EZ Corn Cutter and Creamer

Could easily see making this during football season! The cylinder operates off a small air compressor that runs on volt electricity. Creamed corn simply falls into a pan you place underneath and the cobs fall into a waste container. And this dip, must be actioned! Much, much faster than a knife!

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Freshly chopped romaine lettuce with ham, turkey, bacon, and other goodies. Breaded or grilled chicken with cheese, bacon, romaine lettuce and other veggies. Tuna served with romaine lettuce, cheese, bacon, tomatoes and other veggies.

Four breaded chicken strips with dipping sauce. Loaded potato skins topped with delicious shredded cheese, bacon and sour cream. Homemade tortilla or pub chips topped with chili, cheese, jalapenos and sour cream. Thank you for recipe — looks like a real crowd pleaser! I do this with almost every recipe that calls for mayo and sour cream. Life is all about compromise! Thanks for the great recipe idea! This looks so yummy! Silly question, but which store did you find your canned corn?

I have a hard time finding mexicorn, so wanted to ask in advance! Fingers crossed I can find them at my local Kroger! Definitely putting it on my list of football apps to make!

This is so yummy. I made it last nigh with wings for dinner. Could easily see making this during football season! It was very hard waiting the 20 minutes for it to cool before digging in! Just made this this evening totally forgot to add the green onions and it was so delicious!

Definitely a make again for my house. There is never any leftovers! Worthwhile reads from the web Eat and Sip in the City. Mail required - will not be published. Use the included bit to attach the fresh-from-the-field sweet corn to the drill drill not included. Pass the ear through the shucking and de-silking tool. You will have to cut the end off each cob before processing. After the ear is silk-free, it is ready to be processed through either the creamer or the whole kernel system. Quick and easy system after you get set up and have a method down that suits you.

Made from durable stainless steel and PVC. You will need a drill capable of at least rpm and is reversible. Cordless drill usage not recommended. Wooden Corn Cutter and Creamer. Lee in , this patented wooden corn cutter with stainless steel blades is sure to save you time when removing sweet corn kernels from the cob whole or in cream style.

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