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Theory and Applications , 4 — 8 June , Marseilles, France. He was also a man who was meticulous, carefully disciplined, and orderly in virtually everything he undertook. She is survived by her husband, Eugene R. SSDI records do not yet list his death. Fourth International Conference on Dissociative Recombination: Major tail damage caused it to careen to the ground near a dump at Dillon Road and Interstate Transport Task Force Meeting , 23 — 26 April

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Topics include potential and structural formation in fusion and basic plasma physics, such as transport barrier, double layer, radial and field-aligned electric field, bifurcation and transition in electric field structure, and rotation and shear flow.

Contact Akira Kobayashi , Osaka Univ. Topics include plasma sources, propulsion, plasma diagnostics, modeling and simulations, plasma surface interactions, plasma processing such as surface modifications, cutting and welding, deposition, and plasma spraying, applications in microelectronics, environmental applications, advanced materials and characterizations, high energy processing using laser, ion beam, electron beam, and other industrial applications.

The deadline for submission of paper titles and abstracts is 15 February , and for registration and submission of camera ready manuscripts is 15 April Progress in Nonlinear Science, including Topical Conferences: Superhard Tool Materials on the Turn of the Centuries: Includes laser and plasma techniques for production of materials, coatings and combined physicochemical treatment of metals and nonmetals.

Also includes school on 4 — 6 July and workshop on 7 July Application deadline is 25 May The conference encompasses theoretical and experimental studies of the interaction of ultraviolet and soft x-ray radiation with matter over a photon-energy range of 5 eV to several keV.

Major tools of investigation such as synchrotron radiation, lasers, laboratory sources, and plasma sources are important topics. Fred Driscoll , Physics Dept. Current spectroscopic data needs for specific astrophysical and laboratory plasma applications will be featured. The workshop will consist of a day of overview presentations, followed by two days contributed papers.

Abstract deadline is 6 July International Topical Conference on Plasma Physics: To be held in conjunction with. Contact phone ; fax This school will cover a broad spectrum of experiments on high-current carrying plasmas e. Plasma-Focus, Z-pinch, Q-Pinch, etc.

Registration deadline is 30 June Topics include laser diagnostics and diagnostics aided by lasers for fusion plasmas, industrial process plasmas, environmental plasmas, and other plasma applications and processes. Registration deadline is 17 June Dean , Fusion Power Associates. Matter in Super-Intense Laser Fields: Abstract deadline is 10 May Abstract deadline is 20 July Topics include control and operation of particle accelerators, detectors, telescopes, fusion devices, nuclear reactors and other large experimental facilities.

Abstract deadline is 31 August Tachibana ; phone Interball Symposium , 1 — 4 February , Kiev, Ukraine. Interball, ISTP satellites, and ground-based observations. The abstract deadline is 3 November Abstracts due 15 Februsry Topics include atomic and molecular processes in laboratory and astrophysical plasmas, atomic theory and experiment, atomic data compilation, plasma atomic kinetics, atomic processes in dense plasmas, line profiles, radiation transport, and plasma spectroscopy diagnostics.

Chapman Conference on Space Weather: Applications to be discussed include astrophysics, gaseous electronics, industrial plasmas, and fusion. The early registration deadline is 28 January The conference is intended to foster common areas of research between the fields of high energy-density plasma physics accessed by intense lasers and pulsed power facilities and astrophysics.

Topics include Hydrodynamic instabilities in astrophysics; supernovae and supernova remnant evolution; astrophysical shocks, blast waves, and jets; relativistic plasmas; stellar opacities; equations of state; radiation and thermal transport; dense plasma atomic physics; x-ray photoionized plasmas; and ultrastrong magnetic field generation. The abstract deadline is 15 February The abstract deadline is 1 February , and the registration deadline is 1 March The abstract, preregistration, and housing registration deadline is 10 April The registration deadline is 2 May The abstract deadline is 10 December Registration and abstract deadline is 17 March The registration deadline is 20 May Topics include basic plasma processes, microwave generation and interactions, intense electron and ion beams, high energy density plasmas, industrial and commercial applications, diagnostics, and pulsed power.

Milun , Institute of Physics, P. Topics include tokamaks and other magnetic confinement devices, pulsed plasmas laser plasma, plasma focus, z-pinch, particle beam — plasma interaction, X-ray sources , low temperature plasma, plasma technology, plasma diagnostics, and plasma theory and modelling.

