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Quarter bingo and specials all day. FL - Among those who already have jobs at the state's dog and horse tracks and jai-alai frontons are dozens of felons whose convictions include manslaughter, racketeering, battery, strong-arm robbery, cocaine trafficking, lewd assault on a minor and illegal gambling. Texas Holdem - Page that compares 45 Texas Holdem online poker rooms on a number of relevant features. Hollywood Gaming at Dayton Raceway. This is the Cher-ist show on Earth. Today the Tower is said to still be inhabited by Mrs. This ghost "nicknamed" Brandy likes to lock employees in copy rooms and offices, run blank pages through the copier, and turn on and reboot computers.



The footsteps are those of the old sheriff who was slain at his residence by two men. On different nights, nearby railroad crossing lights would flash and no trains would be there.

After several interviews of personnel - no one that works at the DeWitt Perry Museum has seen or heard anything strange or "paranormal. The employees think that the middle school kids that walk home each day might be freaked out by the house and are the ones who may have started this rumor. If you would like a tour you can go to their website for details.

No flash photography in the house and only certain parts of the property are on the tour itself. Now she is sometimes seen on the catwalk, and plays with the gels on the spots. Students hit the stage with a hammer 3 times to keep her from interfering with a show, and sometimes, when reviewing a tape of a show, they can spot her standing in the set's shadows.

You can check yearbooks, newspapers, death records, and media and find that there was no Abigail or tragedies under the stage. However, even though the story is fabricated, many say strange things happen to them while in the theatre. Noises can be heard. Some say a female voice can mimick your female voice from around the theatre and give tech commands when you didn't give them.

Is this because they know the "story" of Abigail or has the belief in Abigail and her story made her a reality in the theatre? Or could it be someone else? Cason - Slaton Cemetery- Blue Light Cemetery - This is due to the various occurrences to locals such as a young couple went to the cemetery to make-out one night , and were found several days later laid against a tombstone with their faces frozen in fear.

It is said that if you go into the cemetery after dark, you will see a blue light floating around the cemetery. If you go in the middle of summer, you will reach places in the cemetery that are ice cold, also there are bushes planted inside that if stood in front of on a still day, one side of the bush will be moving as though being struck by a tornado.

One report is of a man in his car actually being pulled inside the cemetery with his car not going into any gear but drive while something outside was calling his name repeatedly.

It is a matter of belief, but I have been both during the day and at night, and I wouldn't recommend doing so unless you are a believer of faith, and a strong believer of paranormal activities. Carthage - Marshall Hwy - On you take a right and a little ways down the road there is an old broken down house with bushes and weeds overgrown.

The story behind the house is in the mid 80's a young woman lived there with her husband and newborn daughter. On Halloween night her brother came to her for money possibly for drugs she told him no. He was already messed up he turned violent when she told him no. He picked her up and slammed her on the hot stove then shot her. It was rumored that he even broke the gun and stabbed her with it, but after she was already dead he drowned her in the bathtub.

The police found him wandering the streets all bloody. The child was unharmed. Cedar Hill - Hangar Lowe Rd. When someone tries to call help for him, he disappears. Cedar Hill - Pleasant Valley - it is said if you go there late at night carry a book of matches with you and you have a little boy who is unknown sit in the passenger seat and talk to you and also your radio starts changing stations suddenly the car jumps into drive and the car doesn't move.

Cedar Hill - Witch Mountain - There is a hill that on some nights, you can see a lit up cabin, when you try to drive to it you cannot find it anywhere. In the late 's there was a witch that lived there and it is said that her ghost is still there trying to attract people so she won't have to be lonely. Rd 73a, by small stream - Witnesses claim to have spirits speak to them and seem to tell the future. Also knocks hear on trees, being chocked and children seem to be possessed.

The closer that you get to the river, the stronger the feeling gets. As well as feelings of being brushed up against. I have been out there a few times and get a really creepy feeling. Cold chills are common, pictures get interesting, and the animals act weird. And rumor has it that if you knock on a certain headstone at midnight, an apparition appears and runs at you screaming extremely loud.

