But this on finally has a bank. When sharing your stream, please remove the thread after the stream has ended. Here is the answer about the game locking up at the end: There are even ways to get it for free. With kind regards, Dennis Isioux YoudaGames.

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So back in the day when high stakes poker and other shows were around there were a bunch of poker torrent sites where you could find all those type episodes. I havent seen any of the recent poker games Super High Roller that were televised on any torrents, does anyone know where you can view them? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Put those to good use, and within those 2 months you can earn enough to buy the one you prefer. I can't believe I didn't read about them on their own pages..

I was hoping deucescracked was going to talk about them. I assumed it'd be a short trial just like there. I'm going to get my first 60day trial. Holdem manager is only a 15day trial. But I am downloading poker tracker 3's 60day trial right now. I pirate almost everything. I did not, however, pirate PT3 or HM, electing instead to pay.

It just seems too easy to rake it in by draining accounts It seems incredibly idiotic to install a pirated software thing that runs while you're playing if you're using a HUD. I'm certain I could write a few snippets of C code that compiles to way less than 5kB and which reads your whole cards for any of the most popular poker clients out there in less than a millisecond off the currently active table, passing that information over the net along with table ID etc to a server I could set up for the purpose.

There are even ways to get it for free. If you are serious about grinding some poker buy the software. They are constantly doing updates and deserve our support. I know when you say free you mean free with some gimmick. Nonetheless how would one go about getting it for free legally?

Go to the website for more info. But it basically looks like they are signing you up as an affiliate, so they can give it to you for free. However, keep in mind that signing up with a poker room through this method will probably prevent you from getting rakeback.

Actually I'm glad you brought it up. PT might have a similar deal, I'm not sure. Cracked copies are often old versions that may no longer be compatible or are missing features. I think they're tricky to update, as well. If you're serious enough about playing online poker that you're considering using a HUD, you should be able to afford the software comfortably enough. It'll pay for itself in no time, as well. Alot of work goes into and continues to go into this software.

There are constant updates, always adding new sites, and a ton of features. Most importantly, it helps find leaks in your game and tracks your winnings for you.

If you are serious about online poker, you need this software. I've pirated many thousands of dollars worth of software. The only program that I've paid for is HEM. This pretty much convinced me to buy it. But I'm going to hold out and see what's up in a month, if I'm still interested. It's fun now but I don't know how long I'll stay interested. I guess you could say I have a short attention span. But thankyou, this is pretty much the type of response I was looking for.

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