Eye of the Kraken. Please, take pictures of those burgers that look nice. This year the charity will be building a school in Delhi. The scatter icon is shaped like a pure platinum plate. Lemme know if this is true it all locations.

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Random tips from Karen. Didja know that at the start In-N-Out served Pepsi products? Another thing that has changed although not related to the menu is that when In-N-Out first opened and for the first who-knows-how-many years, the only employees were young white men.

What a change THAT is! They also have a very yummy root beer float, they make it with vanilla milk shake and root beer, they even give you a spoon how nice! I too, worked for In-N-Out from to The wish burger does exist, however it is just another name for the veggie burger. There is loads missing, but nothing major. For example, there are ways to order non-float shakes that I can think of. LTO and Wish Burger were taken off registers awhile back.

Medium rare is off Arizona registers and Volcano Top was removed from all registers for health code reasons. Just reading the menu makes me wanna hop on a plane for it. Double Meat Pickle and dressing, well done fries , root beer float. I have driven over fifty miles one way to have these. When i still ate meat i used to go nuts on a double double a shake and fries, but i lost interest when i quit with carnage.

I think im gonna have to go get a some animal style fries and have like an arse load of grilled onions on them. The cheese-its is just the crispy cheese left on the grill once they melt the cheese and put it on your fries. My fave was the Dirty Sanchez style. The register lady looked very confused, but finally got it. Ther am nuthing wurs then choping down onna greesie berger and mellted cheez.

Me usedto eet at Chikarew and Lums but this big guy whoo rites comik books ait all ther fud. He tell me he iz me but I tell him me iz me. An me iz me, you iz not me! I used to travel over 10 miles to get an In- and- Out Burger. Animal style should be enjoyed by all. Actually, they are a chain. Coming back to visit my native state of CA in 2 weeks. I usually drink sprite with lemonade. You can add hot sauce to their ketchup, but I prefer mine plain as is.

Think they should have every size soda cup. Some things they can put in your burger: You just have to tell them, because they have the system set up so you can type anything on the receipt. When I worked there I worked with some legends; This girl made donuts out of the puritan hamburger buns.

She would roll the dough into balls and then pour chocalate shake on them. Next she would throw them into the frier and take them out later and put sugar on them. You can make them do this, if you talk to the right worker. The people who open and close the store know about most this stuff. You can also have them wrap a burger with tomatoe instead of lettuce.

You can make them put xtra chocolate and stawberry into the shakes, its a pain in the ass, but you can. You can make them get you a chocolate and stawberry milk.

They just use the syrups and stirr it. Haha make me proud. I love the 8 x 8 Burger it is made to perfection. The fries are great to. I am not big on chili and cheese on my fries. As I get all the cheese on my buger with onions and pickles.

I love there homemade chocolate shakes as well. Sooner or later I am sure it will end up there. The shakes are awsome! I am interested in picking the brains of anyone who has worked at In N Out particularly managers. I am in the early stages of opening a similar type restaurant chain in the midwest. This could become a paying consulting assignment if desired. I am originally from California but now reside in Charleston, South Carolina.

The thought of In-Out makes me homesick. Everytime I got back to Cali for the holidays the first thing I do is stop by the In-Out burger next to LAX and get a juicy double double with a pink lemonade. The best welcome home greeting a person can ever have. By the way they are about calories, leaving only calories for the standard diet.

Yes i am a proud calorie counter!! I just printed out the menu…….. In-N-Out burger here I come……. A couple of my friends and I had an idea: I had heard tell of Animalizing before, but these other secret menu items just changed my life forever. He is 1, I had my first In-N-Out at Now that is passing on wisdom baby! In-and-Out Secret Menu at Dethroner. This web site is full of bullsh! First off, your pictures suck, whoever made those burgers are the worst cooks in the company.

Animal style is the only special style, aside from protien which is just a lettuce wrapped burger. A veegie is just like a burger only no meat or cheese, and a grill cheese is just a cheesburger with no meat. A fry light is a lightly cooked fry.

A fry well, is fry cooked longer. So it comes out darker and cripser. A flying dutchman is a doubl-double with no bun, just the meat patties with cheese. And just to clarify for the retards animals style is just a regular burger, we just fry mustard on the meat patties and add extra sauce, pickles and grilled onoins.