Richard Sparks , 8 Richard Rd. The abstract deadline is 15 March Stephen Lundeen , Dept. Abstract deadline is 7 April The abstract deadline is 8 October Registration deadline is 10 June This workshop will treat behavior of the space and laboratory plasma and its modeling.

Registration deadline is 30 April The abstract deadline is 20 December The conference covers collective processes in colloidal and dusty plasma sciences as well in strongly coupled systems with high-Z impurities. Abstract deadline is 31 March Application deadline is 19 May Abstract submission and guaranteed housing deadline is 15 April The course will include surface processing and characterization techniques, tribological applications of plasma processing, production and characterization of hard coatings, country reports presented by the course participants, and visits to industrial establishments involved in plasma processing and in the use of plasma processed materials.

Beaufoy , Physics Dept. Registration deadline is 15 June Topics include transport barriers, turbulence, MHD instabilities and core transport. Registration and abstract deadline is 15 June Topics include atomic collision processes, particle and laser beam interaction with solids, low temperature plasmas, and general plasmas.

The registration deadline in 1 January Application deadline is 2 May The registration deadline in 1 March Topics include design, construction, and operation of fusion experiments, and technology for next generation experiments and for power plant devices. Abstract and registration deadlines are 31 March and 30 June Abstract deadline is 30 Jun3 The conference language is English. Abstract and paper deadlines are 31 March and 30 June Registration deadline is 31 March Also may include tutorial on light sources.

The focus will be on creation of edge temperature pedestals, suppression of energy transport, enhancement of stability, and improvement in tokamak performance by a low recycling plasma edge using lithium conditioning. Registration deadline is 2 October Not all sessions are open to the public. The meetings is to provide a forum for discussion of applications of fusion energy research to science and technology.

This platform may strengthen the linkages and interactions between plasma, fusion and materials scienctists and engineers in both developing and developed countries. Hypersonic and Aerothermic Flows and Shocks, and Lasers: Topics include recent theoretical developments and observations from solar and magnetospheric plasmas, and more general work in turbulence, self organization and self-organized criticality. Topics will include how to cost-effectively resolve critical issues for the tokamak concept, alternative magnetic concepts, inertial fusion energy, nuclear and plasma technologies, materials, power plant designs and development pathways.

The deadline for submitting presentation summaries has been extended to 31 Deadline Applications include fusion energy, reactor studies, dusty plasmas, plasma sources, industrial applications, plasma surface interactions, and plasma diagnostic techniques.

The deadline for submission of paper titles is 26 October , and for registration and submission of camera ready copy of 2 or 4 page abstracts is 7 December The deadline for preliminary registration is 15 October Topics include interaction between charged particles and electromagnetic fields, electrodynamics of microwaves, vacuum microelectronics, plasma microwave devices, relativistic microwave devices, and related nonlinear phenomena.

The conference languages are Russian and English. The objective of these Symposia is to assess the benefits, applications, and spinoffs of nuclear fusion research, including both conventional and alternative approaches. Registration Deadline is 15 Jan Abstracts due 11 January Topics include generation of high power femtosecond laser pulses, interactions with atoms, molecules and clusters, propagation of intense fs pulses in plasmas, high harmonic generation and applications, x-ray generation and applications, and particle acceleration.

The Symposium will cover all plasma process-induced phenomena that cause changes in the electrical behavior of a silicon device or circuit.

Discussion of damage caused by plasma-specific factors, such as charging, radiation ions, photons, and electrons , reactive chemicals, contamination, and the synergistic interaction among these mechanisms will be included. Phenomena such as pattern- or location-dependent abnormal etch or deposition profiles, abnormal contact resistance, unusual dopant loss, and high levels of mobile ions are within the scope of the conference.

Topics include basic physics of dust-plasma interaction, dynamics of charged dust grains, charged dust grains in astrophysics, geophysics and space plasma, collective effects in dusty plasmas, strongly coupled dusty plasmas, dust in plasma processing and microelectronics, high-Z impurities in fusion plasma, plasma crystals, and charged dust grains in environmental research.

