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So it is a rare, early work by this eminent exponent of I have a chalk picture that I thought ws a print until I took it out of the frame and got chalk on my hands. Maurice Denis Landscape with Green Trees was for Maurice Denis a highly significant year both personally and professionally; his marriage took place to Marthe Meurier, whom he took on honeymoon Who or what is it February 23rd, at 7: The Great Wave off Kanagawa , c. The final product was similar to the photographs produced at midways and carnivals when people place their heads into openings in life-size caricatures. Widely considered to be the greatest Mexican painter of the twentieth century, Rivera was known for his simple paintings dominated by their bright colors and The Flower Carrier is no exception.

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Depicting a dismal shoreline draped with melting clocks, it is thought that Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity inspired this bizarre piece. Three Musicians At first glance it might look like a collage but Pablo Picasso's famous painting, Three Musicians is actually an oil painting. Own A Painting 7. Completed circa , this piece can now be found in the Mauritshuis Gallery in the Hague. Blogspot by Vermeer 9. Painted in , it's one of the few American pieces on this list - although it is owned by a Parisian museum and therefore rarely seen in the states.

Daily Art Fixx Portrait de L'artiste Sans Barbe Although the title isn't very creative, Vincent van Gogh's Self-Portrait without Beard is certainly one of the most notable paintings of all time. While Van Gogh has painted many portraits before, this is the most notable because it's one of the few that depicts him without a beard. Most Expensive Things Using oil on canvas, Rembrandt van Rijn was commissioned by a militia captain and his 17 militia guards in to paint their company, in an effort to show off for the French Queen that would be visiting.

The Kiss Easily touted as Gustav Klimt's most famous painting, The Kiss is a realistic yet geometric depiction of a kissing couple, completed in in Vienna, Austria. What makes this piece different than the other oil paintings on the list is that it also incorporates gold leaf on canvas in addition to oils. Water Lilies French painter Claude Monet painted a series of pieces known as Water Lilies between and - it's exactly what it sounds like, paintings depicting a water lily pond from his backyard.

While this might not be one individual painting, considering the collection is spread amongst the most renowned galleries of the world, the series is a deserving installment on this list. Widely considered to be the greatest Mexican painter of the twentieth century, Rivera was known for his simple paintings dominated by their bright colors and The Flower Carrier is no exception.

Garden of Praise Cafe Terrace at Night Never one for flashy titles, Cafe Terrace at Night by the ever-prolific Vincent Van Gogh, is one of the most individual depictions of such a mundane setting.

Though Van Gogh never signed this piece, he references his famous Cafe masterpiece in many personal documents. Kandinsky is often known as the founder of abstract art, a form that uses shapes and symbols instead of real people. Composition 8 is one of his first paintings that expound this form of art. One of the first pieces of art in the Art Nouveau style, this painting used gold leaf as the background.

Created by Gustav Klimt, this painting is renowned for this style. This painting by Renoir is also one of the most expensive paintings ever bought. Olmpia by Edouard Manet created quite a controversy as it showed a nude woman with a gaze and subtlety that indicated that she is a mistress. It is also a good early example of realism style. This is one of the first SPanish paintings to show war in bad light.

Painted by Diego Valazquez, this is conisdered to be an important baroque painting. This painting is one of the oldest preserved ones dating back to It was done by Jan van Eyck and portrays the Italian businessman Giovanni Arnolfini and his pregnant wife in their home in the city of Bruges. The Scream is a painting by Edvard Munch of Norway and it shows the distorted face of a figure against a bloody sky.

It is also one of the first few paintings done in expessionism style where the reality is blurred to give more importance to emotions. Water lilies, painted by Claude Monet, is a series of oil paintings based on his own flower garden. These paintings are located in different art museums world over. It is one of the most well-known images in modern culture and is currently housed in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

It is a powerful theme shown in a rather simple way with Icarus, the Greek character suffering under water and people going on with their work. It is one of the paintings that adorn the 12, square feet area of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City. The Last Supper is a painting that depicts the last meal that Jesus had with his disciples.

Displayed at the dining hall of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, this painting has also created much controversy around Mary Magdalene, the supposed character sitting next to Jesus. It is a black and white painting that shows the role of Italians and Germans in this bombing. This painting by Johannes Vermeer has her pearl earrings as the focal point. This painting by Caravaggio shows a realistic depiction of a murder moment in a prison.

The gloom of the picture and the expressions of the onlookers make it a true classical masterpiece. It is displayed in St. Night Watch is one of the most popular pieces of work by Rembrandt. It depicts an entire city moving out led by its captain. A unique aspect is its dark varnish that gives an impression of night scene. It is currently housed in Riksmuseum in Amsterdam. Painted by Raphael, this painting contains pictures of famous philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle walking in the middle along with other philosophers on the sides.

It is now located in the Vatican. Probably the most famous painting in the world is Monalisa by Leonardo da Vinci. This painting is currently displayed in Louvre, France. Here is our list of the most famous 35 paintings ever done. Which of these is your favorite?

Do let us know through your comments. Ahmad in a nutshell is product of passion, enthusiasm and adventure. He loves to write around anything that involves behaviors, art, business and what makes people happier. I dont think there can be ONE compiled list of the most famous paintings since there are a lot of countries with their own cultures and eras and mindsets, and its a broad area to categorize, but I think you did a good enough job anyway. However I feel that this list is quite narrow, there are quite a few revolutionary movements you missed like dadaism, de stijl, minimalism, abstract expressionism, to name a few.

However you did a good job, thank you. What is wrong with painting naked people? Are you from another planet? As I exited an art gallery some years ago the curator of the museum asked if I enjoyed my visit.

I told him that there were a few exhibits that I really liked. He told me that that pleased him as if there was but one that I liked they had done their job. Although each artist has great sense of art but I like william tyller painting. He was a very emotional and contemplative man. I have seen 5 of them so far and it makes me sad that some are not possible to see.

This cannot be possible that no painting from the Indian or Arab or Chinese Culture can be present on this list. Aa a matter of fact it was bought by Napoleon. I like several of them, the Van Goghs, the Rivera, the Seurat.

Pls note that the caption has Suerat, which is incorrect. I have long loved the Dali, have tried for years to write a poem based on it, but nothing says it better than the image itself.

I think the Pollock IS No. There is pretty much every painting that I assumed. It should be in top 10 if asking me. La Moulin de la Galette and Massacre of the Innocents are the reality of the history. Monalisa is my favorite. There are a few mistakes to correct in here.

As an earlier commenter pointed out, the Pollack painting depicted is not No. Number 31, , on display at MoMA which your picture clearly shows, rather than the privately held No. Not a single woman artist is represented here. This is another list simply perpetuating the myth of western male superiority. There are many great paintings by women and it is tedious that lists like this systematically overlook the work of women and no one even comments on it.

My favorite artist is Van Gogh because I think the way he does his work is amazing. The way he draws pictures, he put marks. Like he puts a lot of marks and then it turns into a picture. Old guitarist by Pablo Picasso is also my favourite painting. Yes 35 paintings and not one female artist named! Also, not one Japanese artist named, not one black artist named, not one artist under sixteen named. None of these are complaining but we simply must complain if there is a gender imbalance, right?

There is no doubt that women have produced great art but the point here is not to fight a crusade for equality but to admire paintings. I also agree that Picasso was a great artists, but I believe Las Meninas by Valazquez is an amazing piece.

As well as Dali. Indians are the real Art lovers.. You could have mentioned the artist name along with the painting details. Makes us do extra homework by googling the artist of the painting.

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