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There is not the little vineyard in my castle. I like the game. Our call was answered by Mark who told us more about how Facebook credits work with Zynga games. He asked me to run a remote access for him to run a diagnoses on my computer, I agreed for him to do this. I will not spend money on farm cash if these problems are not resolved… thank you for your time.. I have lost , coin and all the time it took to accumulate the coin and items to earn the farm expansion.

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He also walks with an odd, bow-legged waddle though he does not always walk like this , which is also a reference to his animal theme. He has a white shirt with red stripes, a green belt, and orange pants with white stripes. He also wears black dress shoes that are somewhat pointed. Originally in the anime, Doflamingo had a red shirt with black stripes, a purple belt, and black pants with red stripes.

However, when he reappeared during the events of Sabaody, his color scheme was switched to its manga depiction, with the exception of his glasses. In the manga, he has orange-tinted glasses, while in the anime pre-timeskip he has purple-tinted ones. He is also seen often, if not always, smiling. Two years after the war, Doflamingo's outfit is somewhat less elaborate, wearing a plain, open shirt that has small, dark Jolly Rogers as cufflinks, a different belt, and pink striped pants.

However, he still wears his trademark sunglasses which have changed from purple to red lenses and dress shoes. Post-timeskip, he drapes his feathered coat on his shoulders instead of leaving his arms in the sleeves, similar to many high ranking Marines and pirates alike.

He also now wears a golden hoop earring on each ear. Even as a child, Doflamingo already had a liking for sunglasses, though he had not yet acquired his trademark ones. Before leaving Mary Geoise , Doflamingo wore the typical garb of the Celestial Dragons, and his hair fashioned the same style.

After the family left Mary Geoise, his hair was changed to a simply neat and tidy in a bowl cut and his wardrobe consisted of simple fine clothes: At age 10, after gaining loyalty from his four closest childhood friends, he changed out of his tattered noble clothes for a more simple, yet cleaner, black shirt and white shorts.

He eventually took on the appearance of a mob boss, wearing a black coat like a cloak over a pale lavender shirt with an unbuttoned collar, bole-colored shorts. His hair took on a spiky appearance, and he replaced his ordinary sunglasses with the trademark pair with spiral-shaped red lenses that he has now.

At age 17, his hair was longer than it is currently, he had two earrings on his left ear, and he sported a pair of goggles that he wore on his forehead.

In addition, he also wore sunglasses similar to the ones he wears today, but they had a different temple design, and his signature feathered-mantle. At age 25, when Law first came to him requesting membership in the crew, Doflamingo seemed to have done away with the goggles, but otherwise seemed the same in appearance; [30] he wore a black dress shirt with a red tie and white pants with a bright red design, with his signature mantle over it, [31] At age 28, during his trip to Minion Island he briefly wore a blood-red double-breasted suit with yellow-gold buttons, with matching blood-red dress pants and shoes, a pair of dark green in the anime, black in the manga gloves and changed his sunglasses to the ones he wears currently.

By the time he was 31, he had his hair cut down to the current length. Currently, after his defeat at Dressrosa , Doflamingo now has Seastone shackles on his arms, legs and entire chest, while chained to the floor of Tsuru's ship, he is also wearing a standard Impel Down prison uniform, with a few white bandages on his forehead as well.

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For example, a person is considered to be a priest or Levite if his father is a priest or Levite, and the members of all the twelve tribes are called Israelites because their father is Israel Jacob. I can answer that. My relatives who emigrated from eastern Europe have always had a virulent hatred of jews and judaism. The various eastern European governments brought jews in for centuries, where they took over the banking and business systems.

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Can you provide any evidence that Duke actually cares about the white race? Did he even talk about Rubashkin? December 30, December 31, renegade 35 Comments. I may just hang it up all together with he Zynga games. Why should I continue to support them through my purchases when they do not give a care about us.

I have played Yoville since I joined Facebook. I know I have spent thousands of dollars in that game so if enough of us hang up the dedication to the game they will open their eyes or otherwise go BUST. I am having a problem with Pioneer Trail, I have 3 orchard upgrade coupons in my inventory but have no way to use them.

I have checked at the support site and followed instructions on how to use them, but no luck. Now I find that there is no customer support!