Any one else who wants the truth just call this Dude, I do agree that whoever made those burgers should NOT have been passed off, because yeah, they look like ass. Snyder would have shared your sentiments? In-n-Out seems to think there is a secret to the secret menu. Lemme know if this is true it all locations. I always get fries well done. They are crispier and you usually get more of them.

They are much better than the regular fries. In either case, you gotta eat them before they get cool or they are not good. Your order will take a bit longer with fries well done. Has anyone heard of dump truck style? The cook scrapes the grill and tops the burger with it…. I had it last night! According to the in-n-out off El Toro Road, they are not allowed to place the scrappings on the burger, but he was nice enough to put them on the side so we could do it ourselves.

It is unfortunate that things are changing it up at the greatest hamburger stand in the world. Thanks for the info JC and good luck with the corporate changes…. My favorite is the flying mexican with extra hot peppers. Man I love those hot peppers.

It is a burger wrapped in lettuce, just as this site refers to it as a protein burger. Thanks for all the great info. I believe I will have a med-rare animal and a neopolitan shake with light fries.

Please do not ask a Dining room attendant, as they probaby are a new-hire, and may not have the correct answer, but feel obligated to answer anyways. I live in Yuma,Arizona. I went there on a Sunday, when I got there there was a huge line of cars in front of us.

Since there was such a long line, they had put out some employees outside of the IN N OUT resturant to take our order. I was impressed by the great busniess model. I know its open to interpretation, but trying to get the consensus best order for someone, like myself, who likes a lot of stuff on their burgers and fries..

I worked at In-n-out for 15 yrs,as store manager for 10 of those years, I can remember when In-n-out didnt even supply ketchup for the fries.

But that was when burgers were 55 cents Fries were 10 cents and the only soda cup was a s for 10 cents. Anyone remember those days????? This was one of the two lane drive through stores. Can you believe the cooks or Managers as you know had to remember orders for Three cars on each side,Walk up orders were written down. The assocites at In-n-out allthough the greatest in the industry couldnt even imagine. Ask a old associate what a AUDI is ,not a burger for sure….

In-N-Out is my favorite fast food restuarant. Hands down, the animal style fries are bomb. I suggest half pink lemonade and half 7up on the side. Thanks for this, I will be coming back many more times to try each one. The inventor of In-N-Out and all their concepts is a genius. He IS a real buisnes man.

Anyone else have the same experience? I just read up. I see that there have been a few of you who have had the same experience. Man I am hungry again. The Ohio State Buckeyes ate at in-n-outs during the week before the big game. I think that is why they were so sluggish during the game against florida. The first in and out burger s on Flickr - Photo Sharing! Stuff On My Cat: Sally submits to the delicious power of a strawberry milkshake. Hands on an In-n-Out x Burger Archives. The secret menu and all the permutations of the burger are awesome.

I usually order a 2X4 animal style, whole grilled onions, medium rare, animal fries, chili peppers, root beer float. If you do let me know. They are adding pickles, not adding more. None of the burgers on the menu come with pickles, you have to ask to have them added, or to recieve them on the side. So i had no clue that they didnt put pickles on their stuff hmmnn…ive always gotton animal style though so I think thats why. I am from cali too. But why call it animal style?

View topic - Burger, fries, and a shake. It is hard to read these comments cause the closest In N Out is Vegas. I add onions and pickles to mine. Hooray fpr the Snyder family. I love in-n-out, but just always wondered about that… any answers would be great, thanks. The Bible quotes are there because the family that owns In-n-Out is religious.

In-n-Out is privately held. Both of those places kick ass for fast food, so maybe they are onto something. Its like a normal burger patty, but with no pepper or seasonings. Aparently seasonings are hard on dogs stomaches. PS our dog got stinky afterwards. We will definitely get her a doggy patty next time. It might have been a fart, but its best to be safe. How did you do it???? I urge you to join! I work there and just to let you know, some of your stuff is still wrong, and sorry to say but your still missing a lot!

I have every indication that we are dead on the money with out list. All of the items we ordered came out printed on the receipt.

