They seem to play 24 hours a day.. As long as they are using in-game gold ,i think it shouldn't be a problem but if some one or large number of such people get addicted and start buying wow token with real money for in game gold and use it for the gamble , i think blizzard will start taking action.

Last edited by pyro; at Careful about having fun in a way that Blizzard didn't intend. People used to do this all the time in Wrath before the cards became a thing.

It was against the rules.

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