At direction of candidate Posts: One simple workaround is to replace all occurrences of the player name in the hh files and re-import them, but if PT4 does not overwrite duplicate hands one has to purge the sessions, which can be troublesome and there are notes. Just click on Watch Tutorial. Find More Posts by ldmariodl February 11th, , 7:

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May 30th, , 6: Originally Posted by jre June 1st, , 6: Originally Posted by TeUnit. June 9th, , 8: I downloaded the BOL card tracker trial version and I'm getting the following message when I hit "start catching": The application has encountered an unknown error and will be terminated. Please send your BOC. What does this mean? June 10th, , 6: Originally Posted by Theromeo2k. June 11th, , 6: Originally Posted by John A. I haven't heard of any issues or errors before.

Can you send that boc. June 11th, , 8: I'll have a developer take a look at in when they are in Monday morning. June 13th, , 9: June 14th, , 1: That seemed to have fixed the issue.

Loving it so far. Will deff buy it once trial is over. June 15th, , 6: July 20th, , BOL has a new software update. Will the BO card catcher still work on the new software update? July 21st, , 7: We're working on an update.

I don't have an ETA, as it's a major change over in their site. But it won't be too long and I'll post an update when it's out. August 1st, , Update patch for the new Chico network Betonline, sportsbetting. Does this support other skins? Found the answer on the website: Originally Posted by Max Cut. PT4 mode works good for me, including preferred seating, and was super easy to set up. Fortunately, it does not seem to use noticeably more as tables are added.

In HM2 mode I couldn't get multiple tables working because the table finder was only listing one table. Only tested on some 6m SNGs. Yes, I did change the Catcher settings to HM2. Another reasonable explanation might be me not knowing how to use the table finder correctly. It's not a big deal for me as I'm more likely to use PT4 since the table-finding mechanism is right on the table and quicker to use when busy with games. In case it's worth anything, here's a shot of my HM2 which lists 2 active tables as does the Catcher , but only 1 under the finder.

Yeah, same with the HUD attached on one table or not. Maybe worth noting, there's nothing in the table-finder popup to uniquely identify a table it just says "Tournament". Do you have support for paynorake.

One person is allowed to have only one account in the whole network. So if you pick one site you have keep that to the end. December 4th, , I changed my poker room because of that bro, the old one wasn't supported by any program nor could i convert it's hands.

Now i'm on FTP. Having a proper HH so youu can review and discuss is crucial imo. December 5th, , 1: There aren't many options for US players, right? I never played card games much, but while in grad school, I studied low-limit holdem and gave it a shot, and just when I was getting to profitability, they cracked down on sites, and I haven't checked back until recently I'm not into it enough to want to invest in programs to use a HUD - even if I could - but part of the attraction for me is getting better at the game and looking at the stats and my mistakes and so on - like I might chess or something But, the site that is recommended for US players doesn't give HH in a format that works for all of the programs I'm finding I can plug in cards to an equity checker but I'm looking for analysis on draws and I'm too weak a player to waste the time of other real people at forums I'd be happy with offline December 5th, , 8: February 10th, , 5: Never used one before so any input is great.

February 11th, , 7: BetOnline is part of Chico network. HM2 doesn't support this network don't think PT4 does either. There is a 3rd party converter to make HM2 work on it you can read about http: We do not provide support for unsupported sites or the 3rd party software used to make our software work on unsupported sites. February 11th, , Please let me know! I think they have not yet developed a HUB for full flush I am also in search of one if you find it let me know.

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