Also headstones tend to move around frequently. Cleburne - Old Foamy - When you go to this little water stream you go at night turn off your headlights and honk three times. Then a goat man will appear in front of you. Others say strange things happen to your car. Cleburne - Wright Place - many experts have claimed it to be haunted. The first floor is still a small restaurant, and the second floor is rarely used.

People have seen the figure of a young woman near a window and have claimed to smell oranges when it is not being used as a haunted house. Legend says that she was pushed out of a window and killed by an angry boyfriend. People have reported opening and shutting of doors.

Footsteps and mysterious voices. Coahoma - Junior High Gym - During cheerleading practice about 15 or more years ago it was reported that the lights mysteriously went out and there were sounds and headlights of a vehicle getting closer and closer to the girls as the girls tried to run the lights and the sounds of the vehicle chased them.

Colorado City - Bakers Hotel - In the early 's this place burned down and took peoples lives mostly the workers that lived down in the basement, Now if you go at a certain time you will see the spirits of the workers.

Colorado City - Ruddik Park - there is supposed to be a ghost of a woman searching by the river for her baby which she buried alive because here mother made her. At one time a large group of riders who looked liked civil war soldiers rode by a group of men. There cabin shook from the force of the horse's hoofs hitting the ground.

When they had passed no one plant had been damaged. Back in the early days of the cotton gin, a grounds keeper known to present employees as "Frank" supposedly hung himself from the rafters of the vaulted ceiling.

He couldn't bear to live without his recently deceased lover. Sometimes you can even hear someone with boots on running back and forth along the upstairs dining area, but when you go and look around know one is there. Combes - Orphanage Rd. An older ghostly woman has been seen numerous times in the northwest lobby of the third floor. The ghost is believed to be Julia B.

Hubbell the woman the dorm is named after. Hubbel Hall has been torn down. Conroe - Conroe High school - They even wrote a book about this one. So it was during volleyball try outs possibly in the sixties the book has the facts and a girl was hung in the stair well to the lighting room of the theatre stage. The black janitor was accused of murder while many believe she may have committed suicide. There is a long black stairwell and walk long planks to the lighting room in the theater.

You can feel a definite cold spot in the are she died in. They say if you are in there alone you can hear her crying. Coppell - Bethel Cemetery - Bethel Cemetery is a historical cemetery established in The location is just east of Moore Road just north of Beltline.

There is a grave that was supposed to be haunted. It is marked with odd symbols. Apparently, the gravesite does not like its picture being taken because the submitter went through a roll of Polaroid instant film with every picture of the headstone overexposed.

Only one picture was normal Goatman's Bridge - Supposedly a lot of satanic rituals went on around and on the bridge. They were supposed to have conjured a half man half goat or a goatman. It is said that if your park your car on the bridge, turn off everything and honk your horn three times then goatman will appear. There are many different legends and the place is really far into the country.

Its just off of Old Alton near Teasley Lane. You can drive on the new one, but the old one is gated off. You can still park your car in the quasi-parking lot right in front of the old Old Alton Bridge and walk on it. There's a trail that goes on for hours that winds through the surrounding woods.

Conroe - Huntsman Chemical Plant - Witnesses have heard doors slamming and opening, voices, and apparition of a tall pale man, and also footsteps. They always get a strong feeling that they're being followed or watched as they patrol through the company's training building, which was used as a makeshift hospital during a plant emergency about 4 years ago where 2 people lost their lives in an explosion.

He has been seen looking through the broken windows of the now abandoned hangar. Corpus Christi - Bokenkamp - The night shift has heard voices, and footsteps. Mainly in the front ICU wards and the first unit. Staff and residents alike have seen shadows, heard footsteps and whispering. Many of the staff have complained of cold spots and the feeling of something or someone brushing up against them. At night it opens and closes by itself when no one is there to push the buttons.

It's been sighted once or twice by students who are there for extracurricular activities. One of the janitors has seen the ghost of a young teenage girl roaming the halls when the students have left. The story is her husband murdered a woman as she walked out of the upstairs women's bathroom. But there are seats up stairs, looking over the stage, and if you go to the top of those stairs, where it is said she and her husband were sitting, you can feel her standing there.

