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A good poker bonus is essential. Steal off the player who's in 2nd last. September 21st, , 5: Click the banner below for more information. You should play on the tighter side when you have chips and you have a full ring table because there is not much ICM pressure. This marks the third consecutive year he has cashed in the WSOP Main Event, having placed 84th in and th in


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If it wasn't the final table of the World Series with the biggest pay jumps people will ever see, Labat would be fist pump shoving it in. In his analysis Polk advocates for always calling there because you in tourneys the bulk of the money is in the top 3, you should be and folding KK preflop for less than big blinds given people's ranges in any tourney is generally wrong.

I'm never folding in any of the online tourneys I regularly play, and in game in Labat's seat I probably call there as well. But it is super tough and interesting spot. Complicating matters is that with Labat's sneaky call he may have leveled himself. At that point he probably feels his hand is severely under represented, if he makes a normal 3bet then gets 4bet then 5bet shoved on, he may fould but I doubt it.

As for the final 3 Cynn has been playing the best as he's been making some good decisions and chipped up without making many hands while Miles and Dyer have taken turns being card racks. Rooting for him to overtake Miles but it will be difficult given his massive chip lead.

RutgersMO Hall of Famer. Jun 24, Messages: Missed the soon-to-be-legendary bluff by Miles, who was down 2: Cynn even said, "if you're sick enough to pull this bluff off, I just have to let you have it.

Love Lon, Norman and Antonio doing the commentary. Antonio just called this one of the greatest heads-up battles in poker history and it's nowhere near over or maybe it could be, lol, the way they're bluffing each other regularly. Fell asleep around 2 am and forgot to tape the action. Just woke up at 5: There have been 14 changes heads-up, so far.

This is just nuts. Cynn now with a 2: I think he might've won the whole thing a few hands ago when he had aces against K-9 and overbet to 35MM chips before the flop. Just calling Miles's 13MM bet would've been better. There is no November Nine this year, as the finalists will resume later this week to crown the winner. At the final table are a couple of familiar faces, each vying for redemption in the event that some people wait a lifetime to go deep in because of the sheer size of the field.

The turnout was the third largest in WSOP history, trailing only and A record 1, players made the money this year. His missed out on the chance to make back-to-back main event final tables. Mark Newhouse was the last player to make back-to-back final tables, doing so in 9th and 9th. The short stack will have 22 big blinds. The year-old is the oldest player left in the event, and is a father of four and grandfather to seven.

Hesp can be the oldest Main Event winner since Johnny Moss was 66 when he won the event that year, still the oldest on record.

The New Jersey resident made the most of his first appearance in the main event and will enter the final table as the chip leader. At years-old Blumstein is the youngest player remaining. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. World Series of Poker bracelet. World Series of Poker. Retrieved February 2, Archived from the original on January 5, Attack of the Math Brats". Retrieved August 31, Archived from the original on June 4, Retrieved June 2, Retrieved June 11, Archived from the original on July 17,

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