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Two night minimum stay on weekends for July and August. Ray Halbritter Oneida , opened a gas station known as SavOn across the street. The rest of the movie was filmed in Estudios Churubusco soundstages. The agreement resolved multiple legal issues between the parties. Keep reading for more great places to see in New York.

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Not to mention the bizarre detour through Yosemite National Park. Seriously, the scene takes place right under Half Dome.

This is a particular favorite country for a lot of low budget Hong Kong movies to double for the US and other countries due to the different kinds of urban cities, beaches and deep jungles. The Philippines also doubled for Thailand in Brokedown Palace. For rather obvious reasons , Moscow has often been California Doubled, for example by Vienna in Firefox.

Vienna also doubled for Bratislava in The Living Daylights for much the same reason. Helsinki, Finland also has a reputation as standing in for Moscow in many American films, such as Reds and Gorky Park. Sort of averted in Red Heat - Budapest another one! Doctor Zhivago was shot with different Spanish locations especially in the province of Soria standing for Siberia. Soria has also doubled as Cimmeria in the first Conan the Barbarian movie.

Interestingly, the makers of Doctor Zhivago actually tried to get permission to film in the Soviet Union. You wouldn't think they'd have bothered, seeing how the original novel was already banned in the Soviet Union, but maybe they wanted to be sure.

The producers of Fiddler on the Roof scouted locations across Eastern Europe but finally settled on Yugoslavia largely because they couldn't get permission to film in other countries.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being , set in the Prague Spring, was filmed in France and Switzerland as communist Czechoslovakia still existed at the time. Ironically, the Czech Republic would later become a frequent target of this trope. A rare, pre- glasnost exception is a adaptation of The Blue Bird , which was the first ever International Coproduction between the U. The movie was filmed in English, on location in Moscow and Leningrad present-day St.

It was quite a Troubled Production due to the language and culture barriers. Also, Jane Fonda annoyed the Russian crew by following them around and constantly talking about communism. To add insult to the injury, the film bombed disastrously at the box office. This was inverted by Amadeus , which is set in Vienna, but was filmed in Prague. This is because the film is a Period Piece and Prague was somewhat behind the times due to the wonders of communism.

And movies set in Tibet have been filmed in the mountains of Argentina and Morocco. There is a Russian reversal of the trope. However, the most glorious example is the Crimean peninsula, with its uniquely diverse natural and cultural landscape. The Sorcerer has a scene set in a New York airport. Tropic Thunder was shot almost entirely in Hawaii, despite being set in Vietnam or at least around the South-East Asian area. It's just a location playing a location disguised as another location.

The Transformers movie filmed scenes set in the Middle East in the White Sands military bombing range, in New Mexico, once again for fairly obvious reasons. Revenge of the Fallen 's climactic battle in Egypt was also filmed at White Sands. The opening scene set in an industrial area of Shanghai was filmed at the former Bethlehem Steel plant in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Dark of the Moon had Chicago, aside from portraying itself, double for Sam's apartment in Washington D.

The Chernobyl scenes were filmed around northwest Indiana again, for obvious reasons , while Detroit stood in for some scenes in Chicago. Age of Extinction has Michigan and Chicago doubling for China though production actually filmed there later. The outdoors scenes of Los Angeles in the original Total Recall were actually Mexico City; ostensibly because the design, cleanliness and architecture of Mexico City's subway stations have a futuristic look to them.

Many other exterior shots were filmed in public roadways and plazas. The rest of the movie was filmed in Estudios Churubusco soundstages.

The film on the other hand was obviously filmed in Toronto. For Richer or Poorer was the first in a growing number of Baltimore Doubling instances. Notably outrageous though, as the much of the movie takes place in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, which is not that far from where the film was actually shot. They stick up German language street and shop signs. The first two live-action Chronicles Of Narnia films were filmed in predominately Czech Republic and Poland, with some work being done in Slovenia and New Zealand as well.

Nearly all scenes of Eurotrip were filmed in or near Prague. No scene was set in the Czech Republic itself, though Slovakia, which was unified with it as Czechoslovakia until , is featured. Spaghetti Westerns were filmed with a variety of European locations doubling for the American West. Seeing typical Mediterranean vegetation on typical karst rocks in what is supposed to be wild west or Mexico is quite amusing "Wait a minute!

