Blackjack 9 Brushless Conversion

Aug 11, , All times are GMT Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Don't show me this message again. Being it's a brushed motor could mine just be a dud and replace the whole motor?

blackjack 9 brushless conversion

The real question is, are you unhappy with the speed and how long do you want to run with the higher temps you are seeing. The first thing to really check is to see if the driveline is spinning freely while it is off of course. If there's resistance, then your issue may be with the shaft where it is binding for some reason. The driveline is completely free.

I'm not looking for blistering speed as I want to keep running it in the pool, I guess my issue is the fact my brothers impulse 9 is quite a bit faster. I realize the surface drive is to his advantage but just for speeding around the pool my blackjack doesn't even come close to the impulse's speed. I would compare the speed to some of the stock videos online.

Also, check to see if there is any visible damage to the prop. One of the things that is very tough for this particular model is the angle of the prop shaft. Typically, regardless of model size, we run a neutral angle. In other words, when you place the model on a flat surface, the prop shaft should be very close to parallel with the steps. Most of the time it won't be on the same plane, meaning that it may sit deeper in the water.

However, the most efficient use of the prop is with a neutral shaft. With the way it is designed, it has a lot of negative angle which forces the nose down. The intent of this design feature is to avoid flipping which could become very frustrating for some fun-run users.

It appears that the Impulse has less angle and when combined with less wetted surface as the boat continues to come up out of the water, it would explain why it may be faster on the same components. It also appears that the prop on the Impulse isn't as deep in the water.

This could also be the reason why it runs cooler than the Blackjack. Not having one in front of me, does the Blackjack9 have a solid drive shaft or is it a flexible cable? It appears on the website to be a straight shaft, but it would be good to confirm. The good news is that there may be some inexpensive options to address this issue if you so choose. It's a solid shaft driveline and no strut. You control the ride characteristics via trim tabs.

The impulse has a surface drive which is part of what makes it faster I'm sure. I recently picked up these mini boats to play around with in our pool.

To do this, remove the ball link from the rudder horn, then turn the ball link on the linkage threads until the rudder is properly centered. Use needle-nose pliers or ball link pliers RVO to remove or install a link on a control horn.

Power off the transmitter. Disconnect and remove the 1. Power off the receiver. Always remove the canopy before storage or moisture may allow mold and mildew to grow in the boat. Undue motor wear results from frequent from pushing against heavy resistance. Loosen 2 bolts and 2 nuts from the drive strut on the rear of the boat. Slide the strut up or down to change the angle of the propeller in relation to the hull.

Adjust as desired and tighten the nut and bolt. Low Voltage Cutoff None 2. Motor overheats Blocked water cooler tubes Clean or replace water tubes Weather conditions might be too cold Postpone until weather is warmer Motor power pulses then motor loses power Battery is old, worn out or damaged Replace battery Blackjack Once assembly, setup or use of the notification, after which it will be discarded. This will enable Horizon to better answer Blackjack Jul 19, , I wonder if these esc's are lipo compatible.

I'd like to get one of each for me and my son. Jul 25, , Originally Posted by Rare Bear. You can purchase a LiPo interrupter that can be soldered in line with the ESC - I believe Tower Hobbies carries this, but I plan on figuring the run time and just setting a timer. Unfortunately, it looks like these boats are delayed again - site now states mid August. Jul 26, , You can run lipo with this just old school it and bring her in once the power shows the first sign of fading.

I know what you mean. Lipo will work regardless. Was just curious if the esc's had lvc cutoff. But like I said im used to running a timer when I fly and I never go til I hit lvc anyways.

Aug 11, , Here u go guys enjoy purchased both impulse and blackjack the impulse performs better Proboat impulse 9 first video 0 min 12 sec. If you get a chance can you do a video of the blackjack?

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