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Reservations can be made by calling and the casino ship's website should be fully operational within a couple of days, Greene said. Flood cites the advantages: Lucky Nugget Online Casino. November 7, By Arlene Satchell, Staff writer. Do Heat appreciate magnitude of Game 5? Casino ship nearly ready to sail from Port of Palm

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Since news of the service got out earlier this year, the Palm Beach County port has received calls from former Palm Beach Princess customers from northern Broward County to Martin County, officials said. Reservations can be made by calling and the casino ship's website should be fully operational within a couple of days, Greene said.

So far, the Black Diamond is seeing "overwhelming response" from the public as evidenced by the number of calls seeking reservations, Greene noted. Black Diamond casino cruises are ready to go. Gambling ship set to depart Port of Palm Beach at 7 p. November 7, By Arlene Satchell, Staff writer. Black Diamond's schedule should operate as follows: The Palm Beach Princess ceased operations there in early Can Bosh, Wade break out of their funk? Do Heat appreciate magnitude of Game 5?

Could Heat find value in NBA free agency? Would Heat give Peace a chance? Find More Stories About. The ship offers Vegas-style casino action including multiple-line slots and traditional table games. For six hours, guests can wander the decks trying their luck. When they get hungry, or when money runs out, they can enjoy fine buffet food and entertainment.

The ship's prices are quite reasonable. When not gambling, guests can savor different international dishes at a world buffet and partake of drinks and dancing at Big Norm's Club V. Those who enjoy sipping cocktails by the sea can relax with a frosty drink at the Coral Side Tiki Bar.

Also like the Big M, costs rise a bit for guests who plan to partake of a meal. Florida witnessed the recent rise and fall of a new casino ship in Palm Beach called the "Black Diamond. The ship, operated out of Port Palm Beach, offered nightly gambling cruises and also morning cruises Wednesday through Sunday. Passengers enjoyed bingo , sports betting, a floor of slot machines, and table games like baccarat , blackjack, and roulette.

Evening cruises featured a sit-down dinner and live piano entertainment. Unfortunately for Black Diamond customers, the ship closed down in February without fulfilling all of its reservations.

Unfortunately for the people employed by the cruise line, their employer abruptly cut them off that same month, only three months after the grand opening. As of February 19, , employees had not been paid and customers with reservations had not been refunded. Employees of the gambling ship found out about the cessation of their employment in an unfortunate way. CEO Steven Craig claimed he was going to tell them about the boat's closure, but dragged his feet so long that an on-site reporting news channel, WPTV News 5 out of Palm Beach, broke the news to the employees instead.

According to reporters, employees who had shown up for work began to cry as they realized that not only was their place of employment closing, but also that their paychecks were nowhere to be found. Craig explained to News 5 reporters that the ship was closing for a while, and if it re-opened in the future, he would call some of the employees back. This revelation caused quite an angry stir amongst Palm Beach community members.

One commenter indicated that she would have loved to take a day cruise on the ship, but had no idea it was even there. Speculations as to what caused the business's early and abrupt demise included the fact that CEO Craig did very little advertising. Many community members did not even know the service existed. Island Breeze is an owner and operator of entertainment cruise ships whose goal is to lead the cruise ship entertainment industry.

The company plans to make renovations to the boat and open its doors to the public for day cruises starting in August, Unlike the Black Diamond, the Island Breeze company plans to advertise heavily.

Gambling ship set to depart Port of Palm Beach at 7 p.m.

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