Its almost like she doesn't want you there at all. She'll try to make you move, and it gets really cold standing there. At times, if you "bother" her during a show, she will find ways to shut you up. My boyfriend was on his cell phone, and she turned it off and pushed him down the steps. Corpus Christi - Days Inn hotel - It is said that the spirit of murdered Tejano singer Selena still wanders restlessly about the door way of the room where she was shot as well as the hospital she ran to and eventually died in.

Though she is never seen, people have reported hearing faint singing as well as the smell of roses followed by an overwhelming sense of sorrow. This submission is possibly a hoax due to the discrepancies in the actual case. This haunted place is not proven.

Late night custodial staff as well as security personnel has reported noises such as howling and laughing coming from around the room. On one specific occasion a security officer arming the building heard what he described as "Furniture being moved around.

Corpus Christi - Downtown - The Smith Building - The building has been under construction for some time now and some of the workers were complaining that they would hear things move and fall.

At times the doors would close by themselves. One worker has said to seen a little girl in a white dress. Nobody seemed to have believed them so one man took a home video camera and went throughout the rooms on the second fall and you can see the doors close after he had passed by and three times you can see the little girl standing in the corner. Of course ha ran but went back and saw her again but this time she looked liked she was going towards him so he took of running again and you could see stuff being thrown at him.

The video is real its something that if you see you will believe. In one Sidbury House a Child supposedly haunts the children's room by playing with the dolls and moving stuff and knocking things down.

In another The Galvan House a ghost is said to tap unexpected people on the shoulder a on the second floor and someone once heard footsteps leading up to the attic. In another house A restaurant named The Christian House Bistro there have been reports that at night a lady with a long old fashioned dress and a big hat and shoes is seen walking into the front door and disappearing.

People have only seen the backside of her. Then in another house The MacCambell House a ghost named Mary, who died of pneumonia, is said to not let tour guides in the house or to cause noises or if you go on the patio on the second floor she has locked tour guides out on the porch by slamming the door shut then locking it so all you have to hope for if you get locked out is that you can wave somebody down and they'll come help you.

Corpus Christi - Nueces River - Many years ago a woman and her baby were home alone when their house caught fire. Out and realized they both perished in the fire. It is said that she walks the river and moans in mourning for her baby.

Corpus Christi - The Old Courthouse - it has been scientifically proven that many people have been hung and sentenced to death there. The rumor is that a young boy went to the courthouse on the night of Halloween in the early 's. He did not believe in ghost until this incident. He went up to the 10th floor where all the death sentences went through. He walked over to a window to look at a rope that what looked like blood on it.

When some force throw him over the edge of the window. Specialist found blood from the rope one the window seal where he tried to hold on. He hit the cement face first. Corpus Christi - The USS Lexington - It has been said that in the boiler room of the ship there is a spirit of a young man in a sailor outfit who will tell you where things are located. Wilson built a story office tower with a four-story penthouse.

The penthouse was Wilson's pride and joy. The 20th floor was finished out as a game room with a private bar constructed on a grand scale of mahogany and trimmed in tufted leather and brass. The view from the penthouse was described as rivaling that of the Top of the Mark Restaurant in San Francisco.

It was the scene of many "invitation only" parties attended by Corpus' elite, where Wilson negotiated many of his major business deals. Most of the talk centered on "Sam's" parties and card games. The 21st floor contained guest rooms for "out-of-town" clients.

Wilson's death in , Mrs. Wilson hosted society, civic, bridge and debutante functions in the penthouse. Today the Tower is said to still be inhabited by Mrs. Wilson, overseeing what goes on in the building. Many Tenants have witnessed shadows and sounds while alone in their offices, especially in the early mornings or late nights. Elevators also have unusual happenings. Stopping on different floors that are not lighted up, with an eerie feeling of someone else catching a ride with you.

Corsicana - Emhouse - Emhouse School - This is an old school house that was closed in the early 's. It is a small two story building located in Emhouse, outside of Corsicana.

Witnesses have seen lights on in the inside the building has no electricity go off. They have seen apparitions.