Scientific Symposium to Honor Harold P. Topics include introduction to gas discharges and plasma processes, plasma systems — techniques and applications, plasma diagnostics and process monitoring, modelling and system engineering, and management of plasma technology. The registration deadline is 31 May Robert Eisenhart, Ellenview Ave. Box , L, Livermore, CA ; phone ; fax Abstracts due 10 April ; registrations due 30 April Conference encompasses theoretical, computational, and experimental work relevant to high intensity electromagnetic waves in plasmas.

Topics include formation and structure of edge and internal transport barriers, the role of ExB flow velocity shear as a trigger mechanism for improved confinement, mechanisms to generate and control sheared electric fields externally, the role of ExB drifts in SOL plasmas with divertor-imposed electric fields to manipulate the edge and SOL profiles and flows, and electric fields near RF antennas.

Fourth International Conference on Dissociative Recombination: Box , Albuquerque, New Mexico ; phone ; fax Abstract deadline is 18 January Abstracts due 18 December Topics include plasmadynamics, lasers, electromagnetics, diagnostics, and related topics in nonequilibrium, reacting flows. Topics include theoretical and experimental aspects basic plasmas, fusion plasmas, space plasmas, plasma processing and applications, beam physics, and related areas.

The abstract deadline is 28 February This international school is for students near the start of postgraduate courses, covering general plasma physics and controlled fusion research. No previous knowledge of the subject is assumed. Lecturers are drawn from laboratories and universities across Europe.

Topics include plasma particle dynamics, waves in plasmas,kinetic theory, MHD, transport, computational techniques, chaos, fusion plasmas, space plasmas, laser plasmas, solar plasmas, astrophysical plasmas, gravitational plasmas, physical paradigms, diagnostics, industrial applications, and fusion engineering. The course language is English. The registration deadline is 21 May The registration deadline is 31 March Topics include elementary processes and general theory, tokamaks and tokamak-related experiments, Z-pinch and Plasma-Focus discharges, intense laser beam-generated plasmas, microwave and glow discharge plasmas, spark- and arc-discharges, space ionospheric, planetary, and solar plasmas, diagnostic methods and experimental facilities, applications of quasi-stationary and pulse plasmas.

The deadline for registration is 1 December , and for the 4-page camera-ready papers is 1 April Topics include kinetics, thermodynamics and transport phenomena; elementary processes; low-pressure glows; coronas, sparks, surface discharges and high-pressure glows; arcs; high-frequency discharges; ionospheric, magnetospheric, and astrophysical plasmas; plasma diagnostic methods; plasma wall interactions, electrode and surface effects; physical aspects of plasma chemistry, plasma processing of surfaces, and thin film technology; generation and dynamics of plasma flows; non-ideal plasmas lusters and dusty plasmas ; waves and instabilities, including shock waves; nonlinear phenomena, self-organization and chaos; particle and laser beam interaction with plasmas; plasma sources of radiation; numerical modelling; plasmas for environmental issues; highly ionized, low-pressure plasmas plasma thrusters, ion sources and surface treatment ; and high-pressure, non-thermal plasmas.

A special topic to be emphasized ishigh-current discharges Z-pinches, plasma-focus, plasma X-ray sources, etc. The Conference Workshop on applications of plasma physics, open to all registered participants, is scheduled for the afternoon of 11 July.

The Summer Study will focus on key issues for plasma science, technology, and energy and environment for fusion energy development, and on opportunities and potential contributions of existing and possible future facilities and programs to reduce fusion development costs and achieve attractive economic and environmental features. The abstract deadline is 30 April The registration deadline is 31 Mar Deadlines are preregistration, 15 December ; 1-page abstracts, 30 March ; articles, 1 August Topics include high-power microwave sources, microwave current drive and heating of fusion plasmas, microwave discharges, non-linear plasmas processes theory and microwave experiment , and other high-power microwave applications.

Registrations are due 8 March , and abstracts 10 May Janssen Meudon Cedex, France; fax: The summer school will provide introductions to the theoretical and experimental aspects ofhigh-temperature plasma physics. It is primarily intended for PhD students and for undergraduate students in their last year. Participants areinvited to present their own work during two special eveningposter sessions.

The conference will cover sources: The deadline for papers in 18 June Junzo Ishikawa , Dept. Theory, Simulation, and Experiments. Ostrowski , Astronomical Observatory, Jagiellonian University, ul.

