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25 Best Places to Visit in Rhode Island & Points of Interest

As its name suggests, Middletown is located right in the middle of Aquidneck Island in Newport Country between Portsmouth in the north and Newport in the south. The town dates back to , and history enthusiasts can learn all about the pioneer days by visiting the headquarters of the Middletown Historic Society in the Paradise School building. You can go swimming, surfing, and castle building on Sachuest Beach aka Second Beach or head to Third Beach where you can go boating, fishing, and kayaking.

The town is a treasure-trove for visitors interested in historic architecture and has four separate historic districts to explore. You could start your visit at the historic Metcalf Franklin Farm, which covers over 65 acres of land and is home to a 19 th - century Greek revival farmhouse and an early 19 th — century timber frame barn.

There is a good selection of outdoor activities on offer within a short drive of Johnson, including Neutraconkanut Hill Conservancy where you can go hiking and wildlife watching along a variety of trails and Wolf Hill Preserve which also offers a selection of hiking trails. Ocean Drive Ocean Drive, the Ten Mile Drive or simply The Drive to locals is located in Newport, Rhode Island and is a must-do activity and a wonderful way for visitors to absorb the Newport atmosphere and see some of the primary landmarks.

The park is an ideal place for both locals and visitors to come and relax and unwind, have a picnic, or get some exercise. You can bring your bike and take a ride or walk along four miles of paved bicycle trails that meander through the area green space. You can pack a picnic to enjoy alfresco at one of the six picnic groves, which together offer over picnic tables.

The manicured lawns, flowering shrubs, and groomed fruit trees offer a beautiful backdrop for wedding photographs, and there is a popular Chapel-by-the-Sea for those wishing to tie the knot.

The viewpoint at the top of the bluffs is easily accessible, but if you want to admire the cliffs from Corn Cove beach at the foot of the bluffs, you will need to navigate over steps. As compensation for the arduous journey up and down you will be rewarded by stunning views and many excellent photo opportunities. Be sure to visit the historic Block Island Southeast Lighthouse which had to be dismantled and moved back over feet in due to erosion of the cliffs.

The park occupies the grounds of what was once Hammersmith Farm, one of the most impressive private estates in Newport, and consequently offers some of the best views you are likely to find anywhere in Rhode Island. You can stop by to admire the views and lovely gardens as you make your way along Ocean Drive or you can make a day of it and bring a picnic basket to enjoy at one of the picnic sites dotted beneath the shady trees.

Fishing and hiking are also available on site. If you need some guidance, you can go on a Savor Food Tour to meet some of the best chefs and learn all about cooking the Italian way.

Although you do have to pay to use the beach and the parking area during the summer season, most visitors agree that it is well worth the cost to have access to such a clean and well-managed beach.

There are about nineteen acres of clean sand beckoning all avid sand-castle builders, and the water is perfect for swimming, body-boarding and surfing. The beach has restrooms and concessions selling food and snacks.

The village dates back to and gives visitors the chance to step back in time and glimpse what life was like in New England more than a century ago. To get active on the water, you can rent a kayak or paddle board from the Kayak Center who also offers lessons and guided tours.

You can take a hike along three miles of trails that cover varying habitats, including forty acres of salt marshes and some steep and craggy shoreline. There are raised walkways and elevated observation points along the trails so that you always have a great view of the refuge. The beach offers useful facilities such as a large parking area that can accommodate over 2, cars, a bathing pavilion and shade areas, a lifeguard seasonal , and food concessions.

The beach is over half a mile long, offering great beach walks especially at sunset. You can watch or join the surfers Misquamicut has some pretty good surfing conditions or enjoy relaxing in the sun, swimming, or body boarding.

For some added fun you can take the children to enjoy the slides at the nearby Water Wizz Water Park. Both beaches have recently been revitalized, and the upgraded facilities include a pavilion and shaded picnic shelters. You can take a walk along the paved boardwalk that runs the full length of the beach and has benches for those who would like to sit and gaze at the ocean or do some people-watching.

