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FC Santa Coloma 0 - 2 Drita The runway is still viewable. It was a good trip and I plan on going back again sometime. Craig, Do you remember a few years ago when I helped to reunite you with your Vietnam lighter? However, if you like to spice up your outfit, the black and blue crocodile leather version upgrades the style of the bag.

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Pariez en ligne Bonus offert. Discussions les plus populaires. Danemark 0 - 0 France. Nigeria 1 - 2 Argentine. Islande 1 - 2 Croatie. FC Santa Coloma 0 - 2 Drita. La Fiorita 0 - 2 Lincoln Red Imps. Khimki 2 - 1 Zorkiy. Opava 2 - 3 FC Nitra. Sepsi 1 - 1 CFR Cluj. Ludogorets 3 - 1 Akhmat Grozny. Zrinjski 1 - 1 Yenisey. Proleter Novi Sad 0 - 2 Rubin Kazan'.

Arsenal Tula 1 - 1 V-Varen Nagasaki. Mura 1 - 4 Ural. Dinamo Vranje 2 - 1 Radnik Surdulica. Lafnitz 3 - 5 Mattersburg. Stuttgart II 0 - 1 Austria Lustenau. Wehen Wiesbaden 4 - 1 Schott Mainz. Mandel United 0 - 2 Courtrai. Herk 0 - 6 Saint-Trond. Lochristi 1 - 9 Lokeren. Annan Athletic 2 - 4 Stranraer. Airdrieonians 1 - 1 Stirling Albion. Cleburne 2 - 2 Texas United. At age 13 he quit school and began working as a bus driver. In , when he was 24, he and other 87 Vietnamese people escaped from their native country by boat.

The San Francisco Chronicle. Archived from the original on July 21, Retrieved from " https: Vietnamese people Lists of Vietnamese people Lists of people by nationality. Webarchive template wayback links CS1 maint: Does anyone remember Vinnie DePaulo not sure about the spelling.

This is Vinny DePaola. Just found this site yesterday. We spent some good times together during my short time in country Sept. Wish I had discovered the site sooner so we could have reconnected. Hope you are well. I was at the team HQ, Sr. I knew his SGT. We too were At the 5th Div Hqs just across the street from the Sr.

I left in Early December. I was there when President Kennedy was assinated and when the Vietnames President Diem and his brother was overthrown. Hope to hear from you soon. But, I will check with my family.

I am a high school class mate of Capt. He was from Miami, Fl but I cannot find his burial place. I have visited several other cemeteries in Miami but am unable to locate his grave site. I also have not found a military picture of him. I have pictures of Sammy from our high school.

Can anyone give me advise how I might find his grave site or locate pictures of him in service? I maybe reached at altownsel altownselinc. Hello Alphonso,My father was also in Team He died in and is also buried at Miami Memorial Park.

I have heen to Miami Memorial Park many times over the last 48 years. I do not remember ever seeing the gravesite of Capt. I will double check at their office next time I am there. Good luck in your search. We were both at the Team Headquarters in Bien Hoa. Is there any chance he was related to your family? Thank you for your response. You are correct Capt. I have recent information as to his burial place and can soon confirm. Again thank you for you response.

I was there that night when Sammy got killed , it was feb 1st about 4 am or so. I was with the artillery liaison. Sgt Gregory Gray was also killed and 3 others wounded. A us tank save my life by a mere second. I was with capt Stewart the morning he lost his life. It was feb 1st , not the 11th TET 68 sgtv68 aol. Sammys actions help save my life sgtv68 aol.

Hello Jesus, I may be reached at rpadron99 aol. You can email at hgarcia87 hotmail. Hello Jesus, My father was Capt. He was born on 30 April, in Matanzas, Cuba. He fled Cuba on 19, April, after the communist takeover. He returned to Cuba as a 2nd Lt. He was one of only a few to elude capture in the swamps and make it to the Colombian Embassy in Havana. My father was good friends with another Cuban-American soldier, Cpt. Our families are still very close.

God bless America and good luck on your book. I wonder if your father was a Captain leading 2 companies of Mike Force in Binh Long province in ? I met a captain of Cuban descent who had been in the Bay of Pigs mess. They provided security around our air strip during a high threat time and also were inserted in the jungle to find a NVA hospital which turned out to be a regiment.

I FACed the extraction and all but 3 were wounded or dead but all were extractred. Hello Lou, I am really sorry to hear about Larry Stith. We had just started corresponding since he found this web site.

I have a terrific picture of him working at his desk at Lai Khe. Condolences and best wishes to his family from all of us that knew him and worked with him during that sometimes dangerous time. It is with a heavy heart that will tell you that my friend and our brother Larry Stith, Team 70, , has died. Funeral arrangements will follow.

