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But I get that people like to say it or perhaps just can't help themselves. He's grown from known and respected to famous and feared, and he reaps the rewards of that status, on the table and off. Dangerous Games has thrilled audiences around the globe with its intoxicating mix of dance and music that fuses the traditional with the contemporary in a classic tale that showcases the exceptional talent of the cast. Then after a day or two another post, and then another day with two more posts. So I said to him, "You didn't think I was paying attention, did you? Vanessa has also contributed strategy articles to several poker magazines.


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With both players holding well more than twice the stack of current third-place stack Tony Miles, it should make for a fascinating table dynamic once play resumes. Sylvain Loosli, who finished fourth in the WSOP main event, also saw his bid for a return appearance dashed Wednesday, finishing 18th. Play will resume at 8: ET in Las Vegas, with the final table broadcast set to kick off at 9 p. To help make this website better, to improve and personalize your experience and for advertising purposes, are you happy to accept cookies and other technologies?

Congress indicates it may act on sports betting 2d David Purdum. Congress to take closer look at sports betting 10d David Purdum. Gambling groups work on 'integrity association' 10d Ryan Rodenberg. Golden Knights, bookmaker team up Vegas Golden Knights. AAF league to have enhanced in-game betting 20d Darren Rovell.

The frustrating quest to win the 'football lottery' 2d Doug Kezirian. When he was 21, Chan dropped out of the University of Houston , where he was majoring in hotel and restaurant management, and moved to Las Vegas to become a professional gambler. A videotape of the WSOP final heads-up match is featured in the movie Rounders , in which Chan makes a cameo appearance. He almost won a third consecutive title, but finished in 2nd place in to Phil Hellmuth.

He was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame in Chan later competed in Poker Superstars II during the summer of He defeated 22 players to make it to the finals. He came in second and fifth when he did not win. Chan won Bob Stupak 's American Cup poker tournament. He defeated all 9 other players at the final table in less than an hour.

In addition to playing poker, Chan owns a fast-food franchise in the Las Vegas Stratosphere Hotel and is a consultant for casinos and game makers.

Chan has written for Card Player magazine. On November 28, , the follow-up titled: In , Chan launched an online poker room, ChanPokerOnline. I didn't make it past level 9. I'm just gonna mention my last hand, not because it is so interesting but because of a comment I heard after I busted. Desperate, I looked down at Ace off. A woman who had just moved to our table had limped in. If she had raised, I likely would have folded. But since she only limped, in my situation, with no one else yet in the pot, shoving was the obvious play.

It folded back to her and she called with pocket 7's. At least I wasn't dominated. A coin flip is pretty much what I'm hoping for there.

The flop was all low cards, It was looking bad for me but the turn card was a beautiful Ace and I was in great shape. But then the river card was a 4, which miraculously filled in her gut shot and ended my tournament. Well that's poker, right? Now there were some oohs and ahhs when the 4 hit. Maybe there was some reaction from the table when the Ace hit before that. But after the 4 hit and the dealer announced her straight as the winning hand, I heard another player say to her, "Well, that's good because you had the best hand.

I didn't say anything as I slunk away but come on…. I had the best hand before that. I had the best hand on the turn, right? OK, it's true, before the flop she had the best hand—but barely. I mean they don't call it a coin flip for nothing. Yeah I was supposed to lose that I'm always supposed to lose with Kings and in the end, justice would have prevailed. And she hit her six-outer. I'm not saying I was really upset by that comment, it just made me wonder if the person who said it really understood poker.

Now maybe they said it cuz they were happy that I busted and they were one player closer to the money. Or they were just trying to be nice to the lady who won. But how about showing some sympathy for me, huh? Oh well, another bad tournament run for me in Vegas this summer. I took the long walk back to my car and called it a night. Still, I really did like the Venetian tournament venue this year, and look forward to seeing it again next year.

Maybe next time I'll have a better run. Posted by Rob at 5: Bad Beats , What the Hell Poker. Thursday, September 20, 7th Anniversary Post: Remembering the Hard Rock Hooker. I publish this post on the seventh anniversary of this blog's debut. Yes this is a reprint of the very first post I ever published well, sort of, read on. You see, a few weeks back I suddenly realized I was coming up to the anniversary of the blog, and I got the idea of commemorating it by reposting my first blog post.

But why do this for the seventh anniversary? It's not like seven is normally a big deal. I guess i should have done this two years ago for the fifth anniversary--but the truth is I didn't think of it. And why not wait for the 10th anniversary? Well, because I might not remember then.

Also, who knows if I'll still be doing the blog three years from now. Anyway, technically, this isn't quite the first post I did. On September 20, , I actually published two posts, just a few minutes apart. You see, I wanted to make sure I had enough content ready so that this blog wasn't going to just be a one-post wonder. I published two that first day and two more the very next day. Then after a day or two another post, and then another day with two more posts.

By the end of September, I had nine posts up. The actual first post was a review of my previous experience staying at the Excalibur. Since that experience dates back to like it has almost no relevance today. In fact, I should take it down, but I don't want to diminish my actual post-count. I guess I thought I might periodically review hotels in Vegas, but I never did that again. It was just a mindless rant. Besides, this post below is a hooker story--obviously the first one of many to appear here.

What better way to kick off the blog? As you know, hooker stories are a staple of the blog. For the record, I was able to research this and figured out that the actual incident I describe below took place in the summer of so this is like the 10th anniversary of the story taking place..

I can't vouch for things being the same over at the Hard Rock. Perhaps the place is hooker-free. Perhaps they've replaced the hot female bartenders at the pool with senior citizens I rather doubt that.

I must admit, when I reread this post to publish it again, I sort of cringed. I feel that if I wrote this today, it would be a lot different in terms of writing style, word usage, sensitivity ie, a bit more PC and even grammar. I was tempted to change a few words and some phraseology. But I decided to present it in all it's original glory--I didn't change a thing.

But I feel I'm not the same person today who wrote this seven years ago. Oh, I did change one thing. Back when I started the blog, I didn't add pictures to the posts. I didn't start doing that for a few months--in fact, I didn't even know you could do that.

I'm sure you will all agree that the blog is better with the pics. I'm sure this post, like a lot of my early ones, was adapted from an email I sent to my friends relating this story to them using those emails was one of the reasons I was able to post so much material right out of the gate.

Hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane! I told the guy I wanted to play blackjack but he didn't seem to care. Anyway, I got into the pool area and looked around. This is the place I wanted my ashes scattered when I die. The female employees who work in the pool area--all of them wearing bikinis with very tiny sarongs wrapped very tightly around their bikini bottoms--are nothing short of sensational.

I mean they all have killer bodies. Unlike the cocktail waitresses inside, they all seem to be natural on top. Basically, they don't hire girls for the pool unless they make the average Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model look like Rosie O'Donnell.

I'm not kidding, these girls were unbelievable. Of course, the clientele in and around the pool isn't bad either. Every now and again you see a girl in a bathing suit and you wish she was covered more but that's rare. This is eye candy at its absolute best. Behind the bar, there were two female bartenders in turquoise bikinis with virtually perfect bodies. Don't ask me what their faces looked like, I never got there.


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