You will find that the beach is ideal for families — it is long and wide with clean fine sand and clear water for swimming with the added bonus of a lifeguard on duty until 6pm in summer. The conservation area is located on a sand-spit that separates Little Narragansett Bay from the ocean, and it is an important sanctuary for many species of local and migratory birds. You can take a three-mile hike along the beach to watch the wildlife and enjoy some excellent views of the bay and the ocean.

The only complete east-west route is paratransit services seven days a week, includ- serve destinations across the county. Route 2, which ends just a few miles east ing most holidays, within the city of Everett. At is equipped with a bicycle rack and a wheelchair of NS Everett. Visit the county's website for more informa- The Washington State Department of Trans- customers have access to a variety of regional tion on fares, schedules, rideshares, light rail, portation offers commuter options at www.

Visit the website for http: Washington State information, including traffic maps and cameras, Ferries on its website, but you can also download its free Greyhound Third Ave. The 22 distinctive green-and-white ships leads statewide efforts and builds partnerships to King County Metro Transit are legally part of the state highway system.

Jackson St to Clinton and Edmonds to Kingston. For information about distracted driving, pedes- Seattle, WA Visit the ferry system's other drug use -- visit www. Fol owing these 10 rules wil ensure a safe and courteous journey. Know where you're going before you start.

Be wel -informed 7. Posted maximum speeds are for ideal driving conditions. For Adjust your speed for traffic, road and visibility conditions or when not operating longer trips, include a rest stop every two hours, sooner if you are tired. Higher speeds magnify errors and decrease response times. It Pack an emergency ration kit of water and nonperishable food items such as helps to maintain a large "safety cushion" around your vehicle to change lanes energy bars.

Always wear your seat belt: Seat belts keep you in control and ready to react 8. Read your owner's manual and follow the recom- to a hazardous situation. Everyone should wear a seatbelt while in the vehicle. Routinely check tires, brakes, lights, 3. Put the phone down: A mobile phone is great for roadside emergencies, but wipers and fluid levels.

Pack a flashlight, blanket and first-aid kit. In cold using a phone while you drive drastically reduces your reaction time to all climates, pack extra warm clothing. Carry a mobile phone for emergencies. Minimize distractions by concentrating on the road, not objects, 9.

Move your disabled vehicle: If your car breaks down, move it off the road people or events inside your vehicle. Warn other drivers by raising the vehicle's hood 4. Scan the roadway continually for hazards. Keep or using your hazard lights, then stay inside and ask passersby to cal police. Know what is happening If unable to move the car out of traffic, get al passengers to exit the vehicle wel in front of you; watch for brake lights. Use the mirrors to keep an eye on and move to the side of the road when it's safe to do so.

If you must walk to a traffic beside and behind you. Pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, vehicles of varying Don't drive while impaired: Never drive while under the influence of alcohol, sizes, as wel as drivers of various ages and skil levels, al have a right to use prescription or street drugs, or over-the-counter medications that make you the road. Slow down and give others time and space to proceed safely. Not only wil you put yourself and your passengers in danger, but a them as if they were dear friends -- they are to someone.

Be predictable and courteous and signal your inten- a driver if you think you are going to drink. Road rage and normal fatigue can tions so other road users know what you plan to do next. Use your horn or also impair your response time. Be calm, wel -rested, alert and attentive any headlights, if necessary.

Monday through Wednesday, your driver's license first. Thursday The state of Washington prohibits drivers from You are considered a Washington resident making calls on handheld wireless telephones Lynwood when you do any of the following: Tuesday, Wednesday, Fri- of an expiration date. These individuals don't http: Transportation website for interactive maps, Find many of the required forms and general The state spells out what is required for information about road closures and travel advi- information at www.

Skagit County County in was about 8 percent higher home can visit www. County to the south and Island County to the of housing about 27 percent more , according west. The county's terrain flattens to plains in to PayScale. Dwindling Snohomish County, created out of Island Cascade Range, which holds the highest point housing inventory has caused prices to skyrocket County on Jan. In , an estimated , people Lushootseed language and of disputed mean- Area Chamber of Commerce website at www.