He will be sorely missed by all who knew him. We both hit the floor very quickly. Some shrapnel actually went through my hootch so I might have been at the right place at the right time. When we communicated a few months ago we both remembered that day.

We both really enjoyed it. Those are the type of things you always remember. Larry was a good friend and a terrific guy and will really be missed. I hope his family is aware of this website. Hello, I was wondering if anyone served with my father Sgt Steven Zeller, he was an RTO with the 9th regional combat assistance team, advisory team 70 5th division combat assistance team.

He was for sure there august to October but probably longer. The last name of Zeller sounds familiar. Hi Bob, thanks for the reply it gives me a place to start anyway. I remember some exciting experiences while a member of Team 70, But age and memory has caused me to forget the names of most of my friends and acquaintences from May God bless all of you who served.

Ken, hope you are well. Are you in Virginia? Should get together for a lunch one day. I did not work at the MARS station. I was the advisor to the 5th logistical BN. I left in December of and have since connected with Mike McMunn. Hope to make it in November but not sure at this time. Team 70 was the best assignment that I had in my 21 year military career and I was glad to have been part of the team. Hello Bill — You and I left the team just about the same time. Did you ever come into the G-2 office at Lai Khe for maps or to register a war trophy?

We might have met. I remembered your name from somewhere and then I saw that you and I were on the same awards order dated 5 December Did you move on to another assignment or finally done with the Army? I still had a year to go and moved further south back to Lam Son. Larry, I did ship a war trophy home and that must have been when I met you. I would remain in the army for another 8 years and I retired in with 21 years active military service.

I have always considered my time with team 70 as the best assignment I ever had. I hope to attend the reunion but not sure at this point. The team members always worked well together and I considered the people in team 70 to be some of the best I have ever served with.

Please stay in touch and we may get to meet at the reunion. To Richard Gotch , thanks for the reply — I cannot remember their names I hope we get to meet in Nov. How long did it last? I really hope we can pull off a reunion in Nov. For everyone reading this I had a reunion in New Jersey with one man and we asked a local VFW if we could use their facility and they let us. A captain replaced me as senior advisor and a Lt who jumped of the chopper that flew me out to Lam Son on my way state side.

By chance do you know their names and if they made it out? I was advisor to 3rd Bn 7th Regt — I was with the 1st div. My other 1st Infantry team members were Maj. I was Sp4 Jerry Barrett. McGowan once at Ft. Sill in , but had no contact with anyone from Tm 70 until I found this site in late They are planning a reunion in DC in November.

I hope plans for this is posted on line. I was wondering if you were my replacement after I left in Feb and also if you remember my team member brothers? Any info on them? I would surely love to see and talk with them. I will be 70 yrs old in November and feel like I am living on borrowed time.

I live in Georgia. Want to talk Hope to meet new and old friends in November. Big Red One attached to Tm The other members were CPT. Did you know any of these guys?

I have lost contact since leaving Nam. It would me great to be able to talk with them. Good to see you on this site. Have a great Christmas and New Year. I joined the Team under fire while moving into Trung An outpost. The basic purpose of the site is for Team Vets to find each other.

Many of the follow ups with former colleagues are done off the site and directly between individuals. In the tab Website Guidelines on the site home page is a recommendation to coordinate any reunion details directly among participants and not through the site. This keeps the site free of any references to commercial activities including airlines, hotels and travel agencies. Count me in also. I may be of some help setting it up since my children live in the D. I live in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

Note that time period in D. Dudbridge any chance we crossed paths at Gosney? I remember an individual who had a bronze star with either one or two oak leaf clusters. Just found this website and felt compelled to send a note.

After I found this website, I read off some of the comments to him. He initially worked for COL Hayes and remembers him well, he laughed at the snake and duck story. He remembered the another story about the snake getting out one night and loose in the area….. Wondering if anyone remembers the dates or has any pictures to share.

Not to tell stories or look at old pictures. Not to laugh or weep. Comrades gather because they long to be with the men who once acted at their best; men who suffered and sacrificed, who were stripped of their humanity. I did not pick these men.

They were delivered by fate and the military. But I know them in a way I know no other men. I have never given anyone such trust. They were willing to guard something more precious than my life. They would have carried my reputation, the memory of me for the rest of their lives. It was part of the bargain we all made, the reason we were so willing to die for one another.

As long as I have memory, I will think of them all, every day. I am sure that when I leave this world, my last thought will be of my family and my comrades… Such good men. I remember your father very well. He then managed our move from Lam Son to Lai Khe. Not many like him. Pass on my regards. Lott was dispatched to greet the 4 star general— At the chopper Lt. Lott was only greeted by another Lt.

