Mirage Las Vegas Review

The hotel itself is also starting to show its age in comparison to others on the strip, however; by no means is it at the Excalibur level probably has a good years before that look. Service was great we would stay here again if we went to Las Vegas. It is past its prime, but there are still plenty of reasons to play there. Great pool, good food, decent value, close enough to game to Belllagio and Caesars Palace as well The room was cleaned poorly. Its biggest is the

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I have played professionally for 15 years and have NEVER seen more unprofessional dealers than the night crew at the Visited Mirage Aug 29 thru Played in two poker tournaments. The Mirage Poker Room is my idea of classic Vegas poker. Excellent atmosphere with a nice vibe. Good mix of skill Top Place to Play cash game, have some Drinks and have fun..

Most of the Dealers are a Little Bit to old I just spent the Christmas week at the MIrage and I'd have to say it was very "family friendly" in the poker room.

Just played a few tournaments at the Mirage's new poker room and thought I'd review it: What used to be one of my absolute favourite places to play in Vegas has now been relegated to a NO GO. If you're looking for lots of action and tough competition, you're not going to find it here. If you're looking for a The Mirage has a decent variety of game choices, much better than most rooms. Higher stakes games are also popular at the Mirage.

The only drawback is that the no flop, no drop policy only applies when one player raises pre-flop, then everyone else folds pre-flop. So, if you come in for a raise, then I come over the top of you, then you fold, there is a rake taken if the total pot reaches any of the strike points.

The benefit is that there is no extra rake taken to pay for them. The top two finishers win entry to the events. All Sit and Go tournaments at the Mirage start when ten players are signed up. Each pays the top two places. The Mirage poker room is as good as they come.

Even in the high stakes games, there is a strangely calming effect inside the poker room during day time sessions. In the evenings, the room lights up and becomes one of the most enjoyable places to play.

This table poker room is located directly across from the main cashier cage on the casino floor and adjacent to the Race and Sports Book. There is also a small lounge for players waiting on their next game. The participants are a mixture of tourists, hotel guests and a few native players. Mirage Poker room provides lots of high hand jackpot promotions. Players can call in to get on waitlists and check on games. If you are new to the game, there is a training table at the Mirage that teaches players how the games work and get rid of any fear they may have playing at a live table for the first time.

When the sign next to the table is lit, it is open for business.

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