Chief William Shelton, http: Census the last hereditary tribal chief of the Snohomish Communities in Snohomish County near Bureau says. Naval Station Everett, in Snohomish County, this, saying the word means "a style of union Arlington is more than 6, people strong, and approxi- among them," "the braves" or even "sleeping N.

The county's com- Snohomish County is in the western part of http: Possession Sound and toward the northwestern side of the county.

The Washington Realtors group is while the eastern border is bound by the sum- 19, residents. The city was mapped out by a central source of local real estate information mits of the Cascade Range. Four counties are European Americans in , named after http: Everett Wetmore Ave. It began as a planned indus- trial city, a lumber mill town, the economic offspring of John D. Rockefeller and other East Coast capitalists.

Navy Homeport, Naval Station www. The Boeing facility is the largest building Lord Henry Arlington and incorporated as a city with a headcount estimated at 41, in Settler George Brackett's homestead and Like Arlington's, Everett's early economy From its beginning, Arlington depended on logging operation formed the foundation of was tied to the lumber trade, but as lumber's timber harvesting and products. It was once Edmonds, which incorporated in There are star faded and Boeing opened in the mids, dubbed the "Shingle Capital of the World" at least two schools of thought as to how the city the area's focus shifted to manufacturing, and because of all the shingle mills, sawmills and got its name: George Boeing is now the top employer in the city logging camps in the vicinity.

Historically, Franklin Edmunds, whom George Brackett and county. Arlington was a railroad town: It was on the admired, or in association with nearby Point The city is dotted with 40 parks, including Northern Pacific NP main line that stretched Edmund, named by explorer Charles Wilkes in Walter E. Hall Park, which boasts a golf course from the Canadian border to Snohomish, and , but changed later to Point Edwards.

As the through and early settlers and investors grew trails and an animal farm. Unfortu- This residential community is Things who reside in Everett is The cost of living is about 16 percent ments, including one planned near the municipal development and steady growth. The cost of living is about facing slopes of Puget Sound provides many Everett is home to the AquaSox minor league 21 percent higher than the overall U.

Mean travel time to work for those Main St. Edmonds has a variety of Lake Stevens, WA N a local scuba diving site. The population has more as a city with an initial population of , but with the signing of the Point Elliott Treaty in than doubled from just over 29, in to soon its popularity and natural beauty, combined between the United States and the Tulalip nearly 67, in , making it the second- with changing commuter habits, drew more and people to establish a reservation for them and largest city in Snohomish County.

Today Lake Stevens territory. The timber industry quickly moved Marysville gave it the nickname of "Strawberry has approximately 31, residents living in its in, staking several claims during the s in City," and the sweet berries are still celebrated approximately 9 square miles.

Log- -- and eaten -- in June at the annual Straw- Mean travel time to work for residents of Lake gers and the nearby Tulalip reservation provided berry Festival. Residents and visitors alike can Stevens is 32 minutes.

The cost of living there ample customers for trade, and in , the fed- enjoy Ebey Waterfront Park on the Snohomish is 24 percent higher than the national average, eral government authorized a small trading post River Delta and Port Gardner Bay, one of the http: Median rent is with James P. The post prospered, and when timber trad- The cost of living in the city is 16 percent ers wanted to sell 1, acres of nearby land Lynnwood higher than the national average.

Median rent in , Comeford was in a position to buy 44th Ave. Mean travel time to work is By , his wife, Maria, had opened the first The name "Lynnwood" was the brainchild More and more set- Mukilteo, which means "good camping name of the nearby Alderwood Manor commu- tlers arrived by rail and steamboat, and in ground," is a waterfront city in Snohomish nity.

Neighboring entrepreneurs piggybacked Marysville incorporated. Since , residential, commercial and After a few false starts, Lynnwood incorporated industrial growth and land annexations have passengers to and from Clinton, on Whidbey in April with a mayor-council city gov- ernment, which hired Lynnwood's first police officer. Today, Lynnwood, with a population of almost 37,, is a mix of urban, suburban, small city, crossroads and bedroom community to many pro- fessionals who work in Seattle.