Julian Julian Pie Co. Lancaster Perk Place - W. Milling Suite A - Yosemite Ave - Markleeville Alpine County Library - Laramie St - Markleenet - access within the town - need to set up a no charge account. Merced Main Street Cafe - requires an email address for log in - W. Coffee Creek - Oakdale Rd. J Street Cafe - J St. Stan's Brewing - L. Cafe - H St. Monrovia The Monrovia Coffee Co. Montrose Swork Montrose - Verdugo Blvd. Morgan Hill Hot Java C.

Anchor Inn - Beach St - Murrieta It's A Grind - http: Avia Hotel - First St - Bounce Boba - corner of Nordhoff and Reseda. Anchor Inn - E Imperial Hwy - Nelly's Java - Mountain Blvd - Powderface Coffeehouse - East 12th Street, Ste. Coffeehouse - S. Palm Canyon Drive - Rainbow Rest. Belardo - Ballantines Hotel - N. Restaurant - Ramona St - Mary St - Denny's - Owens Dr - Quincy Pangea Restaurant - Third St.

Ramona Ramona Cafe - Main St. Pacific Coast Highway - Rialto Starbucks Center - free access is seperate from Starbucks' fee access - W. Sacramento Butch-n-Nellies Coffee Co. Salinas Rollicks Cafe - Main St. El Camino Real, Suite C - Santos Coffee House - Beech St. Internet Cafe - Geary St. Coffee Break - Geary Blvd. Alford; a brother, Louis Hardy, and a nephew, Don G. Hardy, both of Iowa. Permission granted by the photographer, Eliza. Hardy was born 22 Aug in Castleton, Barry Co.

Her permanent residence was Detroit, MI, where she was a teacher. In , John C. Alford, age 69 born Canada, and his wife Alice H. In they are living at the same residence: Alford, 60 Canada parents born England ; and his wife Alice D. John was age 22 and Alice was age 30 at first marriage. In John C. John immigrated in and Bertha in Both were naturalized in Alice Alford, a former beauty shop owner and real estate agent, died Monday after she was stricken at her home.

Alford, a Salinas resident for 50 years, was born Jan. She owned The Friendly Beauty Shop in Salinas during the s and s and also was a real estate agent. She was a breeder of exotic birds, including cockatiels and grass finches.

She was also a. Private memorial services have been held. Permission granted by the photographer, Jane Ireland. MT, and her husband John H. They had been married about 5 years.

John is a bookkeeper for Standard Oil. In they are in Salinas, Monterey Co. They apparently had no children. CA Deaths lists John H. Photo from her nephew, Richard Henry Alvord. Alvord, 82, died March 4, at the home of a nephew in Simi Valley, California. She was raised and educated in Brigham City. She was a member of the LDS Church. She loved to travel and had traveled extensively throughout the world. She is survived by a sister-in-law, Roma Alvord, Nyssa, Oregon; nine nieces and nephews: Funeral services will be held on Friday, March 10, , Friends may call at the mortuary on Friday from 11 a.

Permission granted by the photographer, Steven Hunter. In , Orange, Orange Co. All were born in UT. Alice is buried in a plot with her parents and sister Anna Alvord Tingey. In the midst of the Depression, as the sole support of her 3-year-old son, a widowed Aline Alford Crocker began a career in cosmetology that would span three decades.

A San Diego native, Mrs. Crocker moved with her family to the Midwest as a small child and grew up on farms in Kansas and Arkansas.

She later returned to San Diego and worked in an orange-packing house and a fish cannery before marrying Chester Alford , who became a partner in an auto repair business at 30th and G streets. Alford was fatally injured during his late 20s when the car he was repairing collapsed on him.

Douglas Alford, now a San Diego attorney. Crocker remarried in and had another son, Alton Jay Crocker, who lives in Fontana.

She was divorced from L. She retired from her cosmetology career in the late s and worked out daily at a San Diego health club while in her 70s. Before suffering a heart attack in , Mrs. In addition to her sons, Mrs. Crocker is survived by a sister, Elizabeth Smith, of Oregon, and eight grandchildren. A graveside memorial service is scheduled for 11 a. Tuesday at Mount Hope Cemetery. A reception will follow at the Point Loma home of her son, C.

Last rites will be conducted at 1: Mr Alford, who resided at Thirty-eights St. He moved to California in and had resided here 4 years.