All the desks, chalkboards, chalk, and pencils where left in the school from when it closed. Even the shower curtains from the showers where still there. Corsicana - Navarro County Courthouse - Stairs and District Clerk's Office late night users of the law library or persons in the Courthouse have heard footsteps descending from the third and second floors. Rumored to be the ghost of the old District Clerk who was shot by the County Sheriff after a political dispute on the Court House steps.

Corsicana - the old Navarro Regional Hospital - The building is now torn down, but it is said that the area is extremely haunted because of the many lives that were lost there. You can still here voices and other hospital noises if you sit, close your eyes, and listen for a while.

Cotulla - Frank Newman Middle School Bathrooms - It is said to be told that if you go into the girl's bathrooms by yourself you can feel something or maybe even hear whispers.

The neighborhood was constructed over an old slave cemetery and many of the residents were terrorized by the angry spirits that dwelled below. No one had a clue as to what was causing it until a couple, while digging a swimming pool, unearthed the remains of a couple who had been buried in their backyard.

It is a story that is very similar to the movie "Poltergeist", but it is frighteningly real. Most of the activity is centered at the east end of Poppets Way and the side street that connects at the east end.

According to the book, people would rent a house on the street and abruptly leave within a month Several employees over the years have seen this happen, while others choose not to think about it. Crystal City - one spooky river - if you park your car next to the river you can see balls of glowing light and a glowing shadow it is said that it's the soldier that were in the army that were killed there before the river came up. Ectoplasm said to be in photos.

Dallas - Bear Creek - It is said that while driving on the highway intersection of Bear Creek, if you say the name of the street "Bear Creek", something will happen on the drive. Dallas - Capital Building - Reports of people walking around during the night hours and sightings of Ghostly shadows by employees. It is said that this man was a late night loader, and un-loader. He was a good, honest, family man until one day at 6: These men had been doing this for a while now.

Well so then Wayne finally decided to defend himself this time, not knowing the 3 men had a GUN. He was shot 3 times in the heart and 3 times in the head. Reports, employees, say that in the upstairs part of the building, where Eckerd's keeps its Boxed products is said to be haunted by Wayne. Employees say mysteriously boxes fall down, Radio is turned, Cold areas are felt, and footsteps are heard going up the stairs.

There is a narrow horseshoe shaped road with lots of trees; a few obscured houses in between. Once you start down this narrow road, you must continue. No place to turn around.

Mysterious events such as rocks flying from impossible angles towards cars; sudden unforeseen vehicular body damage, etc, have occurred. The local police department will verify this as far back as Do not drive down at night.

Dallas - Jerry's Super Market - they say that at night on the second floor the managers who close and lock the doors where they keep their merchandise they hear noises and they come running down the stairs and now they sometimes take someone with them so they wont go by themselves.

Most sightings or strange occurrences have taken place in the auditorium; however the technical theatre teacher claims he can sense her presence throughout the school.

Dallas - Lawrence Hotel - opened in October crying and shadows on 10th fl. There are other Internet rumors that the illegal gambling casino was in the basement. This is not accurate. The casino was in fact on the second floor. However, laundry carts have been reported by the staff to move on their own in the basement. The front desk will often get calls from 3 rooms in the hotel on a regular basis that no one has checked into. The 10th floor has one room in particular room where the staff say when they try to open the door to the room they get resistance on the other side as if someone doesn't want you to come in.

Lots of activity has been captured in this room. A congressman also lived in the hotel at one time who also killed himself at the hotel.

He lived on the 10th floor. Female voices are heard in the hall. Dallas - LBJ House - Supposedly there is supposed to be blood on the walls and some areas of the house where the wife and children were sacrificed and there is a really cold feeling if you stand in a certain place, but I've never talked to anyone who has seen that personally.

Also the property has been abandoned for several decades and no one will buy the lot. Over the last 30 years there have been continual stories of a haunting in the house. Many unrelated individuals museum guests, volunteers, and staff have sensed the presence of a female spirit in the house. The activity seems to center around the former nursery and master bedroom on the second floor. Dallas - Millermore Mansion at Old City Park Museum - This 's mansion was the home of the same Dallas family for over years before becoming part of the museum.

