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Notify me of new posts via email. Ritter started Knife Rights in after reading a newspaper article he thought was critical of knife ownership. It was a daring step for an infant organization. Later that year, he hired Todd Rathner as Knife Rights' lobbyist after meeting him at a gun rights conference. As a private, not-for-profit corporation, membership is voluntary. There are mass stabbings, too, but they tend to receive less attention. Connect with the ISBA.

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There is no group opposing expanded knife rights. This is contrasted with how knife crime is treated in countries such as Britain and Australia, where guns are more strictly regulated and knife crimes are publicly debated. In the United States, knife activists acknowledge gun violence's influence on attitudes toward knives.

Now, Knife Rights is going after its biggest legislative target: It's a long shot, but Ritter met earlier this month with lawmakers on Capitol Hill. Ritter started Knife Rights in after reading a newspaper article he thought was critical of knife ownership. Ritter, who lives outside Phoenix, designs knives.

He works as a survivalist consultant. And he worries about a push to restrict knives. In , the agency proposed adding spring-assisted knives to the Federal Switchblade Act. That would have hurt sales of pocketknives that open with one hand. A bipartisan group of lawmakers moved to protect the knives.

Ritter's fledgling group joined others in lobbying for the change. Ritter positioned Knife Rights as advocating for knife owners.

Later that year, he hired Todd Rathner as Knife Rights' lobbyist after meeting him at a gun rights conference. Rathner, also a National Rifle Association board member, said lessons learned from the gun rights group have been instrumental. But Knife Rights has tried to avoid the polarizing politics of the gun debate. Ritter, who serves as the unpaid chairman of both groups, said the money comes from knife users and manufacturers.

He declined to reveal membership numbers. Most of the funding, Ritter said, goes toward paying Rathner and for both men to fly across the country. Many of the nation's knife laws were passed in the late s and focused on banning switchblades.

Some states restricted blade lengths and design. Knife activists dismiss these laws as overreactions to fears of knife-wielding thugs from a bygone era. Ritter and Rathner helped win a repeal of New Hampshire's ban on switchblades, dirks, daggers and stilettos. They helped push Arizona, their home state, to repeal all local knife ordinances. The "preemption bill" was a classic NRA tactic, usually used to prevent cities from imposing their own stricter guns laws.

The argument was simple: Everyone has a kitchen knife. The switchblade-twirling gangs are not a modern-day threat. Knife laws, they said, are outdated. But the topic remained a partisan one, mostly supported by Republicans. In New York, Knife Rights teamed up with the Legal Aid Society to challenge the state's ban on gravity knives, which have blades that fall from the handle.

The ban was interpreted to include knives that open with a flick of the wrist, making it illegal to carry certain pocketknives, although which ones depended on a subjective test. In , the ISBA and Chicago Bar Association responded by making proposals to the state supreme court to create a state board of law examiners and to require a high school education for admission to the bar. These recommendations were adopted, and admission to the bar became steadily more challenging. The ISBA was influential in the consolidation of the Illinois Supreme Court's three grand divisions into a single court in and later in locating the court in Springfield, where the current building was completed in The case established the principle that the supreme court has inherent power to punish any corporation or unauthorized person who practices law without a license.

And in , the ISBA worked with competing legal publishers to arrive at a State Bar Association edition of the Illinois statutes which could be cited as legal authority and which is still in use today. In , the ISBA spearheaded the successful campaign for revision of the judicial article of the Illinois Constitution. This sweeping change led to the creation of our modern judiciary and is generally considered to be the ISBA's most important public initiative.

In the 's and 80's, the ISBA was a strong advocate for the no-fault divorce provisions of the Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act and for independent administration of decedents' estates, both of which became law. Republicans are looking for Kavanaugh to cement a conservative majority on the court, while Democrats say he could provide the fifth vote to overturn the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion. Kavanaugh said, "I intend no ill will to Dr. Ford and her family.

The nominee was tearful through portions of his opening statement: He also said that he drank beer in high school, "but I did not drink beer to the point of blacking out and I did not sexually assault anyone. He said his calendar for the summer of "shows all but definitely that I was not there. The 11 Republicans on the committee are all men. Ford said the attack occurred at the house party after she went upstairs to use the bathroom. She said she was pushed into a bedroom and onto a bed and that Kavanaugh got on top of her.


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