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Ki to Victory

Building real combos requires a sound understanding of various cancel mechanics, and different resource meters.

Ki powers all of your special abilities, and unless you equip skills or gear that helps you build it efficiently, you'll need to be smart about when to spend it. Stamina is even more vital; it powers your defensive and evasive skills, as well as your ability to Vanish Cancel, a special combo-extending tool that's crucial for dealing big bursts of damage. Especially against human opponents, forcing foes to waste their resources and saving yours for key moments becomes the key to victory, making Xenoverse 2's brawling a lot more satisfying than it initially comes off.

In terms of execution, none of it is any more difficult than pressing a couple of buttons at the same time. From space-controlling abilities that help you zone out aggressive opponents, to attacks that trade away damage for the chance to inflict debilitating status effects, there are enough interesting tools to support almost any playstyle, as well as ample opportunity for counterplay.

Some of my enthusiasm is dampened by the wet-mop hit effects, which rob even the beefiest looking combos of much of their sense of impact. The camera is downright unruly at times too, in its over-zealous attempts to keep up with the action.

Since some commands require character-relative directional inputs, this can lead to frustrating missed attacks at the worst possible moments. On the whole, though, Xenoverse 2 captures the spectacle of DBZ bouts while keeping things manageable. Two new antagonists and their masked lapdog are sowing chaos throughout the Dragon Ball Z timeline, changing key moments that fans will remember well. The story hints at some heavier themes, with Trunks in particular struggling with the opportunity to change some painful events from his past, but most of it is lightheartedly played for laughs, which feels just a little bit hokey at times.

Especially in online mode, Xenoverse 2 is essentially an MMO-lite, with other player characters flying around looking for party members to quest with and opponents to duel in pursuit of more power. I dont know what the others do. Neiker View Profile View Posts. One 'solution,' is to access the player's character profile and then access their steam user profile, send a friend request, and chat via steam Dex View Profile View Posts.

Best way to chat is to watch their profiles, add them on steam, and chat via steam app. Last edited by Dex ; Mar 9, Pretty damn stupid if you ask me, hopefully that gets changed around otherwise there is next to 0 reason to having a chat system if its only pre-set conversation choices. Feb 27, 3: Start a New Discussion.

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