However, Ungar indicated that pride in his own skill would not allow him to do this; apparently he could not stand the idea of someone having a victory against him, even an illegitimate one. He preferred to take a taxicab virtually anywhere he went, even from his home in Las Vegas to the casinos which was only a short trip. Ungar never had a bank account in his own name, preferring to keep his money in safe deposit boxes in hotels across Las Vegas. Guaranteed 3 day delivery. We try to publish only the most interesting video that will give you an incredible feeling of "Pussy Space" is what you need in the lonely moments of life! Number of Players Go to previous slide - Shop by Min.

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After another player plays a Draw 4 or Draw 2 card, play the Super Star Card to pass the card power back to that player. Ungar won or finished high in so many gin tournaments that several casinos asked him to not play in them because many players said they would not enter if they knew Ungar was playing.

Baxter noted when Ungar first entered the room, Baxter did not believe he was his opponent because of Ungar's youthful looks and small stature. Baxter also said that during their match, a Coca-Cola crate had to be placed on Ungar's chair so he could reach the table. Though he is nowadays more well known for his poker accomplishments, Ungar regarded himself as a better gin rummy player, once stating,. Some day, I suppose it's possible for someone to be a better no limit hold 'em player than me.

I doubt it, but it could happen. But, I swear to you, I don't see how anyone could ever play gin better than me. Stu finished 34th of 41 players. Poker legend Doyle Brunson remarked that it was the first time he had seen a player improve as the tournament went on. Ungar won the main event, defeating Brunson to become the youngest champion in its history surpassed first by Phil Hellmuth in , then others.

Ungar looked even younger than he was, and was dubbed "The Kid. Ungar was nearly not allowed to defend his title. Several days before the main event, he was banned from Binion's Horseshoe by Benny Binion because he spat in the face of a dealer after losing a sizable pot in a high-stakes game. It was only when Binion's son, Jack , interceded and convinced his father to let Ungar play, citing the media attention that the defending champion would attract. In the World Series of Poker , Ungar won his fourth bracelet.

Ungar's prodigy-level IQ and total recall [3] contributed to his blackjack card counting abilities, which were so sharp that he was frequently banned from playing in casinos; he was eventually unable to play blackjack in Las Vegas or anywhere else. Ungar won the bet. Ungar was fined in by the New Jersey Gaming Commission for allegedly cheating while playing blackjack in an Atlantic City casino. The casino said that Ungar "capped" a bet put extra chips on a winning hand after it was over to be paid out more , something he vehemently denied.

Ungar believed that his memory and card counting ability were natural skills and thus he did not need to cap bets or partake in any form of blackjack cheating. In his biography, Ungar claimed he was consequently so exhausted from travel and court proceedings that he was not able to successfully defend his WSOP main event title. Since Ungar was a known card counter, the casino managers agreed on the condition that his betting would have a high and a low limit a limited spread , which, they presumed would render useless Ungar's card counting ability.

However, in the game of single-deck blackjack, playing strategy i. Ungar's mother had died in It was also around this time that Ungar began using cocaine. He noted in his biography that at first he used it on the advice of fellow poker players because of the drug's ability to keep someone up and energized for a long period of time, something that would come in handy during marathon poker sessions. However, recreational use soon led to addiction. Ungar and Madeline were married in and had a daughter, Stefanie, that same year.

Ungar also legally adopted Madeline's son from her first marriage, Richie, who adored Ungar and took his surname. Ungar and Madeline divorced in Ungar's drug problem escalated to such a point that during the WSOP Main Event in , Ungar was found on the third day of the tournament unconscious on the floor of his hotel room from a drug overdose.

His addiction took such a physical toll that in an ESPN piece, many of Ungar's friends and fellow competitors said that they thought that he would not live to see his fortieth birthday.

In the same piece, one friend said that the only thing that kept him alive was his determination to see his daughter grow up. Most of Ungar's winnings at the poker table he lost quickly betting on sports or horses, always looking for "action". Many of Ungar's friends, including Mike Sexton , began to encourage him to enter drug rehab. Ungar refused, citing several people he knew who had been to rehab previously who told him that drugs were easier to obtain in rehab than on the street.

In , Ungar was deeply in debt and clearly showed physical damage from his years of addiction. Ungar was exhausted on the tournament's first day as he had been up for over 24 hours straight trying to raise or borrow enough money to play in the event. At one point midway through the first day of play, Ungar began to fall asleep at his table and told Mike Sexton who was also playing he didn't think he could make it. After encouragement from Sexton and a tongue lashing from Baxter, Ungar settled in and made it through the day.