This could actually be that hill where we use to go to weekend trips. The Mexican episode was later recut and released as a TV movie with additional scenes in the American SW that were really filmed in the American SW, and it is quite amusing to see how the vegetation and terrain suddenly change as soon as the main character crosses the frontier.

Grass Is Greener here indeed Lawrence of Arabia was also partially filmed in Spain, in addition to Morocco and Jordan. Only Jordan lies in the region the film is depicting. One of the most egregious examples was Battle of the Bulge being filmed in Spain - in particular, the flat, arid, sunny, relatively tree-free part.

Note that the actual Battle occurred in the Ardennes - which is hilly and heavily forested - during winter. Many historical films in the 70s were filmed in Spain - including The Three Musketeers - because the labor was cheap, the terrain was varied, and, frankly, Franco's government was incredibly receptive to bribery. The Departed is an odd example. It's set in Boston, and some scenes two weeks' worth were filmed there, but the majority was filmed in New York.

Subsequent films set in Boston, including Ben Affleck's first two movies as a director, have thus been filmed in Boston. What a Girl Wants was filmed entirely in Britain, except for the flashback in Morocco. Yes, Britain stood in for America in the bookend scenes.

The Bridge on the River Kwai is set in Thailand, but was filmed in Ceylon present-day Sri Lanka , a distinction the publicity of the time didn't see fit to make clear. Instead, it raved about the movie being shot in Ceylon in a way which implied the real-life River Kwai was located there. The Searchers made spectacular use of Utah's Monument Valley. These scenes were supposed to be set in Texas.

Doomsday uses mostly South Africa to stand in for post-apocalyptic Scotland. RoboCop takes place in Detroit, but none of the movies were actually made there. The first was made in Dallas, the second in Houston, and the third in Atlanta. The remake only has establishing plates shot in Detroit, with primary locations in Toronto. I guess they didn't want to be accused of copying.

Winnipeg has found itself to be an excellent substitute locale for a number of other places, frequently Chicago. Shall We Dance was filmed here, going so far as using the legislative building's bathrooms for a scene. Hey, they look nice! One of the funniest examples is My Big Fat Greek Wedding , which was born of a one-woman play written by and starring Nia Vardalos, a Winnipeg native, set in Winnipeg, about her wedding in Winnipeg and her crazy Winnipeg-based family, was filmed in Winnipeg, with many Winnipeg landmarks frequently visible, and all the extras save her real-life husband Ian Gomez being Winnipeg natives Speaking of Malta, it was used for Rome well, the Colosseum in Gladiator.

Additionally, a forest in England was used for the opening battle in Germania and Maximus' first gladiator battles were fought in Morocco. Practically any movie set in the Middle East is filmed in Morocco for political and security reasons. In addition to ancient or medieval history films, Black Hawk Down has used Morocco to double for war-torn Somalia.

Virginia has done its of doubling as well, both for itself and for other parts of the Eastern US: The terrain is the giveaway; Virginia Beach is on the Atlantic Plain and almost perfectly flat, while Manassas like most of the DC area north and west of town is on the not-so-flat Appalachian Piedmont. In Evan Almighty , the village of Crozet about 10 miles from Charlottesville doubled for the much more urban Northern Virginia suburbs. The movie was set in the Catskills in The '60s , but since most of the actual Catskills resorts had shut down or were in no shape to shoot a movie by then , another location had to be found.

To the extent that some fans take it for granted that Gotham City is the Nolanverse's equivalent of Chicago. Much of the first film was also filmed in England the fields surrounding Wayne Manor and what's left of it after it's burned down are clearly not in the US. Elements of Gotham City from both films and presumably the third were also built in the massive disused airship hangars at RAF Cardington, Bedfordshire, England, in a weird case of this trope.

Notably from Pittsburgh is the usage of Heinz Field, the home stadium of the Steelers, as the home stadium of the Gotham Rogues.

Other parts are represented by Los Angeles. In the same film, the Highlands of Scotland doubled for Uzbekistan , of all places the Scenery Porn during Bane's plane heist. This was incredibly obvious to anyone who lived nearby or who visits regularly. Not that anyone is complaining. Even more, whatever wasn't filmed in Pittsburgh or Los Angeles was filmed in New York City due to Mayor Michael Bloomberg being a fan of the series not to mention a subtle tribute to the fact that Gotham, is, in fact, one of the DC Universe's homages to New York along with Metropolis; the Nolanverse even has such things as the police cars using a livery inspired by the one used by the NYPD in the s.