Consistent stories are told of a ghostly female presence in the second floor area around the former nursery. Visitors, docents, and staff have all felt the presence over the last 25 years. The story is that a little girl was riding her bike on the railroad and supposedly she got stuck and got run over by the train and now she haunts this little deserted street by the railroads. Dallas - Oak Cliff - Wilbur Street Play ground - They say in the s that a little girl got permission from her parents, to go play in the playground of Wilbur St.

A drunk driver was out of control and hit the girl, which was happily playing on the swing. People now say that if you look closely at the swings you will see the happy little girl swinging. Removed - Private property Due to the heavy demolition and safety concerns, the property owners have been overloaded with inquiries about paranormal investigations before the changes are made.

The new management does not want the publicity or rumors to be out there that their property is haunted. Many trespassers have already been prosecuted. Banging and howling noises from all over the grounds. One witness has taken pictures with a digital camera at this site and obtained pictures of floating orbs, a child's face in what was an empty hallway, and what appears to be an adult hand holding an axe.

The children spirits are not too intense but the adult spirit seems very angry and seems to want to be left alone. Rumor of the adult possibly murdering the child.

Dallas - Rylie Academy - The lights turn on and off , strange sounds reported. Dallas - Snuffers Restaurant - numerous people have seen this unidentified ghost. Dallas - White Rock Lake - The Lady of the Lake - or White Lady has been seen here and on the road by the lake - dressed in a 's evening gown and soaking wet - she asks drivers for a ride to a house on Gaston Ave where she disappears leaving nothing but a wet stain on the seat.

The story is that she was the daughter of a wealthy family in the 's. She was on her way home from a ball when her car wrecked in the lake - she drowned, but the others lived. Dallas - Turtle Creek Center - A successful businessman worked at this building through the 's. His name was Harold and on the 13th of September , he died from unexplained reasons in his office at approximately 9 p.

They have reportedly seen a man walking between the 13th and 14th floors with blood falling from his eyes and a look of shear death on his face. When they follow him into the hallway he disappears without a trace. Some students encountered a wispy form, which wandered across a hallway behind a locked screen door. DeKalb - Cry Baby Creek - It is said that on a clear night you can drive to a bridge outside this small town and hear the screams of an infant. The story states that a mother and her baby had a horrible accident there and the infant drown in near freezing waters.

This child's ghost still haunts there. Denton - The University of North Texas - Bruce Hall - There is a spirit of a pregnant women trapped in the building who in the 's tried to starve herself to cause an abortion There have been sightings of a young women roaming the halls when the building is closed.

Also, the students are bothered by minor annoyances. Those who have extra work and stay later after hours tend to hear the fax machine turn on and off.

This ghost "nicknamed" Brandy likes to lock employees in copy rooms and offices, run blank pages through the copier, and turn on and reboot computers. Diboll - The Diboll House - Owners of the house would have coinciding nightmares, smelling bad odors that seemed to come from no where, feelings of being watched, strange banging noises, apparitions, and reports of being physically attacked smacked, thrown. It has been abandon since It is said that two men got in a fight and one shoot the other man.

The ghost can be seen at midnight of the man drinking. Donna - Silver Nugget Saloon - late at night some people have said they have seen lights turn on by themselves others have said they have heard music dancing and laughter coming from the building.

Dumas - Dumas Jr. After practice everyone left except this one girl. No one came to pick her up so she decided to go back into the gym to wait for her ride. The janitor went into the gym and stabbed the girl and then his self.

If you are in there by your self you can hear the girl screaming for help and the janitor laughing at what he was doing. Eagle Pass - Abandoned Radar Base - Many teens how have gone out to the abandoned base to party there have reported many strange apparitions and spirits that haunt the base grounds. Eagle Pass - Old Texas Ballroom - In the late 's it was said that an old man went crazy and shot himself. If you take pictures you will find out for yourself!

In the gym there are orbs and spirits everywhere. If you go down to the girls weight room the punching bag will start and stop moving Earth - Springlake - Earth High School - Many Students that have attended the high school have been killed over the years in car accidents. It is believed that some of them, possibly along with a teacher that was killed in a car wreck, may haunt the gym, the auditorium, and the band hall. If you go into the gym alone, you can hear people talking in the girls' locker room.