And you are right, it is becuase you wish you had meat. The problem is that you are probably asking this to kids that have been there for like no more than 3 to 4 years. Since the company has grown so fast, much of the lingo has gotten lost. If you were to talk to someone who has been there for 10 years or longer, like myself, they would know.

And in the future, you should let the person know that is cooking the burger that you are going to take a picture of it so that they can at least make them look good.

I once made Double-Doubles that were going to be placed inside the Stanley Cup for pictures and they were the best looking burgers.

Please, take pictures of those burgers that look nice. It was from as a result of the flood of calls to our customer service number and website with all these questions. It is much better to get accurate information from the horses mouth. It is not really a secret menu, it was just nicknamed that by our customers. Just like Jennifer Lopez is JLo. Basically, you can order the burger with or without whatever you want. You are not really going to know what is really going on until you work there.

I hate to burst your bubble, but if you really want to know, go work there. America is the Greatest Nation Ever. The secret In N Out menu. Would you eat it? This site is pretty awesome. I see no mention of the 18 wheeler.

It is basicalyy a normal burger one top biun and one bottom bun with the normal toppings but it has 18 patties and 18 slices pf cheese. Speckpeople's View on the World: Post Punk Kitchen Forums: Show us your mitts! Is it true that is you drive thru the drive-thru in reverse that hey give you free food. I have heard that but dont think it is true. I think that sounds like an excellent way to get into a car wreck.

I requested a stop by In and Out, and man, was that a great burger…. Everything was so fresh. Thanks for a great first time in CA, and a great first In and Out experience. Fast Food - Flecko. Only some of the items are published on their Web site. Our family loves In and Out! So, you INO cooks—how do they fry the mustard on the patties? Or is it premixed in? I doubt that, but hey…it could be. Anyone know what is in their sauce? Its not Island. I used to work at In n Out.. It was posted in the inter-store video, dated November The last rumor circulating is a x , but it remains a rumor.

Last Year my friends got a by for about dollars. I urge you all not to eat at any of our restaurants for awhile until we sort this out. I have recently found out that the company that we buy our meat products from has recently discovered an unknown strain of bacteria in their meat. The manager has told us that their latest shipment to us maybe infected with this disease.

Currently right now we are trying to get a new shipment of ground beef from them that has not been infected. It may take awhile for us to restock our ground beef so please go to another fast food restaurant for the time being. This site rocks, my lunches will now be complete. If burgers were Camaros The name Animal style derives from a group of kids who used to hang out at old store two.

Ok, recently i was turned on to Animal Fries, and I thought they were so wonderful that I stoped ordering the burger! Serioiusly, their meat is wonderful alone. Good luck finding that anywhere else. We need to name it and get this one out there quick!

There were tons of people behind the counter like NY deli style so despite their being at least people inside the resturant and many more out, our food still came within 5 minutes although it was majorly packed.

I also love the fact that they allow you to salt your own fries — no more McDonalds salt drowned bitches for me. View topic - In-n-Out Secret Menu. In and Out - Everything Las Vegas. That shake is actually a Neopolitan shake. But it shows up in the receipt like that. The restaurant is a drive through and out door seating only. There is no soda fountain, so you have to order your drinks! MUNI hit a new low today. One thing has not been mentioned by anyone.

My wife has done this at 20 different stores and has never had anyone question it. Is there such thing as a Sonic Restaurant? OK, so, when are they coming to NY??? Just reading this has increased my crave for In-N-Out tenfold. The nearest on is over 12 km away, but it seems worthwhile for that delicious goodness. Kirks Sloppy Mind Noggins: At least I think it would work.

Waisting Our Way to Burgerville. Or rather, who do I like? View topic - The Allegro Discovery Box. JC you are absolutley right,they hung out under the covered parking at Old 2 on arrow highway. I worked there for many years and even moved to the now location. I can remember Bob williams storing his Budweiser in the ice machine.

Have a good one. InvalidCookies - With the light's out, it's less dangerous. California, here I come! In-n-out secret menu revealed - News and Siteseeing. Yay Hooray yh names to munchies. I felt like an ass…. I really enjoyed the comments about how wonderful In-N-Out is. As a former manager of an INO store, I always appreciated positive reviews and comments. As I read through the various comments, I stumbled across 85 from John in which he was interested in picking the brains of a manager and possibly working out a consulting deal.