He was a member of the Methodist Church. See the obituary of his son Loren A. Alford in this compilation. Allen IL 1 , Wesley J. Alford of the Battle Creek district has been notified officially by the secretary of war that his son, Staff Sergeant Allen T. Alford, 22, has been missing in action since October 9th in the European battle area.

Sergeant Alford was born in Red Bluff. He attended the schools in Cottonwood and Anderson and at the time of his enlistment in the army a year ago was employed in a sawmill near Whitmore. There are two other sons in the family, Private Robert S. Alford, 30, in the army medical corps, and Gene Alford, 21, who is employed by his father on their ranch. In European war area, October 9, , Allen T. Alford of Red Bluff, son of R. Alford of Battle Creek, brother of Roberts S.

Permission granted by the photographer, Aaron Canty. His gravestone in Red Bluff is a memorial only. He is actually buried in Belgium: Permission granted by the photographer, Dominique Potier. See the obituaries of his brothers Earnest Howard Alford, with whom he shares a gravestone, and Robert Stanley Alford in this compilation.

Alford was born 26 Sept in Tehama Co. His name is listed as Allan T. Alford on his military gravestone. His middle name is from his Find A Grave memorial. A memorial Mass of Christian burial was celebrated on September 10 in St.

Mary Magdalene Church in Camarillo. See the obituary of her father, Arthur Daniel Alford Sr. Alma Irene Alvord, 77, of Stockton, died on February 6, , in a hospital. She had been born on November 17, , in Geary, Oklahoma, and had lived in Stockton for 60 years. Services [will be] held on Wednesday at the Stockton Rural Cemetery. Wallace-Martin Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.

Survivors include three daughters, Mrs. Funeral services were to be at 2 p. Burial was to be in Mansfield Cemetery. SSDI records do not list her death. Sweet little Amelia blessed us with her presence here on earth for four short years. Her accomplishments were many. Without ever saying a word, she transformed our hearts, replacing judgment with compassion, anger with forgiveness, fear with faith, and self-righteousness with humility and understanding.

Without the ability to laugh or smile herself, she brought joy and gratitude into our lives. Such a selfless, pure spirit, it is only fitting that now she has a perfect body to go with it. Burial will follow in Benicia Cemetery. As family and friends struggled to talk about Ane Olsen Alvord of her love of family and flowers, of her gifts for sewing and helping friends, of her quick wit and welcoming smile they all eventually got around to describing her the same way.

Aunt Ane always accepted people as they are, and she was the one who made everyone feel welcome. Ane herself would have scoffed at such praise. Nothing special about her, she would have insisted. She just tried to be a good person and help out where she could. Ane was born in Concord when there barely was a Concord. Ane was the second of three children and the second daughter of Lars and Elizabeth Olsen. The Olsen family was very proud of its heritage and remains so today. Elizabeth was the first of 12 children born to the Frank family, which had emigrated from Germany and moved to the Clayton Valley in the s, making it among the first settlers.

She learned to cook and sew and make a home, but she sought her own brand of adventure and rebellion by being one of the few women in the area to get a college education. She then began teaching in the Richmond schools. In the late s, Ane met and fell in love with Benjamin Alvord. Ben was the son of a general and lived all over the world. But he, too, had ties to the Bay Area.

His [great-]uncle was a former mayor of San Francisco. He died in Ane busied herself with social and charity organizations, working with the PTA and other school groups. Esther Johnson met Ane more than 50 years ago when their children entered kindergarten, and the women found themselves doing room mother chores. Esther remembers that Ane was always on the go, always involved with something.

Ane had a definite domestic side, too. She was a whiz with a needle, and she enjoyed several crafts. But she was in her element in front of a sewing machine. Ane always made her own clothes and sewed for family and friends. It was always important to her that she had the sewing machine with her. Her small room was furnished with a bed, a bookcase, her favorite desk and her trusty sewing machine. Ane also loved flowers. She cultivated orchids when she had her own place.

In smaller quarters, she kept her green thumb nimble by doing flower arranging. Her apartment was filled with dozens of books and flower frogs. Some in her position might have sat back, like the queen of the family she was, and waited to be approached.

