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In , Genting Plantations ventured into biotechnology to develop synthetic genomic processes and naturally occurring processes for alternative energy resources through an equally owned joined venture with "Synthetic Genomics". If you love to play some slot games or try your luck at those green velvet tables, they are very accessible from all corners of the cruise ship. However you may have gotten some details wrong. This is such a great reveiw of Genting cruise. Make your reservations and then call them to combine them.

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I have more details in my myvegasindays-limitation post. Thanks for the advice! We both have plenty of points to use, so will probably just get full ticket rewards each separately, but then see if we can both redeem in the same phone call to get seats together.

On a different note, any idea when the new sugar factory restaurant is due to open at the FSM? The way the system is setup, you get your show tickets online.

I would suggest that the 2 of you go online at the same time on separate computers and get your show tickets. You have the option to choose your seats, so you can both pick seats next to each other. And the process worked as it should. When you book the tickets, they are treated just like any other tickets, so you should get the confirmation email with your confirmation code or e-tickets where applicable. For that, the reward is not considered to be redeemed until you see the show.

The show ticket counts as 1 of your 3 for that trip. You can still use other, non-MGM Rewards, though. If you buy more than 3 MGM Rewards which is permitted , you will get a warning that says you have purchased more than you can redeem. I do that on a regular basis. Final question, a lot of my redemption info e. As I immediately got emailed the tickets, am I right to think I can ignore all of this?

Reading to all the post you have, it seems that I can only book for one night. So how can I get three nights? Also why do I need the Mlife? Can you redeem or book a room without your actual Mlife card? Why do you need Mlife? You can redeem Rewards without the physical Mlife card, but you do need an Mlife account and your account number. I purchased a room reward for the mirage a couple of weeks ago and booked for oct.

Now, there is a nice rewards of 2 nights at aria for the summer. If i cancel my mirage reservation, will i be able to purchase the aria reward? Do i need to wait 30 days from purchase?

That should process instantly. Once that is done, you can buy a new Comp Reward. Hi there Mark I have a question regarding the only three policy. How much do you have to spend buying coins to get 4,5,6 pics?

I have no idea on how much it takes to get the limit increased to 5 or 6 per 30 days. My limit is 3 in I have never purchased chips. I recognize that there may be value in it for others.

Remember that the 3 in 30 only applies to MGM Resorts rewards. Thank you for the info Mark I did find out that once you do get 4,5,6 They stay there for you every time you go, every year… So going a lot , I mean twice a year it may pay to purchase?? Thanks again Have a great day!

Once your limit has been increased, it should remain there for future trips. Many of the rewards are limited to one per myVegas account. You will still only be able to get one of those.

I do not know how much it takes to get your limit increased to 5 rewards, but I would expect it to be at least a few hundred dollars.

I would suggest thinking about which specific rewards you would want to use on your next few trips. Then decide whether there is enough value in getting a 4th or even 5th reward for each of those trips to warrant the purchase of chips.

You state that we can have a comp night reward and an exclusive rate discount room reward in our wallet at the same time, but can we redeem them?

My husband would like to do the same. We would link them all at the check in desk upon arrival. I have not done it myself, but I have heard from others who have combined comped and discounted nights. If it is important, you can call the MGM Reward redemption line There is a fee for that, though.

I just started myvegas rewards, once we redeem our rewards I was told you need aMlife card. You can sign up for it online at https: Where are the mlife counters?

Sorry as this is a bit confusing for me lol. You can register at any MGM casino. You can find out a bit more about Mlife including which casinos use Mlife in my Mlife Players Club post. Hi Mark, Could I redeem the following four rewards with one account: Do you have to be staying at the hotel you redeemed your reward through? So if I redeem free play, do I have to be staying at that specific hotel? Also, the higher amounts require longer stays at that specific hotel. It does not have to be the same hotel as the Reward.

Check the details listed on each Reward for the specific details. The complimentary room, it states that the reward must be used within 90 days of purchase. Can I redeem this for a room in September? Or do the mean that if I want to make a reservation in September I need to redeem my award in June?