During the tournament, Ungar kept a picture of his daughter Stefanie in his wallet, and regularly called her with updates on his progress. Following an up and down first day, Ungar showed up for each subsequent day well rested and mentally sharp.

He would go on to amass a large chip lead and carry the lead into the final table. Ungar was so highly regarded at this point that local bookies made him the favorite to win the tournament over the entire field, an extreme rarity.

Ungar went on to win the main event for the record-setting third time. After his victory, which was taped for broadcast by ESPN, Ungar was interviewed by Gabe Kaplan , and he showed the picture of his daughter to the camera, and dedicated his win to her. Ungar was dubbed "The Comeback Kid" by the Las Vegas media because of the span sixteen years between his main event wins, as well as his past drug abuse. During the WSOP, Ungar wore a pair of round, cobalt blue tinted sunglasses to, according to co-biographer Peter Alson, "hide the fact that his nostrils had collapsed from cocaine abuse.

Ungar spent all of his WSOP prize money over the course of the next few months, mainly on drugs and sports betting. He attempted to give up drugs several times at the behest of Stefanie but stayed clean for only weeks at a time before relapsing. However, ten minutes before play started, Ungar told Baxter he was tired and did not feel like playing. Ungar later said the real reason he chose not to play in the event was due to his drug abuse in the weeks prior to the tournament.

He noted that he felt showing up in his current condition would be more embarrassing than not showing up at all. He lived in and out of various Las Vegas hotels, rarely leaving his room. Ungar was also spotted walking around various Las Vegas poker rooms begging for money. He often said the money was to get him back on the poker tables, but would instead use it to purchase crack , which he now had to use instead of cocaine because his nasal membranes were so damaged he could no longer snort the drug, while crack could be smoked through a pipe.

Not long after, many pros, some Ungar's former friends, refused to stake him or give him any money until he cleaned himself up. Ungar was also arrested for possession of crack cocaine during this time. In October , Bob Stupak made an arrangement to stake Ungar to several tournaments over a period of time. On November 20, , Ungar checked into room No.

On November 22, he was found in the room deceased, lying on the floor, fully clothed and with the television off. An autopsy showed traces of drugs in Ungar's system, but not enough to have directly caused his death. The medical examiner concluded that his death was the result of a heart condition brought on by years of drug abuse.

Stupak took up a collection at Ungar's funeral to raise funds to pay for the services. Ungar was noted for his ultra-aggressive playing style and well-timed bluffs. Mike Sexton said that Ungar's chips were constantly in motion, and he was described by a fellow professional poker player during the World Series of Poker as having a clairvoyant ability to see his opponents' hole cards.

Several of Ungar's financial backers have commented that he could have earned an immeasurable amount more over his career had he been more of a 'hustler', giving his opponents the false belief they could beat him and thus be willing to risk more money trying.

However, Ungar wanted to beat his opponents as soundly as possible, and he often insulted those whose skills he felt were inferior to his own. In his biography, Ungar also noted several opponents who offered to pay him to lose a gin match on purpose in order to collect a large side bet. The opponent would have someone else place the bet, and upon winning they would split the large payoff with Ungar. However, Ungar indicated that pride in his own skill would not allow him to do this; apparently he could not stand the idea of someone having a victory against him, even an illegitimate one.

Ungar, who held , thought for a few seconds and said to Matloubi, "You have or so I'm gonna call you with this" and flipped over his high to win the pot and bust Matloubi, who in fact held exactly one of the hands Ungar said he did.

Growing up with street smart wiseguys such as Romano often presented Ungar with some interesting situations later on in his adult life. Ungar was once at an airport attempting to fly out of the United States to Europe for a poker tournament with several fellow pros.

All of Ungar's friends had passports, but he did not. Ungar did not even have a Social Security number until after his WSOP win and that was only because he was forced to obtain one in order to collect his winnings.

Upon telling the airport customs agent he needed the passport immediately to leave the country, the agent replied that for a small fee, they could push the necessary forms through quicker for him. Ungar misconstrued this as meaning the agent was requesting a bribe, something he was used to back in New York when with Romano. However the agent was actually referring to a small "expedite fee" that was common for all passport applicants. The agent was going to call the police and have Ungar arrested for attempting to bribe a public official before his fellow poker players stepped in and smoothed things out.

At one point Ungar was being staked by Las Vegas mob enforcer Anthony "The Ant" Spilotro , and showed up at Spilotro's house after having been gone for two days he was supposed to check in to report his take every day with a gun in his waistband. Through a slit in the doorway, Spilotro's son Vincent witnessed his father beat Ungar brutally, not for losing money or not having reported, but for the disrespect of bringing a gun into his home.

Ungar's relationship with Spilotro was one that helped define Las Vegas of the s.

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