Notably, Bane's attack on the Gotham Stock Exchange had exterior filming on the same street as the New York Stock Exchange; and the final battle that takes up most of the film's final act has locations such as Saks Fifth Avenue clearly visible during car chases revolving around a jury-rigged nuclear bomb. The Universal Studios Backlot tour has a corner of buildings that can stand for any old city in Europe with just the wave of a flag.

A rather odd, yet strangely hilarious, inversion: Zombieland has quite a bit of its running time set in Hollywood, including a major movie star's mansion and a theme park. So both of those scenes were, quite naturally, filmed in Georgia. Railroad buffs will notice some obviously European railroad cars in the background when Theodore Roosevelt is giving a whistle-stop speech; otherwise, it's a pretty convincing job.

All Wrong Turn films are set in West Virginia, but first two movies were shot in Canada and the third one was shot in Bulgaria. Vienna and the countryside around it doubles for Paris and the French countryside in The Three Musketeers It is somewhat jarring for a native to see Fleur de Lis in imperial Austrian buildings, or neo-gothic profane buildings being used as gothic cathedral stand-ins. Sex and the City 2 was filmed in Morocco, doubling for Abu Dhabi. The filmmakers had asked permission to film in Abu Dhabi and Dubai before that , but were denied both times.

Of course, it doesn't look remotely like California. With California so easy to film in already, one wonders why Michigan was chosen Paul International Airport was redressed to be used due to the producers not wanting to risk a lack of snow in Chicago.

The Indian film Fanaa is a really peculiar example of this, as it uses the Polish Tatras to stand in for the Indian bits of the Himalayas! As weird as it sounds, according to the producers, this was a cost and logistics saving measure. The battle scenes in Braveheart were largely filmed in Ireland a literal Scotireland , no less , possibly because rural Ireland is less heavily developed than the rural Scottish Lowlands, or as inaccessible and impractical as the Scottish Highlands.

The Scottish filming took place in Glen Coe and Glen Nevis, which, depending on how strictly you hold the film to history, can be taken as doubling for other parts of Scotland. Prophecy is based on Maine, when it was actually shot in New Columbia of Canada. It also popularized the Canada Doubling. Louis doubled for several cities in Up in the Air including Milwaukee, where most of the third act takes place.

Oddly enough, Missouri does not have a tax-incentive program an exception was made for the production though. Louis mostly East St. Louis, but some on the other side of the river also doubled for New York on Escape from New York as parts of the area had suffered enough damage to make for a convincing post-apocalyptic setting.

A number of the shooting locations have since been restored or rebuilt. Some scenes were actually filmed on location in New Orleans. Los Angeles was set in Racing Stripes has South Africa playing Kentucky. In the s quite a few movies shot in South Africa omitted to mention this on the credits, for obvious reasons. Adrift , the in-name-only sequel to Open Water , is a real hodge-podge - a German production filmed in English with an almost completely American cast, set off the coast of Mexico ReturnToOz was entirely filmed in England.

The Kansas scenes are actually located on Salisbury Plain. This includes the characters walking to and from Hogsmeade as well as the Hogwarts Express traveling across the snowy countryside. This is the only time the Harry Potter movies have filmed outside of the U. Hogwarts is meant to be located in Scotland, but the series was filmed almost entirely in England.

Hogwarts environs were sometimes filmed on location in Scotland and sometimes not. The Forbidden Forest and the Black Lake are located within short distances of each other in-universe, but they were filmed in Buckinghamshire and Highland respectively. Scream4 was filmed in Michigan, despite still taking place in the fictional town of Woodsboro, California. The first three films were all filmed in Los Angeles.

This trope was partially averted in the first movie, however, most of which is indeed set in or off the coast of South Africa. Although the film The Lords Of Discipline , about elite military cadets and racism in their ranks, is set in the Southern US, most of the film was shot in England. Away We Go depicts a sort of road trip across the United States, but was almost wholly filmed in Connecticut — which doubled for Colorado; Madison, Wisconsin; and Montreal.