Shopping, though, is its mainstay. Its first big shopping mall opened in September , and now it's considered the shopping hub of south Snohomish County. Overall, the cost of living in Lynnwood is 26 percent higher than the national average, according to data from www. Mean travel time to work in Lynnwood is COM State Ave. Snohomish has con- top and bottom of boxes. In , the population was only , but the the local community, and the specialty shops in next year, the federal Lighthouse Board decided the town's historic areas, serving visitors.

The lighthouse, still standing, was than the national average, as a result of high- tant step in your relocation process. Purchas- completed in , but even at incorporation paying jobs in the area.

By then owner costs of housing units with a mortgage are minuses. Mean travel time to work is 29 minutes. Disadvantages include Northern Railway along the city's entire water- Relocating to a new home can be one of upkeep, property taxes and fluctuating prop- front.

Mukilteo's first growth spurt came with the most stressful situations in life. In , the Harbour Pointe area the difference. First, decide whether to use erty. Amenities such as laundry rooms, exer- was annexed, doubling the size of the city to a professional moving company or make it a cise rooms, swimming pools and tennis courts 6.

The In , Mukilteo was ranked No. Some complexes, for example, restrict of America to Live In. In , it ranked No. A transport- or prohibit pets and personal touches such as able storage unit can bridge a professional and Snohomish painting. And the landlord or property manag- DIY move. When the unit is delivered to your Union Ave. Ask any company you are interested commerce membership directories, local news- Snohomish, founded around on the in for references and use them to inquire about paper classifieds, online or through referrals Snohomish River, was originally named reliability and customer service.

Cadyville after one of its first three settlers. Regardless of which method you choose, the Be prepared when you meet with the leasing Snohomish County was carved out of Island first step should be to inventory your personal agent, property manager or owner.

Bring a list of County on Jan. The list, with photographs of any what you are looking for in a rental; it is impor- tler, Emory C. Ferguson, recalled in that valuables, will be important for both insurance tant to be clear about your needs and to get all of Snohomish County was created "because there purposes and to help keep you organized dur- your questions answered.

You will also need to were more politicians than there were counties ing transit. Dress to make a good impression and treat the cians". The name was changed from Cadyville Make a rough estimate of your packing schedule meeting like a job interview -- be polite and to Snohomish City in Edson Cady had and then add 50 percent more time. It always arrive on time. Toss or Before you decide to rent, inspect the apart- and the river, its transportation lifeline to the donate unused items to lighten your load.

Visit ment with the landlord. Look for the following world outside. Thanks to its farming industry, the commu- http: Through revitalization box weight. Start by ables and documents together. If the items can't be checklist to use when you move out. Buying a home is a complex process and, as move best for your circumstances. Subtracting your expenditures and a copy of their current school's grading system. Set aside items you wil need imme- amount you can afford for housing. Overall, loan your new home.

Don't forget your pets' veterinary Moving day rules changed in , but according to www. Send change-of-address cards to friends, subscription services, creditors, primary and secondary contact numbers or email the Homebuying Institute , loan programs con- alumni associations, the Department of Motor Vehi- addresses.

You that can be used for housing-related expenses. Most for tax purposes. Review any damage to your more than 43 percent total monthly debt ver- tax-deductible moving expenses. The Federal Housing Administra- Three weeks prior to move Move-in day tion has a two-tier qualifying system: Some states loans to determine the right fit for your finan- prohibit certain plants, so research before you move.

Lenders are diverse today, can pack what you don't need. To determine and attic. COM limits and signal any potential issues in the way of receiving a loan. For any home loan applica- www.

How many bedrooms and bathrooms would you like? Do you want an attached garage? Will you live in the city, a suburb or in the country? How close to work, school, shopping or public transportation do you want to be? Answers to these questions will greatly assist your search and the next stage -- hiring a real estate agent. The ideal agent will help find your ideal home and guide you through the purchase process.