She just wanted to be part of the family. See the obituary of her daughter Margaret Ane Alvord Pearson in this compilation. On Benjamin Alvord Jr. He names his father, Benjamin Alvord of the same address, as his nearest relative. Remembrances may be sent to Hinds Hospice Home, W. Yale, Suite , Fresno Permission granted by the photographer, Michelle. Joseph Hospital in Orange on Sept. Ann Lynn was born Feb. She was a woman with boundless compassion, faith and love and will be missed by all who knew and loved her.

Ann Lynn is survived by her husband of 46 years, James W. A memorial service to celebrate her life will be held Saturday, Oct. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Hope Lynn Hatch Trust. Permission granted by the photographer, Reba Cox. We included the obituaries of her parents, John D. Died in Redlands, California, Dec. Deceased is survived by her two daughters, Mrs. Hudson Turner, Kellysville, Calif; three sisters, Mrs.

Pearl Thompson, both Lubbock, Texas; Mrs. Funeral services will be held 1 p. Friday, at the F. Arthur Cortner chapel, Rev. See the obituary of her daughter Audrey Ruth Alford Hodson in this compilation. Born in Marysville, Mrs. Alford lived in Hemet five years. Previously she lived in Riverside 25 years. She was a seamstress at the Perris Cleaners for 10 years. She is survived by her husband, Eugene R. No services are planned. Interment will be in Riverside National Cemetery.

Miller-Jones Mortuary in Hemet is handling arrangements. From her Find A Grave memorial: Millie Alford of S. She leaves 7 grandchildren, 13 great grandchildren and 3 great great grandchildren. Funeral Service 10 a.

El camino Mortuary Died Sunday, September 5, Memorial Service 1pm, Sept. She was born on Aug. A rosary will be held on Tuesday, Sept. Arrangements by Fairfield Funeral Home, , fairfieldfuneral-home. Tony spent most of his life living in El Centro, and the last 12 years living in Vancouver, Washington with his family. Tony was a great friend to many and loved his kids with all his heart. A perfect day for Tony was fishing and spending time with his family.

Tony is survived by his wife Shelly Alford; daughters Diana and Cathrin; son Michael; brother Timmy and sister-in-law, Donna Alford; along with many loved nephews and nieces. A memorial service will be held at a later time to celebrate his life. Hamilton-Mylan Funeral Home, SSDI records do not list his death. Archer Edward Alford, 82, of 4th St. He was born in Dundas, Minn. Alford, an Army veteran of World War I, was a retired citrus and poultry rancher. He was member of the Yucaipa Christian Church.

Survivors include his wife, Margaret; a daughter, Virginia Harris of Yucaipa; a son, Ken of Texas, and a granddaughter. Yucaipa Mortuary was in charge of arrangements. Taken by photographer Earl R. See the obituary of his brother Jesse Ellis Alford in this compilation. He passed away peacefully on Monday, December 9th, at the age of He had a heart of a farmer and had farmed most of his life. He moved to Merced County in , where he started to work for Del Monte Corporation when he was 36 years old.

He retired in as a supervisor for the irrigation division. Funeral services were pending. Stratford Evans Merced Chapel were in charge of arrangements. Beloved wife of 35 years of the late Samuel M. Alford ; dearest mother of Virginia A. Barron and husband James of Redwood City, CA; cherished grandmother of six and great grandmother of six.

A resident of San Mateo County for 44 years. Mida had a bubbling and outgoing personality that made her loved by many. She enjoyed bowling and dancing until a few years prior to her passing. Alford, Arthur, 92, of Lancaster, retired self-employed rancher. See the obituary of his daughter Alma Elaine Alford Novak in this compilation. Her obituary lists her father, Arthur Daniel Alford Sr. Alford, 41, was found at 6 AM today, lying dead in his disordered coffee shop. He had been shot over the right eye and in the chest.

Both bullets were fired at close range. Brother of Ernest Alford. Three grandchildren also survive. Alford, Arcie, 61, of N. Ashley is survived by her mother and father, Justin and Janie Alfred of Murrieta, California and by her four sisters: She also had a baby boy, Zion, who was adopted by Charlie and Julie Marquez. Ashley was born prematurely and the doctors did not give any hope of her surviving. However, her mother, father, sisters, and hundreds of other Christian friends began a three day time of prayer and fasting, and God miraculously healed Ashley, and the doctors said it was a miracle She became involved in sports at an early age, in particular basketball and softball, but basketball was her forte.

