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With such a vast array of available options, the odds of finding the perfect chip set are certainly in your favor. Custom poker chips have increased in popularity over the years and more so now where we have completely eliminated the custom sticker label.

The best part is the chips can be designed online in under a minute and production takes a few days. Casino quality poker chips without the hassles of stickers or labels peeling and falling off! However you choose to customize your poker chips, they are sure to be a real hit with your friends and poker buddies.

After all, when it comes down to it, poker is about your personal style, and the poker merchandise in your collection should reflect that. Clay Composite Poker Chips. Plastic Poker Chips Radial Interlocking. Custom Clay Poker Chips. Custom Ceramic Poker Chips. Facebook Twitter Youtube Instagram. View All Poker Chips. I'm satisfied with my purchase. The whites are all different shades of white, the blues look different, and looks like there are two different red chips.

And they look used, not new. Not doing business again. The boxes looked like they have been opened and saved before being reused. Just opened them and took the picture. Didn't swap out any chips. I have to say the quality of the sticker on the coin is better than I expected Writing this review on Received the item two days after ordered.

I have to say the quality of the sticker on the coin is better than I expected: What an absolutely fantastic purchase. Read my review What an absolutely fantastic purchase. Read my review, as it will help you greatly. First, let me start off by telling you not to pay attention to the negative reviews. Those people bought this set expecting a casino-quality poker set. When you get it, put aside 30 minutes to unwrap the whole thing.

It's annoying, but necessary, therefore not worth subtracting a star. All the chips, dealer chips, cards and dice are wrapped in plastic. I would rather have to unwrap them than open the case to see everything scattered all over the place from a rough journey. The case is alright. Da Vinci Casino Del Sol poker chip review I'll write this review with as much detail as possible to help others who are considering this item.

I'll start by saying: No surprises These are pretty standard chips, and the gray ones I purchased had no problems. Sometimes you see production issues on these, which you may find under different brand names but are probably produced by the million by the same Chinese factory for all the brands.

The ones I got are in good shape, not many printing errors or sharp edges. I bought the gray ones to use for cash games because I have a set of chips with printed denominations, and that manufacturer does not make chips in cent or cent denominations. And since I like to use the colors that most LV Casinos use e. Not casino quality, but they get the job done I'm a dealer at a casino so I'm used to "the real deal.

These are very loud cheques, too. The texture makes them hard to pluck from a tray, and they don't quite sit flush with each other so drop-cutting is a bit harder to do, too. The price isn't bad, though, so you get what you pay for. Good chips for the price, a few blemishes but for the price I'd still reccomend them. Decent chips, but as one of the other reviewers mentioned there are some blemishes on them that look like they were low on paint when they painted some of them almost look like brush strokes.

Not all of them are like this, but there are several like this in each set I ordered. Also some of the chips have dust on them and little strands of paint that you have to brush off; again not a huge deal they are easily cleaned off but still gives a somewhat unprofessional first-impression. Don't match the reds that came in my Da Vinci set.

These one's are a shade darker; they're still pretty close so it's not a big deal but some people probably want to know this before they order them. Both these and the ones I previously bought are a somewhat dull color compared to the picture.

Everyone that sees it just laughs Awesome find! Very happy with purchase Exactly as pictured. Very happy with purchase! If you love poker, you need to love the squirrel nuts If you love poker, you need to love the squirrel nuts on this thing.

Use this just about everywhere, and it's a solid guard cover. Cases are nice but hard to open Don't bother with the cheap buttons - get these! But prepare to spend some time unpacking: Cases are nice but hard to open, may loosen with time but then again who gives you cases for poker buttons?

Deserves 5 stars - can't imagine anyone giving it 4 stars These coins are heavy Fantastic coins. These coins are heavy, durable and full of detail. The seller also put each coin in an individual coin holder to protect them during shipping. Well worth the money, and it looks much better than the bland poker buttons. For the small price to pay for these guys I would gladly purchase these over ANY plastic dealer and blind chips.

Do yourself and your playing partners a favor and get you a set of these. These are awesome stands for dnd miniatures These are awesome stands for dnd miniatures. Poker chips, not so much If you are basing miniatures buy these These tokens are a good weight, well cut These tokens are a good weight, well cut, and they come in their own organizer case. I got my set today, and I'm about to order two more! Great They are basic plastic chips.

Not the cheap bingo type. These are ticker and not brittle. I bought multiple colors. Each one game in its own plastic box, which I did not even realize was part of the deal.

They do have some small plastic "hair like" tab on the edges from manufacturing but that is fine. Great quality poker chips! Really great quality poker chips. Nice, heavyweight chips Nice, heavyweight chips to complement the set I have.

Item as described and delivered quickly. Would order from this vendor again. Very well made with good attention to detail These coins might be a little pricey for some, but they are definitely quality pieces. I have purchased them 3 times now as I am using them for my monthly poker night for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place players.

I have seen sloppy art on coins before and that is definitely not an issue with these. As the description says, they are 2 inches in diameter which is a perfect size for a card guard for future games to show off your prior winnings status.

They come individually wrapped in a heavy duty plastic These look and feel so nice Seriously, I can't overstate how nice these are for the price. They are heavy, shiny, and professional looking. We used them as prizes for a home poker tournament, and everyone raved about how good they looked. They were also delivered in 3 velvet pouches, which was a classy touch. I think most people would expect these to have cost much more than the price here. There is nothing cheap about them. It may not be super intimidating to sit with a "3rd Place" award protecting your cards at the table.

But it's still nice to take home the hardware, and this is a very reasonable price. Five Stars These are awesome. This set is far superior. The chip values are not just an easy-to-remove I had purchased a similarly priced set and returned it immediately, as the case broke the first time I picked it up.

The chip values are not just an easy-to-remove sticker; instead they seem to be molded into the chip. Very high quality appearance. There were pieces of scrap all over the inside and some unfixable marks on the black velvet overlay cloth, but I cleaned it up and colored the marks in with a black permanent marker.

Also, I removed the plastic covering from the left four columns of poker chips, so you may see a difference in color from those and it's only because they don't have the plastic on them. Poker Chip 2 main reasons why I only gave these chips a "3 Star". Have to be careful when throwing chips into the pot. Also the cards are really, really cheap. When shuffling the cards they tend to bend easy.

The chips are nice and heavy and the case is nice too. Great Quality These worked amazingly well for our staff appreciation project along with the labels. Very good quality and affordable. We will do this every year! Would get them again Not for poker but for another purpose; however, the weight and quality as well as the price make them a very nice buy.

Would get them again!! Great for personalized chips Found just the right size stickers and made commerative poker chips for our teams competition swim trip to Las Vegas.

Amazing pcs chip set Great product!!! Solid quality poker chips. Solid quality for the price paid. Some visual imperfections, but have enjoyed using the chips so far. I chose these over others simply due to the colors. Feel solid in your hand, not chincy! Great tokens for keeping track of the drinks. These are a great alternative to shot glasses if you know what I mean.

These tokens can be used in so many ways, but as a a quick visual indication to bartender and patron as to how many are owed, it the best. This was exactly what we wanted. The print is great and the chip weight is like an official chip. I've carried one in my pocket for two weeks and the imprint still looks great, like new.

We are very pleased with the purchase and the price was well worth it with the quality we got.

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