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Betting Big on Content-app Ecosystem? Cause of Concern for Indian Expatriates Reliance: A Good Hiring Strategy? A Sleeping Giant of Digital Advertising? Driving on Smart Technology Entrepreneurship in Bahrain:

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Fashion Favourite No More? Differentiation as a Growth Strategy Yelp: Gaining Momentum in India Pernod Ricard: Unlocking Opportunities in Africa Guroo: Brewing Trouble in Coffee Cup? A Growing Social Trend? A Standard Bearer of Openness? Will the Gamble Payoff? A Virtual Partnership to Redefine Nanotechnology? Global Ambitions of the Local Start-up? Trouble in Store for the Food Startup? Can the Ageing Brand be Revived? Cannibalization or Game Changer? The Pioneer in Cloud Computing Instagram: Will the Revamping Strategy Pay Off?

Growing through Acquisitions Takata Airbags: The Premier Healer in Turmoil? Crafting an Innovative Business Model Duolingo: A De facto Language Tutor? Can the Innovation Sustain? Prompting an Unprecedented Tax Inversion Row? Can it Ride the Changing Tide?

Striking the Right Spark? Can it Have a Smooth Ride in India? Compact Case Digital India: Tough Times Ahead eBay: Can it Repeat its US Success?

Get it Right Skill India Mission: A Challenge to Google? Compact Case Quintillion Media: A Disruptor in the Digital Publishing Space? Crisis Time for the Mining Behemoth Zoctr: Solving Urban Transport Conundrum in India? A Boon for Start-ups? A Move in the Right Track? Leveraging on Smartphone Penetration Education Loans: Investing for Future India?

Will it Trigger a Price War? A New Global Health Emergency? American Acquisitions as a Growth Strategy Xerox: Facing Turbulence Nike's Growth Strategy: Creating a World Class Beauty Experience? Scripting a New Paradigm for Cricket?

Will its Ethical Growth Strategy Payoff? Riding on High Hopes? Can its Success Continue? A Strategic Move to Conquer the Continent?

In Search of the Lost Glory? Compact Case StoreKing: Battle of the Titans Bigbasket: Can the 'Phygital' Model be a Game Changer? Scripting a New Growth Story? Unleashing a Bigger Game Plan? Will it Disrupt the White Goods Space?

An Inspiration to the World of Business? Can the Unilever Deal Add Sheen? A Move to Strengthen Market Position? Can the Clothing Retailer Emerge from Bankruptcy? Will the Bubble Burst? Dreams of Building a Global Brand? A Tremor too Big? An Unrelated Growth Strategy? A Win Win Deal? The Future of Chronic Disease Management?

Can Welspun Regain its Lost Image? Will it Ensure Service Integration? On a Journey from Cricket to Business? CC Activision Blizzard: Growing to the Next Level Reliance Jio: Betting Big on Content-app Ecosystem? Making Self Driving Cars a Reality? Is the Gulf Airliner Losing its Lustre? Creating an Industry Leader in the Oil Sector?

Can it be Revived? What the Future Forecasts? What Next for the Stationery Stalwart? Poised for Disruption through Product Integration? Can it Stand the Test of Time? Struggling For Survival Veggie Grill: Can it Unlock Growth Potential? Curtains Down for an Iconic Brand? A Brand in Need of a Makeover? On an Expansion Spree Lyca Group: Will it Pay Off for Pearson? Can they be Revived? A Lesson for Indian Retailers? A Wholesale Deal for the Retailer? Can it Regain its Dominance?

Sounding the Death Knell for Snapchat? Can it Survive Retail Bankruptcy? A Game Changing Console? Wary of Online Retailers? Promoting Evidence-based Journalism BlackBerry: On a Revival Mode Vice Media: The Cult Brand for the Millennials Airbus: Flying with Innovations Samsung Pay: Tech Giants in Classroom Fray Nokia Can it Counter the Patanjali Challenge?

A Strategic Growth Opportunity? Will the Gamble Pay Off? Reeling in Crisis Swiss Watchmaker Chopard: A Growing Market Trend Whatfix: A Move for One-upmanship? Is Big Pharma Losing the Battle? A Sleeping Giant of Digital Advertising? The Unconventional Lifestyle Brand Symphony: Is Corporate Governance at Stake? Is YouTube Under Threat?

