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Jump Jet Locations Center Torso: It also includes a crowdfund, all donations are appreciated! Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Inner Sphere Light 'Mechs. Engines with a power rating of and higher provide extra slots, that take only Heat Sink without consuming additional Critical Slots on the 'Mech. This site is a part of Curse, Inc. We only accept cases we truly believe we can help.

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If you can see it, you can kill it! Six Medium Lasers will make your enemies flee in terror. A lot of other builds have a comparable amount of lasers, but this Blackjack 1X build has enough double heat sinks to fire them constantly. The large engine provides excellent mobility, bringing your pain to wherever your team needs it. This build was kindly provided by Vulcan Check out the original post here. Medium mechs can fill many roles such as: The weakness and strength of the medium mech varies with the chasis and this will be discusses with each mech below.

These mechs are very fast and can be treated as a fast light with increased armor. These mechs do not have jump jets but the 3M does have ECM. With the right mech builds they can make for great recon or harassment mechs.

Endo Steel Internals Armor Type: Ferro Fibrous Armor Heat Sinks: Weapons Locations Right Torso: Weapons Locations Right Arm: Large Laser Left Torso: Large Laser Center Torso: This is medium mech has highly placed arms to allow for minimal exposure when shooting at enemy mechs. BJ-1 2xAC2 and 4xML Build - This variant uses a standard engine to make it a little harder to kill but only has 2 tons of ammo and 12 heat sinks. Depending on your play style and heat management you can remove a heatsink and add a ton of ammo.

BJ-3 Brawler - This variant has 6xml, 2 jj, ams, a standard engine and 18 heat sinks. This high armored little is a nice little brawler. This variant has 4 Energy hardpoints, 2 Ballistic hardpoints and is capable of using up to 4 Jump Jets. This variant has 6 Energy hardpoints and 2 Ballistic hardpoints. This variant has 8 Energy hardpoints and can mount up to a sized engine; the fastest of the Blackjacks.

This variant has 6 Energy hardpoints and is capable of using up to 4 Jump Jets. The Arrow Discussion of the Arrow hero variant of the Blackjack chassis. PyckenZot Sep 7, Vagosei May 1, What are your thoughts on the Blackjack? Michael , May 21, Ironchoir , Mar 19,

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