I believe he was friends with Capt Parlow, I had contact with him about 6 years ago. He lives in Minnesota and when I find his address I am going to tell him about this website. I liked your post about your feelings of those you served with. I also think of Viet Nam every day of my life. The days, weeks, and the months are ticking by—for all reading this, where are we going to meet?

Thanks both Mike and Bob. I really appreciate the anecdotes. It seems, a generation or two later, those kinds of funny things still happen in the Army and I guess always will. A couple of other anecdotes: We took over about a 2 square block area within the ARVN perimeter, an area previously inhabited by units of the 1st Infantry Div. In the early days, we would spend half of our days performing advisory duties and the rest of the day improving the advisor compound by erecting B wire, filling sandbags for machinegun emplacements, and painting sun-dried wood that soaked up paint like a sponge.

Lott wanted to make it into the compound chapel and, of course a chapel must be white. We painted that building everyday for a week before it even gave an appearance of looking white. We must have gone through 50 gallons of paint. In the end I remember him saying that the paint job looked like hell but that the cross at the top sure looked great!

Another story if I may: At about hrs there was an explosion on or very close to the compound. Per SOP my orders were: I rang and rang the field phone to his hootch with no answer. At that point I was worried he had been injured by the explosion or if he had been fragged. It turned out a drunk soldier from a Signal unit housed on the compound pulled the pin on a grenade and tossed it near one of the guard posts. Fortunately, no one was harmed but it made for an interesting night.

Thanks for the post. And for anyone who may know — back the the question on the engagement some time in the Fall of 69…. Daybreak brought CAS and helicopter gunships which broke up the enemy.

All the details I know, other than my father said ARVN soldiers fought bravely in the engagement and through the night…. Hey bob I was with Col Hayes and your dad at Lamson and lai khe. When boy was loose the other players were decidedly nervous and their focus was shattered. Col Hayes made up hid losses while Boy slithered around the room.

Those Thursday night poker games were legendary. There was a navy Lt. One of the players who would fly in for the game was s Ltc named Beckwith. You will orobably be impressed. I think my assignment to advisory team 70 was one of the highlights of my career.

I remember Ltc Lott well. He was one of the good guys. My email is rpadron99 aol. Robert I never met your father. I did meet and at times worked with his replacement, as well as his actual team members actual names still escape me.

I do remember that he was held in high regard especially for his prior military exploits. I was not there during the actual downing of that CH. However, having participated in numerous flights in and out of Song Be subject to hostile sniper fire, it is my belief that a sniper on Nui Ba Ra got lucky with a small arms round to the tail rotor. Those chopper pilots were highly skilled at knowing exactly what their aircraft was capable of handling.

I was in and out of Song Be once a month on the pay chopper. I believe we had two advisors killed. One was a boy I knew as we came into country together. We had to take evasive action as they locked onto our chopper. According to the pilot, we were lucky to evade the rocket.

We were under mortar attack that day while on the ground. I just found this web site. My memory of those years should return and would like to hear from anyone, I have several hundred slides stored somewhere in my house and will share them. My father was with Advisory Team 70 from July — July Hi John, Yes, I had a huge memory flood especially reading certain parts.

I also am thankful for my place in the organization, but then we all had our part to play. It was truly an interesting book because many parts were real. I am not much into the organizing. He may have some info. Maybe the current occupants of the White House would put us up?

I love DC, great place. To everyone who reads this I hope God has blessed your lives. Oh those were the days. If my math is right that was 50 years ago when I left the Nam, back to the world. Obviously, I am just throwing this out to get the conversation started.

The other thing is to start getting some idea of how many may attend. I would be honored to attend. Hello Larry, glad to hear you had a good trip. I am hoping to hook up in Nov in DC. Would be very cool. How are you doing? Was nice to meet you and your wife on your trip south. See you, Chuck- Sampson Scooper 4 , over, the only call sign I can remember that we used.

Chuck, sorry for not checking in sooner. Things are great no complaints at this point. Was there a meeting in San Diego? Chuck I saw your picture on Facebook. If there is a reunion we should all bring pictures. Hello Mike, no problem, good to see your post. I can not make it to San Diego. Larry Eagon must have posted the picture.

I may have if it was on Facebook. Nov would be terrific for s reunion. Glad to hear you are doing well. Same here, very blessed. Hope to see you before the days slip away. I think your suggestion about anyone who is familiar with facilities in the DC, Arlington, Alexandria area might be able to make some contacts and see what might be available. It would be nice if we could get a general idea of how many folks might be interested.