Driven by Desire for Growth in the U. A Ubiquitous Global Entertainment Company? Setting a New Benchmark in Multichannel Experience? On Road to Sustainability Samsung: Motivating the Millennials to Drink Tea? Struggling for Survival Washington Post: Proposing a New Future for Print Media?

A Move to Secure Customer Success? Carrying Coal to Newcastle? Growing with Chandru Kalro Old Monk: A Wise Business Strategy? A Move to Take on Uber? A Move to Take on Amazon? A Radical Move in Corporate History? A Boon for the Pharma Industry? An Effective Tool for Business Solutions? A Boost to Online Luxury Retail? A Move to Stave Off Competition? A Move to Take on Alibaba? A Move to Outsmart Tinder?

Can the Iconic Guitar Maker be Revived? A Prudent Business Strategy? Driven by Digital Innovations Ethiopian Airlines: Can the Deal Spell Magic? Diversification at the Cost of Profits? On the Brink of a Major Overhaul Mswipe: A Landmark Deal in the Steel Industry? Can Man and Machine Coexist? A Right Strategy for Growth? A Strategic Alliance in the Supermarket Business? In , after realizing the negative effects his lifestyle was having on his friends and his health, he was inspired to change it.

This is the story of his weight-loss journey. A Texas man with a rare genetic disorder says he died twice in one day. Here's what you need to know about Brugada syndrome.

A retired professor and cyclist in Virginia says his birthday tradition started when he turned Each year he bikes a mile for every year he has been alive. Jada Pinkett Smith joined her daughter, Willow Smith, and her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Jones, in a photo showing a trifecta of impeccable abs. Whether they are seeing couples or individuals, sex therapists are there for patients to help tackle relationship woes or problems in the bedroom.

Young says it's true that imposter syndrome is more common in women, because there are so many misconceptions out there about women not being as competent as men.

Young says that often when she gives talks about imposter syndrome at universities, she sees a lot of international students. Vaccines are a vital part of our American health system. But what do they actually do in the body? Here you get a chance to do makeovers for the underwater mermaid princess. Give her a show Fun makeover game of talking tom, make him looks great, choose fashion clothing and access Come On Little Doctor!

Dora is a florist at heart and she loves arranging flowers in vase so much. In Princess Wedding Fashion you will click on the squares in the top left hand corner and It is a day to have a nice manicure. But unexpectedly cissy held up with some cooking work Today is your birthday, and your parents have decided to celebrate by inviting your closes Free Bernie Pirates Bernie stuck again with bunch of his friends.

Help him and his fellows to escape from pirates ship through water pipes. Dr Frankenstein Become Doctor Frankenstein and put your very special set of skills to work in order to create a terrifying monster. Gather everything you ne Drainage Pipe The goal of the game is to connect water pipes from the water source to end of the pipe line without leaking anywhere.

You should help Sam bring water to the aquarium. Arrange the tiles to connect th Clone the Rabbit The aim is to join the pipes and create a way to the opposite side of the glass bulb to clone the rabbit. As you click a pipe, it gets rearr Short Cut Click on various road tiles to let them rotate in oder to connect starting point and goal.

Clickazoid Clickazoid is a new type of puzzle game in which you have to hit shapes of the same type, the bigger your shapes the more points you get. The Dogville Pipeline Connect the pipes and get the water to the dogs! Better make it in time, because they are really thirsty! Turkey and the Basket Drag and arrange the pipe pieces to connect the Turkey and the basket. Then click on the Turkey to collect the fruits within the time limit. Smiley Tracer Complete the shapes by drawing lines.

Click on one of the smiley and draw line from one smiley point to another. Your game come to an end if Flower Rescue The flowers are trapped somewhere in the jungle and they need a hero! Arrange the pipes in a good order to reach a flower and rescue it.

Harness the power of the steam machine! Route water to the pots to fill them all. Move the pieces to the right place to con Plumber Beeny Hamster Saving the house is really a big job for such a small creature! Farm Roads A quick, but fun game of rotating the roads to connect all the farms and houses together.

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