First, interview potential candidates to ensure they understand your needs, know your home- buying and neighborhood preferences, and are readily accessible.

Good luck and happy hunting! County Programs The HOME Investment Partnerships Pro- gram helps residents of Snohomish County secure housing, from rentals for low-income families to down-payment assistance for first-time home buyers.

For more informa- tion, visit http: State Programs Washington provides housing programs and incentives to help residents with home owner- ship. For more information, visit http: COM and Health Services provides residents resources www. Philips the primary airport serving the region with com- The county's 20,plus businesses range from Healthcare and Sonosite have a combined work- mercial, passenger and cargo services world- small family farms specializing in organic foods force of 3, On the pharmaceutical side and wide.

Snohomish County Airport Paine Field to the world's largest advanced manufacturing smaller in scale, CMC Biologics has scien- is a full-service general aviation airport next facility producing state-of-the-art aerospace tists researching and producing pharmaceuticals to Boeing's Everett plant; Paine Field is able to equipment. The manufacturing base, coupled on a contract basis. It traverses Northern Snohomish County is the manufac- skews younger. Median household income in Snohomish County, providing direct trucking turing center of Washington State.

Cen- links throughout the West Coast. Seattle is the percent of the workforce is associated with man- sus Bureau. County; Union Pacific brings freight as far as to Seattle, has a concentration of knowledgeable Access by Air, Land and Sea the Seattle yard; and Sound Transit's commuter workers and life sciences companies. T-Mobile Few places are as strongly positioned for rail service connects Everett in the north through has an engineering technology center with a robust business growth and innovation as Seattle south to the city of Tacoma.

On the life sciences sprawling commercial airport. The Port of Everett, in the center of http: The later development of other high- and barge facilities for cargo movement. The Snohomish County was carved out of Island technology industries in Snohomish County port is also the largest recreational marina on the County in , and the late 19th century saw brought more population increases and a shift West Coast.

The Ports of Seattle and Tacoma 25 several settlements established in western from an economy based on logging and agri- and 55 miles south, respectively have numerous Snohomish County. When the Great Northern culture to one rooted in manufacturing and an scheduled liner services. The Washington State Railway reached the infant city of Everett in , expanding service sector.

Ferries system is an extension of the state high- it brought an economic boom with it; Snohomish Naval Station Everett way system and is the largest of its kind in the County's early industrial economy continued to Puget Sound is the U. Daily, it transports thousands of workers be based on abundant natural resources -- pri- fleet concentration area. After World War II, Snohomish County's eco- ally in the region, which is home to approx- Natural Resources nomic growth was fueled largely by thousands of imately 31, active-duty members, Snohomish County has been and continues to commuters who worked in Seattle but wanted to 16, civilian employees, 2, drilling be home to a number of Native American tribes; live in the suburban bedroom communities in the reservists, 11, contractors, 42, fam- the county's early economic history is character- county's picturesque southwest portions.

Naval ized by an abundance of natural resources in a The home-grown multinational corporation, Station Everett is the second-largest employer diverse ecological region.

In the late s, Boeing established lion, according to the most recent economic Capt. George Vancouver's claim of much of its manufacturing plant at Paine Field near impact statement.

The National Military Spouse Network, a networking, mentoring and professional development organization, has a wealth of career information at its website, www. The group aims to help military spouses build a meaning- ful, sustained career path and offers a library of articles that touch on topics from entrepreneur- ship, resume tips, self-promotion and more as well as a membership-only discussion forum.

The organization also features companies that www. Cus- tomers access services electronically through https: SE Olympia, WA Services include job listings, occupational information, job training programs and a host of specialized services for veterans, displaced workers and other targeted populations.

For young people seeking employment in the region, the Youth at Work website provides job search information, as well as tips on resume writing and other resources.

State of Washington http: Search by category, www. COM employment assistance, look for internships or www. Apply online, in person or by mail. City of Marysvil e State Ave. City of Snohomish Union Ave. Many employers use agencies as Everett, WA A temp-to-perm arrangement allows the employers in the county. Plus all names hes using to defrau.

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