No way to email them unless I pay. Deleted games with friends ap scrabble. Could you correct this for me as have games waiting to be played. Play games with friends HD scrabble and until the last two days ha be enjoyed it. The screen froze, and eventually deleted the ap. Pleas please connect me so I can continue playing Love the game! I play yoville every day and i what the bakeing factory and when you guys had it i loved it and i love that you can do some diffrent every day. Been playing farmville for over 3 years, customer support was excellent up until this past year, now it has totally disappeared you have made it impossible to enjoy the game, please quit adding so much crap and fix the current issues.

I won this morning 4 mil on zynga poker. After 3 minutes i saw that zynga stilled from me 71 mil. You make a mistake when you take my chips. Please, give me all chips back. You can see on my timeline how many chips i had. I lost 40 million chips on hands I won and it still gives chips to lower hand people. I can tell from all the comments that Zynga will do nothing and has no customer support.

If my 40 million chips are not returned and this matter fixed I will never play Zynga poker again. I intend to tell as many people as I can about this rip off game that Zynga plays. I have had problems with loading games and crashing for several months.

Today, I lost over items and have been trying for over two hours to find a way to get to customer service to get help. A truly frustrating experience and now I understand why over half of the friends I began playing with have stopped.

I have been trying since Feb. If U check your records I keep getting a message telling me that I have reached bascially no contact when in the past this is how I contacted and was immediately helped. I have lost since Feb. Please get me some help as this is the first and only game I am interested in.

Thank you in advance. I hope that You make u make us down by not solving this kind of issue.. Pissed off with zynga there customer support is non existent…. If I were able to leave a star rating it would be a big fat 0 — no help at all from Zynga. In order for me to go the the farm I have to go to facebook first get what of my friends is asking for then it will let me go the my farm.

And if I should post for sometning again I have the same problem not going to my farm. Also I havent received any request from my farmville friends. Someone steal my acc data,im sorry for ask help from Zynga customer service. If this problem unsloved its will be the end forever with Zynga poker. I was playing farmville 2, I had a virus take over the Zygna page, I took a screen shot of the URL, I would like to send it to your techs, for analysis.

I was able to escape it, due to my knowledge of computers. This is the second time this has happened. I have been trying to get this problem resolved for 2 weeks now. I bought Words With Friends from the Apple store.

I have been playing it for months and it crashed after the last update. I was told I would get credit for the game and all my games back. I was given a What was that for? I thought someone was going to help me.

So far nothing and when I called the help line they told me there would be a charge. I really enjoy the game but am getting very disgusting with the whole thing.

Will someone please help me? Your customer support is terrible. I posted an issue 3 times now and still no response. The old way I got an answer within 24 hours, this has been days. I thought I would drop a few lines to suggest a few things here. I am a faithful farville player. I play just about every day. I would like to suggest that maybe you can allow us the choice to pay with coins or buy them.

You can put the coins amount really high like other games. I have been playing for about 6 years now. Thank you so much for taking this time to read this e mail. Thank you so much. Zynga, i love your poker game. But why you stolen my chips. I won and had M chips, but you remain my chips only 5M. And now i dont have chip. Please turn back my chips zynga. I play so hard to reached my M. Please turn back my chips zynga…. Why everytime i play zynga poker chips by winning a lot of other people are always stolen?

I am very sad because zynga poker chips often lose huge amounts. The team zynga poker, please return my chips. I really liked playing games on zynga. I tried to get a new one but the email you sent me is in text.

Any help you can give me would be appreciated as I play your games everyday. We need to be able to contact Zynga easier with the everyday playing game issues. This morning Wednesday May 1st, I was hacked for a 1. I hate the fact that you have removed the customer service from Zynga. NOW get a move on! I have waited long enough already!

I pray someone actually responds to my email, even though I highly doubt it. I have been trying to find out why I lost Horseshoes on May 1, When I logged out that morning I had horseshoes, I logged back in late the same afternoon, and only had 12 horseshoes.