Most of the exterior shots of the first Mortal Kombat movie were filmed in Thailand, and it really shows , particularly when it's doubling for China. Thai Buddhist temples look waaaay different from Chinese ones. Several scenes in Home Alone 2: Marvel Cinematic Universe examples: North Carolina was the primary filming location; the Malibu and Miami scenes were all shot in the Wilmington area, while the Rose Hill, Tennessee scenes were shot in the Charlotte area, mostly in Mooresville.

The Brooklyn scenes were shot in England - Manchester and Liverpool to be exact. The Winter Soldier is primarily set in Washington, D. Age of Ultron , the scenes set in the fictional European nation of Sokovia were filmed in London.

In an inversion of traditional "California doubling for another city," Ant-Man has Atlanta doubling for San Francisco. Similarly in Black Panther , the scenes in Oakland were shot in Atlanta, along with some scenes taking place in London and South Korea. Inverted , one could say. In the Missing in Action movies, Vietnam is played by the Philippines in the first which was actually the second and third movies, while Mexico and the Caribbean island of St.

Kitts took the "role" in the second which was the first. The version had scenes filmed in Istanbul, but the train scenes were filmed in France. The remake replaced Istanbul with Malta but filmed everything else on backlot. The countryside of the Czech Republic doubles for Southern England in Dark Blue World , which would have been all right if it weren't for the conspicuous forested hills and snowy mountains in the background.

Robert Altman 's film of the play Beyond Therapy , though set in New York, was shot in Paris because he was living there at the time. Haywire , which otherwise averts this trope the movie's Ireland and Spain settings were indeed filmed there , has New Mexico playing New York State. Major League , the popular comedy about the Cleveland Indians baseball team, was not actually filmed in Cleveland but rather in Milwaukee. However, since the two ballparks were relatively close in age and architectural style, it was a plausible alternate.

Such was not the case, however, for the movie's sequel, Major League II , which also was not filmed in Cleveland but instead in Baltimore. That movie was shot in the fall of , which just so happened to be in between the seasons that—in real life—the Indians moved from their old home at Cleveland Stadium to their new home, Jacobs Field now known as Progressive Field.

Oriole Park was built just two years before Jacobs Field and featured the same architects and neo-classical style as Jacobs Field, so one would think that producers would have used the stadium as a stand-in for Jacobs Field.

However, producers instead inexplicably dressed up Oriole Park as the Indians' old stadium, Cleveland Stadium, despite the fact that the former was 56 years newer than the latter and bore no physical resemblance to it. Producers were so sloppy with the stand-in that one can notice numerous advertisements for local Baltimore businesses left conspicuous despite the film supposedly taking place in Cleveland.

Filmed for the most part on location in Iceland. Justified in that the Alien Invasion and subsequent war has turned the place unrecognizable except for some remaining landmarks.

The opening of Heaven's Gate showed the characters graduating from Harvard. Director Michael Cimino couldn't get permission to film at Harvard University itself. So he decided to film the scene at Oxford University in England despite that fact that Oxford looks nothing like Harvard. Plano, Illinois stands in for the fictional Smallville in Kansas.

Kansas was not at any point an actual filming location. Many real pubs are used as stand-ins for The World's End 's fictional ones, with the World's End itself portrayed by the Gardener's Arms in Letchworth. However, other "pubs" in the film are actually cinemas, railway stations, etc.

Also, the "World's Oldest Roundabout" in the film really is that. Having been filmed almost entirely in Europe with to name a few Glasgow doubling for Philadelphia The square with the red pavement is George Square , La Valletta doubling for Jerusalem and various towns and cities in England doubling as Canada, South Korea and Wales despite Wales also being a filming location for other scenes. The Pink Panther and its series avert this most of the time i.

The biggest evidence of this is a scene where Inspector Clouseau runs through a room, out the window and into the Seine — which was just a large tank filled with thousands of gallons of water.

Where the Heart Is mostly takes place in Oklahoma, with one scene in Maine, but was filmed entirely in Texas. Baylor University stood in for Maine's Bowdoin College. A bizarre inversion in Youth in Revolt. Yet it was filmed entirely in Michigan , with some reshoots in Louisiana. Obviously, Michigan looks nothing like California, though it could be said that the exact setting of the story is unimportant. The small island near Cuba in is actually Georgia's Jekyll Island with some palm trees.

Days of Future Past: The Paris scenes were filmed in Old Montreal, and parts of the Pentagon like the area where we see visitors touring the building, and when Charles and Logan are walking alone in a basement corridor are from the Arts Building at McGill University.