No one wants to go into the auditorium alone, because the janitors have reported hearing the same ghostly sounds every day while cleaning. It's so bad that they now turn a radio up full blast just so they won't have to hear it. Edinburg - 18th St.

This house is right in the corner on 18th street and Shunior. Well this house has always been there for rent, and people that move in wont last no more than 3 months, due to extremely horrible terrifying noises.

Edinburg - Austin Elementary - strange sightings have taken place there. It is said that late at night you can see figures walking on the school grounds.

In the original part of the building you get an eerie feeling as you walk up the stairs to the tower. The tower was the hanging room, were they would hang the convicted prisoners that were sentenced to death. It is recorded that only one man was executed in the tower, however, some people claim that more than one was executed.

You can feel a cold spot in the tower. Some claim that the rope that is still hanging there swings back and forth. Shadows of a man hanging have been seen by some and many people who have passed by the building at night claim to hear voices, sounds, and wails coming from the original part of the building where the tower stands. Edinburg - South Middle School - a couple of years ago a student fell from the west side staircase and died.

Edinburg - University of Texas Pan American - Troxxel Hall Dormitories - Legend has that a girl got pregnant by a guy who took her as a one-night stand but she thought he really liked her. Well when she found out that she was pregnant she attempted to give herself an abortion in her dorm room, she didn't think she could so she committed suicide. Some student living at Troxxel say that at night sometimes they hear knocking on a certain door. El Dorado - North East section of town - The time of day plays no concern for the unusual sightings that occur.

During the daylight hours, voices of children playing and adults talking can be heard. At night strange orbs can be seen floating along the roadways some as large as a basketball. In some of the homes, sounds of dishes breaking, and none were ever seen to have been broken. Closets in the home would have auras of foreboding, as if some one was staring at you as you passed.

One homeowner shot a trespassing dog at night only to find that it vanished before his eyes at point blank range. As children walk from one home to another, they would here additional footsteps along side. During a family get together several family members slept out in the back yard under a night-light placed in the yard, during the night they awoke to see a hat that belonging to the owner of the house rise from the table, lift about 6 feet in the air, go toward the back door.

Once there the screen door opened and the hat proceeded inward after a brief pause. The screen door shut after the hat entered. All of this time there was no wind, and it was all done in silence. El Paso - area around El Paso is supposedly home to "El Muerto," meaning "the dead one" or "the dead man. El Paso - Cathedral High School - The This school's most haunted place is the third floor, which is also the floor of the freshmen lockers and most of the freshmen classes.

One time an unsuspecting Freshmen went up to go get something from his locker that he had left up there and saw that towards the end of the hall a locker was left open. He started heading down the hall to see whose locker it was when the locker was slammed close and a white figure started running in the opposite direction of where the guy was that was walking down the hall. The guy started running after it but once the ghost turned the corner it disappeared.

Another part of Cathedral that is haunted is a staircase that leads up into a separate classroom that is attached to the third floor. Once you walk into this classroom you can feel an eerie presence in the room. The hairs start standing up on the back of your neck and you get the feeling as if someone is either watching you are is right behind you, but no matter how much you search around the room you can find no trace of anything living or once living.

El Paso - Chase Building - Woman in red dress is said to haunt top floor. Strange red lights can be seen coming from top floor at night from a distance. Also in the Band Room where all instruments are stored, one can hear someone playing an instrument at night, and just being in there gives an eerie feeling that makes you run out. El Paso - Concordia Cemetery - Traffic noise is a factor but how do you explain sounds of children playing and laughing at two in the morning.

There is a section of the cemetery were score of children were buried after they died during a small pox epidemic. You can hear the hoof beats of Calvary soldiers, and just general conversation, but never really understanding the words just recognizing the human voices. Many visitors have spoken of a kindly older nun dressed in traditional habit of the order. She is usually seen praying at the altar's communion rail and slowly fades away when approached.

