Is the Blackjack 2 a Smartphone

Before the end of the 12 months warranty I started to encounter problems. Like the Dash, the BlackJack has a textured coating on the back and wrapping around side sections that feels nice and keeps the phone firmly in even sweaty paws. It seems to be a very durable phone as I have dropped it many times. Skip to main content. When I lose signal, like in an elevator, I usually have to turn my phone on and off to regain signal even up to 30 minutes after losing signal.

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Plus, the bigger size is for a good reason, as the extra depth allows for a larger-capacity battery. It's comfortable to use as a phone and a messaging device, and while having a more PDA-like design, it's still possible to slip it into a pants pocket.

On front, there's a marginally larger 2. Text and images looked sharp and vibrant, and as with other Windows Mobile devices, you can change the Home screen's theme, background image, and menu style. You still get two soft keys, Talk and End buttons, a Home screen shortcut, and a back button.

Besides these functions, each button can perform other tasks when you hold it down for a longer period. For example, with a long press of the Talk key, you can activate the speakerphone, or you can lock your device with the End button.

There's also the typical navigation toggle with a center select key, but there's a twist this time. In addition to being able to press it up, down, left, and right, it also doubles as jog wheel so you can spin it clockwise or counterclockwise to scroll through the various menu items. This has replaced the jog dial that was found on the right side of its predecessor, and it drew mixed feelings.

We surveyed a handful of current BlackJack owners, and the initial reaction was always similar--usually an, "oh, cool"--but after spending a few minutes with it, about half said they still preferred the side-mounted wheel, and I felt the same way. I thought the BlackJack II's jog wheel was too loose and wasn't responsive enough requiring a lot of extra spinning , so I rarely used the wheel mechanism and chose to use the toggle in the more traditional method.

Like the BlackBerry Pearl's SureType keyboard, I suspect this is one of those features you're either going to like or hate. First, the number keys are now clustered together instead of being separated by a column of letters.

The one-touch access is extremely convenient, since you don't have to dig through the menus to perform a single task. However, instead of a mini USB port or a 2. It would have been nice if at least a 3. Finally, there's a Power button on top of the unit, and the camera lens and self-portrait mirror are on the backside.

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Window Lens Not Included. Software that has been opened will NOT be accepted. They close with a strong closure for a secure fit. White overstitching is added for a perfect finish.

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