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Weak players are harder to bluff than strong ones. I know it sounds backwards, but its generally true. Weak players tend to be loose and just can't stand not knowing what you have. Strong players won't call as many bluffs, unless they have very strong cards or have you figured out by your "tells". Don't bluff at big chip stacks. They have the chips to absorb a loss, and are more likely to call. On the flip side, bluff at the short stackers.

They're protecting their chips like a hen on her eggs and faced with any real challenge they may chicken out. Do I even have to mention this here? They're more likely to raise your bluff than fold their cards.

How many are you trying to bluff? Common sense tells you that the more people you are trying to bluff, the less chance you have of it working. Remember, your goal is for everyone to fold. What position are you in?

Bluff from late position whenever possible. If everyone is checking, calling or folding in front of you, its a perfect time to try and buy the pot. Its not wise to bluff from early position, because you have no clue as to who has hit their hand or been dealt killer cards.

Do you have any outs? Many would argue that to bluff with "outs" isn't a true bluff. But from my experience, you're better served bluffing when there is at least an outside chance of you forming a decent hand. For example, you are dealt AK in a Texas Hold'em game and the flop completely misses you with a board showing J, T, 3.

However, even if someone does call your bluff, you have outs. An ace or king on the turn or river gives you top pair, and if a queen hits, you have the nut straight.

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