However, during her years in sports she struggled with asthma and other injuries, but through prayer and determination God enabled her to overcome those obstacles, and she learned to play through the pain as unto the Lord. She was also a very responsible young lady as far as her schooling and education, her work, and paying her bills and financial obligations. She had all the potential for becoming a wonderful, compassionate, responsible, and contributing woman to the adult world she was beginning to enter.

She was attending Mount San Jacinto College and was considering a major in Human Resources, with a minor in Political Science, and she also greatly enjoyed her work at Starbucks where she had made many friends. This past summer she had worked in Colorado Springs with her sister, Anna, on the Jeff Crank campaign for Congress, and everyone she worked with had only good things to say about her work and her ability to work with and communicate with people.

She also greatly enjoyed her American Sign Language course at MSJC, and she had plans of using this in the future in perhaps some type of ministry, or work, or both. Ashley was greatly loved by her parents, sisters, brothers-in-law, nieces, and all of her many friends. She will be missed more than any words can possibly express, but we know that she is with Jesus The Memorial Service for Ashley will be held on Mon. Sun City - Joe Smolinski, Director www.

Ashley Marie Alfred was born on May 16, , in Denver. Ashley died on October 29, , in Wildomar [Riverside Co. Ashley was greatly loved by her entire family and many friends. For further information, you may call Calvary Worship Center: He had worked for many years as a truck driver. Alford is survived by his widow, Valerie and four daughters, Yvonne, Christine, Valerie and Melody and his mother, Mrs.

Ida Nichols, all of Fresno, CA; two brothers: Mary Lou Wenzel of Clovis, Mrs. Doris Mansfield and Mabel Alford, both of Fresno.

A requiem mass will be held Friday at 9 AM in the church. Burial will be in Holy Cross Cemetery. The Lisle Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements. Permission granted by the photographer, Karen Burns. See the obituary of his brother Cecil Brooks Alford in this compilation. She came to the US in , and all four daughters were born in Fresno Co.

Audrey Alford Johnson, 90, died on Wednesday, May 7, She was a homemaker. Johnson is survived by her husband of 57 years, Geoffrey N. Audrey Alford-Johnson, 90, of Escondido died Wednesday. She was born in Bromley, Kent, England, and was a homemaker. Memorial services will be held at 3 p.

Saturday at Galilee Baptist Church in Gunnison Alford was the daughter of Rev. Christian of Alligator, MS and the late Mrs. She was born Oct. After the death of her father when she was 5 years old, she helped her mother run the family business, a hotel in Tucumcari that mainly housed the railroad engineers. It was her job to dust all the furniture, upstairs and downstairs before school. Later her mother ran a boarding house. In , she and her mother moved to Redondo Beach to be closer to her uncle Otis Alford and his family.

She graduated in from Redondo High School, where she met her husband, Ray Hodson, during their senior year. The couple graced the floor of the Mandarin Ballroom in Redondo Beach and the Casino Ballroom on Catalina Island, generally dancing all the way over and back on the ferry with their friends.

They married June 14, , and moved into a house built by the groom as a wedding present for his new bride.

While raising her children, Hodson was active in Cub Scouts, serving as den mother several times, and she helped the parent group of Sacred Heart School. In May she began working in the alteration department of the Harris Co.

At that time, she also began a seamstress business in her home. After her retirement from Harris Co. Survivors include her sons Paul Hodson of Rolla, Mo. Graveside service is 1 p. Emmerson-Bartlett Memorial Chapel in Redlands is handling arrangements. See the obituary of her mother, Ann Melissa Jackson Alford, in this compilation.

Augusta Alford, 88, of Chula Vista died Monday. She was born in Fulshear [Fort Bend Co. Alford was a homemaker. Monday at the mortuary. She passed away on Thursday, April 7, Siegrist and her husband Bob; her stepson, Clarence L. Barbara Alford passed away May 19, , at the age of She was born in Shreveport, La.

Funeral services will occur today, Thursday, May 26, at 11 a. Born in Los Angeles, Mrs. Alford lived in San Bernardino 10 years. Previously she lived in Redlands 64 years. She was a nurse for 20 years at Redlands Community Hospital. Alford received a certificate of recognition for service in foster care from San Bernardino County.