Mystique jumped out of the window of the mayor's office at Montreal City Hall. The exterior of John Abbott College located in a suburb of Montreal was the stand-in for the Auschwitz concentration camp. The steel mill factory where Erik works is in Saint-Ours , a town about 75 km from Montreal. Fantastic Four was shot mostly on a sound stage in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with exterior shots of the city used to stand-in for New York.

They even brought in authentic-looking New York buses to try and add to the illusion. Double subverted in We Were Soldiers. Northern California is made to stand in for the Ia Drang Valley Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is set in San Francisco and its surroundings, while being primarily shot in both the already mentioned Vancouver, and Louisiana.

The sequels would be filmed in Atlanta, Georgia. Fuji but filmed in the appropriately named Purgatory Chasm State Reservation and other locations in Massachusetts. In Interstellar , the unspecified countryside of the US Midwest was shot mostly in southern Alberta and other neighbouring Canadian prairie provinces. Iceland's glaciers, highlands and coastal shallows were used for filming the different environments of the three extrasolar planets visited during the course of the storyline.

Pittsburgh portrayed Indianapolis in The Fault in Our Stars , due to Pennsylvania offering more generous film-production tax credits than Indiana. While Titanic does include footage from the actual shipwreck, and there was some filming in the Northern Atlantic where the ship sunk the Canadian province of Nova Scotia , most of it was actually done in the Pacific Ocean - mostly Mexico, using Fox's studios and a huge water tank. The film version of Oklahoma!

Except for a couple of establishing shots, most scenes set in California or Nevada in The Godfather were filmed in New York. Patton was filmed in Spain, doubling for Tunisia, Sicily, and Belgium.

Both The Divergent Series: Insurgent and The Divergent Series: Allegiant were shot in Atlanta for the scenes outside Chicago. It contains a pretty unique assembly of almost all architectural styles up to the war era and was left untouched by the war itself. Both German and big budget Hollywood productions e. City on Fire takes place in an unnamed Midwestern American city, but was shot entirely in Montreal. As a result, some French language signs can be seen in the city.

Die Hard 2 , supposedly set at Washington Dulles International Airport, was actually filmed in several different locations in Colorado, Michigan, and California. One scene has McClane in the airport talking on the phone to his wife who is in an approaching plane, and "Pacific Bell" can clearly be read on the payphone he's using. Silence is set in Japan but filmed in Taiwan because Japan's landscape has changed drastically from the the 17th century to the 21st.

Metropolis and Gotham City are basically the good and bad sides of New York split into two cities. Dawn of Justice was mostly filmed in Michigan. A scene in Africa is actually New Mexico as the Ebola outbreak forced the filmmakers to abandon filming on location. The White Castle in the end was actually constructed on site because there are no White Castles in Canada. A number of exterior shots where Theodore walks around what's presented as Los Angeles are recognizably to anyone who's been there filmed in Shanghai , in order to make the cityscape seem more futuristic.

However, the film avoids giving the game away by not showing any of the Chinese city's iconic buildings such as the Oriental Pearl Tower. The scenes set in Transylvania are filmed in Czechoslovakia. Road House takes place in Missouri At least, it's implied. However, during the scene where the car dealership gets smashed up, there are signs for Los Angeles and Bakersfield in the background.

While taking place almost entirely in Italy and France, To Hell and Back based on the war memoirs of, and starring Audie Murphy as himself was filmed on and around various military training areas in Washington state. As a result, the terrain features no paved roads, telephone lines, church steeples, villages, or any other signs of habitation, Misplaced Vegetation abounds , and to top it off, everything seems to have been shot in late spring and early summer. The action at Holtzwihr, for which Murphy received the Medal of Honor, took place in the bitterly cold winter of Murphy said of fighting from the back of a burning armored vehicle "it was the only time that winter that my feet were warm" but in the film, it's a warm summer day without a single snowflake in sight.

There are parts of Evansville that do match with parts of the greater Lansing area, but it can still be difficult to make one a convincing double of the other. Given Jack Sawyer's experiences in Hollywood, as well as his moter's reputation as Lily "Queen of the B's" Cavanaugh, Jack spots similarities between New England and the ominous Point Venuti in Northern California, remembering that if any scenes on the beach needed to be filmed in the Northeast climate called for in the former, places like the latter would be employed.

