Tips: What To Wear To The Casino

Another important factor that differentiates a dress shirt from a casual one is whether it has pockets or not. Warnings Many casinos offer free drinks. If you plan to go for a fancy dinner or cocktails that same evening, that might make your outfit a little more formal than it would have been. I think that depends on the context. And yeah, having something I can dress up or down for other occasions would be nice. My SO is wearing nice slacks and a shirt and tie, not a suit. This basically means that if you have a t-shirt and long pants on jeans accepted , you will be let in.

Sophisticated Casino Style

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Seeing as you don't know what the actual dress code is, going dressy-casual sounds good. Reply Parent Thread Link. I'd probably wear a skirt and pretty top with ballet flats. I was going to suggest wearing slacks rather than jeans for a better impression as well. He should wear slacks not jeans. For women a little black dress not skimpy or too short for his boss's party tho! If the boss has a secretary who handles most of his life for him, that would be a safe person to ask about dress code - but asking the boss is pretty easy even if he has to catch him alone and is also appropriate - that way you'll be more comfortable knowing you have it right.

I agree with the last comment. I think if they expected anything really fancy they would have put that on the invite hopefully.

I'd tell fiance to wear slacks and a button up shirt. I'd probably go with the standard "little black dress" number. It's not too formal, but nice enough and nothing too different from if you'd be going out to a nice dinner, or seeing a show or something. Although, I would also bring more glammy accessories and a jacket for Jason in case it turns out to be more dressy.

For me casino night says dressy; poker night says jeans. However, I've only attended them at outside venues and not a home. I would really recommend your husband check with his boss that this isn't a formal event. Thanks for the advice. We're going to inquire about attire requirements. I'd try to get him to dress a bit more upscale- he wants promotion, they are hosting a casino night- think James Bond - psuedo tuxedo- black shirt, black tie- smart dress pants- for you- I'd wear something glitzy- or little black dress with bling- high heels.

If he thinks there will be management there, the best rule to follow, is to dress for the job you want not the job you have. I think that depends on the context. If upper management is taking you golfing or out on their yacht, you can't show up in a suit. If you're a jewelry-wearing kind of guy, all you need is a gold chain necklace. If you don't like to draw a lot of attention to yourself, you have more sophisticated options. If you're in town for a business trip, for example, you might go with something more professional looking.

Ladies can look classy by pairing some dark trousers or a pencil skirt with a dressy top. Work trousers or pencil skirts are a great choice for this casino style. For a top, choose something in a bold color like red, yellow or blue.

Go with a collared, short sleeve button-down shirt, or a similar style top. Choose fabrics that are stretchy and not too stiff -- cotton is too casual. You want to look sophisticated but still be comfortable.

Guys can show off sophisticated casino style by wearing dark trousers, a button-down shirt and some dark dress shoes. If you would wear it to the office, you can probably wear it to a casino. No need to wear a tie, however. Just be sure that your button down is in a solid color. Top off the look with a dressy blazer that matches your trousers. Shoes and socks should be in the same color family, in a wingtip oxford style.

Not all casinos are right for this style of dressing, but in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, you can get away with over-the-top novelty attire that makes you stand out in a crowd. Maybe you want to dress like a flapper or a dancer in a Las Vegas show. If you're all about making a big statement, find yourself some feathers and a boa to throw around your neck.

Get a funky hair piece that has feathers or other embellishments, and put some fishnet stockings on under a metallic leotard. Be sure to wear some high platforms and choose a dramatic evening makeup look, like smoky eyes with red lips. Most guys might not hit the casino in this style, but those who want to can create a standout look by wearing some tight-fitting Chippendale's style black leather pants with their outfits.

Some casinos don't require such fancy attire. However, most people dress a notch or two up from everyday wear. A maxi dress fits in with a casual casino environment, and you can throw a denim jacket over it when the air conditioning brings a chill to the casino. Try to stay away from strapless dresses, and instead go for a maxi with thick shoulder straps, or even a cap sleeve. Choose a denim jacket that's fitted, in standard blue denim. For shoes, go with ballet flats or wedge sandals. If your dress is fairly casual, your shoes can be in a bolder color or print.

If it's is busy and colorful, keep your shoes in the neutral family.

How to Dress to Gamble

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