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If the first roll is 2 or 12 the player loses. No create a craps game 3 files main cpp. In general, here's how to call std:: I think you need to explain in much more detail what you're confused about. Sign up using Facebook.

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Craps game rules and code Ask Question. RubberDuck 27k 4 54 NinjaDeveloper 1 4 The shooter loses his turn if a 7 is rolled after there is a point. In general, here's how to call std:: This is preferred because It'll help you keep track of it, especially if it'll need to be removed at some point.

If called repeatedly, you'll receive the "same random number" each time. Here, dice1 and dice2 can be initialized in the while -loop: The bool -checking can be shortened: Good points, but two nit picks: The parameters to main have nothing to do with if you're compiling from the command line, but rather how you're running creating it.

Doesn't matter for a basic card game program, but CR brings out my inner pedant: I'll put those in with my current edits. Also, I had no idea about std:: I did happen to come across std:: Would this be a valid solution for here? You would use a std:: A full conviently dice oriented example is here: It appears to work with my old compiler, too. Looks like I can toss out rand from my own stuff. In addition to what Jamal said… The singular for "dice" is "die", so name your variables accordingly.

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Edited 6 Years Ago by WaltP. I am having problems with this program. It assembles but will not run. If you have a counter that gets incremented through multiple functions, is it better to use a global counter or pointer counter? They both work just curious which is better I think you need to explain in much more detail what you're confused about. I can't post code! I solved the exercise, thanks for any help anyway.

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