I am so tired of the issues, and non existent customer service. I have already submitted question on May 1, on social support to no avail. Please Zynga give us back true customer support. Player support is not the least bit helpful since they are also players experiencing the same issues, and have no answers. The only have interest my mony. The most of them are not soveld. The forums are just as bad. I ca not play Texas holdem through facebook. I was playing earlier today but now it will not load up.

I have over 92 million chips. Is the sight down or what? Please tell me while I am at my farmville harvesting my crops and orchards, I have fv points, then I look up and there is fv points,Didnt buy anything,just harvesting things????

This is not the first time this has happened. So to Zynga support I would be very greatful to at least get my 8fv points back. Thank you very much for your support.

I tried to call zynga to recover my chips, but nobody would help me! I am very, very upset!!!! Actually I have a need and wanted to share it with you, to See if you can help. I always help my neighbors, and share this wonderful experience! I was so desperate for help with a game that I called billing support….

I am a FarmVille 2 player and I was very disappointed to see at the bottom of the game an ad accusing the Republicans of blocking a jobs bill…YOU and I both know this is not true and YOU Zynga should be ashamed of yourselves!! I think you should apologize to your loyal players for doing this! I have repeatedly emailed support and gotten no where!!

Going to delete app. I have missed harvesting my money tree,cash cow, animals. The only way a farm will grow if I stay on that farm.

Please help and fix this Thank you so kindly. Your support system really sinks.. You really need to do something about it.. I am about to quit all these games… Wow.. I have done everything possible with my computer i have no viruses. Having trouble with words with friends but can get no help from Zynga. They should be put out of business. Words with Friends is not working correctly on my Kindle Fire. Please tell me what to do….

I am playing Words with friends on two laptops, two Kindles, and an Ipad. There is malware on all devices but only on the WWF games. I don;t know how it is getting there but I am ab out to cancel all games just play scrabble. Someone is coming on to my site and requesting a game in Words with Friends. How are they even getting on my site. Please help unable to log into Zynga poker through Facebook keep getting error code 2 please help. Zynga, I have a poker account with you, and I hv M, I earn that chips!

Why you suspended it?? And only want to give me 1M max???? Give my account back and those chips, not 1M! Are zynga support received my concern or feedback,why i received mail saying that tecnical detail of temporary failure,message temporary rejected. My FV points are not showing up as needed. Moved up 3 times now and they have stayed the same, so please zynga add them on for me and hope to see this fixed soon.

I am a member of your game in poker, I won more than 3. I am a person to comply with rules of the game, chips are my hard-earned, minus all please give me a reason, thank you. What is wrong with your game Hidden Shadows every time I try to play it the game shuts down and says there is a malicious add on attached to the game what are you trying to do to my computer.

I really want to play it to earn things for my Farmville game but I do not want my computer infected with anything. After reading all of the comments I take it that zynga games is a joke, forget my post I will just stop playing your games.

Watch out everyone zynga has add on in their programs that will effect your computer. I think playing their games spending your hard earned money to beat a level or other items is a waste if time if you play zynga.

I won a hundred dollars spinning their slot and never got the money, I cannot log into face book to get bubbles from friends and the game freezes up. I have spent money also. You cannot contact them with issues call them but they will take your money! I am very upset and I feel being taken advantage of by this company. I am letting people know myself to stop playing their games spread the word till they do something about support issues and contact info and email as well. I am so dissatisfied with them and I hope people start spreading the word as well on the rip off and no contact info on issues etc.

I have over 7 million in chips. It always tells me table unavailable and sends me to a smaller denomination table. I have been playing Yoville since it was first available. I have spent lots of money on this game and have lots of houses. I have a problem that I wish you would fix for me.

When I try to send gifts or when I try to send request the round circle just keeps going round and round and finally I have to get out of the game.

I would really appreciate your fixing this problem for me, so I can receive gift also by sending gifts and get requests to build things, instead of having to wait a month or more to finish a special item from the factory. Ok, the commercials do not load but keep interrupting game every few minutes. But the real problem is I have 2 buildings in the very back of game that will open, they are finished, then it says I need to refresh games and so I do and they are back to unfinished.

No matter how many times I try the same thing happened. Also when I tried to unload prop shop it did the same thing. The game I am playing is Coasterville, thank you. Zynga does not care. I am getting tired of problems and wondering if VIP is worth it! Begging to hate Mafia Wars! South Africa is a pain! I am losing wars to half my level. And when I look at their stats, I should not have lost to them.