In The Tomorrow People: The ever-dependable BBC Quarry somewhere in England or Wales, doubling for an alien planet or rocky desert, was a filming staple in the classic era of the show. To the point it was given a Leaning on the Fourth Wall lampshade once or twice. Cardiff quayside is nearly always the setting for any urban filming.

Ironically, in the third episode, Victorian Cardiff was California Doubled by Swansea, a smaller city nearby — this was due to Cardiff being heavily bombed in World War II , so not many Victorian buildings survived.

The Christmas special " The Snowmen " had various parts of the 19th century old town in Bristol stand in for parts of s London. This was both due to the more convenient distance and due to the fact that most of contemporary London lacks the late-Victorian street look and even continuity of Victorian buildings that Bristol still has in a few places. Some of Series 8's coastal or beach scenes which occur in a few episodes were filmed at different parts of the Welsh coastline.

Funnily enough, one of these beaches is supposed to be located on an alien planet colonised by humans in the future. One Bristol-centric episode set in the present day was mostly filmed there, but has railway-related scenes that were shot elsewhere in the The West Country. Also in Series 8, CGI-augmented shots of volcanic mountain plains on the island of Lanzarote double for the surface of the Moon. Since Lanzarote was used for filming the planet of Sarn for an s episode , many pre-broadcast rumours posited that what turned out to be the Moon-based episode would be a revisiting of Sarn.

Naturally, the showrunner and crew were eager to exploit and troll the curiousity of fans over this In Series 9, filming on the Canary Islands was revisited in order to shoot exterior scenes standing in for Nevada in the US, as well as for composite landscape shots of both Skaro seen in the opening two-parter and a post-Time War Gallifrey seen in the finale episode. Some scenes were also filmed at a local town square, to represent an unspecified southern European location for the brief Earth-bound intro of the opening two-parter.

To the surprise of everyone, that same diner interior makes a comeback in Series 9, though its true nature and why its exterior shots are now set in Nevada instead is not what anyone was expecting.

However, location shoots requiring distinct London or Devonshire scenery were shot in the corresponding places, averting this trope. The Devonshire village seen in one episode is still actually Welsh, though. Alan Dale's scenes in the season 4 finale were actually filmed in London. He was appearing in Spamalot at the time, so he couldn't make it to Hawaii. This was the first time the show filmed outside the US. And a real relief they actually had to film Alan Dale's scenes in London, as a previous episode with Desmond in 'London' had to have had some of the shoddiest backgrounds and doubling ever.

Even more bemusing considering the 'Sydney' and 'Korea' scenes have always looked fine. Dublin, which has neither skyscrapers nor surviving Tudor buildings, has pretended to be New York for the recent film version of The Honeymooners and 16th century England for numerous episodes of The Tudors. Louis, Missouri" in the Supernatural episode "Skin" looks very Canadian, with pine trees along the highway that is supposedly outside St.

Louis which does have some pine trees, but the deciduous trees dominate them, since their numbers are far more vast. Sharpe's Rifles had Ukraine doubling as Spain. In fact pretty much all the Sharpe series were filmed in either Ukraine or Turkey. Presumably labour is cheaper there. That's actually pretty much true. In a mostly unknown 'making of' documentary for the series, they talk about the awesome Ukranian stunt men who are cheap, plentiful and absolutely insane.

Ed was set in Ohio. All outdoor scenes were filmed in Westfield, New Jersey. This explains why you could occasionally see the Rocky Mountains in the background; the highest point in the actual state of Rhode Island is only feet above sea level.

In one take, an Albuquerque bus drives past; in another, the Sandia Mountains - what Albuquerque has to the west instead of a skyline - are clearly visible. It's hid pretty well by the fact that much of the filming is in done the outer boroughs. The writers clearly didn't do much research regarding Chicago geography, but that's a whole other trope. They did find out the executions of Death Row prisoners are often carried out in Indiana, though, because Terre Haute, IN has a Federal execution chamber, and so Death Penalty appeals lawyers pleading cases in Illinois are often from Indiana.

That was a nice touch of Doing the Research. Due to the major German television broadcasters producing most of their stuff in Cologne, there is certainly much Cologne Doubling to be found in German tv.