I know Tom Boyle and myself are interested. Tom, I came into the team in June, No problem with remembering me. He has a picture of you and Lou in his archive. I worked in the admin office first as a typist and later ran the message center. I visited each office twice a day so I got to know most everyone at Gosney Compound. I remember that after the swimming pool was built I almost drowned you horsing around in the pool. You had some lung problem. Scared the hell out of me. Hi All, By Jan 71 the plastic liner in the swimming pool had become infected with some kind of bacteria.

Several people got bad rashes so the whole thing was closed down and the liner was taken out. It sat empty for awhile until some of the engineering guys assigned to Team 91 scrounged rebar and cement and built a really first class pool. Everyone on the team helped out when they were pouring and finishing the concrete.

It sure was nice on some of those hot days. Too much guard duty and too many drinks at the EM Club. My name is Greg Skalany. Beside doing generator repair on the compound and two other sites, I was tasked with keeping the pool area clean.

I remember painting the surrounding fence. I also ran the special services photo lab at night, and processed mission photos from our pilots. I went back to Lai Khe in The first thing I do every morning is check this sight for new postings. We all carried on a proud tradition of serving in the United States Military. This will be one of only a few opportunities we all have left to get together. One of this group should be able to get a place we could all meet on Veterans Day Nov.

I thank all of you for making my tour a Honored tradition and a memory I think of every day. If we are serious about a reunion on November 11, I am definitely in. What do we want to do?

A get-together at a DC pub, visit the Wall as a group, dinner at a great restaurant at Eden Center in Falls Church, or all of the above? We need a thinker like you to organize give the orders and the troops will follow. When I was younger and more healthy I would have gladly put it together but I cannot do it now. Everyone else reading this think about it, maybe someone knows of a hotel that will sponsor us a meeting room or a hall where we can gather and meet.

I just sent an email to Tom telling him you mentioned him. I was there later Jan 70 — Jan 71 but saw you mention Tom Boyle.

Tom is a very good friend of mine and I have been trying to get him to post here. Maybe this will get him out of the weeds. We live in the same general community and he, his wife and I got together last Thursday evening.

If he does not respond here let me know and I will give you his email address after I check with him. We saw each other the last couple days there. I believe he was from New Jersey when we served at Gosney. Tom Bacon, glad you got back OK. Everyone…it was great to read through all the comments and things remembered for us all over 46 to 50 years ago.

It was a trip back to a time. I was and still am proud to have served my time with Warriors who jobs were to assist those in the field. I was at Gosney Compound Oct 67 through Oct Welcome home to all and prayers for those who have passed.

Who did you work for! I mostly hung out with the guys at G2. Lost my High School ring in the big field outside Gosney…anyone find it? The fact that Mike and I are in the same town and had served in Team 70, a few years apart, was a great suprise. I am glad that this site is here so us old war horses can get in touch with each other. I remember our time in Sidney and still laugh about the ladies there not liking facial hair.

Welcome home to all my brothers from the teams especially Team I agree that the get together is a great idea and would be fantastic.

I met and married a lady from PA and have lived there since. Tom, got the pictures from Scotty today that you and Fred put together. I would also be interested in a reunion later this year. I have had a great ride, have some health issues now but the VA has taken very good care of me.

Larry, I would also like to read the book! Do you know, or anybody know where to find it? They thought smoke grenade cause they took off my jeep.

Jim, I got it on Amazon. I checked libraries all around my area, but no one had it. Maybe some other used book sites might have it, but I had a credit at Amazon. They sent it very quickly. Unbelievable, what some went through. I will say, it got my emotions going. From anger to hate, and laughter. Not that it was funny, it was just so ridiculous, what Jerry Harris had to go through. I had forgotten the Pizza Hut reference. I guess that is artistic license. I did go through Oakland when I returned.

I did not get a uniform issue there as I left RVN in khakis. The book was interesting to me since back when it was written there were few books, fiction or non-fiction, written about advisors and it hit home being somewhat based on Team 70 itself. Mike, Many parts of it hit home with me also. It had a real authentic atmosphere. I suspect he created a composite to tell stories he heard about plus his own experience. I left RVN in khakis also.

Thanks for telling us about the book. Thanks for telling me about this group. I just started reading the posts and saw this one. We went outside the advisors compound gate and got a pizza at a hut, or at least I thing we did.

It was a long time ago. Neither of us were sober. To say the least I was not a happy camper!! Remember now SA was Col. Scared us both, Ha, Ha. Spent all my time with the ARVN and picking up prisoners. Probably wrong, but I was told they where way over loaded. Anybody hear anything like that. On page 85 it says a Chinook was made to hold 33 and they had 50 on board when it crashed at Song Be. An interesting coincidence, at least for me, from the book. In the first few pages he recounts being at the auto race in Germany when driver Jimmy Clark was killed.


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