She helped establish a memorial at Jennie Davis Park in Redlands for service people who died in combat. Alford is survived by her husband of 56 years, Frank ; three sons, Daniel of San Bernardino, Philip of Yucaipa and Robert of Redlands; five grandchildren; three great-grandchildren; and a sister, Betty Bethel of Highland.

Services will be at Graveside services will be at noon Monday at Riverside National Cemetery. Barbara Jean Alford, 74, of Westminster, a retired finisher, died Jan. Sunday, Westminster Memorial Park. Berlin Alford died Saturday, Oct. Hoyt-Cole Chapel of the Flowers is handling the arrangements. Alford was a native of Gravity, Iowa, and lived in Tracy 31 years. She was a lab technician for Holly Sugar Corp.

A graveside service is scheduled at 2 p. Thursday at Tracy Public Cemetery. Visitation will be from 1 p. Fry Memorial Chapel, Tracy, in charge of arrangements. See the obituary of her husband, Roy Alford, in this compilation. It includes a photo of their shared gravestone. CA Deaths lists Bernita H. Adored wife, mother, grandmother, sister. A truly caring and loving person and a very talented violinist.

She will be deeply missed by all who knew and loved her. She will remain in our hearts forever. Bertha MI 1 , Benjamin Russia 2. Alford, 68, a homemaker, died on September 2 at her home.

Memorial services were held on Thursday at St. She was a long-time resident of New Mexico before moving to Coarsegold to be with her son and his family. Alford is survived by her husband of 40 years, Victor.

Alford in this compilation We included the obituary of her father-in-law, William Lloyd Alford, in Louisiana Obituaries. It was in that Dr. Wednesday afternoon a solemn cortege passed through our streets and wended its way to the dotted hillside overlooking the town.

The white-plumed hearse bore the remains of Miss Bertha Alford, and when the long procession halted and the casket was carried to the family burial plot, there surrounded it friends almost innumerable.

The services preceding the burial were at the North Ferndale home of W. Alford and wife, uncle and aunt of the departed.

Farnworth officiated and delivered the funeral address, and Rev. Coombe of San Francisco, who had known the deceased since the days of her childhood, offered a fervent prayer.

The choir was composed of Mrs. Scott and Chas H. The floral offerings were lovely in the extreme, and told far better than words can express of the great esteem in which the departed was held. Until late twilight Wednesday evening our people continued to visit the new-made mound in the cemetery on the hill, and sad though it all was, it was a beautiful sight to behold, for the little enclosure was a mass of garlands, bouquets, wreaths and flower bedecked pieces of various designs.

Bertha Marion Alford was the only child of the late Dr. Frank Alford and Mary R. Alford, now of Eureka, a niece of W. Alford and wife, and Deputy County Recorder T. Richmond and wife of Eureka, and a cousin to Clyde C. Hazel Alford of Ferndale, and Mr.

Max Richmond of San Francisco. She was born in Ferndale and [illegible] her health declining at the home of her uncle and aunt [illegible] Deputy Recorder Thos W. Richmond and wife in Eureka, at The cause of this illness was probably in a great measure due to overstudy, for she was ambitious in the extreme, but be that as it may, she failed to improve, and some eleven weeks ago [illegible] and brought her back with her.

The very best of medical care was secured, but her malady battled all efforts, and her young life went out, and even at a time when but a few days previous some hope had been entertained for her final recovery.

In chronicling the death of this beautiful young woman, and we use the term beautiful in all that the word implies, the writer of this article performs one of the saddest duties of his life.

From her infancy he has known her, for nearly 23 years ago his home was with her father and mother and in the family he lived for many months. Bertha was then but 3 years of age, and well does he remember her as one of the loveliest little girls, and with whom he soon became a fast and loyal friend.

We saw her grow from babyhood to girlhood, and from girlhood to womanhood, and during all these years we have regarded her almost as our own. Permission granted by the photographer, Celeste Wideman. See the obituary of her uncle William B.

Betty Echols, 79, of Stockton died Sunday [February 17] at home. She was born in Weleetka, Oklahoma, and lived in Stockton for 20 years. She was a caregiver for in-home care for 30 years.

Burial was in Stockton Rural Cemetery. In , Weleetka, Okfuskee Co. Most of the 30 or so Alfords in this county in are recognized as descendants of Solomon Alford, b. Heritage of an African American Family about this branch of the family.

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