Zynga does not care! I have been trying to get help from Zynga for over a month now. I play Cafe World on FB and have done for quite a while. I do think Zynga should be more available to players.. I now have to sign in to play WWF after reinstalling the game on my Android device. I do not play on Facebook, only with an email address.

So, my games are waiting for me to make a play and I cannot connect to Words with Friends. I have been asking for spooky decorations for days also and have not gotten any still. I also upgraded several of my shops — sure enough they took my Goods and all the parts, but after reloading I found my progress was lost, however my resources not replaced.

This is messed up — and how come Zynga Support is hiding from the players?!! There is absolutely no place to turn to help for. This game is getting worse and worse, also very irritating and disappointing at the same time. The game is loaded with glitches left and right yet the issues are not addressed, I am loosing progress and resources like there is not tomorrow.

I am rapidly loosing interest in this mess of a game. So can someone please help me regarding this isssue. Hopefully you can help me or send me an address that I can write to that will. It ways that for security reasons My account is temporarily locked.

They want a government issued Id ect. I have responded to emails from you so you know this is me so what is going on. As I began the missions, I bought some parts of the missions, and the Horseshoes also disappeared.

I now have 7 Horseshoes. If you could role my game-play back to my initial attempt to purchase the Ginormous Homestead, which would be great. Long -time fan and player, Barry. I have been locked out of zynga poker for a week because I forgot my pin number and I can get no help.

Zynga support is a joke, and NOT a funny one. Trying to complete quests and losing crafted items is NOT funny. People are getting sick and tired of this. Zynga has the worst customer service of any company I have ever dealt with and I am near retirement age.

I have a iMac now and still have issues…. I know I used to work customer service…farmville …. Was able to get some issues resolved but not all. This is extremely aggravating when you pay a VIP fee every month and things are not corrected.

I have spent time and money with your company but I promise this,I will NEVER again play any game associated with Zynga-you have lost one loyal customer here,going to make sure as many people as I can join me in boycotting your games. I have used every possible suggested contact avenue with no help what-so-ever. When I did get a person it was for their billing department and they sent me a link via email to a support sight I had already been to.

The link above for support is broken. Their customer service number tells you to visit their website. I have been playing Farmville 2 for a very long time and have recently run into an issue that is really annoying.

A few days ago I put a few buildings into storage so I could move some other things around. I have tried many times over the past couple days and it is still in my inventory.. Why should I or any one else recommend your products.

What customer service you have none. I have been a long time player of several of your Facebook games and now that I am having problems can not get any answers, but judging from the above that seems to be your norm.

I have spent monies to quickly build my farms and cities and so hate to give up the games but will no longer spend anything to advance my games. That only benefits you and your company. Guess that is your game because no one has a positive thing to say. I like to think that I would get a response but my expectation are not high at all.

How the hell do you get a hold of anyone on Zynga? I want to go back to my original Farmville Farm. I went to clean it last night and another farm popped up. Who the hell do you talk to or get a hold of to help? I use to be able to go to zynga support. Please respond to email address I gave. It seems even harder to email, or contact Zinga!!!! I used to enjoy Castlevillle …. Either fix it or take it off. I can not get my notifications. What can I do????

Paid for ad-free and faster coin refills. How can faster coin fill up be restored? Zynga gets paid alot of money to not be available for customers and make it as difficult to get a hold of anyone to help. I lost over , coins with goods sold, then crash and did not get credit for them. Also my owls that I wanted to keep on my farm are gone… many crashes happening. Please address these problems. I will not spend money on farm cash if these problems are not resolved… thank you for your time..

I have contacted you 3 times today and got one response back telling me to update my firefox and flash player which is all done I am playing 12 games on Facebook and all are working properly and loading properly except for Farmville 2.

Went to support no email connection or live chat. Sent a report which was all I can do and nothing else I will quit playing all zynga games if this keeps up. There is nothing wrong with my computer but when you go to Zynga support site it said intertubes not currently working.

You need to get your stuff together and make the games work properly not just some games but all games.

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