One show got caught red handed: While the dialogue established the scene to be in a different city, the cars had Cologne license plates. The pilot episode of Justified was shot in Western Pennsylvania, doubling for Kentucky. Subsequent episodes have the more common Southern California doubling, though this was averted for one episode that actually took place in Southern California.

Season 2 of Leverage is set in Boston and filmed in Portland, Oregon. Season 1 averts the trope for the most part, being set and filmed in Los Angeles.

Outside of a few exterior shots, the bulk of Memphis Beat was shot in New Orleans. It was set in the fictional Florida Keys town of Key Mariah. Fox left and Charlie Sheen arrived, sending the production to Hollywood. Which explains why Florida suddenly has mountains The Awakening is mostly set on an island off the coast of Trinidad, but was actually filmed in Hawaii. Less Than Kind is an aversion since it was both filmed and set in Winnipeg but there's an odd in-city example - in the episode where Sheldon, Miriam, and Danny are taking an art course at "the university", the outdoor shot shows the Winnipeg Mint.

Sometimes Getting the Accent Right can distract the viewer from the wrong setting. NY where almost no one sounds like an East coaster at all, let alone a New Yorker. It's also one of the few shows where Sesame Street regulars pop up in cameos, because Sesame Street is also filmed in New York.

Not to mention that Tyne Daly and Sharon Gless, in real life, don't sound anything like they do on the show. Hungary is also the location for Cadfael , presumably since most of England doesn't have that undeveloped medieval look any more. In Robin of Sherwood England doubled for England, just not the same bits of it. Sherwood Forest was mostly represented by a wood outside Bristol, Nottingham Castle by various northern castles and Wells Cathedral, and other locations were scattered across the country, mostly in the north and west.

Aylesbury Young Offenders Institute prison for year olds gets work as Generic Prison Gate, with the orginal Victorian gatehouse, complete with wicket gate in the huge double doors.

Fun with Morse - see if you can spot the real Oxford locations usually the famous bits and which are Stevenage in North Herts. Beaver Falls is about three British teenagers who get to work at the title summer camp in California. There are at least three real places in the US called Beaver Falls, exactly none of which are in California - and in the case of the camp, California was played by South Africa and most of the "Americans," this being a British-Canadian-South African co-production, weren't played by actual Americans.

The TV movie The Deadly Tower , about the Charles Whitman snipings, was filmed in Louisiana because the University of Texas where the killings took place understandably wouldn't let production take place there. The Highwayman a Glen A. Murder wrote of the episode "Send in the Clones," "Phoenix badly, and obviously, stood in for New York locations with palm trees in Central Park! This bit was actually shot in Mamaroneck, Westchester County, New York, a suburban area just a bit north of New York City ; it certainly looks like nothing like East Lansing for one thing, it's too hilly.

Like the first three movies in the series well, not so much the second , Home Alone 4 was set in Chicago. Unlike them, it was filmed in Cape Town. While Gossip Girl normally averts this trope, there are a few exceptions: Even here there's an exception, as noted in the Aversions folder. An interesting example from Full House. The show is set in San Francisco , but anytime they do on location filming it's apparent they filmed in Los Angeles , where the show was filmed. This is averted in the season eight premiere where they actually filmed on location in San Francisco.

John Adams takes place in various parts of colonial United States, including Philadelphia and Boston. However, the entire mini-series save the European scenes was shot in the state of Virginia. Fishing On-site stocked pond. Catch and release is encouraged for great fishing tomorrow!

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I am vegan and traveled from the beginning of Long Island to taste their vegan fried chicken sandwich as well as their 3 vegan tacos. Absolutely delicious, they even had a live music afterward! The ambiance is unique and quite interesting, really lives up to its name. You will thank me later, enjoy. Had a wonderful prix fix dinner - renovation is exquisite! Food and service were both great! Been here many times and will continue to frequent!

Tasty steaks, though expensive. Get a groupon to lighten the hit to your walet. We have been eating there for a few years and it is always good. We have introduced people over the years and they go back.

Today we were with one couple we introduced a little while ago and wanted to come back. They were very glad we took them and they loved the meal. So whether you like South Asian cooking or not, this is the place to eat. Trust me on that. Food was great though service was extremely slow. We didnt get even water until we went to the front desk and complained, after which the service was far better.

Service may have been slow since it was a Saturday evening and the restaurant was completely crowded. Wow, very surprised by Finley's. We had the ceviche delicious , and the lobster rolls outstanding.

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