UKIPT4 Nottingham: Lexi Finnigan from The Sun newspaper talks about her experience

Oliver Pickup a Daily Tele Nickster and Livster Day 1c. Dmoz Contact Us Sitemap. Moneymaker chinwags with W In the end, Mayhew seized the title as well as the huge cash prize, while on the other hand, Salmon had to settle for second best with cash prize of 64, pounds. Fatima is back and she wan Sixth place finish for Sergio Aido.

UKIPT Nottingham: Final table, levels 24-27 (30,000-60,000, 5,000 ante)

UKIPT Nottingham: Final table, levels 29&30 updates (50,000-100,000 10,000 ante)

He was quite confident after he got an ace of diamond and three of hearts. However, his opponent, Ben Vinson of UK, had an even bigger ace up his sleeve as he came out with an ace of clubs and queen of hearts to shock Aido and he became the first casualty of the day in just two hours.

Aido had to be content with just 27, pounds. Tim Wong finishes fifth. The Malaysian Tim Wong tried to move all in from the button with his ten and seven of diamonds, but Vinson was quick to respond and isolated him by moving all in over the top from the small blind. Vinson was the clear favorite with a 65 percent chance. Although the flop made things a little interesting, it increased the odds only marginally for Wong.

In the end, Wong ran out of steam and finished fifth over Aido and took away just 26, pounds. Ben Vinson knocked out by the champion. Even after eliminating two players , Vinson had the shortest stack and his elimination seemed to be inevitable.

It occurred when Mayhew opened , from the blind and Vinson called from the big. After the flop fell Mayhew bet again and moved all in after Vinson raised , At that point, Vinson had the bigger stack, but when the cards were raised, Mayhew had an ace of diamonds and a jack of hearts, while Vinson had a nine of spades and eight of hearts.

However, there was a twist to the tale when eight of clubs and ten of diamonds appeared on the turn and the river respectively.

He, however, earned 34, pounds for the commendable fourth place finish. David Clifton Burraway finishes third. David was the one with the biggest stack when only three players were left, but had to make an exit, courtesy a back to back damaging hand. Find out about Live Events.

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Lexi Finnigan from The Sun newspaper talks about her experience. Lexi Finnigan from The Sun Day 2 Highlights The bubbl Moneymaker chinwags with W Highlights from all the Da Fatima is back and she wan

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