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Two bites was all I could stand. This is no doubt the best daycare I could have ever asked for. If you have family things going on, or are out of town, no problem. The rooms were large and spacious; full of amenities. Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

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The Fremont is smack dab in the middle of downtown. It occupies the northeast corner of the central intersection of Fremont Street and Casino Center Drive a. The popular "Fremont Street Experience" is right outside Fremont's front doors.

According to the American Casino Guide , the Fremont has rooms and 24 suites. By way of comparison, the MGM has rooms and suites. I tried to check in at about 4: There were two windows open at the registration desk. It was not clear if there was supposed to be one line or two, because suitcases in the middle of the lobby made it confusing as to who was in line and where the lines started and ended.

Rather than try to figure it out, I schlepped my suitcase to the casino to play some blackjack until things in the hotel lobby became less chaotic. About an hour later, I returned. There were still two windows open but nobody clearly in line for either. So, I stood in the middle, in an attempt to straddle both lines.

As I was waiting, two elderly women arrived to check in as well. Passing me by and thwarting my plan, they stood directly behind one of the patrons at the counter. Naturally, theirs was the window that opened up first. There was no "resort fee. Heating and cooling was done by an individual unit by the window. The television was the old heavy kind with a medium-sized screen. The bathroom was stocked with plastic cups and small bottles of the usual stuff.

The bed had a nice comforter. The mattress was a bit on the soft side, but I've slept on much worse. Basically, the room was the caliber of a decent roadside motel.

I did not notice an Internet cable nor signage that it had WiFi. The safe was free. It was not one of the usual compact electronic units where you enter in your own four-digit code, but instead a big heavy thing with an actual key. It has probably been around for decades, but served its purpose just the same. The Fremont does not have a pool. Guests are invited to use the pool at the Fremont's sister property, the California, which is a block away on Ogden and 1st Street.

Though the website isn't specific, it appears that same shuttle stops somewhere on the strip too. This is a cafe and buffet in one place. They ask when you enter which you want and seat you accordingly. Prices for the buffet were as follows:. I was there for breakfast and asked to peruse the buffet before making a decision on what I intended to do.

I noticed none at the Fremont's, so I chose the cafe. It isn't every day I see spam on a menu, so I ordered the spam and eggs. My meal was satisfactory, and the service was adequately fast.

However, my waitress was somewhat surely and curt. Calling this place "paradise" is quite the misnomer. In my opinion, Tony Roma's is the most endearing feature of the Fremont. I've been a Tony Roma's fan for two decades. The ribs are simply delicious; they are one of my favorite guilty pleasures. The atmosphere at the Fremont franchise screams simplicity, and though the line sometimes runs long, the food makes up for it. The service was fine and timely. Two bites was all I could stand.

The shrimp were too small, hard, and bitter. If my mother saw me throwing the rest away, I'm sure I would have been reminded that starving children in Ethiopia would be happy to finish it. Unfortunately, they are never around when you need them. According to the American Casino Guide , the Fremont has 30, square feet of casino space. By way of comparison, the MGM down on the strip has about 5. According to the Nevada Gaming Control Board , the Fremont has 30 table games although I only counted 24 and 1, slots.

Like all downtown properties, the casino is very smoky. Previous air quality testing I did showed the Fremont to be a little better than average for downtown, but not by much.

Both the staff and patrons were getting up there in age. The Fremont is quiet and play moves a bit slow, which perhaps is why you see a lot of players over the age of As with any casino, the dealers ranged in personality and service, but most just quietly dealt the cards.

A sign of a good dealer, in my opinion, is one that gives correct advice when asked. Once I saw another player show the dealer his cards and ask, "What would you do with this? Cocktail service was frequent. Coffee is served in Styrofoam cups. Personally, I prefer a ceramic cup. The Fremont has a standard set of blackjack rules via which all the rules go against the player: The number of decks is 1, 2, or 6.

In the single-deck game, blackjack pays only 6 to 5. According to my house edge calculator , the lowest house edge, found on the double-deck game, is 0. That is not very competitive. The Fremont does deserve some credit for offering a decent game to low rollers: The Fremont is stingy in craps, offering only 2x odds.

They also offer what is one of the stingiest promotions I have ever seen. It is called the "Sharpshooter Roll-athon. The following table shows the prizes available, probability of winning, my estimated value, and the expected return. The lower right cell shows a value of With their ability to buy in bulk, the cost to the Fremont would be significantly less. Of particular interest is the "Super Eight" game, which I analyzed on my companion site Wizard of Odds.

As far as I know, that is the highest return for a non-progressive live keno game in Las Vegas. Please let me know if that happens but I doubt you will. The following table shows the return of all the keno games. Thanks to the upperclassmen for taking care of the non-drivers and getting them to the course. I appreciate them taking a leadership role. Plenty of room, good grass. Hopefully you guys can find somewhere to hit real golf balls this weekend.

Excellent job with today's conditioning. Remember, tomorrow morning 7 for hitting and conditioning after school. We will not have practice on Thursday. We are going with a white Packer P with Fremont Golf above and below on the left chest. Pullovers should be ready by April 1st. Long sleeve T's should be here next week, beenies first week in April. Hoping to schedule the driving range next week. I will be adding new videos tomorrow. If the weather continues to improve, we will try to plan a driving range trip the week of March 23rdth.

Have a great day. I had to go with a different company to get all the sizes. We can decide as a team if we want embroidered logo or words when they arrive. Fleece beenies have been ordered - no charge. You are welcome to use a team golf bag is you can find one you like and it is in good working order. It is not a requirement. I am currently trying to find a reasonably priced golf shirt.

Everything is set up, but I am working in my room and won't be down there. Enroll today by emailing! The GLS is a tournament series for the players, so that they can get the best competition possible yet at an affordable price.

SJO Productions is the best attended motocross series of its kind visiting over 30 Michigan fairs annually! A Unique studio which made Dance Dreams come true for 44 years.

Where the Love of Dance-was Lovingl Taught. Ramshorn On The Lakes Poker Room is a local, small business that has helped raised thousands of dollars for multiple local charities. We provide a customer friendly poker playing experience for all levels of poker players. Colors is a field for the players to have a great time! We have 5 woods courses and 2 speed ball fields.

We run big games and tournaments along with hosting private parties of all kinds. Fremont Lanes is a place designed for family fun; offering cosmic bowling, open bowling, leagues, and birthday party packages. Enjoyable fun at enjoyable prices! High Vista Video Productions Letha Fulton School of Dance: Fremont 10 W Main Street. Black Diamond W Main St.

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