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It is with extreme gratitude that I again thank Jamie , Alex, andthe firm. Jamie Casino's office was always pleasurable to deal with. The NFL did prohibit an advertisement from a gun manufacturer in Georgia because it violated its rules. After you have been hurt in an accident, Jamie Casino Injury Attorneys is ready to help. Jamie Casino Injury Attorneys.

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At all times they made me feel comfortable with putting my case in their hand. I will recommend this law firm to anyone Thank you to my attorney Crystal and also the front desk clerk Marya snow she always made me feel welcomed Everyone was very helpful and considerate.

I especially appreciated the words of wisdom given to me about insurance from Jamie Casino himself. I would definitely recommend to my friends. Jamie Casino and his staff worked hard to get me what I deserved twice when I was hit by drivers. They dealt with me on a personal level and even came to my home when my car was total lossed. They were hard working and displayed attentiveness towards all of my concerns. I recommend them to anyone!

This process has been awesome. Everyone has been helpful with my questions and if any information was needed from me I always got a call. I'm very happy that I used Jamie Casino for this experience. I have used Jamie Casino and his team on two occasions. He and his staff are very friendly, super hands on and never leaves you wondering what will happen next. They try to answer all questions as well as following up with any important information and details pertaining to your case.

Results are very fast and you always get the outcome you deserve. I recommend all my friends to him if they ever need legal help. After the tragic car accident involving our son Don Logana.

Jamie Casino who was a friend of Don's ,was one of the first people to call with condolences and to offer advice at a very emotional time. Jamie was so helpful ,at a time when our heads were spinning. They guided us throughall the legalities, making sure our rights and Don's were protected at all times. We would highly recommend Jamie and his firm in your time of need. Their compassion and attention todetail is second to none. Casino called the commercial a half movie trailer and half rock video.

The veteran of many local spots Casino said it was not as expensive to shoot as some would think. Though he declined to reveal figures, Casino said he owns his own camera and a crew took three days to shoot the ad.

He then worked with an editor for three weeks to complete it. He said he originally planned a 1-minute commercial for the Super Bowl that would take on a humorous tone like the traditional ads. When he finished the project he said he embarked on a "street brawl" with local FOX affiliate WTGS to get a full 2 minutes of ad time, a highly ambitious task considering local stations have very few spots for local advertisers and are faced with a high demand.

Casino said he is a frequent advertiser on the station and only got the full 2-minutes after threatening to pull all his other ads for the entire year if he didn't receive the time slot. The attorney said people have asked why didn't just make a clear Public Service Announcement with him introducing himself and stating clearly into a camera what happened with his brother.

But Casino said the NFL has rules about its ads and he had to sneak in the message or else he didn't think it would run. The NFL did prohibit an advertisement from a gun manufacturer in Georgia because it violated its rules. It makes it more appealing. People like movies and it looks like a movie trailer," he said. Though it aired on the small affiliate the video has now been seen by millions as the commercial went viral — a concept Casino admits he doesn't understand.

My wife does our Facebook page. At first the attention made Casino feel paranoid, but he said the support from so many people has been very gratifying. I wouldn't have been able to live that down. Georgia personal attorney Jamie Casino ran a super bowl commercial telling his personal story in a motion picture worthy production.

To avenge his brother, Jamie Casino picks up a flaming hammer to smash injustice. And he is determined to protect their innocence. Jamie Casino promises his commercial will be a hit in his second promo. Jaimie Casino via YouTube.

By the hammer of justice! Jamie Casino uses the sledgehammer in many of his commercials to demonstrate his commitment. With heavy metal music blasting out, Casino then says: Jamie Casino remembers his brother, dedicating his insane Super Bowl commercial to him. The personal injury lawyer says by being economical, he pulled off this flaming spot without breaking the bank.

The Georgia man says he simply threated to pull all of his ads all year — and the local TV station let him have 2 minutes of prime air.

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