You are confused because it is confusing. You can make your reservation for any available date it can be further than 90 days away if those dates are available — if a September date is available now, you can book it now. Check the travel window for the reward. Right now I am only seeing valid travel dates through June 30, Thanks Mark for the quick response. I guess I should have read the fine print on the 2nd page.

I love your site! Thanks for keeping us inform about Vegas! Hey Mark, Looking to arrive March th. I have , coins, looking for the best room deal for the weekend. What do you recommend I do? Then you would have to check whether those dates are available.

I have a trip to LV coming up in May. All 3 rewards have been redeemed and bookings made. Those 3 Rewards are your 3 in They do typically give you a warning that you may be exceeding your limit. I use this to my advantage. For any given trip I will buy 4 or 5 Rewards to have available during the trip. Cheers for the advice! It gave me no warning so I will try to redeem, and if anything just get a refund.

Still waiting out for the elusive Maverick comp night flights, grrrrr!!! Any luck on getting the Maverick comp flights at all?? Are these rewards for a group of people or is this just for one comp flight for one person? On the grand canyon it does not state what the reward entails in terms of number of heads but it does state weight limits???

The Maverick Comp flights are for 1 person. I just verified this with Maverick. I think it lists the weight limits as a standard protocol. My friend and I are wanting to go to thunder down under tonight. We have to pick up tickets before 4 pm today! You can go to http: Is the redemption code showing up under My Purchases? I have enough points to redeem complimentary nights. I know its restricted to 3 per month, but would I be able to book 3 free nights in row in the same hotel??

In the past, you would have been able to do that. That Reward is limited to 1 per account. You can use the discounted or flat rate room Rewards for multiple consecutive nights, though. I purchased 2 buffets with my Vegas rewards and was unable to make the trip to Vegas. My rewards for these buffets expire on July 22nd. Can you tell me who to contact to get a refund of points if possible.

My friend and I each have a myvegas account. Can he redeem an item like an appetizer and I redeem an item like a free pizza for the same meal at the Wolfgang Puck? You should be able to make that happen, but it will require a little work and maybe more food than you want.

Both of those require the purchase of an entree, so you would each have to get an entree in addition to the appetizer and pizza. We are traveling to Vegas in August. We already have room reservations. I am also LP loaded now, but the rewards are somewhat crappy these days, so I may even have trouble spending them all given the 3 rewards limit! They have their own specific limits as mentioned in the post.

Can I stay there again a couple days later from my first book or is only 1 comp room a visit like Mgm properties? I have redeemed an Mgm Property comp room as well so I have used 2 rewards thus far so I should till have one left to redeem I think Please advise smile emoticon.

And what if the rooms are available right now and are not at time I am making my phonecall to the reservationdesk? You do not need to wait until the trip is 90 days away. You can stitch your trip together the way you suggest. Depending upon the myVEGAS rep you get, you may be able to have the 3 nights combined into 1 reservation, but the more typical scenario is that you will end up with 3 different reservations that can be combined when you check in to the hotel.

There are two problem I foresee with your situation. The first is that you can only get one of each Comp Room Reward type per account.

You would need to use one Comp Room Bonus and one Comp Room on your account and then your husband would could purchase a Reward for his night. You would need to purchase your Rewards and book your nights using your account and he would need to purchase his Reward and book his night using his account. You could redeem the Rewards on the same phone call, but you would need to do yours and then hand the phone over so he could do his.

I have 5 nights booked at Aria using a promotional rate through MLife. The stays can be for consecutive nights. To redeem points you have to call a number…. To redeem your Reward for a hotel room or show, you do have to call a number. My wife and I have enough Facebook Rewards for one midweek and one weekend each.

I saw a previous post saying that we would have to make separate reservations and then combine them at check in which is fine. However, when I look at the calendar it does not show weekend rooms in yellow available for our dates. We are coming in July Between us we have , points.

It looks like Reward Rooms are not available for the dates you want. I see you mentioned that you can use multiple of certain rewards like the weekday bonus comp rooms. I was hoping to get two weekday bonus rooms for Mirage in a row, but I think the small print is saying I can only use one. Unfortunately for the days I want the room Nov 1 — 2 , this would be my only option for two free nights. Maybe this recently changed? I wanted to get your input as I have only used these rewards once and am no expert.