I am definitely interested in such an opportunity. How do I communicate with John post was March 26, ? View topic - I'll have the Lobster Ravioli too. Native Californian, now living in Europe. Even a Hamburger Hamlet Number.. The one with special sauce, cheese and bacon. Newsvine - West Coast Adventure - Help! Guilty pleasures with fries - Cooking Forum - GardenWeb. I work at in n out and never get tired of the burgers I even go on my days off, I no longer eat at any other fast food place!!

Anyway the company is great treats the employees great!! View topic - Meat Cake. The Psycho Realm Online - Forum. The View Askewniverse Message Board:: View topic - The Jen Thread 8: View topic - In 'n Out in NY?

View topic - The Famed x I get a double meat, animal style, wholegrilled onions, extra toast every time. This website is great but you completely missed one of the Secret Items….. Instead of a slice of raw onion, you get diced grilled onions on your burger. On the other hand. Youre actually wrong about a lot of this. Today, they can only make up to a 4 x 4. And its NOT just thousand island.

The Girl Who Ate Everything: Trying to kick a coffee habit - Page 4 - Helldot Forums. Comment on Numbers Game. Mmm…for those flying dutchman lovers, get it with fried mustard only and a side of chilies.

Check out the photos of the brave souls who actually ordered and consumed the entire cheesy confection… http: West Coast Burger Wars. Animal style link from in and out. My boyfriend and I told dared his younger brother to go ask for a Flying Dutchman and to our surprise he came back with a receipt. In N Out Secret Menu. Dreams that make me drool. I found a new secret. My wife wanted a DD with no secret sauce, but wanted mayo instead.

Keeping The Menu Simple. The Five-and-a-Quarter Pounder with Cheese. Coding Horror Mobile Widget. Zorba the Hutt's Friends. Lets get this on the secret menu!! Great front-end usability for the user, er hamburger eater. View topic - In-N-Out Burger -- the secret menu Anyone have any info. Keeping The Menu Simple - Programming. Keeping The Menu Simple at aoortic! Has anyone ever seen the bottom of a fries container or a drink from in and out….

Get your fries and some bullshit bible verse at the same time…. Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

She is more precious than jewels, and nothing you desire can compare with her. The LORD is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; he knows those who take refuge in him. In N Out Secret Menu and the story of the 20x If you have time to lean you have time to clean…….

In and Out burger secret menu - Vegas Message Board. View topic - In and Out burger secret menu. Here is My personal Burger…. It took alot of time to perfect this and sometimes it gets done wrong custom orders sometimes loosse a little in translation so sometimes, if its slow enough, have the order taker repeat it directly to the cook. This is not a company wide thing nor do many know of its goodness.

It is a little cup of ketchup from the self serve pump and one or two of the Pepperccinis skweeezed into it some juice and seeds then stir that up. In they will be opening stores in Utah, but that is a long story. Since it is Ramadan here no one eats until the sun goes down, I could rule this country if I could open an I-N-O here!

The taliban would be fighting the line to order some Animal Fries instead of us and the people and we can all live in fat and greasy peace!! I miss home more than I thought….. Then they would laugh when I explained that I wanted spread on both top and bottom buns.

They always get a kick out of that one. In response to post There are five verses total. The fifth is on the water cups blue cups.

I love in-n-out burgers. They are the best without doubt. I had no idea about the secret menu. The animal style fries sound fantastic. I have friends here who are also from CA. Everytime one of us is going to CA we always tell them to be sure to stop at in-n-out.

Of course, they always do. Thanks for the article. Along with fries well done, animal style. Or hell, maybe go fiesta and add chopped lettuce and tomatoes too. I work at In N Out. We stoped selling them because they got too popular.

I recall an old friend and ex in-n-out employee mentioning that he once ordered some food through the drive-thru but upon arriving at the window realized he had forgotten his wallet and had no money. They subsequently gave him his food for free. Is that any kind of policy, or was someone there just having a good day? I think the reason these guys are so popular is because most of the stuff is higher quality of ingredient, fresh, and as healthy as a burger could get.

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