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They are quieter,weigh less and have better controls and gauges. You see tons and tons of the high end and go fast boat with Vrods on them. You almost never hear of anything going wrong with them.

Yamaha is a different story. Originally Posted by BeerEngineer. They do both actually I had a boat with twin Verado s - they were models and I am sure they are much better now, but I was not impressed - boat spent more time in the shop then in the water believe it or not - and out of all my time on the water is the only system that has left me stranded The time it left me stranded was not the engines but the "fly be wire" binnacle controls - completely went haywire and just simply stopped functioning - mercury replaced them under warranty, but not after being towed back in.

Had to have fuel modules swapped out after a single engine failure, just on and on.. As I said - they were models and were new at the time and know they have gotten better.. I will never have another boat with Verados - which also leads me to be scared of trying the Zuke being so new and such new technology - especially with it duel fuel nozzle etc I am by no means bashing the Verado's, I know they have a good reputation - I just have had a bad experience with them.

Send a private message to BST Send a private message to Sneaky Snooker. Find More Posts by Sneaky Snooker. Originally Posted by Sneaky Snooker. Curious why you don't put 10' PP's on it for a few bucks more. Got a 10 now after having the 8 for years and its a huge difference but I guess it matters where, depth, and what your fishing for.

Like you, I did an amazing amount of research on motors for my 26 with similar weight as yours. Vrod was enticing me alot. However their reputation of being less reliable I've never owned one gave me the jitters. I've owned several Yamaha's without an issue. But, everyone saying Merc has come a long way in the last decade or so, put me on the internet for hours upon hours more looking at the experiences of both owners. Final tally was the Vrod had more issues, not many, than the Yamaha You already know the issue with the Yammy.

With the added weight of the Yammy compared to the , and with the coming in with far less overall issues, I went with it with no regrets. Congrats on the boat and good luck with your decision - it can wear your ass out thinking about it all. Send a private message to bout time again. Find More Posts by bout time again. V all the way. Heavy f is not worth it on a Bay boat.

Send a private message to Flatout Find More Posts by Flatout Send a private message to BigNasty. Find More Posts by BigNasty. Originally Posted by bout time again. Congrats and be sure to post some pics!! This boat is at the top of my list when I get my offshore boat sold.

Send a private message to patro. Find More Posts by patro. Call Bill Kenner and ask him which motor makes his boat preform best. Make friends and play free online games at Pogo.

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