Arma 3 Admin Slots

RCON can't be affected by in-game script exploits. Reserved Slots Create dedicated slots reserved for certain players. If you enter a command that is properly formatted and you see no confirmation of the command then an error has occurred. Remotely manage your server and access it from whereever you are or share certain permissions with administrators and moderators. Whether you're an established community or a forming one looking for the software required to power your project, ArmA Remote Admin has got your back. While playing in this….

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I have been looking for a script that will reserver a slot in my mission to a GUID. I am using Zeus and need to have it restricted to a select few but I can not seem to find any recent post about it. I know Xeno's Domination includes it but I can not seem to find his dom mission. Okay so I am now back at my PC and wasnt able to try this until now.

I just need a little more information on this. I am assuming I am pasting this into the init field of the units correct? How would I get this to execute? A different solution to this would be that with the zues module you can specify player GUID's that can access zues.

That way would be the easiest. But, it won't reserve the slots on the server, so that no one else can join them, it would only limit who has access to zues Okay yes that is an easier work around for now. I was able to restrict the uid to one uid, but when I tried setting multiple uids for one Zeus entity, it just didn't allow anyone to use it. This is how I set it up:. Is it possible to set up multiple uid's for one Zeus entity? Or did I just set it up incorrectly. You launch this debugger, then launch ARMA client, connect to the server, and issue any of the commands.

In case of banning, ban. From Bohemia Interactive Community. It's recommended to use BattlEye's RCon tool to administrate the server, it uses custom port which one may easily secure by firewall rules! RCON can't be affected by in-game script exploits. Retrieved from " https: Navigation menu Personal tools. Views Read View source View history. This page was last edited on 17 August , at Log in as the admin. Without password only possible if you an admin[] in server.

Select mission with known name and set the difficulty.

arma 3 admin slots

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