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Razz poker starting hands Razz poker mistakes Razz poker strategy guide Intermediate Razz poker strategy. Your starting hand is A 2 5 and the six other players at the table show the following door cards; 2 3 8 J Q K. Once all remaining players have their 7th card there is a final round of betting and remaining players will show down and expose their cards to determine who has the best hand and is the winner of the pot. If you don't believe that becoming a winning razz player is this simple why don't you test it out over your next 10 playing sessions? Razz Tournament Strategy Finding yourself in short handed Razz games a lot, check out this article:

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Keeping Score

From now on, the players with the highest face-up cards will initiate the betting rounds. Players will then receive another face-up card followed by another betting round.

Thus, players will receive the sixth and the seventh and last card followed by a last round of betting. It is now time for the showdown and the players who have not yet folded will use their seven cards to create the lowest possible hand. The jackpot goes to the player with the lowest hand. Needless to say, players who have never played a game of Razz before will have to first learn its rules and strategies and play a few games for free before playing the game for real money.

Most of the best online poker rooms offer free games of Razz for beginners. Players will, therefore, find it difficult to find a Razz table even at the best online poker rooms. Players are therefore advised to sign up at poker sites that attract a good volume of player traffic to their Razz tables. In the case of a tie in either low or high value hands and cards, play goes to the first active gambler seated to the right of the dealer.

Another important variation between this game and the more familiar seven card stud version of poker has to do with door card pairs. Back to the low hand situation; to determine who has the lowest hand and is the winner , all Aces count as low meaning they have a value even lower than a deuce and for the purposes of scoring the hand, flushes and straights are totally ignored.

One reason to learn and play this unique variant is to learn to be patient in other card games. Playing tight in this game requires patience, patience, and more patience — stealing antes is the best way to improve your Razz play. Patiently sitting back and stealing antes at every turn is the mark of a good player. The higher the limit, the more important it is to be an ante-thief.

Another position that makes ante stealing important is when you have the lowest up card. Because it is easier to learn and remember the value of starting hands in this poker variant, it makes sense to commit this info to memory and use it to develop your personal strategy.

One of the best hands in this game is when you hold three cards between Ace and five. But really any player holding any three cards between Ace and five unpaired has a solid hand, worth a bet and a raise if they get the chance. Less valuable is a hand with three cards Ace to six, and most of the time you can play that hand just as aggressively as the Ace to five hand.

If the top card is the same rank, then you move to the second card. One player has an eight-six low and the losing player has eight-seven. Razz is a game of patience. It is important to play tight, yet attempt well timed ante steals when the chance presents itself.

Razz starting hands are easy to remember. If you have three cards between Ace and five, you have a great starting hand. A23 is the best starting hand, but any three cards between Ace and five no pairs of course! Three card starting hands between Ace and six are good starting hands and should be played aggressively as well, but with a little more caution if several other players with lower door cards are ramping up the action.

Three cards of seven or lower is a good starting hand that you'll want to see 4th street with, even if you have to call a bet or two to do so. A three card eight is becoming marginal. If you can limp in or steal the antes with it, do so. Playing three card eights routinely will cost you chips in the long run. The other players' up cards. This is a very important aspect to razz strategy. Observant Razz players will view the upcards and tend to have a much better idea of their relative hand strength.

Sometimes the up cards will tell you exactly what to do. If you have three cards to a nine low and there are no other up cards lower than a nine, you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have the best hand on third street and can bet and raise, even though a "nine low" isn't typically a hand that you would play. You should continue to keep an eye on the other players' porches as the hand progresses.

Even if you catch low cards that pair your hole cards, if the other players are catching bad high cards, you can still usually win the pot by betting aggressively. Live and Dead Cards. This is an important aspect of 7 card stud. While in that game, you are wanting your cards to be "live", in Razz you prefer them to be "dead. Catching pairs can kill a great starting Razz hand, so the more dead cards you see the better.

Razz is not really a slow playing game. There are exceptions of course, but generally speaking if you have a good hand, you want to jam it. One reason is that by jamming it, you generally create a big enough pot on third street that it allows you to call on fourth street even if you catch a bad card, based on the size of the overall pot.

Razz Poker Rules

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