El Paso - Crockett Elementary - The building is aged back to the 's and supposedly served as a hospital to war veterans. It's said that on the second floor that a child not knowing the history the building had witnessed a man walking down the hall with bloody gauze on his head and amputated arm. El Paso - Del Valle high school - It's been known that in this school three young guys killed band members from there.

And now it's been known that at night you can hear the screaming of the killed band members, screaming for their lives. El Paso - Desert View Middle School - One night a coach came to this school and heard punching noises on the lockers when no one was there. Another story is a lunch lady got to the school early in the morning and saw a white figure run through the gym. When no other students where there. The revolving door has opened by its self and the curtain has opened as if someone is watching you.

Some students have even reported that they felt someone touching their shoulder and breathing on the back of their necks. The school was built on top of the old Prices Dairy, and some believe a presents from the dairy has found a new home in the school photo lab.

Some of the janitorial staff refuses to clean the photo lab area after dark. Every single day, mist and fog roam the hall and there seems to be some "gooey-stuff" on the ceiling. It is said to be that near 35 years ago, a teen killed herself by slitting her wrists in the hall, then, waling towards the balcony, eventually, jumping off.

A wall that was built in front of it closes off the whole stairway and hallway that leads near there. Nobody can even tell now that there was even a hallway there, but people do wonder how to get to that hall.

Old woman was sited on various times looking at you from a window on the top floors. Lights would flicker on and off. Doors would open and shut. Moaning sounds were heard coming from the basement. El Paso - Escontrias Elementary - A high school was built on top of a cemetery and in the girls looker room a girl named Mary was said to be getting a towel when a large gate fell on top of her pressing a deep wound in her neck.

Later this high school was turned into a Elementary school were f you go to the girls restroom before you exit the back side of the school you will see five girls hung from the ceiling with many bloody hand prints on the wall. El Paso - Evergreen Cemetery - As you drive by the cemetery you can see a boy standing on the sidewalk asking for a ride during the early hours of the morning and near the railroad tracks that are behind the cemetery there is a mist accompanied by a strong smell that might be encountered.

El Paso - Fire Station 9 - It is said that a firefighter died in a fire at this fire station. He has now come back to haunt the place. Whenever there is a fire to go to at night, the ghost will turn the lights on and off and flush toilets to wake up the firefighters before the alarm.

He has even been known to do this before the station gets a call about a fire. Anyways there has been hauntings there ever since a medic was let down for "accidentally" killing a soldier whom had been shoot in the chest back in the 50's. Even though its condemned certain soldiers of high ranks are in the possession of some keys to open the building once again. A Calvary soldier was forced to retire because of his age-he may have been a doctor.

This depressed man apparently hanged himself in the rafters of building Hourly Advance Notice for Babysitting: We stayed in Vista 1 only a few steps from the gorgeous beach but also very close to reception, the pools and bars. The food was good both at the buffet and restaurants, we found it easy to book for the two days ahead.

Nightlife seemed better at The Tam but always something to see at both resorts. We loved the free shuttles that you could just hop on between the two hotels, often music playing and had a giggle with the drivers, they always seemed so happy.

The resort was kept very clean, and our housekeeping lady was lovely. We had an issue with our room and she had it dealt with within an hour! Already looking forward to next year! What a wonderful vacation to Aruba! The Divi was amazing! The staff, beach, drinks, food, room and much much more so great! We did have a little situation but it was handled within 5 minutes by housekeeping!

We were upgraded to an ocean view room vista 1 room It was breathtaking at any time of the day especially sunset! Steps from the beach which helped in trying to get a spot and chairs!

That was probably the only thing that was tough! But we had no problem getting up early and saving spots! The water was a little more rough with some rocks but so clear, perfect temperature and beautiful! Drinks and food were great! Our waiter at the red parrot he was so nice forget his name as well as Rafael and many others at the buffet and bars!

Pure lime was very good as well! The refrigerator is not stocked but there are shops a few blocks away that has many items for decent pricing! They give you water bottles to be able to fill up at water fill up stations. We would grab ice from the ice machine and fill bottles that we brought as well. It was so nice how they look out for the environment. Shampoo and soap dispensers in room and no straws for drinks!