That is a recent change. I have updated the post to reflect that. Circus Circus is not part of Mlife, though. Your advice is greatly appreciated! Hi there, we are looking to go to vegas this july and stay the night at the Monte Carlo the 15, 16, 17, Now my wife and I both have myvegas accounts so can I redeem one mid week room and one weekend room, and have her redeem one midweek room and one weekend room?

Or will it let me redeem 3 nights of rooms and her 1 night? Any help would be very appreciated. You will each need to redeem your own Rewards. They are separate accounts. Just like a regular reservation, those are considered preferences and are not guaranteed.

If you mention that it is your anniversary when you check in, they might upgrade you to something like a spa suite with a jacuzzi by the window. No promises, but it is worth mentioning.

I have literally been on hold for over 35 minutes now. I used my speaker phone so that I could multi-task while on hold, but I gave up after being on hold for 90 minutes. I used the hotel comp rewards the last 2 times I went to Vegas and I was never on hold for more than 15 minutes. One day, I had to call multiple times with different issues, but I got through almost immediately each time. The next day it was almost 2 hours. Dates listed for comp rooms were not available. Tried for hours calling their support number but even after waiting on hold for 90 minutes, no representative picked up.

You are allowed to use your LPs to get more than 3 Rewards. It is not unusual for me to have 4 or 5 Rewards purchased for any given trip. You may see a pop-up window warning that you might exceed the 3 Reward limit, but you should be able to click through that and purchase your Reward. So sorry about the confusion. I cannot purchase more than 3 hotel comp deals within a 30 day period. I would like to redeem LP for one midweek comp room and one midweek comp room bonus.

The only date the bonus comp room is available is on a Monday and the I want to use the comp room for Tuesday. Will that be a problem? Can I use them in that order on the same trip? As long as the date is available for the specific Reward, you can use it. They do not have to be on a particular order. Purchased reward for Sugar Factory. Never received email to confirm.

Wrote down confirmation code in MyVegas purchases. Can I just present the code I wrote down to Sugar Factory and they will give me discount on my purchase? The confirmation on MyVegas purchases will not print — so only have code I copied from it. Have never not had an email confirmation before — and can find no phone number to reach MyVegas. You just need the code. As long as it is showing up in your My Purchases as a Redemption Pending, you should be fine.

Menu Skip to primary content. You need to be a member of the Circus Players Club to use these Rewards. For rooms you will receive a Reward code and a phone number to call to make your reservation. Make your reservations and then call them to combine them. How do I get in contact by phone with a person from MyVegas. Take Care, Mark Loading Any help would be truly appreciated Loading Uh oh — you can only have one room comp in your wallet?

You should receive the email within a matter of minutes. Thanks for your help Loading When redeeming for show tickets, any ideas how far in advance these can be booked? Would like to book a complimentary ticket for Love, but it always seems to be sold out… Loading Couple of questions about redeeming myVegas rewards for shows.

Just wondering how best to get 2 seats together… Secondly, if a reward like this is redeemed i. Thanks for your help! So will the system physically stop me from redeeming 3 more MGM things? Great, thanks for the advice! Thanks again for all your help, great site and service!!

No market is predictable, and a lot of Las Vegas sellers have been selling as the market is the most stable in 10 years. At the same time it is a good market to buy or make a lifestyle change in Las Vegas as interest rates are historically low. Read this full article to see everything to Las Vegas also has lots of open jobs due to 5 major expansions. Check this site now at Numbeo. Just enter your current city and see if you can move to Las Vegas today and save money or get a better value.

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If you are thinking of moving to Las Vegas, sooner is better than later. Some degree of increase in this metric has been ongoing in 30 of the past 31 quarters. Not only it is more financially smart to buy a home in Las Vegas today than rent, the timing is in line with the lowest interest rates in history.

Today the rates are half of that, and buyers can take advantage of a very unique time in home financing history. As of mid year the average year fixed mortgage rate is 4.

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