The room had great space and the patio was nice. The bathroom is nice as well! My daughter was just under 2 and she loved the beach, the big chess set and running around the lobby!

First impresdions very good. No rum or fruit punch at check in unlike other Caribbean resorts we have been to. They put fabric bands on your wrists and you must keep these on for the duration of your stay.

We booked a lanai ocean front room as we wanted privacy when on our balcony. Other catagories of rooms have a railing or low wall between rooms so no privacy. This is worth the extra money. Food at all restaurants was excellent, and one of us is fussy when it comes to food, however drinks were poor very poor quality. Pina Coladas do not bother with or any exotic cocktails for that matter.

They have no straws or swizzle sticks so nothing to mix your drink with. They take 2 seconds to make your drink also which shows no effort going into it. Everyghing is served in blue plastic tumblers even "champagne" as they like to call it. Cheap Spanish sparkling wine. The only time you will get a glass glass is in the restaurant.

We'll vote on officers for next year at this rally from a slate that our nominating committee will provide. Please be there to take part or risk being voted in. They'd love your company on the Texas StateRailroad. Sidney is tending to catering. Pay first day when registering with remainder due on check-in. Early days will be at the same rate. Must have minimum of 10 reservations for lowered rate. Clubhouse has full kitchen and will be available to us all day everyday we're there.

Will all park in close proximity to one another and near the facilities. Sites 70 through We'll have to be out of the clubhouse for Sunday as it is reserved by another partyfor that day. This means we'll need to clean up and pack up Saturday night rather than Sunday morning.

Sorry Arraignments made with "Laura". Conference room within the Grand Lodge has full kitchen and will be available to us all day everyday we're there. Arraignments made with "Heather". None, Sharon's arranging catering, Boyd will take care of the breakfast pastries,. See supplies list and who's got them HERE. Comtact me, , with any questions or suggestions. When you complete your stay, you will check-out at the office and settle-up your account as normal.

When planning to attend the rally, there are plenty activities for everyone around Corsicana. You may want to consider coming a day or two early to visit one or more of the following: Russell Stover Candies and Navarro Pecan Company do not have tours; however, both have outlet stores.

You will need to make your own reservations with the Big Chief. Ya just can't always trust those things! Just to make sure everyone knows how to get to the park without having to back track, If you're headed north, get off at exit , go up to the next overpass, crossover to the southbound access road and continue to the park.

Southbound traffic exit at and the park will be on the right in about a mile. We're looking forward to getting together with all of you next week. No credit cards accepted. Classics Pot Luck - Saturday, March 28 starting at 5: Check bulliten board for location. The Buckhorn Bar and Grill catered all three of our evening meals with excellent food and service.

Couldn't ask for better service or attitudes from our servers, Carla and Louisa. Accommodations are reserved for our "Pot Luck" dinner and business meeting on Sunday, the 23rd at 5: I had a real good time!

Everyone that showed up had a great time at Glen Rose last weekend. They spoiled us rotten! It was a very old but very well kept and clean RV park with a terrific meeting hall.

It blended right in with the particular charm of Glen Rose. I'd be happy to go back again someday. Even though it was really cold for a couple of days, we all had fun catching up and talking GMCs. Hatfield Restorations Papadales Cantina.

Ladies be sure to download and send in your Ladies Day Out registration. Penny Buenger and I Debbie Massey will be coordinating the activities. If you will volunteer for an activity, we will put the word out to get volunteers to help you if you need them!

We will have the 3 catered meals in the evenings, the Tech Session, and the Classy Ladies social if Jackie Isenhour wishes to have one at that rally. We will not be having a continental breakfast. We are asking for volunteers to bring baked goods. This will eliminate a member having to go to town each morning, at least 20 miles, to buy donuts, etc. Someone could even volunteer to head up a Pancake Breakfast one morning. We want to keep it simple. Volunteer to lead a new game, one that you enjoy and would like to share.

Remember, we will find volunteers to help you! Volunteer to clean tables one night or sweep the floor. How about doing a craft? We would love for you to bring something new to the rally. I know there are lots of you that have talents that we do not know about.


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